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Robert Kraft "duped" by Hernandez

Jul 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni react to Robert Kraft's comments about Aaron Hernandez and what went into the decision of drafting him, resigning him, and then releasing him.

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And the main take away from my perspective -- Robert Kraft and that is this stuff is true then I've been -- And our whole organization. Has been duped and of course he's speaking. Aaron Hernandez as a player that the patriots drafted in the portrayal in the 2010 perhaps even gave. It pretty lucrative contract extension two in August of 2012. Like -- on a sports center right. Sports center breaking it down. -- -- again Butler 937 WEEI. -- part of a three man Booth. The Tom Curran wrote was handpicked. To sit -- Robert Kraft yesterday. Reese. Borges and then bowl -- -- of the Boston Globe all in the wrong for a statement and -- I guess a forty minute back and forth. That included like. Evidence idea of a book report you gotta like a report got to do -- classmate on a book report per year. Speaking of underclass sometimes you produce. You know props inputs up and up on the white -- puts up and on that what they called but you take a clear sheet of paper. He put it down on this sort of a projected it was clear and have a nice big white screen front of the classroom. Robert Kraft bringing out props. For conversation -- that's a DP got into this back and forth saying we were duped. By Aaron Hernandez is off field issues. Interest like props. -- it's the -- at three got ice. Well I don't read -- -- -- are not big east you're happy about it Hampshire. Whoever else right via the patriots beat -- Wouldn't be happy about it go to ESPN's. Michael go to -- But I don't think it's you know Tommy -- hand picked. Ron Borges was in the air and -- amiga is going to be -- -- gonna pick Ron Borges. Well it's Tuesday Harold hurt -- today I just I was told to go -- -- but yeah I thought everybody nick beat. -- -- The Red Sox makes an announcement regarding three guys they left like 45 out that you want how we don't they say those guys they picked those guys because the mouthpiece for the organization that's Red Sox fans know that Ron -- says that the contradiction but still I. I read current today admitting it to -- to task copier stats no big deal well they want to get out the word. -- the do when this great Hernandez traded right they're gonna get your training uniforms they sent out there but I don't want everybody to produce that information and give it time to do a new segment on it and endure report on -- read the thing on your. But sportscaster Comcast on NASA on here sports everywhere. What comes Donald big news storm all these reporters wanna be there and they wanna talk to Robert Kraft ask some questions. It's globe herald. ESPN Boston all fine I'll all fine institutions in recent good part of our program but. I can see toward current current writes about it today a cut C -- sanity. When he says hand picked it does sort of have that feeling. Bigger was the what Robert Kraft had to say any settle a lot during this forty minutes a lot of it is written today. And Alter publications ES PM boston.com the globe. And the Boston Herald. In the big take away for me is that -- Robert Kraft is saying that. As the -- this team -- he was duped. He talked about that right there in the front cover the globe no one in our organization was where any of these connections talking about connections. With off the field issues if it's true. I'm you're shocked our -- our whole organization. -- has been duped and you dig down deep. Into the stories -- read some of the takeaways here if some of the quotes in terms of you how they felt about this guy. Saying we knew about what happened inside the building inside the organization the off the field stuff. You know we were not aware of saying that outside of being immature. That what they knew about this guys that Louie showed up in that building he performed well. They talked about Bill Belichick say Hernandez was the -- -- training camp of any patriot last August after hand aside that deal. This is -- -- what goes on inside this building we don't put private eyes on people. When he was in this building I was never exposed to anything where he was not positive he's always polite. And respectful yet did you feel like -- Robert kind of at a pass and bought a little bit. I mean you know listen he's the owner the Pentagon this discussion John Henry before -- you'll hire guys. Below you in management to go do their job. Right and expect them to go out there and do the job weather beat you know the general manager the head coach scouting. Defense offense whatever it is that starts -- properties the owner -- these delegates. And it was hey listen the only thing I know look what happened inside the clubhouse. The united here too much about its other stuff -- when there are some stories up and admit somebody new. Right some people knew some things. They were keeping an eye on him a little bit you know how much who knows -- -- rear Sunday. Comcast right support Sunday prep career comes in. We're talking about before we go one year we get on the heiress to bring this thing up on the air and I asked them. We're talking about last February months ago there -- 2013 this year -- When Aaron Hernandez went out to Manhattan Beach, California the report was to go out there work with. -- -- might lose what's walker integral part you know he wanna make sure this -- locked in and look at Aaron Hernandez cola the Manhattan Beach wanna work go Brady wanna give better. -- rear seems to believe that you know he's talked to enough people over that wasn't exactly a 100%. Rooms are the reasons why he went to Manhattan the and it's something also to do with the fact that they wanted him to get away from his buddies. Whole bit about what actually February right that was after the extension Maria didn't post my minds is -- the double murder right that we don't really know much about right there he might be tied into. That was what July 12 camp was what a week or two later he just kind of shows up at the possibly allegedly maybe. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that it's in February were they know about this stuff. Well you know I don't know exactly and being found out about all this stuff I did the big news -- problems this offseason which is why. He went to California. Now whether or not they knew there were -- happening last summer I can't tell you that I mean you can get on them a little bit. For and maybe not knowing their players laws they should have. Because this isn't just any other but he can't follow all 61 players that the three plus the in the practice but he can't follow them. You know every Friday night every Saturday night. But when you're bringing a guy who had a history like this like an Aaron Hernandez did and there was that history in his -- -- you knew you were taking a rest we drafted him. Yeah keep a little bit of a closer on a player like that. And I think that this is one of those cases this didn't come out of nowhere. Her career NFL network. Covered this team now he's the only guys reporting that day or via no let's say -- -- well it's not yet. So sitting about the -- that was an -- out for Melbourne. Was about getting him away. Kate from his minimal weight knowing I can do that there was some things go on offseason they're concerned about money here Goldman and be. So when Robert Kraft says I don't really know what's going on you know they -- -- and someone did. Okay somebody did now he's the owner how much is -- no good owner delegates. So somebody here it knew what was going on instantly maybe should be keeping a close right mr. and what's the opposite a passing the buck though right he he he admitted his organization. Needs to look at their procedures going forward and maybe they should have any closer rod. On him you say it's kind of -- passing the buck ID you know anything. You know anything outside the locker room. We -- polarization were duped. All I'm saying it's somebody new organization knew somebody sent them out to California not to work out to. Somebody knew according to -- -- Yes -- Albert yes yet again and again if if that history of a different story what I'm just out of starting the cover sick with a Kraft said yesterday when you say passing the buck. I didn't get that feeling reading you asked the question don't you Phillies past the bought my vote is no I don't feel like he's passing the -- I feel like he is being. Accountable. At some level for his organization his organization and -- part of that they made a mistake -- it's it's pretty clear. You know either they missed signs altogether or ignored signs altogether. On -- we're not getting after the fact by the way. -- player yelled that was involved some things away from the building he would tell you that the building is what he cares about well. When he goes on to say at the beach are looking our procedures and doing things -- -- -- go forward. Some -- a little. If you wanna say that the organization made a major mistake but document closer Ryan him I get I I just don't feel like it's. Robert -- passing the -- I think you you read of a guy that -- is pretty hurt bubble went on. It feels like he was let down by somebody in that organization. Yeah in this entire process a let down by Aaron Hernandez because Hernandez hurting each year. To crafted and into some of people there. You know he treated a lot differently than he was away from the football field lights reflected in the -- crap talk -- sounds like he's from yelled up. A broken up with the -- -- girlfriend when you read in the year that he's disappointed her -- he should be and -- embarrassed him. Embarrass the organization embarrassed that the patriot brand. So why get all that but I didn't feel like it