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New details emerge in Aaron Hernandez case, case against Hernandez appears to grow stronger

Jul 9, 2013|

We discuss the details of the 158 page release of the arrest warrants today, and some of the disturbing details that seem to further implicate Aaron Hernandez in the murder of Odin Lloyd. We discuss.

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Here's the pitch. And he -- it. You want to run. Man that. This. He's last they're. Not exactly the greatest -- for Jon Lester last night Red Sox could use one. Didn't get talked -- here on WEEI WEEI dot com as well as we wait patiently like everybody does for the -- heard a 156. Pages. Of evidence that is now logged in order to be released to the public released to a group of newspapers. In the Aaron Hernandez trial that'll happen just in the next couple minutes product -- -- -- well hold on a lot is how quickly can I read I think people have to leave. Getting in North Attleboro at the courthouse physically and personally it's being released out over the Internet for everybody I think is being released to the Mary's groups a couple of newspapers and actually appealed for an answer and who not only there and who given that. Maybe it war who knows -- just -- -- I don't set thriller about a third franchise says you know what we'll go with the globe. The patriot ledger in the -- he everybody else for -- nine. Europeans are. An opposite and take a little suspect that like how quickly can you read how quickly can you process that information good that's are you looking forward to it. 150. -- expert does not. All depend on it depends on those pages look if we talk about patriot -- and but are we talking about like you know how longest -- can caucus Harry Potter set under -- Go to Harry Potter books and -- time. It's only -- 150. Stark clear your throat and edited pages and Harry Potter OK I think this may be a little more about this may be a little more -- -- -- Harry Potter book -- -- heavier reading I'm in I don't know I've never read a 156 pages of of court rulings. I'm sure we've got a million lawyers listening to the show right now and our audience of sixth I'm sure few of those people and lawyers and would be happy to write NTELOS. Just how complicated how long it should take to -- 156 pages to read that upside down audience of nine dollars pocket it's much that got at all -- don't you like don't you just speed read like you don't read anything on either margin you just read like the three inches in the middle -- I don't know it's kind of go through that -- to hold. Stop there and you go and skip a couple of pages. If anything jumps attitude I would need to throw a -- -- on my Kindle it's the only way can read anything anymore like did deliver this directly to my Kindle and I can actually read it if you're gonna hand me an actual physical piece of paper forget and I guess I have no ability to read that what it thinks it. I mean is there anything do you. We've we've there were just gonna talk -- on speculation and I know speculation we're gonna speculate about what's with the Americans. It. It reported that we're back to what we're minutes away from seeing it Venus but you get -- do you do you expect you expect. In another jaw dropper who got them -- -- things. At the clincher was Aaron Hernandez being led away. And on on charges of weapons. Illegal weapons and murder one -- -- what is their job like it will there be a -- out there another jaw dropper and it's been almost a week since he's been linked to another murder. So it's been I mean that it were do you. We're due to find out that Hernandez has been investigated for another murder and as a mother another link to murders so. Is that possible that Huckabee in here because in a week. If it's entirely possible. It's. And I don't need to let it entirely possible. Based on the things that we've heard about. Aaron Hernandez. Says this whole thing happened -- the middle the middle last month has been an entire month. It's like it's -- but it hasn't. It's a US court that was sort of a big. I don't think you'll be linked to a number how about that I think that everything that comes out today will be entirely focused on the old Lloyd case. I think what we will find out today. Is something that explains why of the three guys that have been arrested he's the one that was charged with murder while the other guys were charged with lesser crimes -- obstruction or accessory etc. I think we will find out today why it is they charged him with murder whether it's because they think he physically pulled the trigger or because he ordered it done or he was the mastermind behind it. I think today we will find out why the prosecution. Is charging him with murder. And the other two peoples. The last. I think that's fair -- -- some of the details on the field for reasons. And maybe that's it maybe estimate some information and details. That they were at war raid here with the public at the time but they have to by law release that information -- and that's as we get a believe me we get it war or have some information about what's in it. Well here here's a few text messages 37937. Guys I'm sorry one ninth of your list ownership is in medical records -- -- can't help you this -- -- medical records -- can help us we were counting on one of the other eight listeners -- to be able to help us we have this -- guys I'm working it'll offer as an intern in the for the summer some of our younger listeners -- -- Working at a law firm for the summer camp about. How about -- how about today he said while. Want to come -- -- is under and they help help my bad there. Has got to be it majority helps them get through it he says a 150 pages is nothing. Most will be pictures. Pictures are you expecting this -- look at picture book like Olivia -- of -- Obama and Mike are just talking about a our dog three Olivia Olivia Olivia the pig that ordeal with your picture book it is at the little pop up -- people on scratch and sniff. These threats -- yeah I think he did. See Yuen Yuen. Am in the center via with drug problem get roughly about eighty pages appease yeah. It here through 250 pages is nothing says most will be pictures empty space or meaningless but indeed it. To go along with the goods. Responded and it seems fairly meaningful now. Especially since there's this with. They were looking from the tax. Between old Lloyd and his sister from the text between. -- Hernandez and his friends from Connecticut. Could those be meaningless but that could take a lot of space between their text messages -- made only one or two words per line and so could go down for awhile maybe just quickly reading your text conversation back -- take a five or ten page about -- -- you're you're an end to earn everything has been out. -- what you don't know about it's all kind of it -- you to do is use Hernandez and mastermind in the same sentence -- few people. Picked up on now one in not the -- mastermind nothing close I guess that's what the prosecution's. Work history. He orchestrated. Known him. Credit four for one did anything that he allegedly. Almost. Guys and Attleboro right now there's a ton of cameras waiting for Ortiz to come out to maybe. Will be some more information there's -- will keep you -- keep you apprised as this comes out and as we get the details of what is in this 156 pages of documents on Aaron Hernandez but if you ask me to speculate and nothing more than that. I will guess we will find out today why it is the prosecution in the investigation. Led them to believe that Hernandez is either the triggerman where the person who organized all