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Dustin Pedroia: This team "meshes together"

Jul 9, 2013|

Dustin Pedroia joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the new coaching staff, the difference this year with the clubhouse atmosphere, and if he's talked contract extension at all with Cherington.

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There's a high fly ball to left field pulled down the line he put it on. Got lucky. Had gone. On our mind -- why they wanna work habits and I think they won't want they. It's made its first base is still in first pitch ball plugged it looked at past that would put more if you could talk. Inning over -- Roddick next everybody's napping by laying down a point out of course it prevailing foot Dustin Pedroia. Right on the first one seeds going and hide behind the center field backing up harassment. Now backing up to that track backing it can't get it. It's over 101000 balls down but it ricocheted off the wall but I think around second -- -- to thirty fly there. -- -- high fly ball doesn't move into the left field backing up Cabrera turning around and what you're looking fit guy. But -- The block them. Why he's playing like right center field another base hit perfect dry yet. Here comes out very good score seven don't want Red Sox hitting it great victory that night and these last few games he's gone six for seven. He drives in his third run of the game and I never even I would imagine that. Media members could be. Compared to an athlete and baseball player but it can't help. One time I met him and then -- he's in school despite all the rest. I'm sure it will be exciting Arum and I can't wait to. He he's one of those guys don't talk about and never show up next and I'm making the good old bad -- I forgot about those kind words they got Dustin Pedroia a couple of years ago must -- 937. WEEI. Highs in Seattle but 1030. He's probably uniform at the ballpark already time for tonight's game he joints on the AT&T hotline Dustin -- little -- you. I'm still good guys I was trying to think about not talking about their united I realizes. Era and yet that I couldn't push up front upright and go to a lot of the media members who cover your team guys to Ripken and don't show up you were talking about me after a big push up contest at spring training and a couple of years ago. At what point during this year who -- -- it was during the year did it click for you that this team. Little bit different that baseball is going to be the focus and maybe just having a different group of guys than I don't -- last year but. -- last couple years that baseball was the focus for this Red Sox team. While they are packed and they are returning to what we all got together. You know that though we're sharp practices you know try to build a foundation -- we're trying to do. To detention that because the game. It was it was it was pretty probably also. Won't talk of baseball trading Barrett now you know each day that's -- that's the opera house so it's pretty special group Bernal. You know I know -- last year was difficult year that don't necessarily think you want to carry you much over. Into this year but I go back that last series against New York in new glow appeared and a year we get 69 win team and you were broken finger in any play in those last two games and I almost felt like that kind of attitude what you did. Can carry over kind of just to show some of these young guys what it's all about like playing those games 69 wins. I mean I like -- -- -- that's basically it right now. You know aren't. Yeah I know the game didn't didn't mean much to arcane bit of that and has some tutorials and that's -- the Yankees although both those guys is you know Cadillac inside the division. It's -- respect and I respect for the game in one of those let's talk let's -- -- -- -- questions about Eric. Implying it and have an impact of one of those canes it's. You know the Orioles is that throughout the year before elevate their play caller guy slapped it a year and not be obsolete. The race of the playoffs so. You know I was all those up their players and that's my job has been on the plane elephant in the women's. And -- all the guys. It was different -- spring training by a couple characters and you don't. But he Victor Reno Jonny Gomes Ryan Dempster assistant jokes around as a professional at what he does that I'll be able rolled to think those guys did coming in and and you know messing with you guys as well Ewing David. Are there that'd been great although it is there they've definitely taken pressure off you know me and David. Doing some of the other things you know not not haven't we can just concentrate on playing the game indoor and on the -- because we know it's a step and Eckhart outs or four worn out to dinner or whatever it is in matches together that. And personality their rosters as he each class -- the giant although they're -- body like you know. Mike Napoli that are great fit victory announced they're unbelievable. All the guys you brought -- on it's it's. -- right right when they walk in the door expert trainer news there is the most the most it's so much it was altogether that yeah. It was it's very black. But could you imagine that come around July 4 that Jonny Gomes is -- looked at that. There I think it actually most greatly eased off for. He's a -- it's actually true line about a month ago I don't get out of control like trumpet and a walk hitters aren't looked to me it goes we need -- And why we pay them -- up because. We don't do we don't want to -- your beard like an extra day it just don't do that or no problem and probably get head -- He looks like -- there's that -- I forget which dealt Sundays is Amish mafia -- I feel like I want Gomes played now. He's tried out for that on the show wants to prove he can hang I'll be honest with that -- At what he can sit swap -- I don't care what he. And it may -- they hunting. Are always you know but he watches the ball we're tied him at Auburn not so -- -- there. You know. Media. A lot of moves was made earlier about a month ago what the injury you suffered their opening day against the Yankees and I played against you put tuck gals at first base -- ground ball is slid in the first to give up -- and -- the first base coach right away say now care. Finally all you want is the way I played it's what I do. You know sliding in that -- opening day I think a