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Mike Reiss, ESPN Boston: I believe the Patriots knew what they were getting in Aaron Hernandez

Jul 8, 2013|

We speak with one of the three reporters who was granted permission to sit down with Bob Kraft when he made his statement on Aaron Hernandez... ESPN Boston's Mike Reiss. Mike gives us his reaction and lays out the mood and tenor of the meeting with Kraft.

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Bob -- speaks finally to a very small select group of reporters. Mike -- is BM boston.com Azeri. Joins us right now be the eighteenth -- -- Mike. We do we have had you've had a busy day on the shore what was your biggest take away from the forty minutes or so you -- Bob Kraft. -- -- Used Embarq dot com about -- the Boston -- rate in our craft -- this year so let me and him. I maybe get legally what is comments. Obviously the direct quote my keep as you know quoted this stuff -- true and I've been duped and our whole organization. As in -- that's and quote in effect sort of look at it from my perspective. This is one of the smartest organizations and sports on some of the smartest people running in the organization and I was curious. You know if that would be what they said you know in this -- I'm like oh what kind of a kind of legal advisement -- the patriots getting ended Bob Kraft speak. And maybe did he say some things that his lawyers had wanted to so. Certainly Michael that was something and -- that you actually sit at the start when when we sat down in the top as he said that I'm doing that again. Yet I accept my General Counsel he -- bit. This is something though that I -- do because I think bitten and that has. Erupt quote from there he says that. You know just. Feel like it if any member of the New England Patriots is quote not a murder investigation to actually get arrested. Whether people obstructed justice to the crime itself but to quote an unthinkable act. And a person part of this organization. Going forward and quote that he wanted to have to say those words -- say it's not over the he had been in Europe. When he heard this news and -- -- -- business stayed back and he felt like yes indeed. Deserve that that you're that for. I'm Mike Cutler obviously cover pro football not college football so. All that incidents with -- Hernandez in Gainsville. While he was in college that's not on your watch him is not something to pay attention to but I'm wondering from 2010 to the president. You ever hear any thing from people whispering to you hey Reese look out for this -- was any thing about Aaron Hernandez. That made you wonder if he was a guy. Who was a little different than the public -- Michael may be the one thing would be just how big a little immaturity opposite field that's that's what you would -- -- here. All but 23 year old kid department going to be different than quarterback. In his mid thirties with a wife and kids so. I never heard anything about flop houses or anything like that and I wrote this. After -- you know I think it didn't -- our city equaled -- -- and that was from my perspective on this and let everyone has excited people. Maybe yes nostril pornography the patriots didn't quite certainly didn't and that I I just remember. The night obviously 2012 when he signed a big contract extension talk about being. It changed about the patriot way and in how the organization given the chance and. And I I bought it -- the feel good story -- I had no reason to think otherwise shouldn't and obviously I I personally withdrawn I'm not much else. My Greece with a serious BM boston.com a great read today as he has won three reporters to sit down and talk in person with Robert Kraft who says he was duped. If this stuff mr. I've been -- in our whole organization has been duped the other quote Mike which I've been reading he spoke to me about wanting to be a role model in the Hispanic community I believed him he knew how to push my buttons. Could the patriots have no more than they did -- -- EC we were due to Wii is Wii is as media -- fans etc. could the patriots have no more than they did. Hold my ankle -- it's sort of two layers to this the first since. -- -- you know coming out of college and then the second is what did you know after working it and get heated day. For two years before giving him a contract extension so the first slayer of this. What do you know at a college and we know Bill Belichick goes down Florida. Every year keep the tricky that on campus. The connection with former Florida coach Urban Meyer so. I find it hard to believe that there was any information that Belichick didn't have that adapt our. That's the first player and then the second layer is. When you get the player of the contract extension in August of 2012 you've now had much more town. To evaluate the players the week on the work which he does. And I would think that's the one area to me I could say. Yeah it has -- question. You know what how could you missed -- I know Robert Kraft says you know look -- we don't have private -- On people I guess I sort of step back and say if you're gonna invest the big contract and someone with a twelve point five million dollar signing ownership. But we have to go tail and around that. The media doable probing them and try to find out a little more. Not just anyone -- not just anyone who you're gonna give them money to somebody would at least that enough of a past history. That he required some form of a letter that was sent to the patriots from him but on his on his agents. Stationary when he was first draft. I think so I ticket -- in -- you know I don't think we were thinking about murder charges I think that's you know I would be thinking more about. Some of those of the letter you reference to -- potential alleged marijuana users are still whoo -- with a hang around what is he doing there. Free time and and that's always a fine line there and that's how far you can go step by step as we know that's an organization as often times prior to that it would wait. I'm multiple years for -- extending contracts to try to make sure they had all the information possible that with the deal they struck just two years. With Aaron Hernandez so that's another dynamic to. What