this we will find out why he was charged with -- murder. Where the other suspects are charged with a lesser crime and that so. I will guess that's that we find out today also come up here in about twenty minutes. Did you hear any of the audio that that would Mark Luke played earlier today. You hear any of the audio and Aaron Hernandez and speaking at his them speaking after the. Birth of his daughter. -- when -- -- it to me earlier thought it was a setup for something yeah actually I I did hear it at that time. There's went when he said it this -- late inning gone back when our daughter is actually -- -- it was in November is from November yeah I remember about talking about a man. But if you don't remember it -- -- little to it again. -- playoff -- 230 about 1520 minutes from now it is it's haunting. And it really it's it's as much as as you listen to the audio from when he signed his contract. This is conceivably worsen it speaks of the whole idea of craft of Larry was due to weather any of us -- all of us. Were duped by this Hernandez character at least the depth of his ability. To just flat out lied to the world. About the kind of lifestyle that he was living -- play that for you coming up here at 230 -- too quickly doesn't we have some. Time upload but before we get -- -- when I mentioned that we will we talk about these these legal document and we're not gonna interpret this all are all on our own because we're just not qualified to get into the nitty gritty. Of the stuff that's gonna become an update but Rosen a -- -- she's a lot of thought professor at Suffolk University. She will join us later and -- she -- defense -- like -- like our previous -- up -- and he put -- out there -- not and I think she is -- -- and -- for I don't Dershowitz is like picking defends -- so she has a ton of experience -- -- minutes -- in 1996. And you may not like which he has to say our data from a defense -- point of -- but at least it's somebody who can who can look at the information -- do you view a take on it. Up from a legal perspective -- -- that's coming up at 330 to thirty will play of the sound of Aaron Hernandez from from from November when his daughter was born. Last night I mean I stayed up I didn't watch all the game because eventually became obvious the Red Sox were not gonna win that one was not going to be their night -- -- one in three in the -- Going into week ten game road trip like this year the all star break playing good baseball the way they have couple games up in the AL east. What's -- what's a satisfactory road trip for you. Six and 46 and -- the IQ of higher expectations in the from a lot of 56 and four F five and five I thought did an adequate and even if they went four and six. I say all right tough road trip you survived -- the one thing you can't do is going to an eight have a disastrous road trip to really get beat by a -- grip on first -- yeah I mean really hurt yourself heading into the all star break and join Seattle and I think that's part of -- you look at that that bad team didn't. And you expect a record somewhere in there now and four games against the tell -- what you expect going in before this result last night you you place you know you say three out of four. We should be -- trio of forward now. -- -- to win three straight in Seattle right which. Which which may not it's is unlike means hard to beat anybody three straight times but the Red Sox always struggled. Going out to places like Seattle at this time of the year it is seen them on of this -- -- of the evidence in front of me but more just my memories of of following the Red Sox my whole life and then following the Mariners for the last four years Red Sox always can make there West Coast trip sometime around July -- early July. And and usually would struggle in Seattle they have a good team or bad team following the Red Sox -- -- found -- the mariners last four years probably don't like. The rest of your life it really did feel a long time I'll decide how do you deal I deal with on those free net that was before Felix had that. Phoenix and nothing against her I mean there's nothing else. It's Hernandez and then on those days he's not pitching. Draw. Ordered you go to the ballpark for a reason to go to football Narnia and it isn't just not -- the owners never BN. Literally for I don't want people to -- for all the time people spend criticizing John -- he's worried about what's going on in in Liverpool or Bob crap. The owner of the manners has never been to Safeco Field has never stepped foot in there for game. Never Smart guy -- You expect -- to go -- and they Barack Obama they want on -- and some fourteen game highlights good baseball if they don't like I'm not going to be. He owned it when -- -- -- -- best friend was -- -- never went to a game throats are about the content behind you don't -- see this. I was thinking about and it's really savage is some of the some of the comparing -- that was interesting from -- first time since I've been back and watching watching those two teams play against each other. It was interesting kinda thinking back along the mindset of mariners fans vs the mindset of Red Sox fans and don't mariners fans are to hold these guys are gonna be really good when they get to the pros Justin Smoak Jesus Montero -- the -- we all these guys supposed to be world beaters. They get up to the pros they hit like 200. Red Sox fans of what the exact opposite experience obviously -- -- -- Greg -- -- My car can't I mean he's OK he's cut by Seattle how good could it possibly be those guys come here at 412 or three -- is wrong without even thinking twice and it really they deserve more you know like are better people out there are no joke believe their team is they believe their team's curse. They believe if you take a good player he put him in Seattle he will be bad. Until he leaves and many will be good again and they really believe in junior Griffey Randy Johnson Alex are -- and I'm not -- now okay now now since since. Since maybe 2000 to force Felix Hernandez yeah yeah other than him kind of great Felix is some sort of a a special case -- you can kind of see -- That's what. Mixes in nearly honestly -- is the -- reporter radical. He says he tweets out details from the Hernandez search warrants 150 plus pages are trickling in. Police took two cellphones the three ipads. A video camera and hard drive from the house so he has done it it is. Almost 220. We have this week from Wesley -- I expect -- flurry of tweets. Flurry of. And -- he's a good I don't -- on Twitter here quote when officers told Hernandez they were conducting a death investigation. Hernandez slam the door and locked it behind them. Please make this thing go away or risk getting a murder while shutting the door going to and they can't get me now while. Unlocking and actually so don't even try. Slam the door and lock it via its own good maybe just panicked. David's Hispanic oh how they find this out and knows just. On the street to. Put their head there possibly -- they needed as an Alice you know might. My my rental car and all that's up about their farming so we'll see we'll see what what comes from this but. Information centric on -- Chipped out we will and we just come back to last night because the the story on it was not whether the Mariners are good or bad the stories Jon Lester who was not good once again. Gives up a home run to rule Banja as everybody's been doing that this year you Siobhan is gonna break Ted williams' record. You see that's. From you know the record is -- make him want. A blindness in and Ted Williams he's gonna break Ted williams' record I did not use steroids. He's