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The latest developments in the Aaron Hernandez case

Jul 10, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the third suspect in the Oden Lloyd murder, Carlos Ortiz, and his statement that he was told Aaron Hernandez was the one that pulled the trigger.

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Our tier model or not a 37 WEEI will talk to buster only. But an hour from now. And he crashed coming from the -- Coffey field okay he's good. -- our old friend Doug constituent. With the war in the colonias sore right. Bernard dog from such -- long -- hasn't called assure a long time to Colin Mikey Adams he called me a source is. Was accusing me give it a city and notice. I don't know I don't listen to that program tonight. Arnold what I had some against Mike yourself ranks. Of those things going. As we call you say that's who called drug to detect these threes on you for information from martek multiple multiple multiple sources within the industry read it all all of coal. Yes you did journalists that the idea I'm gonna yes I'm not sure -- It is a sorcerer. -- -- -- Was it -- it found was it wasn't about what we're going to be we're gonna play more later on this hour. But drops it to act in the house that the guy like I was scared. Haven't really heard from since walker left on your wire sorcery gonna hear to hear the complete call later on this hour okay good I can't just sit here and in wonder for next three hours why in God's name -- quickly -- -- west is no longer here. Soul who care who you moved -- that sees the play action concerns. Well given his voice there and that little sound -- I'm not sure he's OK I'm not sure -- does any Sports Radio that's what he's gonna dill yeah it was call you out as a sorcerer. Exercise you and Harry Potter Sports Radio now hole like this. I could see some -- I could see some. Some pictures pop and up I could -- a little work with that. Why can't see is things getting better anytime soon for one Aaron Hernandez yesterday we got the year 2 o'clock. ESPN initially reported that the defense team was gonna appeal. The release of the information related to the -- trial is scheduled to be released to -- they didn't. And so we got just after 2156. Pages. Offering new details in in the investigation and police to search for gone. Now and -- -- you -- 12345. Like six new things report execute read the entire thing. But here -- some new stuff we found out yesterday. Police served a war on the patriots in England patriots to search items removed from Hernandez is patriots locker. Hoping to find evidence of gun purchases or connections to Lloyd there's no indication the records they found anything related to the -- Police seized two cellphones and three I pats from an and it's his home. They found a Q 03 area code number on Lloyds phone. They say believed they believed to be Hernandez's number and it showed text back and forth the night of the murder. When Cameron -- -- came to station officer called the number Hernandez's phone rang opposite hung up when Hernandez picked up documents show -- the old. All the cellphone to see if George trick different love that -- Holland police search -- -- -- this home they found a scale any dish. Used to -- drugs in a safe. The also found dozens of bullets in that home along -- boxes of -- 45 caliber bullets in a Franklin apartment he had rented. -- Lloyd now deceased at 64 dollars and 75 cents on his body when he was found as well as keys to the strip Chevy Suburban. That was rented in Hernandez's name. They also found that's a summit suburban obviously. And -- yard on face and street. -- -- Hernandez went out together Friday night and apparently got so drunk. They never made a actor and and is this home. Lloyd told his girlfriend they slept outside. Indy car documents show the two -- on -- rumors and I common -- -- witness told police Hernandez was seen with big gun in his way span. And then finally documents show Hernandez was uncooperative with police when they came to question him. When detectives started asking questions about when he last saw Lloyd Hernandez became argumentative and asked what to all the questions. He then went inside and got his lawyers business card please cope please to call them. Police said they were and conducting a death investigation. Hernandez quote slam the door and locked -- behind him and quote. He never asked whose death was being investigated that's the most -- meanwhile his girlfriend when talking to police person appears. When told -- Lloyd used. To those the six or seven bullet points from the new information. We got yesterday most people out there. I just -- assembled points there now in the headlines most people out there you're not in the door. Cops that there -- asked -- questions. You'd probably respond to lead deal with the -- questions. Well this department investigation of the death. Now let's freeze it right there. What you do. The next thing -- came -- your mouth. And 99.9. Percent of the people who actually probably didn't do it would say -- Which. What -- that you're talking about not a -- -- what who -- -- we died which death because I I until the few people but. What what death what you're talking about who died right. All wouldn't be slammed the door lock that door is my lawyers -- like give him a call it and. No nothing it's unbelievable wasn't because we saw we heard how he reacted when we saw earlier -- and initially -- ahead back. Turnaround in the four year. When they came and said or -- the death he slams the door never asks