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What not to say to the media if you're Tyler Seguin

Jul 10, 2013|

Tyler Seguin had his introductory press conference on Tuesday and kicked it off with a bang with the very first question.

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Final hour Butler and ID 37 WEEI your phone calls up until 2 o'clock spent lot time on the Red Sox today we talked about the latest. Involving Aaron Hernandez. And the news the came out yesterday. We'll get to your calls humble 61777979837. AT&T text line. At 379837. We get off the year yesterday collar -- was introduced. This press conference in Dallas and look I understand it. The Tyler Sagan for a lot of people with Sega and east as as Mike charting his call last week and is in for you. There are said he got traded but the more you look at that deal and the more you hear in the aftermath instead of being expand you wanna criticized the Bruins media. For to be covering up an in arena reporting on a kind of issues Sagan had over his time a year it's okay from a team standpoint. You've got to do what's right for the team you've got to acknowledge win maybe investment and a player ball draft pick number two overall and dollars given. Might not live up to. What the players talent on the ice might actually be. And the more I've thought about that the -- was made you over the fourth of July holiday. The moral on board with this they've put themselves in position where they they freed himself what they view was a headache. They get a -- a very good QA player Andy -- told us a very good two way player on Monday and -- Ericsson. Couple guys to appear to have some talent in terms of prospects. And in the process -- give up -- also give up when he works contracts in the team in rich -- Right Pittsburgh just centrally GM of the year I don't know about that but. This trade looks better and better the further -- with the -- we get away with if you ask me yet let's and I love the move for -- ethic that it. And you look at this. Right now what do they have in their top two lines the better I think there are. You know league Gregory Campbell back in May be one point applied together and -- -- -- five -- William S and put together -- line. You did at all year last year and get the Stanley Cup beating get anything out of the third line all year long. So if that third line if you end up keeping Kelly and it's a combination of maybe some young kids maybe equal there and do something else. This mall for. You lost Andrew Ference but now some are koskie -- in the mix. In the year Doug Hamilton and I actually think this team's better I think their toughest challenge the biggest opponent. It's gonna be themselves and the fact that last hockey game was June 24. You know fatigue mental physical. I think we saw a couple years ago against Washington. You know and you look at the kings this year they win the cup. They had they had the benefit of the shortened season -- electronically the -- -- -- -- hired -- -- beat up left and right they had nothing left that's -- that's probably the one thing the concern with the Bruins going into next year. Is this the -- you know the quickly. Off seasons the -- as you get older overnight as you'll dreamy young players athletes. You need to have time you you need to have a certain period of time Pulitzer body heal in time to talk about some -- surgery. You know just let your body heal. Need to shut down -- for a month month and a half what depending on your major whatever it is obvious recovered then you're gonna have time to build it back up again. And distracting yourself will we be stronger than you were the year before. And if those two things sort of mashed together you don't time your body -- keel in the east and you start working out and try to build strength the injuries never really go way. He'd just economic and seasoned enough physically maybe not we wanna be away bend past well and you wonder portrait like this acts. He helps the Bruins off to Utah but the fatigue right the the physical fatigue and I I would not disprove any of that -- -- as an athlete you've been through. But the mental fatigue of you know. I'm getting back in the same group of guys does it look like the other group back together that it subways at the good thing. But when you change of scenery for people when he went crate she -- chiefs build again new line mate this year in drama gamma. When Bergeron and marsh -- of the get new line may know likelihood and -- Ericsson. With some of the younger players like Jordan -- on -- not younger but new player Karl sort of her when they read when they -- down now and they go well -- That's that second and third at third and fourth line the third line really right the third line appears wide open. Hit that help individually and offseason where guys are now. Either the -- with a new player any guilt or Ericsson or they're going to be flight the first spot that third line knowing that. -- not every roster spot it's filled with a couple of open spots and -- -- to play with a new guy here and there. Can't that help that the individual preparation. In terms of getting yourself ready knowing they'll be some sort of a change of scenery. Is that am I making too much of that -- not a change scenery mean and its imports of young defensemen as well -- asking -- in. -- -- pretty much watched the post seasons so. -- said you -- guys like Ericsson again align. Nine I agree to -- percent and I have no problem with that third line going -- but it is even necessarily have to be really. Mean Jim Kelly Soderbergh