was passing the -- why I do feel that he was Ortiz left out some information rightly people this and things that are going on their organization that they feel you know what. We don't need to bother Robert. We'll just we'll deal that we know what's going global deal that the best we can question those people fail I know I just wonder and and -- -- witness on the witness on Robert went on to saint sickness thing and it. I -- know when obviously I think a lot of people dead in here and from a lot of people are reform. That they knew some things that would go and I'm just wondering you know couldn't look at the owner. The same people that criticized everything and app in the organization when they're gonna criticize rob craft for. Probably not though because that worked for them they have them on the radio so that probably won't happen on just -- -- that does. But as an owner -- to have an idea of what's going on it up on Robert pissed off. Okay I'm pissed because I'm fine now that maybe some people knew on the and it's got reports whatever Wall Street Journal (WSJ) released but it will be later on. Last week while we -- away it was a it was a fourth that came out July 4. And some -- reports on on Aaron Hernandez a red flag in 2010 and I would go to somebody in my own positions and who sent Aaron in his out there -- -- Or was it just were cope with with public dole. Or was to get away from his friends because there's no knowledge of of him you know that people price that day yesterday and -- about it some heated. The league it's him. And that's that's worked failed -- going forward and and does. You say passing the -- it does shed some light on the organization your take crafted as word. Right that that he didn't have any knowledge. Where along the way did somebody when talk about who is at fault for this nobody nobody -- projected that -- is going to be a murder that's not the conversation piece today. But wore their red flags like -- reports that somebody missed that along the way -- somebody ignore that because the talent apart and as you say and ended Daniel fails. They more interest -- the sort of thing reported that talent of Hernandez the eighteen touchdowns in three years the freakish athletic ability. That he has in the field the ability to go one -- almost any defender of football position. A defense they Google linebacker and cornerback to safety he's gonna win that matchup. Did that lead to them not being as aware. What happened you because of the guys' talent that would also be 88 damning. Stay on the patriots and because he was so good. Then do as much more analysts and the patriots sitting in keeping -- friends by no means that Texans. Jump on it oh yeah the news gonna commit murder at all. No one's -- I don't think I don't think that anybody is as many red flags that -- the pop up. I don't think that they believed that he was capable of murder case that. But to try to keep this -- -- -- getting in trouble -- something else being involved in something else -- legal issues. On assembly murder. But I think craft this -- of people to talk to -- disorganization Meehan a recurrence. Article is as among Democrats saying that he had no knowledge of allegations of from some quarters that it is written the rough crowd out. -- alleged gang members addicted dope dealers and gun toting thugs notes according and -- -- on Sunday in the globe it was reported the retirement and his -- irritated. Was quote what it Keener and it is off field activities. He -- to an application to become angry when cultured employee. Suggest the stuff hanging out with some -- -- Connecticut. Again. Practicing knowing about it. And listen I don't I don't must assure it that the owners that if they're good ones that other people manage the team. But somebody new organization. With the story here separately this one out the Sunday -- -- -- That he gets irritated when we talk -- ways of stopping you know with his friends so. All want -- basket stopping and oldest friends if this robber puts it he didn't at no ID re tough draw in addition somebody told her premiere. That the reason that he went out to California yes so if you wanna put those two together -- got a couple of instances where people outside the organization. Knew was going on there that's writing the process fail because if your take crafted as word and he said he isn't known and somebody. Didn't make that -- at the highest people in the organization where they were concerned about some things and again to be fair. Burke we're talking to you said February 2013 so by then you've already given -- contracts that. Before that there's not a lot on the record here -- these callers all day today. Talent -- hand and and deal. But the patriots should've -- you know more before the extension. Will publicly what was there would there wasn't a whole lot -- do you wanna get a passport this February. And they sort of knew some stuff. Well then okay that was 456 months ago a