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Ron Borges: The Patriots should have known more about Hernandez

Jul 9, 2013|

Ron Borges of the Boston Herald joined the show to discuss his conversation yesterday with Robert Kraft. He said that it is impossible to believe that the team did not know more about Aaron Hernandez considering how thorough they conduct their business.

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Both you know the -- the last time on boards on the air. Jerry and I said nothing regardless like fifteen minutes actually watching. As he and Pete shepherd went -- called hammer and tongs -- expression Cameron Tom writes a lapse -- my -- I -- repeat ship. Each separate board Ron Borges joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE good morning running our immigrant. Do what you what if somebody told -- early yesterday morning the patriots are gonna invite three reporters in the Robert -- office did not think of Ron Borges is on the short list drawn. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well that's true but did did did -- did they say somebody from The Herald and herald -- you. Our. -- they said -- -- Gala tickets went out if I'd do it all my adult daughter Terrell -- Did did Kraft help himself hurt himself or make no difference with yesterday's some event. REL a little bit. Now first stop. He just for a ball all. Act like that app. And he took the first opportunity at. Act state. I think they're right outside a little else ultra. You're art art director -- right. Up aunt -- that he wants. The people. Well well. Party yup yup so I don't and I didn't Billy Kennedy felt people. Out what. Yeah yeah we we read the words regressed the words that we understand the meaning what I'd like to get from you -- is is the I hate to use this term body language but but but your sense of you know how he felt about this how he looked about this what in the emotional aspect it can't come across in print. Right like you know are all oh so long or but -- My. First feeling was that he's really embarrassed -- -- situations and frankly my experience around or as a professional sports team. Is. -- -- -- Imagine a date if they're embarrassed everybody is at risk -- they don't like to be embarrassed and you'd like to be there and outlook but that. Now he's pretty good saddened and confused I think -- went to to some degree. I think he felt that. He knew -- Which -- he was mistaken you know regardless of what actions. Itself. I know -- start up by saying that there are certain things he couldn't answer. For legal reasons were the budget questions the UN -- -- gas along the way he just wasn't able answer. That much which they. And I think that within a few majors pretty I think. He couldn't answer you know army can agree about a terrible job but -- So dangerous equation. Right you know he admitted that obviously. From may. But in -- so parts. Or like should -- -- take some. Responsibility. On the fact that it is not their. I'm at times. Critical the patriots are not. And -- -- -- it's about art but you. Away tickets it's. Likely the were arrested for Merck. Though you do that now on what side. Don't -- is -- Does vineyard it. Do you do you when you when he said -- you -- you -- he was angry embarrassing as part that's -- Hernandez to get the sense he's angry hysteria lower belly check everywhere wears its anger directed toward. I I don't know specifically but I think that -- that it might that was what -- about that organization failed in these big believer. Yeah opposites but what is managers. In charge of what this was the management basically partly -- -- -- Yet making them understand that. He is ultimately responsible for the organization -- ultimately responsible. And somebody didn't quite. Iran I'm interested in your overview of this case as we proceed here can we all agree that Aaron Hernandez to some in some former fashion. Presented different sides had two different groups of people that when he needed to say the right things. People -- to the owner. Got beat beat coach a bowl with the of the staff and bella check. A write a check for Myra -- all those kinds of things he presented that site in the when he got away from the facility and got what his guys from Bristol there's a different Aaron Hernandez a much different Hernandez. Yeah I think that ball more than one person and I think in his state. Like that sick or risks. Streak -- millions. -- Not surprised at all -- was working. You know they see me is now in. -- -- In in your dealings with Enron did he strike you as an above but intelligent guy an average guy or or what. I like -- ever you know why I. And -- like in my house. -- He knew what -- -- believe it brought a -- on. About people's. Well aren't I situated. It would have gone a long -- right end area. You know -- props -- a prop up but I ourself. There was. Something else going on and there outside was. Well crap he would be it sideways. To put it just some. Can't adequately that's artwork. Did you ever dig into later he just you and. Too much common Angola. Well let's sort of reporters we hear it all the time. It also -- thing is that it reflects that -- You know what you're going to address the US. Ilk would get into some of the situation to see other guys it's a dependable along with job -- -- Every day and sort of help. Those. And it still. -- it's funny -- if the they've regret that till you policy apple -- light on beat disrespect but more more than once in. -- he felt the need to. Younger players right practice squad players like that. Just notes pack your mind. It sounds like it might have had the same feeling in the pit -- your stomach that Matt Light had when he said I never embraced anything Aaron Hernandez stood for. Guys I think are pretty much understood what that was it yet but the agreement so it is up now. Thought and that's why I call this morning and a vocal. Critical of the organization because. If you -- That your organizations to. -- -- -- -- -- You know maybe smoke some of recurrent heart or how evidence that your race. Would where's my start to his market. Right right right. Here's my argument argues that the -- forget the murders of Israel agreed that the you