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Robert Kraft finally speaks out: 'Aaron Hernandez duped us' Quotes, reactions and a spirited debate

Jul 8, 2013|

Patriots owner Bob Kraft sat down with select members of the media today and gave a statement and took questions about the Pats handling of the Aaron Hernandez situation. We read and react to the quotes, and Micheal and Mike vehemently disagree on one key point.

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You know what Mike before we get too far on the road and the Palestinian implement. Bring this up. Headline from ESPN Boston craft break silence on Hernandez. Apparently Robert Kraft told reporters from it's in Boston -- on the globe and The Herald. In a forty minute session in his office he told them this is the strongest quote. I've seen first quote of the story -- on New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. Addressed reporters Monday for the first time regarding Aaron Hernandez is murder charge saying quote. If this stuff is true and I've been duped. And our whole organization has been duped pretty strong -- to believe Hernandez was today quote most likable young man says the patriots quote made a mistake. And are facing it head on. Which includes a process in which they will renew efforts and look at procedures you can be sure. Will be looking at our procedures. And auditing how we do things Kraft told reporters. He also says my heart goes out -- -- family. Feel bad that someone connected to our organization. Is connected to this. He also says falling -- arrest ready number of different accounts of how things transpired in our organization. Let me be clear we decided the week prior to -- arrest that if Aaron was arrested in connection with the -- murder case that we would cut him immediately after. The rationale behind that decision. It was that if any any member of the New England Patriots organization is close enough to Merck to a murder investigation to actually get arrested. Whether it be for obstruction of justice or the crime itself it is too close to an unthinkable act for the person to be apart of this organization going forward. When he was in our building we never saw anything where he was not polite he was always respectful to me. We only know what's going on inside the building we don't put private eyes on people. Craftsmanship letter written by Hernandez prior to the 2010 draft. Which Hernandez addressed his alleged use of marijuana at University of Florida. And agreed to biweekly drug tests throughout his rookie season the patriots drafted him. Hernandez also agreed to tie any guaranteed portion of his 2010 compensation. The drug test. Listen to this this would Hernandez wrote. I asked you to trust me when I say you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to me in the use of recreational drugs. I have set very high goals for myself in the NFL. And am focused 100%. On achieving those goals well. I don't know he wrote that war. By his agency athletes first wrote it. Whoever wrote it was apparently to saying what they needed to say. But to get drafted by the patriots which he was 113 overall with brown at the time we all look at and say great value and turned out to be. A huge mistake more from this article more from Kraft. As for the forty million dollar extension he received. Kraft was asked whether or not they had a money T -- coach imposed short leash. He said the team would not assign them to that type of contract if that was the case quote it obviously wasn't the correct decision he said at the time. Hernandez donated 50000 dollars in my aircraft giving back fund. Quote he spoke to me about wanting to be a role model in the Hispanic community Kraft said. I believed him he knew how to push my buttons. Another strong quote there. That's a really strong. Well -- pointed to Israelis that twenty years of ownership and all the players signed by the club in saying. Byron Lars your organization has done a good job his words there. While the patriots could have waited to release Hernandez and perhaps that if it's been Keller kept his salary cap charge crafts that principle was more important than money. Quote their big cost big distractions. Everything we don't want happening so -- Robert Kraft today speaking with ESPN Boston. He spoke with the globe and The Herald in his office for forty minutes first time. He talked at length about Aaron Hernandez the former -- to what do you take out of this. And well and as he said the wanted to jump -- -- -- to have the strongest quote and and it was the first one the first paragraph of the story that read no my -- account of it is I was duped the organization was duped. In the otherwise you know how to push my buttons and he. He's presenting an Aaron Hernandez that is. Duplicitous specifically duke was yes that is one person inside the organization. Tells the guys at the top everything that he knows they wanna hear. All the while is doing something completely different away from the away from the. What are they know about the flop house. Search aircraft -- already -- of about what every -- if he knew of the house that he was not do X clubs and nobody has in place in Franklin as a place. And North Attleboro. That he ever see any of these guys around. I when you're so when you -- those. What -- you when you saw some of these people. Being arrested. Any of them look familiar. There are lots of people at Gillette Stadium. Of friends and family family members were there and supportive. And support of the players. We recognize any of these faces. So many questions and and also talked about the