five months ago at this point. He'd already signed the extension with them and it apparently if you believe Albert they were trying to. Make any better situation by getting about a year you know sell. At the gates. I think it's unfair and out -- go back and say you know looking warcraft said. The craft is a liar or that -- they tried to cover things up clearly the organization had a huge mistake here. Made a huge mistake I think they absolutely need to go forward and start to look at any these sort of red flags off the field at Kraft can't say that either. At once and I'll see Robert -- -- -- -- it would follow them around you in the opponent's play for right apart at players' union in baseball players I've football. How we gonna say that and have you'll remember ago is more popular and -- out at a PR following Oprah I love how that work out -- that work out is in trouble the club is that they said that after the fact I mean okay. They say now I'm afraid to get a lot of wanna go to the patriots. In the Kennedys -- about the agent although you know that guys follow them around. It possibly can sit -- a while this is the NFL in pro sports and he can't possibly send key guys in fall guys in the offseason the offseason sneaking monitor them -- future. Her -- her there. It's tonight be safe it yourself ready we'll see you next year OTAs whatever it is and you live at the professionalism and maturity that do the right thing she can't do that. However there are special occasions once in awhile. If you have concerns sure if you know something right so this is why the pictures sent them out to California one of the reasons. Right they sent -- away. Now how much -- new. What did they know they -- and not accused him because again. Don't care what you knew about the guy and in the can be capable of this nobody did well maybe some of the things that come out we'll see we'll find out. Which had to have an eye on if in -- yet to be somewhat concerned. You know not every player but it got to be somewhat concerned with the up -- -- talk about every single playlist and -- -- -- be careful what you do in the offseason out of Portugal all the bars in Vegas and go crazy drunk and everything else and -- up a social media. It had a conversation with -- Oh absolutely okay till they don't they don't had this conversation with the other players in the team every single one now why withdrawn. Because it's out there because -- face because they knew about it. -- -- to a little bit about the -- -- careful with Aaron Hernandez and they did what they can -- right the -- about the California he just -- -- so. They tried to if you believe that report and they tried to innate knowledge there was something going on or any people saying they should -- more gonna get people. You're saying they feel biffle I guess that's the question you know when he when you hear Robert Kraft said. Yet do you believe on -- feel differently I'm not -- the organization after what you heard and what you read for Mike Reese from -- Boland. And from Ron Borges the import sort of pretty interesting column importance as there. Yes I believe Robert Kraft doesn't believe that they didn't know anything but he was Barry wrote about it. 6177797937. As the phone number 617. 7797937. Texas show right now because RD ER on the eighteenth tee decks -- 37. 937 we come back. I'll we'll get to these phone calls and you mention Wall Street Journal (WSJ) right 2010. They had sort of eight the first may be the red flags that not just the patriots should have seen -- other people maybe. Should've seen in terms of the drafting Hernandez that and your phone calls next. While it's hard because you wanna trust players. You wanna trust and Internet as a partisan organization -- two years that there was no there was no signs of this no no no one could. -- can even imagine this. I mean we're all -- -- baffled but won't really I mean the guy got involved in this how can he be involved that we don't know the outcome of this yet but he's involved is something that right now we all wonder how can deceive them. The coach Herm Edwards earlier today on ESP and -- -- 937 WEEI. We'll talk to -- one of the three guys in the room yesterday the Boston Globe. -- to the patriots beat he will join us at 11 o'clock this morning your phone calls all day 617779. 