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Frankie the ex-con from Southie

Jul 9, 2013|

Another ex-con joined the show this time it was Frankie who adamantly disagreed with the ACLU's take on Aaron Hernandez.

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Hey what's going on good morning to -- -- -- on the morning good morning correct you're underrated if it doesn't want to touch on the ACLU thing. I spent most of the nineties and -- And I'm never heard. Nobody complained that they will but to be set in a single cell by yourself. Solitary. I spent. Almost all those ninety's we can -- guide it myself locked up 23 hours a day. When you have to drop but don't you drop it in front yourself make us think was going to get you whatever you had to do it was done it but it. Everybody's looking at you looked at home. Not yet been and don't want to get one out and stake a company plane and into the 500 pound I commend. And obviously you try to step in and say that he wanted to be inside and out. That's never happened to the fact that that he let -- -- 250 -- I don't I don't get the complaint. Would you prefer delivered a 710 by yourself frank yeah I guess. Absolutely yeah I don't think about it a -- you've got things you know you wanna get -- and -- go to about don't you know an infringement on anybody. Just. -- we're gonna do that would have been a function job and we functions what do you do to them. Self gratification I didn't buy yourself yeah you don't I don't take that and what's the complaint what -- this woman gonna complain about famine and yet I understand she's gonna take. They changed hands -- that kind of blew me. Gonna -- -- she's gonna tell us that because he's not been found guilty yet it's not fair day in -- and have long term psychological damage for wind gets out of prison I'm reading Frankie from the ACLs national prison project -- extreme isolation can have debilitating psychological effects prisoners -- alone in solitary confinement. May become depressed and hallucinating. I don't I don't I know I -- I I don't know that. But but my point there's. -- they're gonna treat this guy with kid gloves why because we don't convict. Victim yet now I just wanna make a quick point did Cuban adjustment for the popular -- sure. He would. Involved and I vehicular homicide vehicular manslaughter -- you. Yeah. -- he by the it was going to be used to instant they hit and try to get a break. I didn't find the child Smith. We played basketball he -- -- industry basketball and -- Doesn't complain and and key members of a cat in the prison system because the vocals Smith didn't time. I understand he was convicted. But you wouldn't know why -- end up on behalf. These little little boy look outside of the -- one of them and yeah. I want to -- becomes our next I'd like to either spend one night in jail. And you keep reportedly walked out with three other women -- all by yourself. Just put together -- robot. And here's the other thing Frankie according to everything that I've been able to find on purpose he only spends 21 hours in the cell. Three outside the cell. And I don't know allowed one shot one day. And I should take advantage of it because I mean you don't get I mean I'm not I'm not condone including lifestyle. I'm just trying to explain that I don't want to time it. I -- I would have bent over backwards I cannot let them. Can't -- -- thousand -- -- like to read books. So I -- -- solitude. Hey Frankie how does the -- water pressure in the showers in the war isn't an unbelievable -- lets you were. I know how bad blood pressure is correct you've got a real -- and when you go when you get index. Because I didn't like -- and fish floating around because one of the guys when the -- doesn't like wow. -- -- treatment for growth thanks Frankie where were you. I didn't I've been around a lot of them aren't I didn't who sees -- they want a solid blue again I'm. -- America. Just I think I'm like OK I just a complete match during the -- but I know the complaint I mean I -- declined it was my fault. I took the punishment and I kind of thing that I've come out of it a little bit better than president because I noticed. I knew right -- wrong. But I also come I don't know when that I don't wanna be back here and the worst part about it doesn't try to loud but the worst part about it lesbian. -- 23 hours a day and a six point nine itself into another room and what they feel like when -- and you may not only get along. So by the maybe -- I've also seen guys bigger and better and -- -- and get much bigger and data so much Olympic gods looked the other way. They don't -- want to mess with these guys in Arizona and -- Google would they would yank that's. And he -- get affiliate themselves with whatever -- -- have yet and then they open up whether they got that Latin -- But I'm telling you might think there's always somebody big of a doubt he's gonna step on the long. As always this pastor got to the west what it what did you do what was your crime Frankie don't have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think I -- face right now and that was like flying into my drug habit political gain includes state. And your -- you turn elect brown. Well that's -- not that I'm self employed I became an electrician. Yeah I mean I'm just saying. Speaking from experience I cannot believe that the ACLU wants to step -- I suspect that alleged mad about triple murder but maybe maybe even more than we don't know anymore. I mean I mean he didn't look at the end of seventeen you can implement the first time at seven. -- -- pay attention now she's gonna join us Amy -- 905 thanks for the folk like frank very very -- one of these days when he summer days and here rat. Rabbit rabbit and Frankie rabbit Frankie that it should close the show went all the power -- --

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