WEEI>On Demand>>David Ortiz with Salk and Holley: "Manny found God, and is a changed man since leaving Boston."

David Ortiz with Salk and Holley: "Manny found God, and is a changed man since leaving Boston."

Jul 10, 2013|

We check in with the (now official) best DH of all time in MLB... the one and only David Ortiz. Papi talks about his year, the big wins for the Sox, the difference from last year, and Manny Ramirez' push to come back to the majors.

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Yeah. One of the highlights of David Ortiz is career here mosques and in. Probably the biggest one that didn't involve something incredible that he did during a game he should join us here in just a moment -- -- On WEEI after that about twenty minutes are now answer the questions that you got questions. Text us any question any subject only answer Mike Adams stopped by as well 37937. The number detects that the AT&T text line. 37937. Any question any subject. You can also hit it's up on Twitter that way use the hash tag. ET QE Tiki was and answer the question. And we will answer whatever it is any subject any question anything which African what do I have my wife made a fantastic salmon smoked salmon and by the way you gotta go you gotta go Pacific time. Compared to the Atlantic salmon you have to go. Pacific tickets and sock guy -- -- spend a little extra work what's the difference I don't know but it tastes better Atlantic's -- species gross Pacific salmon is fantastic. It's like night and -- is like they're two different fish -- if you look at the window and in and drive from orbit and go there in turn there intern there. I know they're coming Atlantic -- if I -- closer to strike -- -- the -- salmon specifically in the Atlantic -- not nearly what is in the Pacific -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For your team after the loss late on Saturday night to come back down 51 and win to beat Seattle last how big is that for your team. There -- rumors abound in. Quote -- murder Tuesday. Nobody before yes they -- 000. This problem the rest of your public vote on the West Coast or -- There's a lot bank org or call it our. That we people fighting with people principled -- Or began and complete make -- make up about nine. You know David I'm looking at your numbers from the last three years specifically vs left handers you really have improved vs left handed pitching what do you think the key to that has been. -- -- I would start notice and I think -- three years ago. And mr. Goodyear. And the date gain. You get beat on -- Brett -- who object to become Burberry and Mexico. -- remark. How well they have that you'd be able to defeat him and I remember what I work about the V. Other -- department eighty -- on the wrapper and everybody left and it. Soul RIR. And outside the -- Let's see what they try to cool ones -- harder on bird -- who who are more often. And and I just start work in a matter and and and their assault. -- -- Tuchman David Ortiz here on WEEI. We started off our show earlier today with with the highlight of Manny Ramirez. Hit a home run in AAA for Texas the other get a the other day do you follow. What's going on -- -- career still after the time because Spencer. It Balladur and follow what we thought possible -- it was in Taiwan we are. March start. Almost -- a week. You know mandated. Cigar that he. -- follow rule following their religion now it's it's totally different. Person and what he used to be an offender. There where he used to -- was Lombard. He. You're trying to improve themselves not on the on the feel of the field he oh well I'm up for him out for his family. Underway in England during the preferably you know what you put him in the Dominican. Are winnable this season. If you hurdles if you heard from him in the crowd of forty. Different person. And there ways approaching the game that I always believe that Meyer were permitted -- -- he regards. -- war I don't I don't know air. It will home he unity and I think he used to reform -- The waiting game isn't very great efforts are really computers are not able to be I'll repeat it. I think that it can dominate. Your of that area. And the what seeing it -- our firemen and and and the watching what you're trying to do right now. He -- priority I believe they are definitely get the sense from some creditors come out completely. And get our Brett. You know you were part of a 34 combination with him for as long as you were and the new 34 combos you and Dustin Pedroia. How does that similar or different for you do you see similar pitch is different pitches. Was unlike. -- The combination of me -- it would what all of and what it is being there will be great you can see more. I would sales are all. Batting average and power numbers and prosperity. And job. -- Pedroia. And other hand. He's been through. And I I think they've been pretty careful with the I've been war in bureaucratic. Brian -- getting -- and that reason and that goes to our coordinator years. Right now -- -- You have me into buying and it is buried -- and -- Being injured in that region and and -- -- Are you predicting blocked arteries. Will be dealing with a situation. I can't say it arming the coma that you -- between me and many were very important -- well. Getting around them very on the border. The same kind. It was something -- about the -- broke into the majors are. I tell us the difference between the the chemistry. On this team and in this clubhouse vs the last couple years. Well right right I. I notice that different from spring turned in there where X. I don't. I didn't going around. And not province reporters and and and and make you move feel contour and and and give -- -- confident. And I think it remembers -- sure you know -- saying wait it was the same way. When it was here. -- ensure that you know their record okay and your -- place. And once you have a manager does enough confidence. For you about -- does America are you feel you're -- want it wouldn't hurt her very well. I told our common. This -- and the red band are so common last year. Let's bring them. The way. We detained this season. And young and business really well. They want. And and here in -- goals. Hopefully about. This year. -- amid huge believer of but what -- did it and they want it was. Something worse -- and and and and a very courtroom and