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Bradford Files: Mike Hazen talks bullpen help with Rob Bradford

Jul 9, 2013|

Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen joined Rob Bradford to discuss the process of transitioning minor league starting pitchers into major league relievers for the season's stretch drive. Hazen discussed the Red Sox' pass success in making such moves -- such as with Jonathan Papelbon and Justin Masterson -- while explaining the challenges that come with finding relief help at the trade deadline.

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Welcome to another edition of the Bradford files spread awhile but we're back. Back and better than ever and today to be talking with the Red Sox assistant general manager Mike Hazen and what we talked to Mike hazing about. It is specifically. Bringing up the minor league starters. Later in the year to become reliable. Used full guys in the bullpen for the stretch drive. We've seen it done with a Red Sox a few times the last few years with Jonathan Papelbon 2000 -- You Justin Masterson. You have clay buckles even try to for a little bit -- too broad 2010. There's plenty of examples of this happening in and the reason why this happens. It is because of the cost at the trade deadline for relief pitching. Is so high it becomes very very uncomfortable. And if you can do something internally it becomes tremendously important. Instead of giving up. This to say the Eric Gagne trade where the government David Murphy. Kason Gabbard. In a minor -- in that trade and we know how that didn't work ago. It's very very Dicey situation anytime you go out and get guys in the market because teams are gonna hold you hostage all the way to the end. And even examples of where -- worked out for team. Texas coach -- are. Good acquisition but he gave up Chris Davis form. So you gonna have to give up something to get even the notion of something in return. And it and we know -- to say it again. The unreliable nature that is the bullpen that is the relief pitching. It becomes so Dicey and not to say that you're going to be able to call up a minor league starter who might have. Entered in the bullpen for a week two weeks and figured out and getting huge doesn't Fenway Park and that's going to be the all be all and doll. But there are guys who can do it in the guys who are physically able to do it resilient enough to do it or you might hit on one. Some of the names he who might be hearing in in the next few weeks of the next month break in work men who relieved a little bit are believing college. You have Great Britain a guy was just promoted to Pawtucket a lefty who has been owning left handed hitters in double way. You ruby del grosso who a lot of people believe. It's gonna end up as a as awaiting a reliever in his career. And has gone on a tremendous role for Pawtucket this year. So those are some of the names that we can already start discussing now whether or not the Red -- do that we don't know yet we don't know. But at least because of what these other guys have done the conversation can be had in my case in. Again the assistant general manager for the Red Sox. Has a unique perspective he was the farm director when the Red Sox did this transformation. With Justin Masterson 2008 also the farm director when they did a couple other times. With a couple other guys. And now he's right in the middle of it heading into the -- waiver trade deadline having to make these decisions talking other teams weighing how the acquisition cost is. To go outside the organization compared. To what you have inside the organization so for this unique perspective let's talk to my case and might you have a unique unique perspective on what we're talking about which is minor leaguers. Who have been starting may be morphing into relievers and first of all welcome to another you've been on the hot stove show. And I know of you've also been on -- calorie and this is the next step the next evolution did. So our war in which direction were or. Bigger better notice is -- that there's a bigger read this is about this is the pinnacle. This is does this is the pinnacle. But I thought that you would offer his unique perspective for a lot of reasons number one because you were farm director starting 2007 and during that time you guys made the move in 2008 actually. With Justin Masterson which he was the starter and then see him and I think -- July 23. Which was the first year our first day that she literally for parents if you can kind of take me through. What that decision and what went into that decision and and how hard a decision really was. Right so good that your questions there was there are couple of factors and I don't remember every way and that decision I'll kind of walk -- I think. What are member I think you know on the general topic of what you're talking about. The first finger remembered. In a lot of ways we do the hours you know it's it's Bogart's Pedroia -- it's it's typically -- you know extra way. Pay it just be about one position you play that for one position -- the may well that's great. Congratulations. About one guy gets hurt your -- major leaking spektr -- -- you know we need guys that can protect vendors spot and so. Parallel -- Much like Richard we have starting pitchers that we were like that's great we have a lot of starting pitching depth. Started but now starter we all got our vote now. That's not helping much. You know it in the terms are thinking of Tripoli came as protection. We think certainly of the last eight years and a senior we're in really good in almost every word here -- You need to focus on which he'd been the -- I think I'm not mistaken fashion first came up from double starting pitcher we need it you start and and and that happened a number that's almost every vote now. Colts although. It will start pitchers. It what happened in those situations and just to the island where I happen to not -- certain public app. -- yep yep 2005. What happened. You get into the -- and ends in starting pitching depth are at large we watched offer to acquire key. There will be. Its. Target Wal-Mart started its -- there is. -- close but sure one of the middle. You know will be that you just there just are -- pitchers out there that are available starting pitchers just. It's harder market navigate and so -- starting to walk off. He got to get so deep in which deal like there are urged Asian Ellis L opening up or it might. -- some. Or keep in mind that you urged. As you get your -- you know that there are gonna be so she'll wrap your ability to bigotry where people don't. Thirteen inch and in all thirteen think Arabic while. Only tree so that's -- start that it shall crucial. -- -- currently in June and July. Anglo star pitcher of actors urged achieve that they reality that there on the total -- sort -- -- its structure. So we start which. Sure which which are what it's like that and other companies like well. Another thing you need to treat for when you move through your dirt cheap and I think that aren't. What's like we started matched and vote -- out all the other guys earlier in the summer. Get up at retail it will. We feel like were pretty good spot or dish out a couple protection. Quote treat somebody that worked in July so he's going to be now. You know what what you gonna -- All still like apple back in the were -- appointment -- -- -- dosage. Of spare leader. It. And then start to use -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Maybe I can beat that. And so that I think it started a tradition. What a lot of guys. In the deep. On Tuesday they crack at all. Now to try to got all the -- You know start. Will you go back to that that Masterson switch and he actually ended up being a very key part of that run to decimate. And and he's probably I don't wanna -- trade deadline acquisition but he was as good as any trade -- that acquisition -- ahead. Going back to what you just said about as you get closer to the -- waiver trade deadline. He talked about stars you talked -- relievers is also factory in relievers are so unpredictable. And so on reliable and also costs so much at the deadline may be even more than stars in some respects. Is that factored as well. Course so I mean all factors that I Wednesday that there are a lot. I would date yet that's extremely call -- you're you're kicking guys operating situation widget which extremely all of our game you know. Or log a lot of different factors in that regard it would be achieved in the city. Lot of currently. And tenure expecting while in a watch -- -- result set -- the acquisition cost shall we are subject especially don't. -- the backpack with people. Aren't so toward finding. In your old system that can figure out a way to search in those situations. It's extremely able for you yeah. They'll look there's there's good there's there's that we want somebody get its eighth grade it and and it's not just because of their -- -- not because -- dot. But some of the -- or it's also the reliability factor. You know they altered your -- -- on Cuba or Bob -- to begin though they're not gonna. You know you go to nickel belt in the dugout in the well out. And the -- they're they're not available because shock now that that that that's why. I think gene or pay a little bit more about like that that liability apple airport. But what you just think of the highlight the -- A lot of parity you're -- more reliable technical support and and that's why it's sold out are the guys that metal and can pitch in those type situation going down the stretch because a lot actually beat Butler agent -- they're born knowing that there are there -- You know what you might get a better ball and I grow your -- the. Well that's a thing about Masterson that really struck me -- -- was evil pitch all the time but he was pitching in suit and really high leverage situations and you -- a palpable on the same thing a young kid who nothing seemed to phase of and and so with those examples and you mention others. I think -- -- another one due in 2010. Update is is it having gone through the success of what your organization has done. When you look at what might be down the road does that make you think hey you know what we did this warrants. We know kind of what we're getting into -- or not I shied away from it particularly. When you have to get in