know we predict that the new three or four things about Hernandez. In the -- this assignment forty million dollar deal because I think that's the way one -- a bit but it Taylor. Air. Did the patriots keep -- signaling that it. Or all. Bruschi Harrison again noting that. A lot -- -- a lot about the first rock rock rock rock rock rock rock it's not it's not a lot less because it's sixteen million guaranteed vs thirty -- that I. It. Yeah but did that -- -- to the what -- the patriots know transgressions wise eighteen months ago. Well we don't go what do you think -- what do you think we're all secular exit overdo it would -- What do you what do you think they're fine I'm not an idiot what you think they -- I think they do that the people are out OK -- sort. Or break her help -- a look. At that you know what that's. He gets it a murder at -- I -- -- and I find out. That you or Friday. If convicted drug dealer. I hit a wrecked our Polonia burglary aggravated assault. And I look a little harder by. What are your other guy. Is -- -- try to drug dealing. -- -- -- -- -- As it. A number of assault -- yet but I don't have to be achieved -- little you know. What happened or right. -- that's true ironic if they if they were if they had access to all those specifics my guess is -- all this for a fact against speculation here they they figured he was alone or they've itself they they knew he ran with friends from Bristol and didn't hang out this teammates that much they knew we had a lot of tattoos. Beyond that don't think in the two or three years that he was with this organization he did whatever was necessary to allay their fears. By saying well you know it is smoke any pot hasn't -- any tests he hasn't been arrested hasn't done anything bad. Yeah yanks that was some guys that perhaps would be the best guys who do you -- invite to Europe Bible study class. But beyond that it was 41 million dollars and we think it's okay. Well. I guess that depends on how good their security. Well. That's like if Mike brown and Larry Brown I don't think either that or any of us -- will let. Mortality organization but after the -- -- not to say as -- that bubble. That this guys associates. Convinced us. Stay away from. And agent didn't know that tell us why he's got something good about circumstances. You know that they go out at about at the. Some of them that are that are in the back probably a little bit broken. It -- -- so what they've. I guess that you bring your -- still a lot -- right here apple will play a hundred without doubt about tropical what -- where it was meant and I. Are. I ask this the only where's the outrage and assigned -- this deal and read anything about it from anybody -- read that he hangs around with these guys nobody did any digging either the patriots failed that's why. 48 -- start I want what a lot -- it. Was sixteen but I don't like I'm sitting across like a lot of was it's hard. It's a lot of money a lot really a lot of money policy and drug -- and -- Record that are quite a lot -- -- Is it fair to say that the that you didn't think it would -- to this that nobody can realistically -- Hernandez can you are right I mean boxing match. I'd get that kind of outlook I broke out pretzel all the time that Italy Portugal -- -- it problem -- -- problem. Then do that this this 5%. And I just feel teams take risks on guys all the time this one missed this what totally missed. Did you get -- It stupidity. This contract -- -- -- forty million dollars or I would find out who we spent most your time. But it is on -- It's not my eyes is that I'm -- -- -- to what we are where it's got a -- have a long rap sheet. Sorry not give -- forty billion so what do you do that is what. The courts are a pilot got her out and. Relatively fair after -- that you scored forty goals assured twelve in the playoffs it would they would -- so that's that's that's what you guys you know that -- and that's rock -- Iraq. Or I'm not giving them so I -- It all night and I and I actually agree with you I'm not giving a pass and that and that aspect of all right my point is I think they would've done it. -- -- -- -- But what what -- like limited -- a bad job at because of the might of happened -- they did is well job security looking it as possible sentence. -- a better job with it you can lobby your scenario it out. What they have they have found -- -- it all -- two weeks I fourteen months ago it -- after two weeks they've seen what you know what they've seen. I don't know exactly. I was speculating. I know and don't go spend time -- -- right that. That would. But it. I'd probably do. It yourself -- -- -- you know. I forty dollars I think the important yeah I don't want it important nine -- -- -- We'll see if -- run. Out. Or you know so that. We don't know what happened is likely to be the hell I want. And it's now out run it seems to me that he lulled them into a false sense of security. With whatever our ultimate tennis once and dropped just one sentence that he lulled them into race false sense of security based on. His performance with -- the building yes they probably knew about the bad guys -- with but there were no problems there were no rap sheet and no arrest in three years. -- -- -- -- -- Out of -- tackle Matt -- meant by that may be just had like maybe he saw him reading practice player rock rap rock -- do I think I said earlier by the Bill Belichick thought Aaron and his was a -- absolutely no way no shape no form -- right about that the stuff that that might alluding to I think Belichick knew that I think they rolled the dice in it was a mistake I don't know we we don't disagree and I mean we agree on that I just think that they were deciding if they -- stuff -- I don't think they thought used to tell somebody they took a chance. Thanks -- Well you know chip it isn't that they opted to -- and opulent -- I don't listen to their regret that it failed Ron Borges Boston Herald like the time Ron talked you don't wrote. To Iraq. Ron -- the NC on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LTV quick time out die and Andy Tim Derek we CO. We will have. -- -- of the AC tell you. Join us just after 9 o'clock.

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