going to break it Williams a record of most home runs hit by a 41 Euro. He's at the all star break he's like seven home runs behind Ted Williams. How dare you put. Hold on I'm not daring and I think of -- stadium in the same sentence would be that it would breaks the record how can you not put -- Santos I guess he's gonna break the all time Ted williams' record. For most home runs hit by a 41 year old Jon Lester will love contributed to it made a bad pitch to him bad pitch to smoke with drove in some runs didn't make it too far to deep into the game. And I've not been raised a very good question this mornings are talking about him saying here's why I'm concerned about about Jon Lester. The guy we're seeing right now in the second act of the season looks a whole lot more like what we've seen for the last few years. -- what we saw earlier in his career you know last year I thought was the -- for Jon Lester he was pretty much a full run. Above his career ERA. He was just off. And then before that before last year -- Jon Lester and you said if you're disappointed in them you were only disappointed because. He had become the shut down guy that he was projected to be but if you look at his numbers and numbers. We're very competitive we with twos and threes throughout the league and some warns you that matter. But that the way that he has looked in the last a long time. It's been about eight or nine star yet. The -- looked. He's not hurt they keep saying he's not hurt and John Farrell told us last week. That he's still got the velocity in the -- and there are no issues there are no medical issues -- with Jon Lester. You would think if it's just a mechanical thing it would last this long it doesn't happen to topic pitchers so it is a cause for concern. Well he didn't sound too concerned last night when asked about the a mistake you made to just -- -- in your -- balls has come. A little bit. I don't think it was terrible pitch. It's a ground ball. You know -- when you're going well those balls particles you know. Right now there there Fineman pornographic -- so. -- keep you know keep them in the way and it. Keep trying to execute pitches. That's Lester saying essentially heading. Not going -- right now when you're not going while the balls just find a way he says they're -- grass on behalf of the governor of this isn't going to and other investigators are. What do compression so his view wanted to -- really in pitched that badly we have John Ferrell on the show we do every Wednesday but. It was the -- Hernandez was actually arraigned. So we didn't get to run all the interview that we did with John -- I think we -- this portion but if you missed it. -- sees things very differently than not than Lester does. Well one thing nor seen as that city two out situations have given him some troubles. You look at the number a number of runs allowed in those situations and and really a year -- you started into an inning that is 20/20 five pitches in length. And it's not physical -- stuff is still consistent with the way he was pitching in April and may. And yet there's some missed located pitches deeper and of that inning. That have allowed some of those crooked numbers to take place and it is whether it's elevated fastball that's a breaking ball it doesn't get to the right spot so. Do the sit down conversations in the exercise that we go through John. So when you get into those situations where the inning is unraveling. There -- needs to be the ability to step back regroup. Understand where you are an and that might be pitching around a guy to manage a lineup in certain way or that is to make sure that we're not rushing into a situation. Well we saw some of that last night it was an all with two outs but you did see the same problem in the long inning they had where he ends up walking the 89 guys won with men with a base open and -- the second walk. Actually ends up driving in Iran he he did unravel in that exact situation. The -- was talking about well I think when when Farrell said managing in the lineup and pitching around guys. I don't -- talking about pitching around the 89 hit right exactly pitching around you know 34 guys that your income from whatever 56 but -- You're at the bottom of the lineup distributed maybe to be totally gonna pitcher on Anderson or Allison that lineup okay fine indeed he got a -- around ruled on his -- pitching release it right now. Fine you tell -- got a you got to pitch from Michael Saunders. You get a pitcher Brad Miller mean most of them don't even know who those guys are saying opponent to pitch around anybody in that. -- -- it's it's it's a team are a bottle by his 22 home runs this year you -- picture on a bond he has two fine I think again. But if it's a bad team and you -- in a pitcher's park. So that those things work here but didn't work last night for Jon Lester certainly a cause for concern we'll take you. Call 61777979837. Again we will have more information. As the evidence continues to trickle out in the Aaron Hernandez investigation. A lot of evidence 156 pages of it released today. And some sound that you may not -- it's disturbing to listen to now Aaron Hernandez. The day after his daughter was born. Made some comments that really ring hollow now playing for the next alcoholic W -- as the other as the links to all the other. Murder investigations have cropped up lesson lasts. I think we were pointed in the direction of of something drug affiliated because the other ones seem to be more crimes of anger like all you see why you were talking to people at a club I didn't like what you said to this person he was insulting my necklace it was a drive by after another fight at a club they -- seem to be fights that that sort of escalated from there as opposed to being more premeditated drugs sounding types of murders. Yeah so. We'll -- him to a -- fight on all this information and you guys are are eager -- some of York with the people. -- claim to have Aaron Hernandez strategic -- why you guys talking about this and move on as a canal selectors. As a murder investigation with the de corps and former core member of the New England Patriots I would talk about. -- disagree with this text message Steve Cooper is now set one up exactly one time in his life I don't think so. I like you said that very naturally kind of rolled right off -- the strong I don't I don't think he sounded unnatural saying one up. -- the last may be maybe I -- more natural and Steve Cooper did but I thought he sounded pretty natural saying it. The only related to drugs that we've had has been this whole idea of of the house that Franklin had a Condo. That he had and Franklin now I've heard it called -- they flop house. Ending a trap house. I did do some investigating on that Michael to figure out the difference between a flop house and a trap house. -- and in the differences what do you think the differences. Are you tell me I thought maybe you have a -- Arnaud tell me argued that the invest I think the investigation in that I went to urban dictionary -- look at our. A flop house is more a place where a bunch of drug dealers would -- a bunch of drug users would crash. He trap house is somewhere that you would keep to two year drugs. Like an extra play so this is more of a trap house and flop house and -- so flop houses. So like are soft flop houses were a bunch of of real drug he's a drug addict that would would have to live because they don't really have anywhere else lives they would stay in the flop doesn't -- -- drugs together yet. He -- trap house is more like something someone like Aaron Hernandez would own. Where he -- a bunch of his buddies could -- -- do drop out -- like some abandon. Right and abandoned -- -- -- -- plays people. It's got the is boarded up a little bit you get in there and you do what you need to do and trap house of the -- -- -- much more of a trap so did get me to thinking we talked about the sold it last night. If you were to have 88 trap possible would you have -- but what kind of things would be. Maybe not drug paraphernalia but what would you keeping yours we can make that today Ferrara. Are open Mike -- it's on the WEEI lie about there -- open Mike button on the bottom right corner brought you by AT&T. What got the end of things that you keep if you get a separate how little extra comedy of things you would keep them there. That's it's their personal -- looks like gonna make for very content second rant but of other people of things that are maybe less personal or their happy. To keep these things anonymous he can hit -- -- -- on the open Mike. Button on the WEEI live apple get those little bit later in the show. Aaron Hernandez on November 6. Spoke about his new baby daughter. We got some of the sound of that Joey founded earlier today about -- producer and -- I gotta say -- it gets worse and worse as you continue to listen we talked yesterday about Bob Kraft being duped here was the beginning of of Aaron Hernandez discussing being -- Own the it's news definitely greater experience and beautiful little girl and I'm excited. -- -- Maybe not that surprising everybody would say something like -- Definitely a life changes. Says that it's amok on the stated -- dosages and she's she's accusing and can't wait to go back conducive to get myself. To life changer. She's a cutie he can't wait to go home look at himself. -- that. If your -- -- saying that about your -- thank god my daughter looks like my life. Oh yeah this crazy. Best birthday gift you have a daughter or your birthday. In this -- daddy's little girl but. Yes -- and I can ask about let -- be better at this point. And -- let them for the pretty good news rooms. Thank god for the it's a lesson in still feel blessed. And they still at this point he sounds like almost every other new father and every time -- an -- interviewed about the fact that they became a father for the first time did you hear a lot of very similar sentiments to -- Hernandez said there but it's this last quote that I think just -- so -- in light of everything else we've come to -- since then. More from Aaron Hernandez after the birth of his daughter November 6. Our own nobody. When they on those definitely changed my life around on them to look at things differently. And on May be the young awhile -- I'm not I am days now and am I have a baby so. Is just gonna make me think they collect blood differently. Doing things the right way is -- another one's looking up to me Eric Cantor is the young though young erect -- there -- no more so. So -- just I'm excited to do the right days to come and go father be raised -- goes through. Are -- -- here a couple of things there one obviously. Has become a good father you know what's going on with Aaron Hernandez now. And you think about his daughter wrote that that's the sad part of it in the but he also said. Be razor -- like I was raised. So there -- enough to questions about Aaron Hernandez's background. Where where'd he come from -- what what those mean streets like that he that he grew up on. And he may have he may have grown up and in the in a tough neighborhood or known some top people -- -- close to. Some people who didn't have good intentions in my it's -- you guys tell but the guy said himself. He thinks. He was -- Go. I know we've had a lot of conversations about this you know why do people do bad things as -- dear friends is that their parents that it. Is it boredom if there are they genetically pre disposed to do these things Eric Hernandez said I was -- -- -- Just using his words he can't he can't say well again he was he with -- -- in the -- these kinds of things because. Look got look at how it was -- -- On any problem with the bullies he didn't say isolated senate -- It bodily GO WCVB channel five. They are tweeting out this information as they get it from these 156 pages. They have lots of information here -- lots of information here. Tire tracks found near -- -- body. The cellphone on Lloyd's body was in his right front sweatshirt pocket -- 64 dollars and five cents in cash on them. Joseph judge a name I'm not familiar with the -- for the knowing the patriots lives next order Hernandez. Was questioned by police officers who could not find them and they start looking form. Oh when police officers found Hernandez told them he would read -- the car from the way he told police he laughed and went on Sunday the day before the murder in Boston. Hernandez then became argumentative with police and asked what with all the questions. I think that's when he got Q when he's. That's when he got to slamming the door he knows the depth investigation. He then said he need to speak with the attorney. When used to out of the depth investigation went in the house and slam the door. He did not -- police whose death was being investigated. Later he and his fiancee. Janet Jenkins. Went in North Attleboro police station. Jenkins cried when told about the death of vote. These last two just coming on the last couple minutes interest in Hernandez had rented a Nissan Altima when it was returned to enterprise he apologize for damage to the driver side exterior mirror. We know -- looking for the he -- claimed not to know how the damage took place Massachusetts state police claim the tire tracks near Lloyd's body that you just mentioned Michael. Were consistent with that Nissan all the. While being questioned by police. Aaron Hernandez -- -- on her cellphone and told her to stop speaking with. -- But that. Yeah I mean certainly again doesn't look good but this is all of this all the type of stuff I think that we already kind of expected. I'm still curious as to whether or not there's gonna be something you hear that specifically explains. Why Hernandez is the one charged with the murder and the other two people that have been picked up had been charged with a lesser crime. Take a quick break be right back give you all the information as it comes in. On the 156 pages of documents all released in the Aaron Hernandez case it is sultan Ali and Camellia everybody continuing to go through the 156 pages of unsealed search warrants in the Aaron Hernandez case -- Molly. Here -- WEEI WEEI dot com are we talking to Rosanna -- RO. Who is a former defense attorney has worked for Alan Dershowitz. Are the most famous name on that list of defense attorneys. And nine now is he currently professor at Suffolk law schools you'll join us and 45 minutes. At 330 get her take on what is really going on your WCVB channel five. Has been a great job of of life tweeting everything as they -- in taking the information -- know. Big surprises so far no I'm not -- nothing nothing shocking now there is why in. Where he. Hernandez's right at the Nissan Altima when it was when it was return enterprise he apologized for damage to the driver's side exterior mirror. But he claimed not to know how of the damage took place. An attempt to me so far that's the one -- and then the one right after that Massachusetts state police claim the tire tracks near Lloyd's body yet were consistent with the Nissan Altima. Tonight your putting the cart that he rented that no longer has a mirror at the scene of the -- -- -- we -- on the something not this is interest in -- according to court documents here. Hernandez's fiancee share on a Jenkins described Lloyd as a