procedures you can be -- Republican and our procedures and auditing how we do things. I think that is something that people anybody of football operations will be bearing interest at an economic. Because I stand by this if you go back. And you look at the organizations. Reports. On Aaron Hernandez who. All of the scouts did not agree and Aaron Hernandez with this with the Smart choice for the patriot. Everybody can agree on that on that and they have reports. From 2010 from those scouts who'd written. Agree woman and I wonder what I wonder what those reported that tractors and you get up to the top craft is clearly giving the message here that the or -- she was duped. By a guy who was being -- that I -- I was gonna look into the game that actually happened where they -- -- -- they willfully -- Were they duped by her man is because he was so great tricking them this guy who committed what may have been the stupidest murder of all time. -- with the with the amount of evidence that he left everywhere does he seem like somebody who's going to do the incredibly Smart Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. Aaron Hernandez at no point has struck me is a genius away from the game of football. Given the way he's handled themselves out of -- about she's certainly not how criminal master judging a thing it's about how are you. How how he treated people that's what Kraft is talking about is always polite. The always said this is what I wanted to do was he duped or was he purposely due to its alcoholic WEEI. They can make very clear as we all know it's -- now. The moment. Do you -- pay the price. -- That was Deion Branch speaking last week Robert Kraft has now spoken. In a forty minute interview with the globe herald and ESPN boston.com. In the two quotes. Probably more important than any and to take out of this one of this stuff is true that I've been duped and our whole organization has been duped later went on to say. Fernandez spoke to be about wanting to be a role model in the Hispanic community I believe them he knew how to push my buttons I'll ask you this Michael asking the question. -- everybody out there as well 6177797937. Was he duped or did you wanna get -- -- Kraft and Belichick get duped or did they get duped because they allowed it to happen because they were seduced by his. How marvelous let's stop right there OK it was just says let's just put the staked out there again we're talking about somebody who views. Accused of murder. Right so. They think they had a murderer. -- potential murderer. In the building. Or they know. That he had some issues have some rough edges. And they thought they can straighten him out -- -- multitude of things they know we have issues absolutely knew -- had issues and they know. That he failed a drug test detail yet they knew that they know he was the 88 characteristic. -- and that. They know. That one day Aaron Hernandez would be accused of that is saying a guy is a characteristic. I don't think anybody in the NFL is saying he kills somebody one day and we don't want this guy an organization. They're vacant as he attentive in meetings is he got against you got to get himself into you. Petty theft petty crime. This is that I don't think that's a crowd this popular the next level I don't think that's a crap let's talk. What he's talking about the the idea of of of somebody committing murder early again we've discussed this no rational human being expected the patriots to know that Aaron Hernandez was going to commit murder nobody blames the patriots for that. The question is was his character so duplicitous. That they should have known there was something wrong with this guy. Should they have known that he was a huge problem not just character risk. But he very very large and dangerous character risk. Given the things that it transpired at Florida given some of the events and things that have happened before the old Lloyd murder that have dead of -- of come out immediately afterwards between what happened in Rhode Island in the gun in the face in that went off in Florida and the and the punching the bouncer in the -- Florida and the pictures of him. With the guns drawn while he was in Florida mean. There's a lot of evidence short of the actual murder of old Lloyd of things that -- he's been connected to in the past that they could have conceivably known about. Well I would say I would go party rice's letter in 2010 do you. So that's basically. The he confession of the things that have an -- and it away they he knows he's in trouble. He knows that he is he's got to do this. Get drafted most guys don't write letters. And most guys are obscure. I know you're gonna drop me at some point and I'll just wait. To get your phone call. This is every athlete gives you a letter yet he wrote a letter here I got a letter says because he had to -- Al. Ask you to trust me when I when I say you have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes demean the use of recreational drugs Hernandez wrote on letterhead from the agency that represented them athletes first. I've said very high goals for myself in a film focused a 100% on achieving those goals. That was that was part of the letter that he had written to Bob -- So. There's there's. An acknowledgment that. He's a risk to the patriots. And if he writes this latter. And it's sincere. Maybe they'll look at him and give him a fresh start I don't know though so let's go let's go to press start. Should they have known that things happen in the last two years last two or three years. I think they should know more about that don't you I mean he was playing on