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Buster Olney, ESPN: on the trade market for the Red Sox

Jul 10, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to discuss possible players the Red Sox are targeting at the deadline and potential suspensions for ARod and Ryan Braun.

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Most baseball fans understand you are gonna understand why baseball's handling it this way I joining us on the -- hotline a weekly spot with doubles -- only. -- BSB and he joins us on this Wednesday. At and we'll circle back to the the biggest issue of the day here because you're talking buster about a situation that you and TJ Quinn have talked about. In that war look and it's a major major names broad -- the entire group of those guys -- you look in a hundred game suspensions do you think it'll happen as soon as Wednesday. After the all star game next week buster. I think that's within the realm of possibility. That that's when he gets announced you know -- last week I was led to believe it might be a little bit later in the month. But anyway it's on the horizon -- assuming they're going to be making these decisions and that's only the first step guy's kissed the appeal process. You know this is not a case where you know you have a player who test positive and it's it's a relatively straightforward appeal every single one of these cases. He's going to be completely different in terms of the evidence into the piece of paper the names written on the corroborating evidence. What the witnesses say about them. And you know these the unions in Major League Baseball aren't necessarily built you have to deal with a dozen to a dozen cases all -- -- And yet they gonna have to do. You have one arbitrator. Who's going to be hearing these things. And so that's why you know last week for example -- died in the podcast did you I had decent target to what happens if. For example Nelson Cruz is suspended from the Rangers. And then he would appeal was heard and the decision comes down in early September. But are told Cologne and a competing team -- that division is suspended but his appeal -- an artillery offseason what happened and and so I called limited baseball and I and I had that in the initial thing was well -- they -- at all want it and it was a positive well. Then we'd be accused of leading guy and the -- and we knew it was going to be busted. Tell it that you really complicated situation and it's -- baseball never dealt with anything like this before there's no blueprint for action it is. You know something I think even the people involved in decisions are going to be figuring out -- day. Yeah and also time sensitive fright I mean a -- Billy greener Daniels I wanna know I'm gonna lose these players or. If on the team interest in another player I don't know seeing -- ticket of trade way ever Cabrera -- of -- -- I'm curious. Why don't I wanna go get these players are delighted to replace the play. Well I think he gave curiouser and the Rangers they sign Manny Ramirez rock they don't know what's gonna happen Nelson Cruz. I think the well they made the case. -- eight -- and number and at the column I wrote. That if you're Nelson Cruz. And you talk about bad timing for all listened and I'm not not that anyone should feel sorry for committee especially the use. But if -- in case dragged in the off season he could create one -- over. The Rangers almost certainly won't tender him a one year -- to have to make that decision by the end of November. If you don't have that information back with a nice to be suspended. Ain't gonna -- them. They're not gonna know how long going to be out there not been an LP can be good without. PD. And so I made the case today upon a -- than I got suspended next Wednesday. I'm not appealing. And I wanna get back out on the field the beginning of September soon as possible. To get -- behind me but of course if he does that. The union would probably wouldn't be happy because undercut all the other cases that are being appealed before -- -- a -- to the -- -- -- so that players says. The information is correct and the -- -- be telling us is not correct. Well there are all up the spot is is is Michael Weiner in the head of the union because you. He wanted to defend your players right that's their job their union -- yet at the same point you've got the majority of the guys. That -- sick and tired of having successful seasons of being used steroids they want this thing clean they want those guys to go down. -- I actually think that he can any any great place and part of it is is that and put this is a big part of the reason why people like him so much and white so respected and mean everyone in the industries rooting for immunity. As he fights. Into the tumors cancers tumors that he's dealing with -- explain right now at this all this is going on. He continues to work by day. But here's the thing everyone thinks that he leads the emotion out of it so he understands. That that way and a member of the union comes to him and ask for a defense. He's gonna defend that player and so when players could come up to in the spring training I've