marijuana deal news to police. She described him as a marijuana deal. So okay. Now you know what we know we don't know anything about old -- we don't know enough when there have been some stories with some tributes. It always semi pro football player and there was some really kind words said about him. At at at services that he had. In matter of him. But knowing. What we nobody Aaron Hernandez in his history and why he wrote a letter to the patriots or his agent wrote a letter to the patriots. Asking them to consider him as a draft pick there was a big issue with Aaron Hernandez. Marijuana clearly. It's something that. If he wasn't still doing it it was something he really couldn't distance himself for a is that a fair thing is that I think so yes so. What we'll see -- as we continue to get through this information that's very. That that's the first. As the first really negative description means all out negative description. We've heard of -- -- now before. In a Boston Globe story steady at a record but these things word these things were dismissed there was a breaking and entering charge. There was a fight. There was one chart from 2008 I believe there was another one from a couple of years ago. Those. It wasn't me he he wasn't described as a a career criminal or or somebody who was doing something negative now. The guy didn't have a car you drive he would he would ride his bike twelve miles to work. -- always had a smile on its face good to people cared about a Stanley cared about his friends. But according to these documents. Hernandez's fiance described in this Maryland. More from channel five on Aaron Hernandez -- cellphone listening for a listing for fish to who investigators say is -- Wallace arrested later as an accessory after the fact of murder so. Just going through I still would like to see if there's some evidence here or some. Something that says why Hernandez is the one who's been charged with murder while the other -- the charge of lesser crimes are listener who is an intern at the law firm believes he texted and again 37837. Hour. He's our he's our expert commentary what is going interns -- -- does come on over here gruesome work. You're not working -- real intern -- -- I've -- him over here I don't know how good an -- you are you're sitting around listening to our show while you're supposed to be working and trying to figure out what's going on in the Aaron Hernandez -- but. He says the most likely scenario there and I think we all believe this -- well as that one or both of the other two guys rolled over and gave up Fernandez as the shooter which is why he's the one. Who -- in charge of murder and neither of them have the only problem with that is that Hernandez was the one who was re arrested first right. They arrest -- Hernandez first. Then they got. Ortiz and and -- Wallace so I I. Maybe that's the case but it sure sounds as if he was the one who was arrested first to maybe they do that for appearances sake I don't know. But it is. It did did the chronology of it doesn't really make sense for them to. Rolled over on Hernandez -- they had the apartment did you think about it if a list or somebody else in the car that we're not we're not aware. I -- it wasn't Hernandez giving himself up. Wasn't given them that that information dialogue. On -- -- investigators came to his door he shot they said it was -- -- the door locked didn't try to pretend he was invisible. So all -- Lloyd deceased. You had one of those guys one of those guys had to give up information otherwise out of half. Are they able to describe. What's going on inside the car has the drive from Dorchester in North Attleboro unless somebody. Was inside the argument -- -- front. -- oranges as well but they had only to have said they had text message and a threat and a lot of it was a text messages but they have. There were there were some things and at the arraignment. That they could have known unless somebody told. But it's interesting that even -- so let's say one of the two guys of one of the other two Ortiz -- walls gave -- in an interview done with the cops they let him go. Those two guys took off to Connecticut in come into Florida and then they had to go arrest them later. How about this now this that is gifted actor argument yesterday. What with the common arguments with a discussion -- he was an argument can we talk about yesterday you said. There were some things that the patriots. Should have known it could have known. Are well how about this. A witness says. This Hernandez had quote what appeared to be a handgun at rumor nightclub. Art show. If you have. If the government is going out if he's going out armed -- He had all these guns. In book war there was a murder beholden to what he's going to a nightclub. With guns are our guest. And that's that leads to another coverage of a larger conversations. Are may have gotten larger can be large and it is that leads to a text sub topics. There are a lot of professional athletes who carry guns not murderers. But the -- area right some of them carry guns legally a lot of them carry guns illegal Plaxico Burress be good car. Are the pay what are the patriots aware of this I'm not saying everybody who -- who's a gun owner on the New England patriot right. Is a criminal. What are the patriots aware of of the players on their roster who carry guns in what is there position. Let these players. And it's it's an excellent question I don't know the answer to -- it's a great question to say. To Bill Belichick or Bob Kraft or to their head of security there are lots of questions do you guys keep a list of who on your team is a gun owner and who was not. Because that might tell you something about who they are now might not tell you that they're gonna commit murder in fact it won't. But if it gives you an indication when you look at statistics of people have handguns are more likely to shop buying -- etc. It would give you some level of insight into into that play. Areas now are absolutely I mean there are a lot of players who would tell you. Yes I carry guns because I'm worried about. I'm worried about my family I'm worried about people who know. Lots of information about me you know how much money I made. Maybe they're jealous of what I have and I got to protect myself or are you born to a lot of rough people growing up who might be exactly there are lots of their lots of reasons for that or are a lot of explanations. Now this is just a small thing. Hernandez text and we knew this of from the Ramon Hernandez -- Wallace on the Sunday for the killing -- -- in the Texas courier asked. Wallace responded. On way god blasts. Oh. -- strange response isn't. -- -- my way god bless among malware were bought the kills. Ward did not happen that way the day. It -- Aaron Hernandez tell them that they were gonna do something -- -- -- advantages. It it did develop a money being a ball and it devolved into something. Much more so. -- -- to pretend to understand or try to read a lot into what text messages saying. Going from Ernest -- to earn her -- message back whether or not god bless really means god bless whether or not it's a front for something that knows. I think we'll find out more we'll continue to keep you apprised. As channel five tweets out all the information you bring up the argument in the discussion that we had yesterday. I Tom Curran wrote about it last night. I think he did an excellent job of summing up very much when I was trying to say yesterday I'd be curious to get your thoughts -- you couple clips from that we'll get into the next poster calls. Awful ones -- 6177797937. Salt and -- W media. Continuing to follow the WCVB