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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/09/13

Jul 9, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon... for instance, what does 'being single' mean?

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-- Now -- -- -- -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or -- for. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and WGE and up. The two most storied franchises in the NBA are going through some tough times as of late the Celtics are in full rebuild mode. And the lakers are just stuck in mediocrity. Who'll win more games next. The lakers. The lakers to win more games probably. In the thirties -- thirties low forties still a Steve Nash Kobe coming back probably and December January. To. -- could. They got published all they got they got better players. Right now than the Celtics and they can still motivated to and they haven't gotten yet they should be where should they they should do what the Celtics are doing -- not there. The lakers are mediocre I assume they're going the line of Nick Van Exel said elf three -- Nick the quick -- -- three was my favor he is one of those like Khalid Al -- short fat guys that was actually decent basketball. Luckily it was really well right I mean enemy -- for a big but -- -- -- those little fat point guards. Like who was it did affect -- Douglas here Mateen cleaves -- Brinkley's job bag John Bagley is definitely. You know the pearl for a while. Pearl Washington was Milt miracle milk are not effective enough for -- I think it was -- -- of I think I just think given the same as I think a Bagley germ -- think of like. Six feet and under and 61 I don't sit out 31 -- short yet he was kind of what you like -- nobody was stocking. We'll stop global growth -- -- -- I don't know that I can answer this question until I know whether or not the Celtics make a deal to trade -- on -- Mean that's still the big question as to whether or not he's on the initiative if they keep them if they can supermarket to see them challenging the lakers to win more games I don't know what happened but I can at least it may be happening in Atlanta the all star -- costs are I -- answer. Aliens aren't I'll go first I'm totally he convinced me -- go like. Tyler Sagan has finally spoken and he said quote I'm excited to earn the respect of my teammates the management and definitely the fans. -- my last team I was the only single guys some excited to meet some new faces. What of that quote sticks out to do. Comes upon a we got to check amnesty -- DJ being on the line as a true Jack Edwards it is surely the only single guy on the team single meeting at least one had you know doesn't have a girlfriend or something -- -- -- biographer look at some guys just got Malaga. Well crew just got married -- last week I was heartbroken corporate. If you get a girlfriend you're saying well he's included girl -- clearly he's including got a fiancee you're single. I don't think that all you really believe they're girlfriend -- -- -- now believe that do you -- -- you know he's talking big I'm now seriously. And I'll tell me about what a big bad cheer you were all however I was out there. We'll hook it up with -- everybody that's certainly saying he said he think how to interpret that I'd say there's nobody out. What -- to come out -- -- single that was exactly -- and single in the united how do you look at single single he's somebody who if they go into a bar actually is what they pleased that the -- more formal -- and buried I think of single as being somebody who -- in Vegas -- out of the bar wherever and unfettered go hit on -- bring them back to his room and -- Without thinking that their chief. You're single if you can hook up with -- another girl and not be cheap. You're single you're not there are really I don't Putin's at all. Mr. hall and it will analyze this I thought the rules now are liberals -- But there if you are it's your singles you'll be informal single right. So totally out of the IRS it's up. There's two different -- two different -- would you want to post here under the carpet there's the urban dictionary and then there's Arabs a definition of what others -- I feel like our tax per argues editorialize everything we did was for tax -- single are you -- -- think it's practical -- nation in the world. Just a practical definition of being I think I have a girlfriend is something else when you are engaged until Williams. And talk to women. -- Did you -- single. But that's it anyway it's just you I don't know at a realize. You've heard only normal with these things take off you take every word so formally so that words matter it kind of -- is also imagine but there's also a practical definition of single. I don't think Tyler Sagan was thinking about the IRS when he made this quote I think I think -- I was saying these guys are married and I'm not. I thought well but some of them were married someone just had girlfriends and anyone go up alcohol for kicks with them at it and it's about me but anyway what about you -- the fact that that's what's important to. -- again. The number one thing imagine out you know I. Guys in my last team they weren't single they wanna come out of me so excited to meet some new people some of whom are single like he's like he's off to summer camp. Hey you know what my friends in my hometown -- kind of -- so I can't wait to get the summer camp to meet some of the cool canyons. Is that what it's about for him to mutually from the characters. I say she agrees with your body so I don't take all of your wife what what you take that definition to mean that or certain Obama great. It's just always thought if you're single right -- single arguing bachelor. Your bachelor means not married -- I don't think you're looking backwards or somebody who lives alone doesn't have a girlfriend is singles. Now you have a -- from -- you live your drop a single. You may not be married in the eyes of the law -- -- in Huntington in the girls as -- he singles third saying he's a battle that's right single means available. That's the definition hour. Are available and you're not available. Such -- I