gotten this from the players now from Michael. The players go -- and spring training and say look we want cheaters down Brian brought it GOP we want him taken down Michael explained to them. Look as a member of the union you have legal rights to be defended by the union. And we will be at two of the best of our ability of the players get that they understand that. There's no question I mean a change in the tenor of the players this whole thing every club I think it would -- players command it. I think abroad and taken down they want these guys take him out so bad even factored guilty. Well. Maybe ever likes a pariah abroad because of individually these players buster talked about it quite a bit with you when you look at. His public stance and the grand proclamations that he made in the way that he destroyed. As a -- Ramsey who was the sample collector and all this and he got off on a technicality. To read today on your website that he didn't wanna talk and would even explain. Two investigators you know what went on there. It just speaks of the hypocrisy here that Ryan -- wants to publicly -- give all these innocent proclamations but when asked what his connection was. He wouldn't talk to Major League Baseball -- out of all these players he serves as the won't the most to lose out of all this about Genesis. And you know what I was a 100% we view a month ago and now as time has gone on I think Alex Rodriguez is is that the more I -- really turning his actions. I think he could be in that same category and I'll tell you why. The good -- I thought about that you guys remember after he admitted it and -- what you were the 2008 spring of 2008. He began to work with the cut Taylor who wouldn't foundation. You know do you that it name for the the teenager who took his own life. After. Using performance enhancing drugs and his parents are really dedicated themselves this -- and Alex Rodriguez has done so many events for them. And spoken every happened in very public about this didn't know how he wants to do that. Yet in the end. Its probe and that the whole time he was doing that ended the same time using performance enhancing drug that essentially using. The Specter of the foundation and you know that was created after the death of a teenager Republican race relations perhaps it. That's pretty disgusting. If in fact it's proven that he's PDs. Less than just year opinion guys that every Cabrera. Bartolo Cologne Nelson Cruz Johnny for all the should they participate in the all star game should they do something before and just say you know what given where we are right now it went to start this thing up should they be there. Well you would hope that the -- You know would have the grace to step aside. You know I don't think Melky Cabrera was necessarily had. He noted that the most pristine. Motives. For when he vacated the batting title race last year. But I thought it was the right thing to do in that case and I agree we deal. If these players know that they're guilty and are going to be suspended in all likelihood you wish they would step aside but pyrite. You keep -- that he can't do anything about it they are currently members in good standing. He can't tell and they can't go and they went to the process in Major League Baseball because of the terms of drug -- agreement. They can't tell Jim -- or Bruce both cheeks. You know like you're not allowed take that player because we think we're gonna suspend the next week and I think that's right because that's. That's following the rules under the drug testing agreement that baseball and the union agreed to. We're talking about strolling ESP and we spent time with you last week buster talking about potential Red Sox targets. In their bullpen Andrew Miller done for the year the -- we need to add somebody the market has been pretty quiet so far they waiting for. They want these big names to go to set the market for what it's gonna cost to get a reliever is that what is -- -- election. Well -- general managers are saying that all we had. It seemed -- -- sellers right now and I'm assuming that includes the cubs Matt Garza. Are are all suffering what I wrote in the column today it was a -- suffered from Jack Wheeler syndrome because remember him. When the Mets. Couple years ago they got incredible return for Zack Wheeler in the Carlos Beltran deal with him just go. Prices are really high. And on top of that I'm sure for them from the Red Sox perspective. That a lot of the solutions did you look at the early market really imperfect you know Kevin Gregg for example would stuff translate American League east. Would be just a guy at a couple hot months it's better. You know that important when you actually look at what he's done -- essentially now is this specialist. And you is that retouched scary too lefty and it's special I don't think you can. That's what Andrew Miller's a lot it's a devastating because he was the guy did it right handers he's got a lefthander -- that you could give him -- -- would be fine. And even you know team dropped for the cubs who the cubs are willing to talk about right handed hitters against him have a 950. Or so yes. So right