feed it. Live news feed of all the information that they are reading real time as the search warrants have been released in the Aaron Hernandez case. Does start getting into -- but it's continuing to really. How much of the time -- Michael that was told during the -- that you can just hear it better now is nothing mumbled through bad speakers at the courthouse and Attleboro. But -- very much the same story. Warren says Hernandez and Lloyd were -- the nightclub in Boston on Friday before the killing at. Hernandez had what appeared to be handgun there than surveillance video from his house shows Hernandez arriving home at 1240. In meeting two men in the driveway -- Wallace and -- the other of people arrested is one of those men. And and is holding a gun as he enters the home it's captured on surveillance three men leave please identify two of them as Hernandez in -- the third not identify and the men eventually getting to what police believe is this Nissan and question the one that left tracks right by the right by the murder scene right in the won -- have been arrested apart by Aaron Hernandez returned with no mere. At 1:12 AM June 17. Fernandez buys gas. At the Blue Hills express service center and can't use credit card -- the bubble yum. Cotton candy bubble gum and a cigar bars by cigar -- -- investigators believe that Hernandez balls in the third man. Drive to Lloyd's home on faced in street in Dorchester. Then the Nissan arrives back at 330 at Hernandez's house Wallace gets out of the car North Attleboro the third man. Never also gets out of the car as does Hernandez surveillance video shows -- getting into the Nissan in Dorchester. Time sequences in the search warrant. Are not always in order okay now this is this is according to court documents. Outcome -- -- -- and say it too much. Against it wants now. Court documents. Some of them may be absolutely 100% accurate some of them may be that in accurate this is they're recording this is their take. On what happened. And and we know enough. To understand that people make mistakes and that these are accusations right now and these were some of these. Some of these statements will be challenged in court who are so there's my disclaimer. An illegal -- everything -- say I say that to say this. We asked earlier we talked with Elizabeth Merrill. Who -- -- a long story on old -- the complicated relationship or or the the interest in relationship between old Lloyd and Aaron Hernandez asked Elizabeth Merrill. That day we talked to -- I can understand what Lloyd got out of the two were out of the relationship what Fernandez cannot. -- according to court documents. What he got out of it with marijuana. This is the first. Negative description. Of of all out negative description of old Lloyd that we -- now keep in mind. It came from Hernandez's fiance. -- Who knows why she described in that way but according to these documents she described old -- as a marijuana dealer who. You look at Aaron Hernandez's history. Would -- be hanging out with the marijuana dealer based on what we know bottom. Charlotte -- schori would it also explains one of the things we -- wondering about earlier which is the whole idea of him being refer to Hernandez being referred to his NFL. In by a by loyal to a text message why would leave given his name -- he was trying to give a record of aging DelHomme went on with NFL. There's another -- here and I'm looking at a week from Wesley -- were talking about earlier in the global who has the entire conversation he took a picture of it. Of a -- the conversation between old Lloyd in Aaron Hernandez that went via text. And he uses a nickname for Hernandez there and it may be. If he is a marijuana dealer has spaz Hernandez's beyoncé suggests that is trying to keep Hernandez's name anyway. -- off the cellphone here's another thing. And this goes back to our. Very animated conversation yesterday Mike. About what the patriots. Should have no matter what the patriots could have known. I gotta tell you it. In these documents. It -- according to this. One of his next to Orton neighbors what. Coach. Patriots colts left or right next door -- this guy. Joseph judge to elect him up special teams assistant. Played at Mississippi State. He's. He's 32 years old. So this. Personal you know how can -- -- to live there. Special teams assistant and dynamic and that much money or maybe didn't live directly next door I'm not -- I -- -- into that. But you have. One of his neighbors what is your neighbors which sent. If you say that his neighbors who didn't work for the patriots. What would they say about Aaron Hernandez went out that kind of doctor window at twelve for 1245 and you see your neighbor standing there with a gun. I get your attention maybe they did I got -- okay that somebody who doesn't work for the pick up his neighbor actually. An employee of the -- and patriots in why. Why didn't look medical kind of coincidence that a court order or treat station's harmony was placed there are two great question I know it it's another -- on the question well I read Tom -- last night and after the what are were calling it an argument what we have yesterday by an animated discuss an animated discussion. We -- We had a we cannot fight an animated discussion argument cult whatever you want civil discourse about tempo but the patriots could've or should've known all along and it's my contention. Again never should have known about the fact that the guy was going to commit murder or maybe even had already. That's not what I'm saying. But the fact that Aaron Hernandez -- very checkered past enough that he wrote a letter to them. When he was drafted to try to explain away some of that stuff to talk about how he's changed. Meant that they probably should have done a little bit more investigating and if they had to they would have come up with some. Some more leaving information that might have led them to believe that the guy was was not necessarily who he was saying that he was. And I wonder if maybe they willfully ignore that stuff because they didn't want to know that. He was an incredibly productive player he was doing great things for them on the field. And why find out more than you really need to unless you absolutely have to and essentially they were ostriches bury their head a little bit and said. Well maybe this stuff on -- made up maybe we'd be better off just not knowing about it and and and hopefully the worst possible scenario never occurs and unfortunately for them -- It doesn't up occurring this from Tom -- article last night. He says besides how are they supposed to know the guy I was going to be charged with the murder. To me that was never the point. Nobody quote hold you so that Aaron Hernandez is going to be a -- -- before 24 birthday and be led handcuffed and shackled into a courtroom to be arraigned for murder. When he of people presumed he was a bad kid though. And up to drop them off some teams draft sports the patriots chose to presume otherwise and they got it wrong. Not only did they get it wrong they didn't endeavor to find out if they were getting it wrong it seems to me are an -- I'll agree at all. Well that's -- I don't think the patriots presume that he was that he was a good kid and it wasn't good -- of course they knew it wasn't a good kid. That's why was available to them. So say they didn't I don't think they disagree with the teams. The team said hey you know this guy's he's a bad actor actress and mature about actor we know. Because he played a Florida which the program that you've heard of pretty high profile in the best conference in the country pains me to say but it's true press