who never asked anything about the person. Just shuts the door according to the affidavits and was released yesterday. That's pretty damning right that's not evidence that they'll probably use against him to court blob in the court of public opinion. For those people that we're sort holding on to maybe this is just a bad deal for Hernandez may -- is caught up with the wrong crowd somebody else involved when you hear they slam the door. Doesn't this make you as a human beings say OK you know one on here. And as a sidecar. That's a pretty bad ass dude just slammed the door on police and never ask. Who was killed. So -- that jumps out -- you know that jumps out at you. Okay big time jumps out and the reaction he had an -- this is deeper -- to -- the globe's story. Where they eventually taken into police custody taken on the station for. Asking questions and instead of sitting in -- chair wanna ask them questions. The globe reports in the globe account of this today. -- is that he laid down on the floor. Hawking on -- cellphone. Eventually called his growth for an outside instead my sports agent just said don't talk to these police not already slammed the door when he eventually did go win. He laid down on the floor at the police station. And just sort it does that seem like a guy just. It's that it's a big middle finger to the police Elena lay down here on the floor and make calls myself. And called my girlfriend say hey don't talk to police so let's talk that the personality of him. From a case standpoint just to be evidence found work we will get into Ortiz and Ortiz had to say his buddy Carlos or teased out of Florida. When you read here they found a drug scale. In his safe. Doesn't that start to. Put together a couple different accounts we've heard from people wondering out loud. Is this gonna turn into a major drug case like we find out that weathered the Lloyd or Hernandez or something in the middle -- -- in balls. The use and the selling of drugs at some level any drugs jailed in -- -- what else could that be used for what else -- -- usual besides drugs. Scales just for her for selling its Wright amendment. Italian do you go buy some weed who won't bring you scale for what to make sure that you get the right amount I think if you bought it before you pretty much can look at a bag -- gets a ball right. I mean what else would you have a scale if you're not going to be selling. So -- out of who knows that if if it's enough of that got proof -- a long map but it shouldn't really come to a surprise. You to many people. What concerns me in this whole thing right refer to many many people would -- you know you don't. They don't need to find the gun -- ocean they haven't on the gun yet as far as we know I think the public. It if they have a witness. -- if they get somebody because the details that we initially heard over the top. You know what when you hear -- somebody quoting Aaron Hernandez. You know sitting in his driveway standing in his driveway ball thirty at night. And you hear the quote I can't trust anybody anymore. So so many people that you hear that -- so we -- right from the beginning the rain that we knew. That somebody president was giving them information. That person was going to be very important to the case. Everything sort of points that is Carlos Ortiz. Right that he is the guy. And articulate but worried but the credibility of mr. Ortiz. This -- Louis -- the second part of the info I was going -- will we found out from the documents this was actually separate in Florida. Where they have the Associated Press obtained these records. Where Ortiz what he has said his account a region the account when you say. And you say questionable and it when he read a whole thing it's exactly what you for -- come up with. Prosecutors say that Hernandez walls and Ortiz drove with Lloyd in a rented Nissan this is after they picked him up in his home in Boston. The -- to Nissan Altima two industrial park where Lloyd was fatally shot according to the Associated Press Ortiz told police that during the drive. Hernandez told Lloyd that Lloyd had been chilling. With people Hernandez have problems with the documents say. What -- -- told that two or a police told police the two men shook hands and got out to -- according to Ortiz is account. The witness told police he then heard gunshots before Hernandez and -- got back in the car without Lloyd in the car sped away. Ortiz said he couldn't see who fired the shot because it was dark. Back in Hernandez's home Ortiz said Wallace asked him to get a small gone out from under the driver's seat. Ortiz said he did Andy give it to Hernandez once they were inside and their surveillance actually talked about this is video that kind of confirms this. So Ortiz cities and he then went to sleep. So he's in a car heard some gunshots. Help the got a buddy with a gun that Ortiz said he went to -- He woke up in the afternoon according to his account. The three men return to the -- Return the -- they rented a Chrysler 300 before returning to Hernandez's home. Ortiz and Wallace Bennett went to an apartment in that area that Hernandez another football players use I'm guessing that's the flop house in Franklin that Burleson okay. Wallace let Ortiz in before leaving for a long time the documents say. The two then drove to Bristol. Ortiz told police it was during that drive. Wallace said Hernandez shot Lloyd. So to sum it up. Your car guys get out to the bathroom you stay in you hear gunshots. Buddy doesn't get back in car. You sleep over devil will sleep over and Hernandez's house you get