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Dave Altimari Hartford Courant on Aaron Hernandez

Jul 10, 2013|

Investigative journalist Dave Altimari joined the show to discuss the unsealed evidence in the Hernandez murder trial. He noted that there is a large drug component to the evidence.

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Log onto our current dot com and you will be able to read the fine work of investigative reporter Dave Al Samari he's an investigative reporter he's been there since 1998. He's that currently part of a two person team. These were thirteen years at New Haven register before that covering cops. And courts and he has all over the Aaron Hernandez trial date join us on the AT&T hotline good morning -- thanks for taking a couple of minutes this morning. -- up everything. You were able to glean from the 156. Pages and your time in court yesterday what seems to be the most significant to you David. From the stoppers we really just that a Republican or not commonly extra. Call home to me I thought it was interesting. Quite a timeline. In the case they actually created -- hole. Securities and don't it is the forum is construed that sure. War is sitting in the car. Literally and after receiving a phone call for Omar urged Walsh. All. Related. Between Matt and and use the video surveillance -- car pulling into. Into the gravel pit and so Reynolds -- -- Powell's children and I assure you all about war in the car. Alone. That significantly tighten policy Moreno. What happened here. Do -- papers from Miramar Florida that says Oden law that. I should take Carlos Ortiz. And said that. Earnest. While Wallace told him the next day that Erin pulled the trigger seem a little strange -- that he -- Was fortunate enough to be the only -- not to get out of the car at the industrial park. That it seems certain to be a communion and the most convenient storage for Carlos -- director -- -- -- in the car -- shot. It is interesting ought to look at the chart is normally -- to murder newspaper (%expletive) in terms or murder did not charge she's murder. And a lot of content producers. We're -- not. On insured in -- shock charges everybody who murder and sorted out we're on voters seem to be focused. Eric Hernandez was the shooter at this point arc based are the charges -- filed. But that's already certainly lenient certainly is. Pretty convenient -- -- Also let what you're saying that. But yeah the car and they're -- about throwing them predicament and I -- order does that to some extent what has been. The description of the court -- tall order to kill vehicles to turn it said the basically humorous. The first shots fired almost solid yet it was almost. All as a defense mechanism an open shot through the arm in the side which. Now it just regardless they're going to bathrooms and people aren't huge. In its source that it it is possible that side or -- that it has stories. All is convenient for him also forensically it is possible. -- the convenience to Ortiz aside what doesn't hold water for media's. He didn't ask them what the hell just happened when they got back in the car and in point of fact claims it wasn't until the next day the next afternoon when they woke up and return the Altima. That that Wallace then said by the way -- pulled the trigger it seems to me that that would be a congress issue would have all I don't know. On a car on a car ride back to the house. Yeah the real well -- clearly accuses the one person that has talked to please our own. A lot from the beginning or at least from -- morning he was picked up bears. You can and you went Hernandez were originally presented their awards the DA was talking to our conversation. That occurred in the car. Honestly no real people were hurt a home where and it was talking about loyalty and awarded him you know being disloyal. And clothing -- and north. To what the people group. That sort of moment and one of them at a time -- who don't Florida. -- Williams well. A home that it's pretty clear some Walcott builder takes on at the moment is in his -- -- protest in order to Portuguese which. Well I mean her relatives that are as close at all. And helping out -- -- awards show yesterday. There's all our little corner trying to -- and they're gone. Ought to the point where they're literally went search his locker right all the remnants of his locker at -- The little stadium on the -- not all gone. A home. And -- all but two keys -- so Lebanon's that -- You know you've been in our for here for awhile Dave and to mourn and this is if you start doing digging around about this these gang affiliations we've heard about have you done any digging -- heard anything about that -- Hernandez with gangs in the in Connecticut area. I'm not sure gainers on wall it it's not election people are home. Wallace. Wallace apparently his friend that was affirmed -- all those losses significantly Richardson knows significantly older you know I'll let you know the guys. Call home and apparently Wallace with a friend though flawed premise and and his parents are out there on you. But the family ties brand -- Google would literally political -- and urged callers reported -- kids. A home so all the similar athletically has been ordered as you know this legendary -- own. It is broker -- quarterback. -- home and you know I think. -- some of the guys you and -- are aware -- the result have had some drug. Don't drug history particularly Walsh. That you look at Ortiz. Home there's conviction -- will also -- -- change and I would basically homeless. Article six months ago that erupt in our secure remote to