conference and college conference in the country. And yet he's available to wasn't fourth around it through to him a lot. High profile program high profile player. He's available to a something's wrong with there's no question that they didn't ever to find out just how -- us but I don't think that either. I think the patriots and their history they say -- we dealt. That was an eight holes before custom on our roster right now in some of that up and a so what we think we can bring them here again and straighten out the wrong there. They were wrong they thought they can get him into their system -- their program turn around and clearly. They were way off with Aaron and more from Tom colonel. Monday craft claimed he had no knowledge of allegations from some quarters that Hernandez ran with a rough crowd that included alleged gang members convicted dope dealers and gun toting thugs. According to the Boston Herald yet in the Sunday article in the globe it was reported that the only time Hernandez acted irritated was quote. When it came to Hernandez's off field activities he would -- out occasionally become angry when he culture employee suggest that he stopped hanging out with some of his old friends from Connecticut. Why would the patriots ask them to stop hanging around his old friends in Connecticut. Too many swear words most likely the patriots knew some of them were no damn good and if Kraft didn't know that shame on summit because Kraft agreed to pay Hernandez 41 million dollars before Lloyd came up -- Essentially saying -- I didn't know anything but the only time this guy gets upset is whenever we bring up the guys from Connecticut why didn't he know anything he probably should have -- the more. Okay he gets upset according to this story gets upset because people mention. Is adding if if I'm just with the start up there. Is that a red flag. Wind you get upset. When I bring up your friend. Rhetoric fly well depends in what context of my friends are bunch of no good -- I'll bring them up all the time. Yeah what's it burial was there's there's. Where we're trying to read into the article article. According to Tom -- what he wrote. Maybe some -- have warned that well this is the article in the globe which says. He would become angry when he coach or employee suggested he stop hanging out some of his old friends in Connecticut. -- it out with your girlfriend because -- -- there because we know their drugs why else are they -- to -- and I'm an old friend forget that we it's gotta we gotta go deeper than what I guess we -- it is old friends worst dogs right I mean we we've we've seen -- do you refer to them it's you read The Herald career criminals some of the people. That he -- now he's not hanging out with great guy described Ortiz -- -- -- criminally was not hanging out of great guys they were not saying hey that choir boy that you hung out with with like you to stop hanging out with -- -- the hatred must've known enough. About the people Hernandez was hanging out with that they at some point suggested to him stop hanging out with -- -- are really upset about it. I think that that's suggest that maybe there was more they could have known or or did know then absolutely nothing when they hand them 41 million dollar extension. They knew something about him but Clinton in his open about -- -- what did they know that's a question right here what did they know about a threat they think that his friends were. That they know that they had record. They know that one of on the career criminal they know that Aaron Hernandez they believe that is behavior change we went back to Connecticut when these people were rampant in comfortable and and they're still. There there are lots of lots of ways to go with this but there's really no clear answers so for 61777979837. Jackson West Springfield -- -- -- -- -- -- Are or what should you do here that -- there and work in and and in listening longer yeah seriously exactly can listen one minute and then and then over to. I'm in a bad spot -- to -- now none of them don't -- Our more or sort of acute here in a spot Bob -- and features oh boy amen. Or even ballot check. You know are unsure boy -- want to. All the while in the -- and that's the guy was all player. -- he murdered possibly. Even may get -- on people. It is murder before China. Is murder of course it -- most when he was in college. He's involved at all and today. All on that I mean that's not entirely true there's at least. Two reports now he's now been linked to murder investigation that did take place before they sign -- Oh but there were also network -- they are prior. To that happened. Yeah you know whatever happened on the slow -- when are folks although. You know what an Internet without error every you know you got hired by W yeah. -- -- -- I did but I didn't Michael did Michael went back I -- -- actor and I continue to reject all these guys did the -- met my wife yesterday you guys met my -- I was I felt like I was the beat the victim of an investigation by Michael -- and the all three of them yesterday. So why aren't there are going to -- out. This will not stay -- or what everyone a culture where we ought to investigate every person that was the preacher. Well I don't think don't want anyone saying that a lot like that is that was about how upset about service that's an uncertain as -- on on -- second just an unfair just to be fair. That's exactly what happens. Before they become patriots. And then I think it's fair to say that it it slows down considerably if not stops. But that is that's what happens to every draft pick in the league and it's something that new people mocked for many years who for many years -- the patriots but many teams. Always paralysis by analysis they go on and on they wanna talk the third grade teachers that wanna talk to teammates and coaches media members. Because they're just trying to find out who these guys are. So yeah they really do dive deep. In two guys background before it becomes a patriot. War before it becomes a steeler or giant. A -- it doesn't sound like they went -- and on Aaron Hernandez has given his during the stop that was outlawed them -- to me let me just now finished. Then when you become a member of that team. I think the investigation. Slows down and maybe that's a mistake. My mission AV before you hand somebody 41 million dollars continue to have been right I don't read again from Tom -- here's something to audit the of the -- securities and frequent contact. With the state local police deceive anyone's gotten in a jam in Providence -- he told stay -- I'm Aaron Hernandez it's okay when it's friend is going a hundred -- wall crap faced. To see if he has a flop house and Franklin which we now know -- that trap house not a flop house. Maybe a computer -- could find the picture Fernandez with a -- were ferret out the details of that 2007 shooting in Gainesville that Hernandez had been questioned about or get some information about the ruptured eardrum a bar employee suffered 2007 when Hernandez allegedly watched it all those things -- happened. Free the huge contract that was given to Aaron Hernandez know what's saying that they need to hit the that they need to run a full scale investigation on every one. But there -- already warning signs with Hernandez the coaching staff is making suggestions to him like -- stop hanging out with some of your old friends from Connecticut stuff has been out there before and yet. -- -- -- completely duped by him. There's a disconnect here now what he said I was duped. Why if this is true right here you can't he can't take that got to contact your right if this is true. Carter