the uncomfortable position the trade deadline of giving up too much. I think yeah I think look. Very the triple H -- is there to servers stepped up neatly caught. And and those pitchers the twelve pitchers are -- growth in the world with a Fijian -- at some point. We have to look at -- being -- impact church in some way shape or such certainly. You know that's gonna be one of the areas that we would do to make an impact on our Major League team whether in the rotation in or applicable time -- Webster. With some of the guys it's happened and chases well and kind of you know and -- it will rot with. You know by and large and solid keep the couple then. -- -- -- it's well inaudible and which are some of those other guys via -- well. So social at a club that Doug -- All almost got that are AAA apt to be ready to come up and and what personable and a search operatives actually so certainly. -- W -- that we look at as in July. But although there's also going to be external art that too because there there are multiple -- -- -- you know you're not just gonna rely so what's going on intern in charters because. Look no organization that accurate that they app app any pitcher. Maybe it was cardinals. That any pitcher that while the impact here are all and don't stretched so we're gonna have to look at -- they're both internal and. Let's talk about oh yeah so the actual transformation. Because as I said Masterson I think his first relief appearances July 23 that year. How much. Leeway do you have to get a guy into that position obviously going from a reliever who were starters that some a little bit different get ample -- innings wise. But is there a time where you say we need this much time to get this scared understanding what goes into being a relief pitcher. So let that they're really your question I don't -- there's a different school all of our firm. Yeah I think there's there's probably a little bit about it but we aren't there were. Physically out now you know physically indeed got Porsche yet be on. Monday. You know it's I'm down what you -- and apple and -- admirably. You -- -- it one of the big big -- -- Richard. -- you know -- You start throwing first talking you start -- -- and there's. There's some sort of in the report now that that well or for a while they're at a surely in the ANG retarded it happened at the peachtree street where corporate guys at editor called down. Editor Gerri at streeters are up one and it would probably start out. You're accurate and so that -- it's here or you. That's probably be. He's trying to figure courts are. -- leaders there's no starting -- -- a minor league system that got to retain our years and never -- urging them. Remember we got a mobile experience starting pitcher you're you know. Guys that are in trouble right now. You know. Like Webster I don't know that never it will probably not work and would literally work and -- reliever. You guys. You don't know. They don't know what it's like to just get be considered well -- -- -- so that it all worked and it. Yo that's what that's -- -- you the next question does apple wanted in college. And I'm not sure Masterson did in college to budget. The use the release and what. Yeah I think passionate advocates contacted export so yeah so I mean I don't like. Again in an edit and individually bar it's completely to what it worked but yet that's one of the fact that we've looked at. Sort of mental preparation. That's probably that they think -- morsel of OJ. They're having competent and well. Our our corporate ego I just over who should he warmup -- on board game where it started that your forty. You know debate you like if if that's all. That's probably be -- When you look at the specific pitchers in what they deliver how much has weighed -- to exactly what type of pitchers they are in other words. It drew Miller's off of the year now. And in -- good analyst of -- couple candidates. In in the minor leagues who might come up and be left to instigate laughter is out. Do you look at that specifically do you look -- guys say this guy throws hard or this guy throw strikes. Or is it just the entire package of this guy has everything we we want and we think he can handle. Actually it's probably what collapsed and he says. Yeah you're like left in -- now elect inaudible all we -- -- left. Certainly we do have right purple and hockey so Ryan Miller was a little reverse split gather this year I mean I think I was probably are short yeah. So well. But I mean we to have other guys that throughout the courier have been more right -- got lucky -- shall we do have. That ability Europe and probably not after you're that you need and -- also mean we're we're. But -- you don't replace what you. -- so upset small organization -- -- pop since it's the eternal in week or -- -- old universe external structure. I don't think there's any wants to look at that you got into the jail you may have got our. Got all they have got more guys guys -- You know I just Wilson and -- -- -- apple or -- sent to you mean they're all completely got it. Virtual world or are out uttered don't it's. Most of -- -- Aged backwards more than he does word Wilson will -- forward. All