go to get arrested. For oil from the bridge into a woman's post -- which -- agriculture. On crucial and that's kind of guy you know. Council. It's it's warm springs that correlate a rumor that I'm not quite sure again and turn. I mean clearly he has start -- brands -- -- or Ochoa watched savory. And -- but I believe people at all. Certainly knew that they're going back to when he went from the university report. We're talking to Dave Baltimore investigator reporter for the Hartford current -- based on what Hernandez sister set about Ortiz and that is he dealt marijuana. Based on the scale they found in the safe based on the number of cars he has rented based on the flop house that we found out about as a result of Ortiz. Would you be shocked if there were not a significant drug component to the story when all's said and done they've. There's clearly some broader element here I mean. Well you just sheer number -- console owners are. Now. They're what happened doesn't yeah I'm out there -- lost -- -- and a homer he's not a car lawless was drives an -- from Bristol. You're out of suburban -- what you riders that was on the -- policy of -- like the -- Well it filed a bullet on the child roaring. You know you got to all of a car that -- to go out policy -- -- -- -- -- -- -- home. And the apartment also which clearly isn't all those things or let him through Portland and they obviously. -- Knew nothing about torture told them. The only sort rented apartment trying to. Com. We know Ortiz is singing. So far it appears that Ernest Walsh is not you suspected at some point Dave Curtis Wallace will flip and and why hasn't he already. What what's it for him to keep about a girl while. They get a look at the circumstances -- -- -- child. Alone and Bristol are Walsh is an older guy -- wallets closed on time before. Off on drug charges. On Ortiz -- arrest I don't minimal -- now. Minimal most of congress prison shortly not amount that what did you work here and certainly not after -- particular failure to. -- -- -- -- -- Greg is the relationship the -- but the dad the loyalty there can be factors Weller. Possible I mean he was friends -- -- and apparently he was trying to -- the losses to mostly be moral -- follow wisely street. Our street guarded during a Prisoner of War. -- knows what a lawyer order a little more than -- all saw I would suspect. Yeah it's usually Google harder to. Fort sort through them -- anarchy. Would it. They -- a question for me and I and I know you deal and in fact that this requires some speculation what does that say to you. When we examine the hubris and the arrogance of Aaron Hernandez who did so little. To cover his tracks who did so little planned this so it doesn't blow back on him and can point to -- walks into rumors and as seen on surveillance tape without. Gun in his -- -- what what was all that say to you about the sky what what he's what does make up is all about. All -- says you know America's. Where we. He was clearly kindergartens. No question about I mean he has -- oxygen approximately an industry semiautomatic rifle that he alone was. -- home. You know does not around the world. -- -- -- semi automatic right right on nonunion Ochoa got finished pretty certain what. Territory or another article it's pretty serious. Preserve what -- Google agreement would like a ball. Not so what you're paranoid. For security reasons or -- who clearly was entered on enormously terms. Although on charges which at all or when you're here murders that you kind of forget about the culture and values. Now. -- on charges are basically all along for the prosecution. Has always -- and -- wrote songs -- home. I wouldn't surprise me -- believe multiple mobile on wouldn't be surprised at some point you know customers -- well that is. -- -- -- On wall that there investigator to shut down the players and Florida weren't -- songs. Paul so we'll -- on charges are now. Hold on -- -- include apple is so whether it's security and apparently they have more or. Or whatever and clearly. This culture gone there around the -- also kind of waited -- the ball. Kind of -- ammunition out of the house -- there at all a little child born Putin not even six months ago we didn't cost. He's -- -- to -- the Hartford current investigative reporter I assume -- on this from beginning to end Dave. It's interchange everybody who does that that seems to brother for a girl -- little not borrow it seems to -- The bird -- store and I went the next big thing you'll be when he comes back court a couple of weeks. Assuming that -- -- forward probable cause -- couple. You can read their Baltimore on current dot com Dave thanks for the time we appreciate talk did on the road. Day of Baltimore -- -- Dennis and Callahan on the eighteenth got -- AT&T four GLT sesame. It is either stupid. Or is arrogant. And probably it's a little bit. -- hooked up -- to pass that up but -- just I. I -- Dave what this well Aaron Hernandez short -- and and his hubris in -- just complete lack of interest in in in. Covering his tracks says that either stupid or arrogantly -- probably a bit of -- here's what I don't know. It seems to me that is comfortable in this life. And even seems comfortable standing in public court. And he seems comfortable I guess based on what's your -- to this thing. In the present situation yet and -- a diving on the caller said before he's a criminal who happen to be good football player. That's it almost got away with inevitably one spot sociopath. 6177797937. AT&T text like 379837. John Crist we see it will talk to -- next.

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