793 sevenths of baseball later on including Dustin Pedroia. Gonna get up and join us up from Seattle 130 our time -- 1030. Morning out there Dustin Pedroia after Red Sox third straight loss last night tough one in Seattle you mentioned -- 2010 Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . Got their hands on a personality test. For one Aaron Hernandez the evaluation was done before the patriots selected Hernandez in the fourth round of the 2010 draft was produced. By North Carolina scouting service called human resource tactics. It's a one page former viewed by the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) includes scores Hernandez received on several tests routinely administered to NFL draft prospects. -- what -- came to football no problems there Canada ten. Social us sigma motivation. In which handers get on a one out of ten for social maturity. Also received a perfect ten for town pocus to nines and self sufficiency. Where he got the issues of weaknesses. The report predicted Hernandez might get along well most of his teammates book quote will find very little help time to help them. His response is an added quote suggest he enjoys a living on the edge of acceptable behavior. And he may be prone to party too much in doing questionable things that could beast as seen -- as a problem for him and eighteen and -- Acceptable behavior living on the edge of it and could be prob. For steam this news. Scouting report back into the patriots. By the common with a even seen the report. Com and according to the company eighteen teams. Subscribe -- scouting services in the declined to -- it to one of them not you know I would. We think -- future. You know much research goes in this thing mean. -- if you reached in the player that you would subscribe to report is just one of these things though where it is. Couple different services that do this for the patriots described who did want the same thing could be that we know that's. Nine teens reportedly just to -- the draft were all together. So would you guess some of those nine teams subscribe to the human. Resource tactics report yeah I guess they do the things that stick is this get Bill Polian -- -- -- Colton and doesn't well. I don't know these quotes doesn't say it goes back the draft orbits afterwards now he's just sort of casting in this and having a lot of fun. But going into 2010 draft that they were in need for beat -- and did that there were missed the point there were questions there. Which is why -- that count last until the fourth round he had it never got that far. New valuation of the player we were not in there and and his business elect said Amanda I don't know this. Quote from -- in. -- after the draft that that it would all the little bit more. It may be right now because right now sure Libya the team's NC. That's the reason why away -- exciting target beer good boy pull in the -- you know we took with the number one pick in 1997 via record. So come down bill. Hey Bill Polian drafted group number one in 97 quit with the African victory allowing -- to -- that -- you. Just like pulling could not projected that recruits want to. You know. Putting hit out on his pregnant girlfriend right that was hiding in a car truck with a cellphone and a bottle was own urine. But the patriots drafted Aaron Hernandez predict he might kill someone at some point bill so calm down. Victory lack bull crap after the fact was kind of -- draft for the past that's it and we're talk about -- as well. You know the risk that they took that year I -- -- quarter was one. Risk there were no known risk it all national team player not what this ideologues -- become a pretty good player. And it brought second right back Cunningham spikes. Couple out of Florida in in the also took an -- is out of Florida and Dedrick even -- Alabama in the seventh round and it's Gilberto without causing its head to a cop car points though is that all. Users saying even back then it's of some teams it would while only. They took a lot of risk to double down that risk you know in the extended drop in and Hernandez trade. Risky with the injury -- street and off the field stuff immaturity stuff and they doubled now Patton. Right now and and his policies worked out and grow -- and give Bakken fields nose thing and yeah I wanna get your thoughts and Robert Kraft had to say yesterday and you feel differently at all after hearing what that the owner had to say 617. 77979837. Jill is in New Hampshire leads assault this morning I joke. Joseph. Joseph in New Hampshire put you on hold joke. Let's talk to Karl also in the great city and New Hampshire Carl good morning. Okay number one yeah you can give me a few seconds here I used to coach -- -- level so I kinda understand and what. The patriots should have involved. From the beginning from Urban Meyer. What kind of get this that -- -- watch. Co -- no. They find out quicker they're very very their teammate because somebody always run Specter cut and set. -- what what. What should they have known well -- did you -- a murderer. They had they had a report that they -- was involved in its -- which he was investigated in the shooting that he was. When our cool -- what you did in that the that's shooting investigation because he was a minor was I was rejected in nobody knew until a week ago that was a -- Urban Meyer knew that I I -- every I have no doubt that -- mired in -- And I think if you don't believe that you're the nigh eve on what goes on -- -- Call shall -- -- I I don't I don't disagree with that I would also point out that during his six seasons in Florida when they won 65 