I was -- OK but the old the other party knew how to push my buttons. Mean there's there's then I guess maybe I read it differently than you but I read in there a suggestion that I was duped by his character not just the whole murder thing that I was duped. By his care Dubai as an -- I think I would say to buy his intentions may be because I don't think he was duped by his character -- that they all knew. His character is what made him available to the patriots in the first place. His character is what led to that letter that his agent wrote his character is why the contract was structured the way it was his first contract. Just to make sure. That he was talking directly in this character is widely told the -- -- would hang out with the -- and Connecticut. It's obvious intentions hey come and turn it around I'm not gonna be reckless -- anymore that was his quote when I'm a father. I've got to fiance. I'm going to be different and I think. Bob Kraft believed. Text message so assault this dealership cut Roethlisberger tomorrow before he rapes again right the red flags are there. If if Ben Roethlisberger. Is once again. Accused of rape and it goes through any of the same amount of evidence that it is against Aaron Hernandez right now you don't think it's gonna come down hard on Pittsburgh Steelers. Of course it is there running a risk right now. They're taking a risk on a guy that is twice been accused of crime of course -- taking a risk. And if it turns out that they guessed wrong in the whole risk evaluation they're absolutely gonna hear about it and the Rooney family's gonna get ripped to shreds on. Of course they are Jamal's in Dorchester high -- -- -- -- -- Daily from the urban dictionary. -- -- -- is not a good -- or the information and accurate way it's. Look look look in game. Any random name. Now I have until -- It's filthy you know pretty pretty but I still thought it might give me a decent explanation between the difference of the flop house in the trap -- Listen to a PI. Young do you the album -- -- -- all you need to know we're down. On the up from -- they're I know mr. Loyalists from the and it's you know it's relatively. Small and -- -- little -- and round and basically what a lot of people are saying is that this is sort of a deal gone wrong. You know. Not -- -- exhibited both you know what's going on street is that you know and in the -- is obviously he's smoked marijuana he wanted down. He paid for he didn't get when he thought he was paying for. He then followed up to either greatly impressed the Dubai struggle when he that that didn't -- lie there and anything that control. I don't know if you -- think about. Well accident which is that it's a rumor yeah it's their armor and I guess it is there are a lot. I don't know let's not say it's any more than that Jamal but I think it's something that we've all speculated on being a possibility right Michael. -- -- the right from the beginning we talked about that is being. If you think I would say if you're writing scripts for movie will kind of happens that certainly is a script that everybody would believe. My little shall we on the people have gotten into fights who have done. In sort of have a checkered past and none of that makes -- -- suspect that someone can be capable of merit I don't know why we keep having that discussion. -- but I think I think the one thing that everyone agrees on -- that what did being noble for the game in the contract extension. Calm down although they'll only point. Yeah and then Jackson and Jamal that's that's what everybody wants to know right now. You know what did you know -- did you know it and -- that -- how did that affect your decision -- that's what comes out to him for ridicule your balance Springfield. Play it and and and please forgive me guys I don't know guns so. Police found a other according to this it's this seventh 762. By a 39 millimeter caliber Hungarian rifle. Inside a black gym bag. 22 caliber ammunition was found inside a sentry safe in the basement of Hernandez's home Hernandez did not have a valid or expired license to carry firearms. Of an FID card according to the search warrant. In the items from his locker Gillette did not contain anything of evidentiary value -- Springfield but it. -- -- the first time caller thank you on that one I wanna touch off on a point it you know the funny part. Everybody's blaming the patriot and let me first I hate the -- and the giants fans die hard I don't put any blame on crap or dollar check. -- they gave this guy forty million dollars. Sixteen million dollars guaranteed he'd get Medicaid and you tell me that idiot can't stay out of trouble. I mean you know. Differential differentiation here now. No one is blaming the patriots for the murder no one is blaming the patriots for Aaron Hernandez is actions. Question -- the patriots is whether or not they are to blame for not for taking a risk on him. What you know from they -- standpoint not from -- Yet we're talking about me and I don't blame when it comes to the murder mean obviously nobody can predict somebody's gonna. Commit murder but I think it's a political football team they're in the business of making money OK they're in the business of winning football games and picking on -- idiotic imbedded -- -- little bit but I mean it's a violent sport of our running game we've had violent people. The sport since it began you know also I mean to think that we're not gonna get violent people in this order but they're gonna do some dumb things. It is predict. And unfortunately for them the one that they decided to take a chance on did something horrible. He did is something. I don't think there's anything anybody can get a I mean it's sixteen million dollars guaranteed. It and a motivating factor being away from idiots that are doing dumping it down at Bristol Connecticut. I mean in -- there was no help to this guy in the beginning. I mean there was no -- on the -- but sixteen million dollar let me in on the respect or sports guys are role model and all that. But you know when you're on that stayed here making that much money that's compliment -- with the territory whether you like it or not. Yeah you know eight linkage the simple fact kids what sport in this they idolize because these people on TE. They're buying their journey they got sneaker deal you know internal people in order to accept that much money -- you have to be responsible. And it not to. Again I don't think anyone is blaming the patriots for for what Hernandez did I the question is do they deserve blame for how it affected them. Speaking of what Hernandez did according to a court documents the autopsy. Found multiple gunshot gunshot wounds to old boy's torso and Lloyd was shot twice. After he was supine on the ground according to U. And the wounds were inflicted by a 45 caliber ammunition by the -- whole bunch of people. Who know more about guns and either me or you Michael texting and to say that the 762. By 39 is an AK 47 culture it was an AK 47 that they found in a black bag. -- -- -- And as his house what does all this mean. All the evidence that's coming out now what does that all mean wanna talk to lawyer. And get a sense as to just how serious this stuff is we'll talk to Rosanna carve out a couple arrow who is a former defense attorney worked under Alan Dershowitz and is now a professor at Suffolk law firmer Suffolk law school rather she will join us. Coming up in just a moment in the play more your phone calls as we continue to. To read about what they've uncovered in the Aaron Hernandez search warrant it's alcohol in W media.

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