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All-time hits by a DH record tied by David Ortiz in Seattle

Jul 10, 2013|

David Ortiz tied Harold Baines for most hits by a DH all-time in MLB tonight in Seattle. His four hits and a stolen base helped the Red Sox beat the Mariners 11-8, and he spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien live from the dugout after the final call.

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Okay thanks David congratulations. -- most of the DH record in night -- it -- with or one night. A nice going Harold Baines anti. I just find out about that he's beaten. And have a hard time QB no we those records you know I just focus -- on on trying to do well to hold his ballclub to win games and now. What is good you know eyes that this is part of the game is part of our history what people like to see. Especially in today's day we have this things going and and that image is not good to continue getting better. David did -- Ted Williams said the same thing in his career when the record started to come he wasn't aware of them but. It once they started to come and all the way they are for you inspired him to do even more is that happening with the YouTube. Definitely definitely I I really work hard every day. I know one of the team forces and now. Like tests they try to get better and and then try to hold his ballclub out on really think about -- -- stove right now because some people come home. Get stuck in there and and then you kind of sort of cup you you production. In. Right now in the situation we are winning. We had a school woke -- and I'm gonna keep boom. Doing our thing. We Marla what a good hitter you are at -- there you work pitchers you work out to get great swings. And hit good pitchers. As well as the average pitcher. How would you improved over your career as a hitter just a pure hitter. -- Right now. In my career keep on going I analyze speech you more than what I used to before it was nothing -- it. I was a being going to be university in in in and have the ability to hit. I know that I don't. The same. Ability that I. Seven years ago you know same way. Right now like I kind of study whether we sort of trying to do against me and I in the -- -- way to -- that to change my mind just because they he would be from pitch. You know like that and I was I was -- that lifted him out of the bullpen. To face Bradley. Are nine hole hitter in Heathrow right it won't fast enough to that and I think what -- so. That kind of gave me an idea of all what I wanna do locate these guys in professional Bradley I would respect that. In my mind Amare and so on to housing in the happened to the united whether I did that was a lot of pitchers I see what they -- toward guys off from and and I I start making in my mind. I do you do it against a guy that you really don't have much of a book on like the guy he faced tonight you coma right out of the gate. Is slam home run next -- -- it's a double that's not a guy that you have much to go one right. Q right but. Let us say you know features. Most of the time they they what I be seen the past. I was -- for five years. -- They -- it to good -- chasing bad pitches from the beginning and missed the you know you do want. -- -- -- Oh I I like like I say the younger guys here but don't we shoot a you know away it's another thing too between the bad. Toward one to. Ole hole want a one all then then then tool. Or do you want you know you kind of how more freedom. To do whatever you want because you know you're not close to walk to face him strikeout situations so you wanna start -- Haywood -- Soul and then you have more choices than deuce and then came into our -- -- specifically if you don't -- that will -- -- you. Breaking -- you -- -- you glad that you can throw for a strike littered around you know say. Exactly well that's certainly one of the smartest hitters in the game David and that the club needed this win that night after a what three in a row as we said early with this team win. It seems like more than that because they've been playing so well but it was a very important win -- definitely -- I noticed. And we went to one kinda. The past couple of years when we come to the West Coast kind of stroke a little bit and and and and I am glad you because we had to catch up with the times on time. You waking up -- 6 in the morning and you don't know what to do -- you know by the game time become aware out. Plus you -- dual thing that we do to -- prefer for the game and in all the stuff come all the stuff catch -- which you but. You know we go to the states with a -- And then and then people more -- Internet to think about things you know and and that's that you were you guys so tonight. Both David no big night for you two doubles a home run the single and did you look like -- -- good groove is as ever congratulations on time their record tomorrow night he can break it. Thank you got a suitcase there are paid 16188. Hits as the DH tying her openings all time record of course he leaves just about every other category. Including home runs and RBIs so. The Red Sox now have. 83 and a half game lead over Tampa Bay Baltimore is five and a -- back the Yankees six out John.

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