lot of people wonder what was going on in a month later we find out there was something going on there how much does that affect you. In that market talk about and not decide to go on a disabled list. Well first -- with Larry and I I kind of slip right now liars and it rained so. Are you are going to run first don't look at first basically look at the -- -- -- -- there -- some article throat -- have a collision. That they've got it that way in the the first you know it was what bride so. Apparent slip there kind of slid to the base and hit it awkwardly. But in my decision the players it was there and you know I got -- got a and I donors got the results back and basically. So -- its strength that's that like that it. You know I mean we've gotten into the week you could probably that has surprised that it ten years ago not even -- it -- -- bad football. Well I it is our air support I just. Without regard to overcome whatever it is still plate but so -- -- -- are there certain players -- That was that was basically our thought process the first couple weeks so that was pretty good score and it it was talked it's like -- was my box and it was up. Follow through stuff like that -- -- find ways to adjust you know. Sports that -- like about all you know smaller handle better you know bigger holes which are -- honor so. It's got -- wait to get through it at you know ballot it is just a lot better so. I got through it. Were you annoyed that actually get out you actually ask questions about the injury that bother you that -- got out that maybe your hurdle that. Are you outlook sort of opt out of it there irons in there are so. You know region to there's. Release information about guys injury history you know right. I that I didn't want that happens so there are little those who are upset about that let things happen you know so get over. And a guy playing up the middle with right now Jose -- is you know completely. Different hitter conference was the play just talk about discipline at the place hit all pitches hit them everywhere right now and -- the bottom for years and his hands about not seeing guys moves in a play at Omar Vizquel battled nerves and is anybody's quick. Is quick hands as this kid is what's the biggest difference from last year what you've seen in this year. We're more confident I mean just the -- talks always. You know going to walking -- -- -- -- -- Sully these 2 o'clock in the -- right now. You know or result all and wouldn't club let Alex talk about getting all the time we want to get better. And he's one of those guys that -- certainly like arms and he wants. Want to lower. For that slot and I looked -- -- I don't know you get -- to let you know was dropped the ball and it's -- relates throw it. We're on double cut those high he jumps or what about the glove and got our immediate. You know aren't all the -- -- like you always -- -- -- behind you -- out walk though it. -- you know a lot of guys you know be -- -- played okay. It you know you're always going to work like I understand you know -- aren't right I'll let you out there it -- community he's become a better. Baseball player understanding situations. More on the quiet. Authority isn't it can support or if he's he's going to be one at -- -- also. Well he's gotten year you're getting credit dusty for his approach the -- talked about his being aggressive and to me it's just. He looks like a different hitter in terms of when he's down -- you know -- gets behind in the -- he seems. Less flustered is that is something you guys talked about terms of being -- at the plate even when he he fell behind in the count. On envelope I mean basically -- out now we don't talk about approach you know what you try to do in Europe they're in. The last lap I thought it took it as a kick and she looks and it doesn't if you get a good pitched it in. You better hitting it you're gonna get wanted it -- so. But you know I've -- so startled you know his his hands are so good at that. Even if you're an -- -- to relax -- the ball because you can reactive and your hands -- good -- Make solid contact and can shoot shoot the ball the other way here or at the 56 or with a line drive in the gap he earlier. But -- feel like you're going to be over perhaps because they don't let you have -- it's it's an amount that if you love it so that the income you don't try to be too much and he's been doing that all year it's it's fun to watch. You know -- but for a comes over here is this guy shifted all over the place I think his last homestand that double play you turned on the other side a second that drew -- you. As a that he made it look easy as running to the bag. What Rondo watched a bad watching the flip how difficult has it been for you you know shifting is much you guys have been in in different positions. In our executives are but voters probably -- if I don't work that time he was sent there studying hitters in in. Spray charts and things like that it. -- that record and a lot of times I'm sure I would collect an air assault while they also since you know except for one -- a couple of first Allstate. They're big so on the double play guy. But sometimes I'll go over shortstop elect -- particular there was. Let me I think he should want well on the second base all -- all and -- -- it so he -- it wherever you overs short. It will put either fired six hole and and you know that's the best chance we have yet to take away -- so -- in those situations that far because although not quite sure all -- on my whole life so I got older. I think you'll all let you know makes it on a picture think so he's been also. You mentioned that he knew pretty early -- this is the team is we focused on baseball baseball baseball and how much of that has to do with your manager replay -- Terry Francona for a long time play for Bobby Valentine last year in the slot. Outside of baseball teams like this year the focus especially the manager has been about baseball that make it easier to focus on your job when it. It's sort of dated day just about goes on in that clubhouse. Yeah where they were charged with trying to -- that Boris Johnson great the coaching staff has been great. But the bottom line I mean we played better and we've you know we've we've pitched a lot better we've we've swung the bat well. Oh renovations. Really well what they're aggressive. And all the things we didn't see last year or so on. You know that is not. Not -- saying you know anything bad about about Bobby you're the staff last year but when we played better baseball. And that that's basically you know all the way I think about it Johnson unbelievable communique. It's -- president who can -- it on the it's understanding the process delivered to you being on this particular are we got a long way to go or -- -- strong. Singletary also breaks and outlaw supporter broker. But we had to get back on -- -- contract and I. You know we've talked with the hot start you guys have been on here now going into the all star break and knows Lester book early on the season dominating but. 345 has been actually amazing and guys on the -- the other night John Lackey is really. Gotta turn this whole thing around this year and always lost some weight put the stuff coming out of his -- Armas. Is is what we haven't seen here in Boston talk about him because he's a guy that. I think god took a lot of heat here the last couple years how's he been this year for you guys. Are admirable and it will mean not that that that that they I think is the well in this park regardless for a lot of our electric I pick black -- -- -- -- and I know what I mean he's. It is one of the guys that I least like to face and and you know ridicule over his first -- And I knew he was he gets hurt it's it's true that he wouldn't let anybody. -- the world. Now that he's healthy got you know he had Tommy John excellent back. It's it's it's that I care about the guys that I say probably forty times and east it he's relentless. You know he hit that -- president that it brings. You know it's kind of you know on the on -- years that -- dignity and that on the walks in he's helped out all the other night there's a lot. Feel it has been great to -- -- We got to get puck back healthy enough. You know what -- -- carpet except -- unbelievable this year lacks putrid. Fair to say the guy you faced last flight is not your current list the guys you least like to face and Felix Hernandez doesn't. There are actually hit actually hit it feels okay the lap 98 it was a pretty hard up that you see is. He's what you thought you know he's he's pretty tough that we we have opportunities early you know I'll score a couple of runs -- can help some guys Connors. And get -- -- about he's he's pretty term he thought. We we put the call up earlier to some listeners to record some questions for Eric -- and -- taken our questions gone back to days were Bradford and I would talk to on -- -- time for a couple of quick. Questions -- listeners. -- -- Joey got a couple questions here for Dustin Pedroia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What quicker it nick which part and now. You know what I -- plan I've -- -- a couple of -- Played so what my game my game's probably tired -- -- on it but it you know on technical little effect on. Would you rather growth Sox prospects. Like Bogart's Bradley and Della Rosa eccentric. Like trade them for a veteran who might bring you another ring sooner. -- It snapped out of general manager at. Educated answer off the -- North you look -- history turning. A pretty talented. And and I don't think about all the way so. Well -- like that put it into the debate about. It is that I got nothing good is your eleventh for the now right in in you wanna win in May about time he's got the superstars who knows maybe you won't be here CO sickened. Right now and it's the month it's July and people probably look around a little bit. Yeah I mean I don't I don't really deal without where they are idea right now you know are right now -- that's sort of the American League and the pitching that we have. Cute to please tell everything can help a question but I don't think that necessarily means that we are. You know give up everything. That you know we have that's for the future but -- -- -- than you'd use it it's hard it's hard to think about that hadn't gotten. You know right now got a -- -- or that it I would Arnold on what we have so. We can keep playing good baseball and with the guys we have got a great job. And you know we've had some injuries -- stuff like that at -- -- in us so. We're finally -- sit there and. You could be any other pro baseball player who would it be and why. -- anybody. Any other -- at any other pro baseball player he's not aware of of how proud you are yourself as a player I don't think. -- -- the she I don't know I mean -- I. And I'd probably. He looks -- -- -- -- -- the last I had pretty cool that you got adult section and in other. Or yellow shirts eight everywhere that. Is critical to get pitchers look at. You know at that before. You're 35 start here -- can go out there but not. So it is maybe maybe you know. Yeah LSU Jeff Francis -- face Pedroia World Series that that being singled you mentioned cherry in spring training handle it in spring training. Dustin been brought up the potential of a contract extension -- talks have any else happened during the year any progress for you in the Red Sox. Are not -- your starter have been. Concentrating on playing. Heroic -- England had an -- in the outback. On our children that he right now what with the zone. Through the -- coming out since there look at some injuries and you're down because try to get our backs so you know our church is -- -- so. You know what I'm not thinking about that all of my job and brought their -- -- -- involved in. And do all I care and so you know that's -- content so called. I can't really control so -- -- for our game. Yeah see that that's the Smart movement Robinson technologies he's at the market in and -- -- Good good veteran move right there like. -- -- JC though we will see you -- gonna see it tonight throughout the week in the West Coast so we'll see -- city field on next week for the all star game. Broad I think forever appreciate it doesn't thank you -- dryer at Sox second baseman manic competed with. Lost by coupled push ups which -- contest couple years ago -- united and exit through removes her though that competition was Bradford. Who stays sound might still -- right of Bradford. During that push -- contest that's the real soundly makes the sound you hear. It sounds like an animal. But it's Bradford grunting. That. Let's do this let's get a break comebacks all -- holly coming up at 2 o'clock and something else going up at 2 o'clock involving older lawyer and Aaron Hernandez keep it here.

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