don't. The door for other guy doesn't ridiculous if you and so so anti if you have a girlfriend you have a girlfriend. And then you go to a wedding in Euro means the -- woman of your dreams you've been away you've never felt before and got you can't stop thinking about are gonna say. I can't talk tour. Because. I'm not single. No but -- talk -- single okay. Slippery -- options available on the -- and Andy. I'm with you Michael Stoller makes it -- we are practical purposes though. They'll that we don't get it matters and your wife Samantha don't know I can now see why is this question number three. Police and rural Brazil one man and thank you start over -- in rural Brazil have detained one man were seeking to others in the slaying of a soccer referee who was killed. Dismembered and decapitated by spectators after he stabbed a player to death -- match well. What else do they need to do to get to watch soccer while they need to stop playing soccer need to make it in. The sport put it on ice give them -- let -- skate around only five guys in the -- say thanks doctors -- great work. It's a great sport we John colleague and a already watch them. Not -- a little confused all the tournaments all the important tournament is there. -- tactic if cops are right now like a hundred up every week is different because it really means I -- it from -- brand -- top -- list of tournaments -- The most important and then the second most and then put them. Other than -- not victimized and haven't gotten podcast humans that out yet without it down on WE -- -- comes out and movie when that come out. Yesterday I was out as of yesterday are done and what the soccer section and -- -- I think there is a respect isn't under soccer being go to WEEI dot com and look for the -- soccer in the search under the advantages that page is. If you are you could be the first person to download the shift from. Well and Drew Rosenhaus is back at all his YouTube glory. Rosenhaus videotape wrestling a six foot shark. -- haven't seen the video it's pretty it's one up on our FaceBook page is it will be -- look at what potentially dangerous animal would you wrestle for fun. Well one -- shark I've been on the record very specifically as I don't I don't approve of anything that. Lives in the water I don't I'm scared of things that live in the water I don't like -- shuttle like sharks. I don't like being on their territory especially so I would consider is wrestling a shark on line. I would not wrestle shark in the water. Russell an animal for -- A potentially dangerous animal how dangerous is the -- want to Donnelly what Hillary. But things are gonna die in a hurry and I feel like I could take a shark -- for the dangerous animal does not -- -- you think it's dangerous homeland. Like I put you -- shark inner ring. But not in the water don't you think eventually beat the -- the pitch well what was eventually our I don't know how long or -- can live outside of I can't be that long a lot you know nobody to look at -- you know what do we know now is gonna come after you on the land you you pick a shark is just useless on the -- I think it's pretty useless religious women Jill went. How how Long Will it take a minute I guess it depends on figuring his domestic. It has teeth OK we ever see one of those videos but it just -- -- on the boat now sitting and it's around like mad wet but it's not attacking people which are deceive its own life at that point it's just looking for water. So I think if I could just avoid it in whatever ring we were in it for as much time as it takes for the -- to die. I think I'd be okay with her strokes Kuroda in the -- this has turned into like this this issue. -- Bono and -- and Jericho which one holly is an -- wears them. After all over the plan on going out of this when you sound like an -- -- None analysis of longer gonna -- are you promoting polygamy yeah of course that apps I want and I am promoting polygamy that's exactly you figured me out. I don't know cubs describe what I'm scroll it going keep in mind you just keep it he's refreshing break -- these to scrap out one. Baron Davis economist fat guy -- never heard but this is turned into Tim Hardaway fat points are turned into non English sisters into lately and later in his career about. This is turned into such a divisive issue that is. I call -- let's call up your wife -- and about a joke of a 100% right Holley quit acting like an old accountant if you try to hook up with chicks your single. If you're trying to hook up with pictures you're single means no girlfriend or married. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Only when you were -- your right -- -- -- jumper off a single missile are when you know. Why is about you guys that can't be especially once bothered you so much had you bothered by our -- too -- for the -- don't. I struck a chord here this group like really. Upsetting to you want to have it both ways it's what. What it carried. I think that. -- ever I am heartily and -- your argument it's. I'm I'll happily married guys have supported me what are you talking about. So if it's a feisty guy and I say -- behaves. What hang out you know you know to bring we can bring our lives like Annan I'm not I'm not married and -- threat -- -- I would think okay party's primary. And the guys and I'm single I think he would mean that he doesn't have somebody to come -- does not a relationship. That's that you would automatically I think I don't you go there initially I I guess I guess there are two definitions of the word but but I -- married -- single or in a relationship -- single I think both are acceptable and -- of course it's acceptable but the only radio is an acceptable. I did I think the only -- -- -- It's not acceptable and never said that okay that's the issue I think. What people for -- I'm like challenging their lives to -- Hollywood -- -- at the foundation of your of your relationship did not respect people who have been out front that I'm telling you that your life is not valid I'm not. Do you or do you -- -- people who are respect everybody what do they have a girl from Barbara not everybody what do they have to fiance. Great good for