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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/08/13

Jul 8, 2013|

Before we go home, you ask it, we answer it.

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It's. Time or answer the question -- answer the question which sunk in how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. As Mikey Adam sits down I will remind you that answer the question has brought you by JR as restoration specialist of your property your facilities manager an insurance pro. Call -- -- to a -- -- a disaster restoration game plan and please call 8774611111. Dot com -- have a nice long week what won. Him. Like hey what does Michael -- -- along that we are zero -- where -- Laughed about that and maybe -- your text on them bathrooms Ohio State seemed to. So it is Tuesday for Tuesday that she -- sort of -- to be Samie Parker after Saturday. You pull that they in Ohio that the public roasting hanger -- I I. Just to pull that thing where you we're drugged up from the -- literally does Woody Hayes about punches like that constantly and parables. -- talk about my card through. You can -- and so when you guys -- she's -- she's a big board today please it duplicitous yes. Think my animals ready you know at the Mikey -- sealed rule that's all I want you. Jerks. What do you think will be the first bad -- -- wife finds out about that he picked up during his time Malone New England game and to throw a no panic in answer. -- -- I mean that captured -- -- company that earn your now you'll find out you know to be bad habits and actually if that's true. Why did you know I had an issue that so. I try to keep my self trained to keep myself in the -- Means that it suggests that center of your bad happens to you about -- to -- to a three minutes during the break now know that racers. -- to stay away from Bill Perry -- That's the into the question most ego okay for males are in state revoke of them and -- Depends if you word at a or certain. Set I was just got us out -- normally. When are you get a line. Before noon it you know. I have a different audience out before new you can only order bloody -- that's the only experts and somebody else -- an outlet centers screwdriver and Alex fear here. By the home and -- -- You know its -- bias I think -- -- -- stupid if you like well he was gonna remotely care. You are -- dynamo he's out now and again on a hot summer night. Order -- it's refreshing. Have anybody question -- I'm not your man. So it's not wanna go home I drink a glass suburban but it Fargo's -- item veto is a man America's I'm not -- -- do you have sex would be an amendment to thank you takitani I think clothing at all you I -- one picture. Michael is there like -- I'm in Kabul Michael's all over the all over he's got yes. It ruins by hand car -- I don't act my name card in my man and gain a little more tomorrow. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It. My manliness is nothing to do any drink to assure you would you trade goalies isn't Webster firmly. Yes -- -- yes it's a lot of replete. Iglesias. And I think he's pretty much -- He's -- and agree where does noticed what he does every third year is -- this year. And it every other year easily be open you respect. Even back at how much strongly. About Derrick and Carlos Carlos Carlos a -- The way and let people -- good guard the heck is every there. Are trade deal I'll do that Webster an analyst yeah. Of course next budget 400. For now. If forced between he really really hot day or really really cold -- welcome hot and cold it would not. I record -- -- record absolutely. It would take record Padilla -- -- consequences of these. It's what you -- so cool just none yet I don't really. Care. Do anything it affects your life you're sweating it out Friday morning -- -- -- reward you. More than when I go out it's negative to this game -- will get your whatever negative to yours fellow senator. Corsets it's much is it a hundred and I. Here for twelve years that blows. You know drops below is I don't remember the that Tennessee patriots playoff game that was blows eight it would no snow -- -- windshield maybe it was -- original circuit. Which -- ticket windows or agree I get back on it -- any time I had my back no matter what the -- if I -- -- really do with temperature the temperature I give viewers singled to the problem. I'd rather do we polar bear dive in the winter sit outside -- -- -- your crazy stuff you are crazy. Our guys -- feel -- radar detectors any bad experiences do you trust them. You'll find them but I don't trust them all because I think they use laser announced that a -- spotlight. What is that line. Of light are. It's too late is it like Lazard had no idea he just said. On the -- -- and and that's excellent that I -- with him just kind of cookies early I didn't along because he was driving the same time I thought that if you go -- -- predictable. But it only 130. -- it my argument to it. No cases all of us with a related expenses. I haven't had a radar detector like 1997. 1998 was -- cobra. Probably I think didn't work it all was constantly going on and you go -- -- -- yet and I think would make it go on grocery stores automatic doors step on the message that said they have GPS and really if you drive by the grocery store that's. Remember that okay. It says its. -- says that's actually pretty cool about this stuff. -- each one of you guys was saying that the that the little. In the car would would go off no matter where was all of our egos and eighty viewers on it and it was interesting it didn't matter where in the car the easy pass would want to pattern our -- won't totally wrong which doesn't matter -- -- -- totally wrong Michael doesn't matter here I got a new EZ pass -- before that -- -- over the -- -- -- curious. I was holding in my hand maybe just of just almost even with the steering. Art it -- -- pressed up against the -- got pulled over but I but I went through the I went through the thing and it didn't go well. Green light -- -- -- competitive commodities to get down on the red lights stayed on customers and frustrating -- that you're gonna get it in the mail for what I -- know how they read they realize it's hard I think it's like ad dollars are chargers are solo. Work for a picture of it they would see me holding the stupid thing that according. You how big picture of me holding the stupid thing what is bound for. I thought about it but I as much he says that's nice my wife's -- to make sure she won and it mounted before -- -- that question. From my lawyers are mounting and mounting well. I knew that was gonna go and here's another question as someone said. If you see a woman wearing yoga pants is that a sign -- just -- absolutely not no no she never would absolutely not what what would you think that as a classy woman. Where yoga pants are prepared and aggressive farm classic let it your best classic of its class short seats -- real pig and you -- Or maybe they should be well but you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's getting things right so are you sure it's not a mood mutually exclusive club. The same as riding pants. Final question here how many porn star names should -- for you should know four names. Wanna -- that export means you watched him. Ultimately actual actual article maybe they'll do well I don't know you know actual porn -- the -- You know zero director earnings. Well yeah. -- know one you have no Janet had she made famous for one that's one. They don't want you to it anymore. But you still -- our name Bibi Jones -- OK so there's two at Norton. Was. What was that how to make public -- And and it's urgent that the it's killer app to read the book what does Michael -- they want to do the entire review on hello or Mike Adams is off almost the full social -- until nine something. -- -- -- Virtually no no I'm telling you I don't all morning long -- silver. -- that way. Well after the Supreme Court -- -- -- Mikey Adams and actually back -- you guys tomorrow at -- to a clocks.

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