drawn gypsum my -- gives -- chance. It -- Smith everybody's raving about him an old Comcast -- into the conference call proximate downed Dallas missed -- your -- ago love Riley Smith. At this idiot gets a shot at third line. You first mindset is second mindset -- four lines that goal we set defenseman set with depth. He did have at their Atlanta last year anyway. Don't give a shot you -- down to minors yeah I like it's an as a Bruins fan -- a week ago today sat in this hour with Tom Karen. Was going over the situation with the Bruins salary cap and how to do some of the stuff you know they got right ask. Once it's on grass they have no money left and who they gonna get it right wing is Tyler -- ready to go a week later. -- gone to several league on. You had the money to sign again look you assigned to good extension here any day Patrice Bergeron get negating extension here every day any day. You gonna be a little over the cap -- -- You long term injury Marc Savard then you'll be in compliance he got to give Linear and a bonus deal one point eight base if he took a little bit of salary hit -- come your play and you've left yourself the third line that could be made up of anybody. My -- I think soderbergh's me apart by I don't know -- Ron Smith. It just it feels. It feels reborn in a way. And it all comes because you were able to trade college sitting in power -- immensely talented but as you point out last couple -- gonna make a lot of money. So the Dallas Stars are excited power's -- it's gonna show a lot now. The organization might not be throw them they've already had to apologize for something between now parents helping you tweeted as a member of the stars has already led him to deactivated Twitter account. So he shows up in Dallas yesterday and it we have -- fielding questions. From the media there in Dallas you're -- hear a question and answer all right is the very first question was the first the very. First. Question. But him I don't doubt fresh start for you -- -- few that really is pretty on. You know I think for senator is obviously a lot of young guys. Hamas team. I was only single guy so I'm excited to reason face and he started and excited as president and your experience. I'm just excited. -- -- respects there's not -- -- teammates. The management and their contents. Comics comics excited -- new running mates. That was just two months that. I'm going man -- -- man. On this team into the hole only single guys being on ice team you being a Jolie actually being honest that is the worst possible -- and -- -- -- given -- -- -- -- what are -- excited -- what. You get a change of scenery new start. And his answer is not about anything on the ice I don't play him for being excited about that his answer is about chase and down. Broads. And about how great it is got to be free of the shackles of all those married guys in Boston and Alvin Dallas where a single. For starters obviously you know as lot of young guys. I'm the last team. I was only single guy some excited to his -- and you start I'm very excited -- -- new experience. -- -- Whose friends are just all getting married Alec three vote. I I can see were tell us against them from a year at that age he's also like 21 -- he -- a young guy. You know so the fact about the first name pops into his head. Joey EE I know we saying that he I didn't wait to meet Texas woman. That's this is the thick -- capital the world not -- LA and I'm fired up that I gets a single teammates -- been texting and tweeting and FaceBook. We're gonna go up there. This idea. That Tyler -- is gonna get any time soon. Seems ridiculous now and look where I will be accused I understand I'll be accused of a making too much I don't wanna answer. But think about it. You left here. Basically fueled by the idea that his GM and his -- is teenage job for Neiman. Can make comments about his lack of professionalism and had to prepare and I'm going to be more of a professional. And had a going away party the day after he got traded. Right hey I got trading going away party down on the cape right and had tons of people they are party it up. Mommy and daddy came out and defended him. They had a -- they they enabled him quite frankly. By blaming the media and not looking at their sons and yeah and I Sundays that worry about that the thirty million dollars who's given by the Bruins now the Dallas Stars. In the midst of all of this. All that background being known. His first answer is yes. I can't wait I got bodies more single here in all the bars they -- -- gets a -- is immediately guy shooting fish in barrel. I don't want to thank you enough there to start of June enjoyed a few that really is pretty. You know I think for senator is obviously -- lot of young guys. Hamas team. I was only single guy so I'm excited two reasons it is understood that I'm excited. And their experience. I'm just excited. Nobody respects there's not -- -- teammates. Now he circled back to what he knows he -- syndicate tell little point Terry goes rush. Shoot. I really shouldn't just said that I can't wait to go bar up and Austin. On Saturday night after it UT game. Crap. Should not brought that up Texas is the ratio in Texas. Is four to one women to men it's like -- with the Panama. -- -- -- -- I mean it is just seen the girls who follow around near -- forgot six notch yeah Abbott park is as big in Dallas as it was in Austin it's not but it's such a lay up. Collection. It's just you. You haven't even apologized for your tweets yet brought in money and -- imbalances is more things coming. You know there's issues of the maturity you