games. Your boy Urban Meyer had 31. Players arrested over six. Years and what you know and a lot of good draft -- eager buyers talent -- checked all these other coaches in the NFL in my guys -- bad guy always saying he's performing on the Bible study. He's turned his life around. -- aren't cool Urban Meyer is it's gone back and take that's why Ohio State welcome because they got rid of a public guy it was -- -- newspaper in Urban Meyer. However let's go on beyond that let's get to the patriots. -- you know what Robert -- sounds like he sounds like Hillary Clinton are gonna -- all the responsibility. Blah I didn't know anything. Okay that's leaking detail because what what wonder at what he's got the ones when you say that. If you have a guy bit you know is going to be it and it's getting into trouble I know crap news something. You'll probably wanted to say what kind of trouble you're gonna get into -- I'm not saying they knew he was -- kill somebody. But we knew that the trouble he was gone into. He had to -- to -- Pot probably Coke. I Carl Carl I'll also I would -- European we start to released -- start. Get yourself into he was probably doing this and probably doing that I I know I I don't know how to get eligible to go there goddesses on us to -- -- exco -- You know much more for so let me know what you think their respective allies even in the pitcher after the -- and his. -- to cutting -- a couple of guys. Who missed games violation of PD use what you want what I am apparently Chad Jackson and other guys came from Florida assure the Urban Meyer pipeline with. -- anymore you know but agree. Meyer came out and denied you know how much all ties to a he's an ass out Lou -- -- and -- and it -- the dew is off about. He's he said he was there for what it was a pretty questioned. -- body as a witness of the shooting and apparently against some flight -- but the park. And much detail on me I agree called -- The -- Myers got a better hold of of his team -- hole. You know -- of knowing appease the coaches are gonna cover ups and things bigger Meyer -- and -- some things so you know when you look at it and the shooting at -- question about then and -- -- slightly ruptured was that you're drama think yeah. I'm about to punch a way to instantly rhetoric aside and every back was turned. -- to the report that Tim Tebow won yet people want to see both stepped in talk to police try to break it up try to pay the bill. You know afterwards of course to I think that they were well aware of covered up because seems. You know what I think was a recruit to report right now -- -- even in the school yet. Yet that there was a report that his -- there was a big -- 2007. And showed up on campus and immediately got into. Some sort of altercation before he was even there before he's even enrolled in school at that time after the problem is that was like Myers has come back. Urban Meyer -- guys based on his NFL. Is guys he -- the NFL so it's it's vicious circle of Urban Meyer wanting his guys to get drafted. So he can spend whatever story want to make sure they get tracked and he walks in recruits -- and says look all the guys -- that draft. So this is great relationship that Urban Meyer -- Bill Belichick even back then and pay off -- Meyer talked about it. Reports. Of -- During breaks the or iron in mystical -- -- -- -- there was trouble back cooperated and -- while he was in college. You try to keep on campus as long as possible in one to go right for whatever one's. Some breaks for the football starts -- months off here and there than one home at all the wanna keep my campus so they knew that there was some issues back there. I don't personally I don't first off blamed the papers for draft and the guy. You don't because this is professional sports. Guy drops the fourth round you -- talent. Everybody thinks that they can change of everybody thinks that come in this system especially got a -- Jack. You know coming year a street -- out. All right so now what happened from that point -- rookie year that it won't they signed -- an extension. That's the timeframe we need to look at known as -- back in February that ship about California to keep away from home as much as possible that's already -- the extension. What do they know before the extension. That is the key to all of this because you bring him in the system you talked about some of the culture for the -- -- speak. Robert Kraft talked about it yesterday he was stupid guy lived a double life. How much did they know before the extension that's the whole story -- it is -- -- still wait that's sort of come out there it's Connie -- somebody now gets that the published next always digging right now give it wasn't. And it wasn't him one of the guys that will was their bendable Boston Globe. Will join us at 11 o'clock your phone call 61777979837. -- show. On the AT&T -- line 379837. Pedroia at 130 here on Sports Radio WEEI.

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