up the next day you return a rental. You go to a flop house you had long time you get a car to go back to Bristol and it's at that point. Probably 161819. Hours after you heard gunshots and someone in the car did not dip back into a car. Where Wallace's told you that Hernandez shot. There's a couple of holes in that whole thing right it's it was very unbelievable so I really isn't a car. He was he ever won the bathroom Ortiz stated so he was. What to go pick up. Olden boy yes and drove into the these little whatever industrial -- -- -- he was there. So -- on what we're doing here. So they let him in on it and it and let him know what what was about to happen they just said you know one of his boys to dress up here and got there didn't ask why decent option all along for Ryan were doing here. No no clue everybody got a car. -- he just was like oh well a second my cell phone just filmed in the car seat I'll be right back let me just wanted to pick this thing up ball ball ball ball that looked -- -- that. Well what happened guys jump back and kind of democracy. You know -- and asking me questions. Tired five gunshots and -- club -- Not gonna ask any questions more comes words with president there was four guys will be guys here now is only three go back there it's just I'm not gonna ask what happened that a fourth. All why just heard gunshots I don't know 203040. Feet maybe ten feet from me at. I'm adamant misheard his fireworks. Not falter on the corner. Go to bed wake up the next day and then you're told what happened. But what to believe that. Texas said he believed -- this year. Texture AT&T -- -- what's so unbelievable. Water no I hope your OT -- I think he waited till the next day to get an answer as to her up. What's gonna happen outside the car you're in the car -- you -- five shots. It goes around the corner. If you're a quarter mile from it when you hear the shots. Five shots here in the Clark. -- and three come out in you don't ask then. What happened at the belief you just don't you. Go back -- announcement. Postal to appear from Connecticut get my -- -- here's -- is possible that never -- in question jumped in the car never ethnic questions. Four guys walked the inning drove an industrial park three guys left no -- and questions heard five shots never asked me questions. Went back at a house or in his is carrying a gun probably -- fired up or somebody is that. The richest guy never rest and questions went to -- get a good night's sleep woke up the next day. That's when he was to what happened well and then that a lot of Texans say that's that's the call triggers that come -- yeah like the day he called just Texas as you guys can't look at this through your white bread -- OK so it's what kind of I do I need to look through this then. For the believe this story. To look at white red -- okay. -- -- -- Why is gonna help explain it this guy's not full crap and what color does any of this makes -- -- thank you. You get into a car with four guys. Three in the out of the bathroom to get back in. You hear gunshots and you are updating your Facebook's that the only -- to ask questions yet the both types of guys that they're hanging -- -- -- I'm sure that crew is that the one guy it's like -- Just go with these guys and nothing do with -- news stuff rocket -- questions. On. See that that's where way how can people say. What's so unbelievable about that I I -- that texture is is kidding with -- us allied did Joyce tells me a phone calls of people that. Don't want to dispute that that say this makes perfect sense. That if they are in the same position. They do he had them -- some that is called it was all upset that you guys because obviously he says that he wouldn't ask any questions -- you heard gunshots to be scared to ask any questions. You pick this guy Carlos Ortiz. It's. Mean I think you'll. The immediate sticky saddle it's there was me just hang out these guys are normally I would ask what -- it pretty clear that. As a group they sort we're goal for the same thing here that they they knew what was going on in this in this may have been up in the first time you know that that maybe they've been emboldened something like this. Think he's being called up from Connecticut for you don't think that an end game an idea what the hell is gonna happen any Golez. Is a sleep over with Hernandez after wants no big deal -- milk Alessio yours -- god I'll sneak -- for the brickyard with. Hi yeah I think it makes total sense I I don't. Just -- no I would not question do you. I'm from the brought -- from the you'll recently moved to Rhode Island edit I would -- that situation I shut my mouth I bit and I. In the morning when I'm borrowing it from anyone let them. Why would you expect them except me that would -- Our -- -- I don't know I don't know you histories from the Bronx it's great and then if you use your ring with you hung with the crowd here and gain or anything else never. I never -- myself. He admitted trouble in your life. Go to school go to college I don't I don't -- me and I'm. -- Yeah probably not hanging out Carlos Ortiz and mr. Webster then. Not what I would put in your actual people just by. You don't have questioned and an aunt and my my next thing it. Gary hold on hold on hold on you you pull into an industrial park with four people. Your five gunshots you leave with three eagle back here how'd she get -- and -- on video walked around the house with a gun in his hand. And you just what sit on the couch making some popcorn Britain all on me. See if I'm lucky I am there might not say anything because I