about the -- the one case though that I think is may be different from that and and I think you'll understand a little bit more but the the the issue with the Reggie Nelson in the gun shots that were fired and and and that that whole thing our Hernandez's. Potentially identified as a large built tattooed it either Hispanic or Hawaiian man I mean. That's more than just drugs that's more than just marijuana that that one went beyond that and you know little a little investigation into that one wouldn't have been on her -- This is the one Beckett as Florida. Yeah yeah I mean I am sure I I think that and I guess my point of my feeling is that I don't think it's within me. -- surprise I mean I think to me like they spend millions and millions of dollars on arrogant and I don't I think they knew that they were getting and Aaron Hernandez and and maybe I'm wrong I mean it's an opinion obviously but that would be my -- I'm not particular on the like Michael says I mean that was something. I wasn't really part of myself in terms of report. They might go as far as you could tell. Who would he close 200 -- Hernandez. Well -- block it in the locker room he would sit you know next to the hate them so often times. We see you next gronkowski. Welker was over there in his area. Trying to think Michael to try to place the -- you know they'd get a picture of -- in that room. Don't you know usually I would say that the tight -- would be obviously not because -- -- condition what do you guys think guys I would sabres. Probably with a little different than navy. When you heard around you're like all those linebackers like the Bruschi and Vrabel a cold and all the guys hang around together probably could never really. And -- has in that category in terms of gravitating toward a group of guys like that. Have my final question for -- how would you characterize. Bob Bob Kraft. Tone throughout the forty minutes was that this is quiet was the as he's shocked the whole time was it. Does blow away what well how would -- -- you've talked to many times how how what was Bob -- reflected back. Thought it was. I thought -- -- you know showed some empathy obviously concerned and get settled in one of my takeaways Michael Vick we know how much he. Values the patriots for wondering what it means in the community and and that that's obviously a -- -- a hit and I think -- concern there and and also just he had heroes. -- surprised just not seeing the common and that her one of the smartest men in sports I think that. Probably. Have to say you know I if this is true I was duped and our whole organization with you because there. Using an -- what the patriots are both Smart decisions. That don't end up like this. Hearing on -- Greece a great story today ESPN boston.com. You can read it there as he sat down Robert Kraft for forty minutes long with a few others. Mike thanks so much of being -- talk against him. Are they don't like Greece via the AT&T hotline and I guess that one that the Reggie Nelson that the story along with -- Reggie Nelson is the one I keep coming back to Michael. Because that's more than drugs and Hernandez was tied to that long before the -- Lloyd investigation started. Well wasn't tied to he wasn't he wasn't his name was associated with -- he refused to talk to investigators they ultimately let him go. But -- looking at it. Mean that it. The story that is to hold the sounds absurd when you actually read it. Right for me to believe that -- really had nothing to do with it when you read the story it makes no sense. They argued over necklace Reggie Nelson got into a huge fight with them but then everything was fine and they part of his friends. Except that these two guys got shot a few minutes later and somebody saw Reggie Nelson there and saw a guy that exactly fits Aaron Hernandez's description. But they said they have nothing to do it while they're on the floor in you know in Gainesville around all the -- cops who were in Florida's back pocket so everything was fine. I mean it doesn't make sense that story on its face. Would you agree. There except except they couldn't. I mean what what in the case they couldn't they couldn't advance the case obviously they couldn't advance ticket so much but to -- -- we're not bound by the same burden of proof. Nor with the patriot today -- if they were just trying to figure out what kind of a character. Aaron Hernandez was story's pretty bad okay. So what do you think of what how do you think that the story was told the patriots in 2010 as opposed to the way the story's told right now I don't know -- an and that -- a great question I don't know the answer to it. But how but how many people did they talk to I would love to know. I would love to know how much they investigated that incident. Because that was public -- that was out there there was a story about it. They were police -- seven Republicans and a public step and that story was inaccurate as. For example. A newspaper. Was the Orlando sentinel said -- enough that it ranked. -- I don't look like it's pretty it is this very accurate not only look at it and say well I there's Orlando sentinel the Orlando circles at least five. So we don't have an -- and have a record there we'll have to worry about that there was talk about these drug tested by the way. As a reading over the letter even during our break a letter from athletes first and as it is clear and it's fine. There's no way -- and -- no kidding there's no way. And he goes in the detail in. On and on and I realize that the and he made an offer that as income would be tied to drug testing. He is author I willfully quote I will please submit to a bi weekly drug test throughout my rookie season. Eight drug test during the 2010 regular season. In addition the ties guarantee portion was 2010 compensation. To drug tests and he'll reimburse the team on and on and you know it's something that his agent. Noticed agent felt that NFL teams were. Little hesitant about drafting Aaron Hernandez and so. The agent went on the offensive Yahoo! started contacting easiest thing to know if this went to other teams as well or whether this is only sent to the patriots I've been wondering about that.

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