handers hit him hard they need a guy who can go three for -- Now it's time goes on and I wrote about this today at the prices are gonna be so high. Then maybe the twins eventually do you put it Glen Perkins out there maybe that met become more reasonable. About Bobby Cornell they're closer. And they should because we think about how volatile relievers are looked at that today. Geithner many relievers are how many closers are in place. From 2011 to the issue with their with the same -- three out of thirty teams have the same clothes -- In 2013 that they did in 2011. Craig Campbell the Yankees. More and I -- -- that he had the Braves Mariano Rivera the Yankees in crisper the union that it. That tells you tally -- buying he shouldn't overpay. And it keeps telling you get them hot commodity like -- -- park did you darn well better listen. Well got a guy I'm talking about here is is so Michael Young because you know I think the Red Sox were they are right now maybe two comes back he slides over but. Just professional hitter does not much left and a salad but does it seem like it's kind of a I know how much interest to Red -- of the -- little bit but acting can be achieved perfect fit for the Yankees and be able to move that probably would help them on lots of. Well in regard seeing them play they feel incredibly blocked in again they're not. Did not you know wait for -- to feel sorry for them but this is the reality of the situation is is that. Because they don't know what they're gonna get -- -- Rodriguez or Jeter course or belly or granderson. They can make an aggressive move the market did you not going to overpay coordinate -- like a Michael Young in a trade now. And then in two weeks maybe he becomes redundant when Alex Rodriguez comes back today at the -- On let's export I would imagine that one of the big question they have to ask is how good easy actually third base when I talked to Michael and spring training. About -- pats play at third base when he was -- the Rangers he was generally speaking pretty awful but he felt like that he hadn't played the position. To the -- of his ability and he worked a lot this spring with Mike Schmidt and getting lower and being in a better place he -- to make it look at what we had good hands I really had a good arm not some big gulf. I feel like in play this position better and that would be one of the questions that the Red Sox that that is he actually doing them. All you mention Manny Ramirez. Did they sign him with the idea in Texas to begin kind of a wink wink nudge nudge buster will definitely bring you up at some point a world I have to be like you said Nelson Cruz suspended some sort of injury -- Manny back in the big league level this year. He's got hit I think there's any added demonstrate that he can hit with power that's exactly. What Oakland won it last year when they signed him you know they're feeling what think Texas is in the same boat there is zero risk for them because he's making. I believe ten to 151000 dollars per month in the minor -- basically pennies. The contract if he gets -- the big leagues is four Major League minimum. We know incentive clauses whatsoever. So -- eight -- and they kick him in the -- to be hit for power and he -- anything. And they're called up and not to pay him anything and I do think they had it would Nelson Cruz in mind. The one thing they'll tell you you know hearing today. It is so far he's not shown a lot of bat speed which is where he was in 2010. You're single Brian Wilson where he's at right now. And he's got thrown out. Why he's working out at some point he Ian in early August around August 1 he intends to throw for scouts. But you know the one thing to keep in mind and he's got a great closer experience that would be great. He does seem to be really particular about where he wants to pitch in other words when the tigers kind of poked around on in the off season they were told now he doesn't -- -- in Detroit. And I wonder because I'm -- you guys to read stories about how he feels. On some ugly feelings about what went down in his hometown after spotted passed away and all of that. You know how he would feel about pitching for the -- but I don't know the answer to that. But I think he definitely someone who you know he's gonna have a gut instinct about being gut feeling about where he wants to. I guess some weird relationship stuff -- -- Iowa New Hampshire -- there's no doubt about that he's buster only be espionage joins us every single Wednesday buster is always appreciate it we'll -- you next week. Buster as always brought -- you by our friends at Toyota of -- go see the whole crew Bob Draper -- robbery. And check out their all new Toyota Nashua megaplex and see the hot deals during their summer sell -- It's going on right now Oster also brought to you by air arrest restoration specialist. And Michael space 61777979837. Is the phone number we'll continue with more your phone calls and you mentioned in Stephen Drew. And the Red Sox and what his role might be when he does come back in his back some Red Sox calls with the -- Sports Radio WEEI.

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