we will regret right now. David Ortiz with a -- on WEEI eight -- solitaire and a good mood I mean just sound and you seem on the field watching you on TV at the park etc. you seem like you've been very happy this year obviously you've been pretty healthy. Did you expect that heading into the year even before spring training when he signed the deal. Did you expect to feel this good physically port if -- all these good men being such a good place mentally. Our good doctors that it was visiting with this post season. They keep me. Confident we'll welcome him back in the -- to -- them right now. That was huge because -- one another setback in the spring training. We have a wonderful therapy -- -- -- And then was remotely that I. A lot of work -- compare -- subsidies and you drink and blah my content Dominican Republic to check on me. And and told me pretty much. How everything was an -- And we want to start walking in school. It was planning to me I. As targeting -- And happy you're an overt and regardless. With a big strain playing pretty much normal you know it. I get sore -- allies in Albert is say that there are so. You know -- in play and every David beans and things that I didn't go for the past six months. And I mean just getting used to it and and and people getting treatment. And inherited it going well. -- -- -- And the problem can be proud I -- -- happened outside of regarding like late or about something you're doing what's right. He's got a healthy family. People at all sure not a -- you -- -- look shall look back. Well. You know David -- Jonny Gomes had a quote. Over the weekend and he said to the reporters out their stop being surprised and David Ortiz hit home runs he had a -- home run. That's what he does and he said they had DH is hard everybody can do what what's. What do you think the hardest part is about being a DH and when did you. When did you know that hey I'm comfortable doing -- I can do this when some guys can't. Well I was senator artist or a being in the PH. Here. Not being able to get expert -- In Melbourne on -- now the right. Are brought out there and -- defense and and look at what awful forward and make some guys who play that well where builders say some of the dead and this and that we're just sort of have to VH. It's part lot walk away from because of nugget I mean it's not like he can -- it out -- it. So in my case in all of England is on. And I traveled I used to it. Well I'd throw it all want different things verified or you might think I'm crazy but I would do it all the way. -- mobile frustrating. And I got some of that report. Our part to brag about what. Well. Lot of guys -- all. I'll publish it just does -- children a lot of things but you know what the and and in my case I elected -- paper now. So once again expand. I wanna lose just focus on Monday the -- are there current. You're 37 years old you've been in Boston now this is your eleven season could you imagine playing anywhere else. I'm really really abandon. -- On parliament say that I wanton. A lot of them all a couple of years -- other that was just about Fiat and -- -- -- -- -- Do. I like he worked hard and I love. They want of the fertilizer that Leo. How about so. I don't its outlook and I think people working. Every day. And -- When it goes down who. Do what I do I don't -- be the best of what I do so far gone so long we. -- worth now. And I never shorted out and accurate Dodd Obama probably figured anymore. -- on the shower and argue that we want to do the shower go let's get back to the showers over there have been sort of it. To get that feel and now he's got that we have enough. The book -- if they can sophomoric but. You're walking into the. Cool what they have a good game tonight enjoy a couple more days in Seattle on and off to Oakland enjoy the all star game and we'll talk to again thanks Dave we appreciate it. Are they others David Ortiz who joins us from Seattle as these now walking through the -- on our our sport plus look at the course. Otherwise they Yahoo! with David Ortiz. Look at stuff he does sound like he's in a good move doesn't. And it looks like he's in a good mood when you watch out there he just seems like mis hit the ball well certainly he's confident all that it. And that we we -- labored the point of how different this team is in the clubhouse but. I mean it's amazing how almost every player you talked to who was here last year in the issue just points right to Farrell and right to the good guys that they brought in the Nazis. Just a different feels for -- and it's a surprise to stick with still to me at the thought John -- was. Agree it's a logical choice you know he's got a good choice tonight for the rest I thought it made sense he was here. For the good days with the Red Sox had major problems with their pitching staff last year. That's his background area of expertise can make films that were you just got to pick clusters cutter and however I don't know I don't know how he would do and I think he is -- Look easier fees surprised himself a bit. -- -- how how natural that transition has been nobody ever mentions. That easy. I think he's a rookie manager. Oh with a red Simon's first your threats actually a couple of years in Toronto. And then turn out so great right. That -- I guarantee that John Ferrell was gonna come here in this team was going to be but it's. -- symbiotic too I mean there's a lot of public Harrington did in terms of bringing in the right guys for him to management he's not. He didn't come in -- take over what was a poisonous clubhouse with no help. Right he brought in some of the right guys first you brought in the Ross's and dumpsters and already had you know Pedroia and you bring in gold and you brought in a on Victorino all these good guys. And maybe make that job a little bit easier I think that both things that really matter are a lot of reports. That this Atlantic salmon. You guys to make me feel like I should never eat this stuff ever you didn't like terrible in only in only server enemies to look more enemies and may be pets but probably your enemies pets. Not your own you gotta go -- and trust. Trust me on this if nothing else can you gotta go Pacific right. Gotten more answer the question -- got any questions text history 7937. What's your -- alcoholic WE --

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