of our guys were pitched back to their they're there they're totally different guys they will be active and you know to you John in war options. That certain situations. Out in nature matched up steps and -- You know doing their homework or in terms of where the best match story. I don't think there's once joked that it. Older real back in the ball in the or 96 -- from mean or. Archer report got -- that bird in the ritual -- -- A stack of them all right. You know rock yeah. There are ever bear to think the relievers -- -- they'll all the country. Circle is once joked that I think they probably have bought it from -- that we are packaged to look I don't share you know role. They're going -- -- are -- were rewarded were down. I'm gonna happen to them. And get accurate -- and that's the biggest separated couple. Starting pitchers you -- their if you -- Your State's failure. Your offense takes you. Bumper like that happens what were you struck me think about it -- pitching wins or games. In between when they're not it's. -- out as early which -- back or -- back you know mentally prepared to do that. Probably not -- The and really one of the reasons -- big reason we're even having this conversation is because how uncomfortable. Agent Jeff for Major League teams when you get close to the non we were tread line trade deadline. If you need. A reliever particular area are awaiting late inning reliever. Is that position one of the most uncomfortable. In the front office because we can go through past experience probable JC Romero. ID with before you got there by it every nucleus they -- -- -- -- -- -- me they could traded. Every -- JC Romero which at the time might help. But instead you put in Papelbon in the obviously does help and you trade Gagne give up a time for him and that doesn't work out. It is getting bullpen help one of the most uncomfortable things to do at the deadline because everybody needs it. It's not I don't think it took over their continue to I think it's it's it's you look at. To look at the potential impact ought. You can look at -- -- -- you know the American League east were -- -- now or game. You know I want you know got pitch and deployed in order -- which -- closer so all our. He can be extremely important. I think if you look at. -- -- -- -- mr. terrible he's just were a little bigger impact game middle market that's why don't people return some of the Arctic thanks. -- create start running second in nearly much of the players are really what you don't start -- -- bachelor caught should be Paribas capital Archie are. You know. Teams have you need to back up Altidore looked into and you look I don't know we were so we're capable. But. You know you start testing Turkey Europe the internal options yen and your electorate you know what the external options are yeah -- can be extremely. You don't wanna be an up or were you wanna be able to have internal options so that's why. You know we we've we've won a lot of guys so partners like Wilson like bill Torre. Take a look at these -- in somebody's got to. Fall fall. We are stretched. -- said that we're gonna -- -- -- market and and and what you universe believers that are out there and you know she appears to price it's willing to be a or for somebody. That we he'll be it's. My last question is just by general trade deadline question as we sit here. A fairly early July you sense things starting to pick up do you sense. That teams are starting to talk more it's it's still kind of in their infancy in -- -- deadline. Don't think stunned and start about. I don't know that your you to follow activities. But being restarting didn't start. Conversation that they are more reduction. Really what struck the boss is at thirteen directly I think airlock watch. Understanding and I think that's what. That's why we got merger you know -- conversation all the GM Bieber -- -- out our but. You know everybody still thinks it all -- or all of the -- month. Nobody moving pieces that we -- it's hard doubles. It's hard to a picnic players in the club think that your that your intent. I think you start to move in July are searching for it and so we're we're realistically climbing over at X many teams. Well probably not going to be edit would probably need to maximize our term answer players. Yeah I think you saw where -- start war on on on child. And and do you think like that I think it hurts you know not eat out there are probably at -- burned out are out there it. And you know but what -- -- cards still way more or whatever. Also -- out world. All morning while you were running the other. Joke or. Such it's it's starting. If you go to rescissions are not -- or target specific. Do you figure are start to trickle of activity. And days that really irk you grip separate. All right great stuff Mike congratulations. On reaching the pinnacle of your radio broadcast tenure. I don't know where -- -- from here this hypocritical this is this still doubt it since it's like reaching full -- capacity all you wanted to do was maintain now so. Or are you slide down -- did you expect the schools thanks for coming on I appreciate it. Arabic.

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