was. -- -- your Euro amid a Azteca also -- not an Angel but it. -- -- racist friend from Bristol he grew they -- they brought him up here from Bristol he signature -- -- -- -- text and those guys say get your ass up here. If you're in the so people have called it wondered how he could not leave that -- I want to -- the NFL -- can -- that simple logic you don't leave it. At a lot of people like they don't you know don't change it short -- that he managed to get. The career he got playing the game equally why would you leave it UK -- with these people. Leaving because you have -- of you have a fiance you REA you have an eight month old daughter a daughter who you said. Was gonna change your life we have him on record -- in a media. Saying how this is gonna exit. I fly and Aaron Hernandez party -- and has -- now. I gotta be different guy that's why get out of it is your your daughter and your family. While. No big deal -- -- like you brought it tonight or penalty or do you believe that either because we don't know problem so many taxes like you know. Lloyd is a barrel would go to -- -- -- done -- -- you know. Food. What did this mister Carlos Ortiz right didn't go to private school thing go to prep school and colleges is not -- -- We talked about a got to run with these guys. -- arena and call or you heard five bullets three to return three left. -- hello we talking about here people actually believe this. Well and it's goes back to your initial question. Is that the first crack in the case against Hernandez that someone's gonna have to believe anything Ortiz says if this gets any where near the court when you hear this. Got to go up this the guy testify against Hernandez we really believed that he stayed in the car. And and ask questions of the next day goes back to your point. 6177797937. That's the -- articles again like you are just disagree. In this case to give Texas here AT&T text -- 379837. Don Anthony marquee guys lined up we'll get to your phone calls and I believe we've gotten to the bottom of it. We have the entirety of what led Doug from situated. The called the Mike Adams program -- and claim that you are the Harry Potter a sports talk radio we of that for you -- next. -- It's. Doug constituent a quick thought Wes Welker had done. I got here gentlemen thank you for taking my call turns. You know why I'm sitting here -- just. Completely perplexed and wife -- -- -- or may not lay off Wes Welker. The guy is caught. 120 receptions total and only time when you heard me say about how good -- can put in December 6 put Wes -- don't. All date helium dog food any Amendola compare to Wes Welker you know this guy. Has done so much for this franchise. Has been a part of one of the greatest offenses. In 2007. And you don't give him angry -- Douglas Doug Doug Doug you should take you medication morning first of false. Phonetic called our show from the now it has -- constituent -- 937 WEEI. Little more background he went on to claim that it. -- 101000 dollars worth of Wes Welker memorabilia is the right numbers on the Nevada and by its investment and that he was financially invested a Wes -- more so than any Abbas and that for. -- to try to push west walk around town. Wasn't fair dog and I agreed that time minute your driving Wes -- -- -- One of the craziest things I've seen in sports talk radio to haven't heard from forever. And I haven't you -- look at what point were you aware that he called the Mike Adams program last night and game last night. When those three to a settlement that's tweets. The Butler falls less that are outstanding -- obstinacy tweaks on the air I don't know what they are. Some music by the way you call the source or source reluctantly yet doing a much about it. And overdid. It -- new ones. So you found this year that figure out where early -- did what time this happened so we were dug from -- two -- called in to call Louis sort of for a girl listen -- -- clip Mikey -- But then again not true you since you stopped working there you told us yesterday you never listen that your you hate that show that -- that your that they take your sound drops you know I love Mikey. Not true deadlines -- on the air Doug what's going on. I'm here I'm here I'm. He was going on and hope this is an indication call sort of go. By any rate and a call for. Particular. Adversary. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I think he doesn't fight fair. And I think that he has shown signs and I'm not a professional. From. Psychological delusion. And they think that some of these items are irreparable at this point. And -- guy. Who single handedly did what an influential voice. In getting what walker out here are immediately ankle. He is now going after didn't. Rajon Rondo didn't. He's really so I think he's trying to drive a monotone and you think he did the same for Welker. I don't think Mike I know well I didn't know I wouldn't call this is crazy. Great state something old -- Maloney is sorcerer. -- cap dispel. It's early on their Toto Toto I don't know. That and allow. A constituent re appears. In them assaults. On defamation. League you with a do you have some sort of power. The wielding some sort of spell. -- -- without being called -- Harry Potter sports soccer I actually love it. Until we found that having -- exits with two complete. Nut job. I'm so. Rhonda you're trying to chase out of town Rondo went pretentious -- and effect yesterday were just talking about the outlook nutrient for Beck a ball at thirty cents in the dollar and getting an inning and Richard they're back and potential nice back. It's