know -- -- got to be more professional focused. Now he says it's on the ice. I think we all realize that there was some picture maturity on and off the 21 years old that's OK but not every 21 year old out via Internet to do with when he won. If you guys making there -- half million dollars -- when he won. -- -- make -- six million dollars -- have like ten million dollars in a bank when he won I make six dollars now let me did you we -- we you know. That would stop with the whole prelude to a to anyone I want to make Internet million dollars when he won. All this stuff kind of comes with a little bit of baggage to get an organization it's already apologized. What distancing themselves as far as tweets go. In your first response. Is I'm really excited -- -- more single guys on this team to hang with. When men. I got -- -- met in Dallas maybe he's -- Ferris is concerned about is -- stayed home and look -- -- -- got Mary was stuck with his wife -- they moved out of bullet went to Columbus forgot six but here. I got we met up the you know why I'm gonna go out. And I am good to go I got guys who got their their mind now one thing it's not about getting home for the kid wakes up. That's and I'm excited about a weight I mean I -- I -- the respect and my teammates yet that's it respect my teammate that's what it meant to say. If having problems apple -- Japanese side have gotten -- now. Yeah. That's that's is theme song right now. He's planned that little Mac -- goal now is get when every once in Dallas there's no doubt about that. And I hear that press conference and I say. Way to go Peter sure relic. You got about a here before something -- happen and I heard can't really talking about this yesterday. Present the Bruins -- hopefully it's a wake up call for Tyler -- Let's say something when they needed trade to be a wake up call after the GM called you out -- got to be more professional. And they felt like that wasn't a wake up call -- for that it shipped his ass out of here and trade him to be the wake up call for Tyler sing and his parents are still mommy daddy from home. Steel defending him still enabling him. -- -- deployment of marsh on dad and we have -- on on during the -- -- as a guest of the show. A crazy wild he was. His dad told them hey. Why is up grow up. Different guy sits right in terms of his -- interactions and how much you hear about march -- not out around town yet. Sega never got they don't Cigna got mommy and daddy say hi five Tyler way to go to -- a way to show up on Twitter. Rid of these two Grammy you when those abroad it's actually get us from a blow -- so immature and he just he's net. He's he might get at least not right times on this in this we again. Any good and I age you know number two overall pick community okayed you know NHL in nineteen point when he won. To give his life when he was thirteen -- hockey players and in his area in this country whenever it is write this from day one. Etiquette right now like in the Little League in the politics to going to be the next whatever you know Miguel Cabrera. So obviously -- can do no wrong. You know it's just the way it is so. That's -- you deal with as far as the Texas talking about you know his tweets and accusing me of Ottawa put words in my mouth I don't think between that. -- -- -- Was hacked no audio equipment while what do I have hacked the -- -- is tax summary. And a computer golden tablets taken it away from now or is anybody it'd just did some house drunk house. Or some girl at a party grabbing its -- -- Yet Jim and I talked about it and you know we thought it was a decision to. -- comments but it. He knows very fortunate of definite time period when it was all happening my Twitter was in fact taken over along with a few other things. That's that are with my name it it's definitely. Didn't feel good that you know my name was out there with say negative things but I definitely apologize knowing I was you know. Hurt by what I said and that's means. -- updating -- on it this goes through reputation in history. If all of a sudden you looked on Twitter so Patrice Bergeron. Tweets like that. Which isn't. Packed yes packed yes. Jack no way it was similar of one of his buddies they attacked -- Q. That was taken does it in the c'mon dude movement on the throat before he got hacking away what was at this -- left is we we we hacked salt Twitter. And we're tweeting out on BO with -- Malone. That's so we got hacked when his buddies -- phone. To say with a bunch of stuff to get -- yes somebody grabbed her phone maybe FaceBook was open and Twitter it's almost things and your body it's upon. Him. -- The Dallas. They don't really care about football and care about hockey. Everyone has the girls care about guys who make thirty million dollars that's that's gonna change Joey made a comment that they don't care about hockey trust me. He walks in levoir with those 21 year old you know just graduated college coed or think it got really wanna work. -- I see guys making thirty million dollars next five years now I don't care he plays hockey it's not popular I'm gonna try to get that guy. So he he'll be fine. It will be just fine with a new wing man there in Dallas. 61777979237. ATP decks on 37937. -- John. And Josh we'll get to your Sagan and Bruins phone calls and thought the -- Rumored created about trading Brad Marchand Chris Kelly. Mix that and as well keep -- -- Relatives -- any given the way -- can keep slipping away to demonstrate and pay him let them have been paying up front. Luckily for what to. --

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