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Sox get a must needed win in Seattle

Jul 10, 2013|

Dino and Kirk opened the show discussing a Sox come from behind win in Seattle. They then got into the Aaron Hernandez unsealed documents in the Odin Lloyd murder trial.

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Perhaps carcass is too personal questions so early in the morning for you would also agree no such thing what we're doing at 156. This morning well concert here on the other and the Skype you know exactly how much like there is second at a gather at the vigil I don't need to have invade my brain highways. Were you getting -- get some Jews that Jews should do so I never thought my freedom I was a deuce. Don't know that I got -- is noted usually got lucky and are lucky last night you know your smile I ever have like these I was able to do reduced for with -- beds and all that -- -- and I say it's the new. I was -- come night. Sometimes. I'm a regular at doing just ask you what you did you're doing 15. How worn out like -- -- you got out cold while you're well -- and into the Red Sox game. -- at the end of the Red Sox get 156. I took note. How much did you see just did you tune in at 1010 I did -- -- I figured out. You've taught me outward journey as a yes yes and when I do -- -- DVR the game. Gaga but they have power port from its earlier that usually would normally -- kind of I know it's not perfect but it's slow. -- you go to the entire nine innings on DVR and got to watch the highlights. It is a double speed you stop reach one and a better idea will be watched NASA in the morning may have the sports thing in the morning. For clocked right record that as the series. Get up in the morning and they tell you everything you need all this season legacies of past forever yeah yeah do that it's very easy -- prevent you from out of fashion forward. And that's the post game interview stuff all that Iowa since you didn't start at 1010 and -- -- 156 -- Avis didn't commenced well for the rent out last night. Well brutal. Rookie album Webster -- -- snot kicked out of couldn't even get out of the third inning having his line was some. Seven runs six hits to the -- right now. Oh he wishes were to happen. -- 957. That's 957. Socks found themselves down 51. Before two very important things begin to happen. And who thought the bull -- Bails out the Red Sox last night right five Red Sox relievers combined for six and two thirds of one run baseball game. That B policy sevenths. Breslow. He really pitched well Mary that's and urgent bureau Hezbollah and you'll Horrow right and then the positive things -- it's five Red Sox hitters as opposed by Red Sox relievers -- double runs a joy -- Napoli Ortiz by the way went four for five last night with just one RBIs with a home run of victory in oh. And and Jackie Bradley junior -- ER TY game for a Red Sox and an eleven to eight yes that's 55 wins. I don't part of this five how many other teams in Major League Baseball at 55 wins. Zero correct course Arnold at 54 on here for nipping at their heels well first ball to park where you fall down early. You don't often come back now beginning noticed not facing a pretty damn good that -- last night. That's a good comeback -- for the spot the ERA leader was so obvious now -- that day was heading and I think it's like it's almost three -- tunnel that he is but that's a good win. But to -- runs for me the most encouraging thing for the -- when you look at the big picture is for the second time on my side it's actually the adding plus actually watched. Specifically was Bailey yes I'll look good again if he can get him figured out sure some way yeah I mean that's a reliever you need. It could manage this baseball team and you're down 51 and those two things happened you get five. Relief pitchers pitching very very well one run ball while one run ball over six and two thirds or five guys hitting home runs which makes you -- moist. The relief pitchers more than hitters like that you know I figured I'm sure Ferrell says he's -- look at the release the question gets a much bigger issue out this -- -- really run -- that's not a huge issue and it Bailey aside Ferrell was most happy with the guys in the middle the Breslow and Bailey guys. In those four innings in middle game or or the keeps us. From the stabilizing force. You know we fell behind early and our offense bails us out throughout the course of the night. With a four innings and press and Brazil into the third inning work furthest he's gone this year but. Given where we were with the available pitching he did an outstanding job. I need to apply psychological. Aspect to this whole thing but psychologically what's that important that we in the game last night -- it's -- Seattle first of all not really now you -- so now when my. Three weeks for that matter that one last well they have not lost four in a row all season long. They lost three in a row and had done that twice I mean don't you see on the West Coast trip and and and and if they spiral a little bit out of control and get to the all star game and the goal on the wrong way to moral sideways. The psychologically sit on that. That you know we've lost what is a ten game road trip. You must not attend an all star break up above -- -- the chemistry and character -- hear about so much for the -- and come through that situation but I mean the early human use or lose in the Seattle you to start dropping game after game after game is the all star. Break approaches right in the -- the settlement that bad taste in a -- through the all star -- -- baskets like. Join our -- women when they got it I think you know the other things you need -- back you -- -- year at some -- get get get this rotation set you know Webster's. He may be great three years now right now he's not significant that and buckled pitches I think. Sunday in a rehab start that -- I think that's right. Maybe get him