you respect beyond says hey if you get NASA on a regular basis good. Okay that's what I think our respect I think Tyler Sagan is whether he's married single fiance or whatever you wanna call it. I didn't seem to be a problem for him all right that is today's sport for sultan Ali. Here at WEI. You guys have -- thoughts on that you can throw that on to the -- -- -- the open Mike app as well what -- single really -- He can throw that onto the open might get a button down bottom right hand corner. Of the WEEI live that get about 102 sounds clear we use a little bit later in the show it's all brought you by AT&T official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins been taking your calls -- information out was released today search warrants were were words made public in the Aaron Hernandez case. Michael still yelling and Andy we're trying to do a show here. We go and only an MD I'm going to talk back -- -- -- activities I immediately -- clearly I think you're really matter about this very Huckabee thinks that you could be but you're not I hear what you're set in China isn't like five and still McNabb architect's carefully policy. He never gets itself does not have sat yes you know he is not. I don't think so what all have you known -- I've -- now for both formal OK I know and -- upset and I told ya I thought that I thought about him constantly during the during the holidays -- -- up and counts -- -- into -- bottom of them together. Anyway you -- now set. And sound upset. I don't buy that at all I think -- right on track I think like usually in the and I agree on is that. I'm putting myself and these -- I've distracted you I was trying to re engage with the Aaron Hernandez stuff. Are you enter the new yes -- -- are you are you willing to get away from the single vs our -- well you. You just go ahead and pictures are or were done I was done you go ahead. Okay. This is -- go to a destructive David Boston OK we'll do that I did. -- -- -- -- -- Talk about you know everybody's talking about -- that early people commit murders political outlook you know. -- you. When you don't have -- I'll cast him most of us have a past art collector are so most people commit murder have no have no criminal history. And have no criminal history it's not like you can look at somebody's background saying hey this guy you know he robbed a store. Do you have do you have evidence on this -- yes that's on the us. Well I guess I don't netstat not to get corporate and that I have me. -- daughter -- younger or breaking and entering and you never really ties he would do that and I haven't doesn't think -- I would really don't think I didn't get off. -- -- initially are fighting suck I wanted to say something about that are loyal person at a. -- -- you and I got let auto industries that you got arrested for breaking and entering. No way but you -- on the -- You've got arrested for breaking and entering you know like you did anything wrong. I don't think anybody outside Iran deeply out what happened lineup getting a conclusion that I mean because I couldn't keep. According my lawyer. OK but what you've got to do with Aaron Hernandez and murder. Well what I do what do you say there -- -- red flag and has passed well may be secretive -- -- promote red flag but obviously you didn't. Or I shouldn't say obviously nothing traumatic in yet but. I just think that can't look at the red -- and -- got out just because he dumped on them for. Well I think I think but I think you do I think that's what happens whether it's right or not it's probably happening. To a lot of people around the country -- you have done something and it's not not necessarily fair but that's reality you've done something if you have a record. And it says on on an application have you ever been convicted of felony. And you put down yet and somebody else to competing for a job -- has not been convicted of the felony. Chances are most of the time that person will have an advantage as to. That's -- -- and convicted of a felony. Excuse me. Astro got upset in the real world's on the NFL world. If there is speculation. That that Eric Hernandez may be hanging around with the wrong people that he has been suspended from University of Florida for doing some things. That that his team that as head coach -- wanted to do and there's just a lot of negativity swirling around him or some negative vibes. Yet a -- we'll look at that and they will judge him on that and that's what happened to mean that that's what happened that's why was dropped in the fourth round -- Right and they're going in the first. Second and it came -- he played. A couple of years ago -- bought it and having a real -- out. But we didn't know about he did epic well no maybe they do matter maybe not they're saying that it known about right he had hiccups. He absolutely did so the do you look at him and that's the whole point of the risk factor. I think this is what happens. A lot of teams. Most it will call player character written. And it won't get into details. With the public but what they mean by. So a lot of people simplify and say I mean the guy did a little something small low -- Lemerre a lot of big deal. He won't do that but the patriots. Available on. What we're finding out is that he was war or risk he was a risk and it was beyond Merrill and and and that's something that the patriots continue to monitor until he got here and obviously. They lost there. It lost the handle it they're they're not that laughter diligently they weren't as diligently with him here as they work. Org and then the next question becomes should they have been more diligent should they have no more did they wanna know more or did they purposefully ignore. Some of what was out there I've said yes I think that they could have no more or maybe even did it or maybe they were willfully ignorant on the thing but I am a little disturbed at the company in which I'm keeping in this Michael you -- -- have. Have a banner back and forth. Some of the people that are that are agreeing with me disturb me one of them is on the phone Mabel got to have an ex alcoholic WE yeah.

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