all the on about how -- How signifying with no -- shares if he gets traded I remembered -- Doug thinks that you got him traded -- great. State something bold and -- Maloney is a sorcerer. -- who's next -- Lou mixing your list. It's probably -- don't hopefully it's not everybody can say. It's most likely mean according to Chad and I -- rabbits and page per wants to defend Lou -- how are you -- And that and I'm not trying to keep on being the only begin yelled at a supplement rather. Like that being gang -- What does that mean -- bank of our present right. I've been in the situation. There. Shot Amman iPad and not any thing you'll. We need to get the body in the wrong and that war. Now I ran it back. On right in there that. And that sort it. That the -- -- that -- If -- sits in a car it's less of a hit for him in terms of the penalty right. Right exactly you -- out they probably the one that pulled the trigger. In Hernandez's attorneys aren't stupid Marty Meehan are -- in the Ernie and later in -- on state time he's going to be like. He's like uncle like Hernandez so what he rock and roll mocked for awhile anyway. He's good friends whose dad right Webster. Get exactly the union of the dead already perhaps morial he. Mean that's gonna be like and happy we got that they knew that they are never eat it at a little wimp or have a zero weren't doing may not an excuse for -- so perhaps. The rabbit look it let me just summarize this though that this man drives in the industrial park with four individuals. Three individuals apparently get out of the caught -- just stuck look Purcell for what here's five shots to guys return they go back to the house and I'm imagining at that point. What with what just happened emotions are -- guys running around left right try to figure out what to do now still doesn't ask any questions wakes up the next day in his dental what happened. Do you find that our way. He would -- who he was like -- fingerprints down he probably got rid of the guns and entered a lot of things are actually. And then there's a lot -- you yield I want you all we -- if you are sick or apparent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You get rid of the gun you don't tell anybody -- government you know I mean there's absolutely no way. It -- it was just it Merrill and that they don't know what brought that topic they obviously they trot them out the brewer and bring them a lot of America they trust the. Trust and -- -- they called them up from up Bristol and were texting you saying get your wraps up here. Right that's because we need to probably probably had him all the traders volume -- -- You know I'm with you and it ain't gonna sit there pull the trigger when all is you know need to -- deputy -- try to approximately get a -- -- He's a pay check them gang bangers don't sit there and take the richest guy -- treat him like crap. They're HS UR I mean he's not gonna meet -- -- and he can -- -- two conditions. Are people. I help how that will get a baking and seeing their lawyer appealed party everything it become a brand that I got -- PD. You'll never be unified group now. Loyalists tonight that I love a love Bravo effect we got a rock and roll here in the station and I agree with cement I agree with that you know it's amazing to me those people come out today is that you -- you -- figured out the course is why would this -- know what we ask questions what does that mean gang banged it to and to me. What it does Joseph is on the defensive like this in this -- obviously lying. If you guys about this than what else -- line about it actually hurts the case against Hernandez in all likelihood with the way that we did I hear it it it hurts the case could makes them less credible. -- dons in Newport waiting patiently doll what do you have. On I just our John going to -- Of the guy who is when you know you're my first professional people autograph a local -- they go I was and so there you any -- -- was -- that was Lou nice to you John. You have nights in our top vote our dugout he signed up to back with a wink Belgrade as a great story that role but anyway guys and a -- -- turned over to Newport mr. Hernandez in game being aircrew where. There for a couple days and they're pretty intimidating partner and throw them out of our Bart actually. Anywhere I'm also I thank the red it's. Obnoxious. Pushing people out of the way good commanding -- hearings. We -- -- professional football player on my check. Yet stories single row little bit thanks for the call John that -- -- this is crew when they rolled into some certain places they would get. Yeah a little bit. Not aggressive effectively on the placement it's not a huge surprise me and I. And a reason not to believe John but something that's been all around that is when they rolled out there rolled up pretty loudly and people them people around province Newport where rivers. I can tell those guys come 61777979837. Phone number eighteen tee -- on is 379. 37. Textures advocating it be get new security system up there in marsh Vegas. The compound for Doug. How little bit unstable and -- and were joking about the source her part but. Saddle on stated that they gonna say that my source -- my powers. That I just pulled a rabbit. Out of it at that next. The joke wasn't my joked with Texas jobless coffee might also made a few less funny that's equivalent that's funny like New York. That's funny right there get a break market brand and narrow belts we'll get to your phone calls Basra only of ESPN new you know when you're.

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