back after the break I guess but boy you need him back in the game going but. Yeah ago when the game that -- did not think you know when they were down 551151. Figured it was over I was born through this morning. Asking but he came back at this bought colt's injury which is now. Approaching six weeks right now if -- five weeks -- actually happened that was put on the DL. June -- apple -- I figure you made six of my mind for some reason I think it's about we're you know we're well among past that does this not rise to the occasion. It's -- -- -- is right here -- didn't ice skate missed the amount of time with a stiff neck or African is back via sync right now. Strange. Ranch -- now you know which would miss and he makes his next rehab start he comes back and he pitches wolf iMac worked the point now. -- freezer rehab start it doesn't go well who you start saying well you know. Back when it's gonna happen easily what does your health system we get the best you're gonna get out of Clay Buchholz already this year I think it appears that the Red Sox and got the best -- ago Jon Lester this year in the first 67 starts looks like it's certainly argue that Marty got the best they can get John Lackey this year. Easy to be as good. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- We got the rest of the way -- -- what else they could do get better every shirt and grabs from -- Dempster will be with Dempster is dubious alt delete it matter and we can get better. Because no I think when you look at that. It's funny you look at the bullpen Euro elastic like people hey. There were prepared and Herbert Dixon two thirds want -- I was aren't. I just go back to the starting pitching against the run to be finding the score runs -- -- last yeah he says -- movement. Demanding he buckled back some years there are averaging five plus runs a game out to crap so you need. You -- starting pitcher pitchers to to eat up some innings to steal the friends from the Tim Wakefield era -- eat some innings but only you need to be lights -- of the big picture on the big picture your eagle on ahead of the policies October. -- passport what you're doing a while ago October. -- this is the first that's true we've seen that that's true we have seen that that's true. 61777. -- 7937. That's the story with the threats -- strikes me as odd that all the stuff laid out in front of me see on this and attempted to work for Google in MW -- -- from nine -- point seven. All important all the -- and all the fascinating stuff. It is going on around here say Boston Red Sox playing. On the West Coast last night. Deals with stuff scores. In games and balls and bats fields and helmets and balls and all that you think about it. You Aaron Hernandez which is just absolutely dominating the timeline here. You got bulge and -- -- I love when those kids get along so much. And Wirth president of machinists at their Wednesday your favorite part election tedious -- but at this -- that. Intention had hurt to prop up. Bulger at Weekes who were but it's best -- this project. And you don't murder somebody somebody -- do what he says. Was on the stand Kevin Weekes who is a scary scary guy. It was here in 2006. Rate -- were talking to physically ST yes. Oh yeah. But the studio -- the studio studio down gorgeous palatial. I was at an apartment he's a scary guy. And he's right across from us and we push buttons that. And Nam what -- know don't to understand that's who decided that he Carrey and had series -- excuse me after the bathroom. Anyway I asked if yeah it was it was a little uncomfortable. The match. Matt -- and LaMarcus those guys -- it would -- -- and -- muted and come near yeah he looks at you it's it's it's just off. I don't know -- An athlete who can be a little -- -- -- wouldn't be. -- -- Which Lester and back to your Aaron and is there -- -- felt OK now now I don't I don't cross the line coach. Generally speaking when you when -- -- contentious interview break when shots he spoke to Ortiz had probably wasn't really comfortable but doesn't mind. Though he knows Shaughnessy knows when he drives home and get home yet. We wait for peaceful correct Ortiz auriemma Hernandez -- -- -- well yeah. But when Kevin Weekes is in your pushing Kevin -- in your your kind of -- some buttons and this is a guy who had no problem you know killed five people -- do what. Add talent and list that makes it an even half because that's almost a win house of the action like this in -- in federal court. Weeks five people dead five people are dead defense. Attorney Carney says does that bother you at all weeks as yet it bothers me Carty says how does that bother you. -- said because we killed people -- rats. And I had that -- biggest -- right next to me that's why it. And Bulger and eruptions as soccer. Loud in the courtroom and weeks doesn't packed -- dramatic got -- goes only okay. Bulger says backed -- you do that exists. I'll bet -- began -- member injured. I mean if you know on dozing off nodding off you're not properly and so the judge to judge -- percent hey mister Bulger -- attorney speak for you. Worst trouble for the contempt for same -- you for -- yes. He's got in trouble extra you can do that got in trouble for users who -- -- you know -- -- the Aaron Hernandez -- dominating the timeline you get the -- weeks thing popped up yesterday guess what he has. Joseph Dumars should stay lamm announced that incorrectly should status in court shows up I wanna get a look at this guy. I'd like to work on television today. Well to federal court so there won't be cameras in the courtroom right and I don't know if you know what pulled into the garage. Back staircase -- back elevator you'll see him shoot it all we get. Is a courtroom artist's sketch a -- -- I will be disappointed because it seem like limping and grimacing in pain holding aside with a bullets at him right and what other injuries you have but I struggle. I mean -- listening to the press they camp but discovered. Draw it justice for what happened yesterday between. We -- and -- It's -- have a hard time determine which ones -- which owns car a couple of a pulse for Leno will be a little bit there is is that what I mean. It's that you probably gonna -- that the company globe or something you know in the you have to face walking him well I will get out of the Bristol county people a lot of credit because they allowed us to see the perp walk in the or jumpsuit that they're Hernandez that's getting into the man giving out of the -- sliding into the -- -- holdings Elizabeth coming up yet. Get the seat Joseph -- does seem structure -- it. Absolutely yeah we'll see you go off to Europe and you Libyan air yet -- make a lot of space in their for a -- have to. You're talking on the victims and all kinds of X sixty -- yes particularly on the -- -- 26 are going to be right but I mean you have yet sure the first look at DO. Com. Strikes me as -- And this just occurred to me that this doesn't happen more often you see it occasionally maybe once or twice a year -- footage in a courtroom. Where a family member leaps over the right the political the divider tries to attack after the suspect -- what's happened more. It happen more now. If you're sitting in the courtroom right and god forbid someone you love gets murdered by some piece of garbage right -- -- sit there and -- between you know. This this little four foot wall between you and him Portugal after I would think so I was. Like that too especially if somebody really close do you think you know god forbid but. I'm sure that poll by the wars and Schroeder told by people on the court don't do it if you do it can only hurt your case could hurt the case against this for you in jail that you would you typically throw out QB. -- a retrial over again. A couple of patients do I -- always a relationship to have a lot of -- will power we see these guys who you know some some data mom and some guys up there cubic yes yes -- what's so what he cared until anyway -- guy anyways don't. -- movie -- was the movie where the guy knew they were bring in the go direct extradition through the airport. We stand in the fall to pay -- elect as he's got a gun -- in the -- in the airport up on the -- public part of the airport right in as the troopers bring them by jumps up until the government -- relentless. It was ET. Are testing which senate and with the Eminem's on the ground today -- -- -- text I don't know that. You know now now now my -- for TV movies and things but the -- pretend he was on the and had to be old right because he was that he paid -- and the art appraisals and you know existing and guys -- delegates -- attorneys talk on the phone the troopers. Two on either side that the -- recommend a guy jumps on him with us Emmys the painful. He -- -- hit I mean just generally talk some. I can't tell him. I don't know you can tell him to. I cannot tell it's Smart they'll -- -- though and the second thing off the ice situation. Right did he know somebody could get real I don't think it was a guy you explain that went past the greatest the house yeah you know. Easiest thing in the world surely I'm sure they told him before. You know Tyler to be the first almost all the policing homophobic we all the first question you're going to debts can be you know. What's different here is good to be in Dallas down and not just don't be -- -- easy question yet to 72 mile an hour fastball down the middle. Just answered so old gets asked and the answers. For starters obviously -- lot of young guys. My last team. I was only single guy some excited to these new face a new start I'm very excited -- -- -- experience. -- -- -- -- -- Knowing their respects the respect of my new teammates. The management indefinite fans. All of that was fine except the one line I don't get what was the requirement what was the need what compelled him to say I was the only single guy on the team was the already making. Excuses as to we're dealing with the party yes reputation Zach and he's making you know -- -- -- trying to what it'd jump that quick to take -- outline out of his bottom -- my new teammates and import fresh start -- -- to be glad to be here to say about -- -- it's -- hole loaded and -- is Twitter except I was the only single guy on the team. Enemies that's yet it was a matter he's single guy in the league -- -- the report a fifty year old guys -- other younger guys out there is -- The question I think he has a picture of Mary. That he's not now. That's was dragged him to marry. For him -- very. And -- fourteen if it I think he's the only single guy and it was joke. It is the only single guy it added it to the only single. Played against it please. For starters obviously knows lot of young guys. -- my last team I was only single guy -- I was only single guy that's not true now I mean I don't know yeah he did marriage status and everybody I'm pretty sure that your -- -- 777 on seven and 937. We got a lot of show for you today the great Harry -- and we call Harry the man Manuel join us some clocking over all this stuff the documents the Ortiz. The search. Warrant information that came out and talked about Joseph Carr what happens in federal court today. And data out tomorrow you might not know -- Baltimore he has it's an investigative reporter for the Hartford current to land some. Our information and credence to -- living is going on in the Aaron Hernandez case are Chris and Rick and Jeff we see you you were next with Dennis and Callahan. Awesome the whole what -- the thing -- the right and brought baseball thing. To -- we come back. But com. You get the sense that Major League baseball's waiting until their mid summer classic plays itself out of goes through all star break is over and then the hammer comes down on a -- heads it looks like Richard A-Rod broad area your calls actually dancing talent.

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