their team. They knew he was a risk enough to the fact that he had to write a letter. In order for them to draft him and feel comfortable when it. So they knew they were dealing with a risk and what anyone you can catch fire -- and why don't you -- what don't you -- monitor may be a little bit more closely rather just -- this -- wrote a letter so I guess everything's going to be fine now my question -- -- -- -- -- to be -- -- wanted to believe that my questions what what did you know when -- you know. Mean did you find out about. The guy. Who was shot in the face do you find that out in the paper like -- Or did you I hope not. I mean -- on one hand I hope not because I hope that they got much better tabs on what their guys are doing them we do. On the other hand I hope that they did because if they don't about a for awhile that feels like something that maybe they could of they -- they should have reacted to a little bit more strongly and then again. And it what else did you know about in the past since he left Florida because of director of the Florida stuff. You can make the case are you know that that hole he was young you indicating an immature on and on. But he's been on your watch cents and April of 2010. Did anything come up. From April 2010. And before this this latest charts that got your 60777979837. Johns in Maine hi John. Although that's my -- jungle ahead. I'll get out sort dropped no. -- I I think that the ticket go public or it -- -- ever heard it struck. Don't do it BP I'm sure it'll hurt a marijuana when it dropped. But after its commitment. That rates in this contract that -- Nobody knows how to straighten -- it you know it's weird because and then they -- up a Smart business mobile. You don't walk to opt out you know a it'll become deal -- -- you know ultimately. -- -- America apartment so. Almost suspect from real people really started did you finish it back and look at the shooting in order to thousands -- -- Don't Hispanic or anything I would -- You don't seeing it was quashed. And then I mean -- -- about an academic side another guy who are due to match. -- -- -- -- -- -- So that commitment and much. But I connecting it to scratchy -- -- -- you know all the older we want it. It. All elections -- coordinate right sides expect that this guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know. She's pretty good -- what are all true but I mean nobody expect them to murder anybody. Agreed. John I agree nobody -- and and and I. This is not about torching the patriots organization at this point or any of that but and I don't know what the right responses from Bob Kraft. But but this one does -- Maybe a little -- but it just feel Bob -- a Smart guy. Bill Belichick's incredibly Smart both of them are incredibly Smart men -- running great organization for a long time. I got duped explanation. It didn't feel right from them they're too Smart to just get duped by Aaron Hernandez unless they let it happen because they really want his talents. They desperately wanted this tight end. Who was a difference maker on the field to be part of their core they wanted to believe that he was gonna be straight narrow enough to be a patriot and would succumb to the patriot way of doing after they want to believe well. But I think their degrees. Their degrees here -- know he was the a sketchy guy yes. Course that they knew it was a sketchy guy because that's why. The tea as our brand their previous caller John dissent that's why they structured his contract the way -- structured it from the start that's why is writing letters to them. That's why they had ago and talked to some people who knew Aaron Hernandez. Because he would sketchy as to begin at -- Well you're not important we got -- at -- -- -- saying he thinks that after he got here he wanted to be a role model and Hispanic community and I believed them and he made a donation to -- chair and made an. Fifteenth of -- guy makes a 50000 dollar donation to -- wanting to say. That -- just try to be fair about it. -- It's one thing for players today. You know mister Kraft -- -- do the right thing I really want a term life round I made so many bad choices and I was thrown off by. By some adversity that I experienced earlier in my -- right now. I'm telling ya hmmm I'm gonna prove it to you. And here at 8151000. Dollar check. The Myra Kraft foundation. Just you know that I'm series. -- think testament is that. That lip service or do you think -- public look at that guy well in retrospect it was -- and I don't and I shall we all got -- in -- in retrospect I should craft -- and if you're standing there at the time and you're listening to this in your little emotional about it. And you don't think could not thinking murder I guess I had a really I get high expectations electric brought it crafty Michael -- I really. -- expectations for him to do to be able to say hey you know what. The sky is really you know there's a lot that's gone on here I'm not just gonna believe it because I -- believe only gonna make sure it's absolutely true you think only dumb people get duped. No but -- I guess I know but I expected more from dumb people than Smart people know. Now others have been happy happens my point is that happens it can happen every happen any capital a lot of people there was any single. Report national report to lowly -- local report. I can see how he accuracy I feel that way you move out early this on -- percent he was due to there was nothing -- just a 100% duped by this Hernandez character -- -- what I'm saying to use I don't think. Yeah you can go on overnight across the board. I'm going to where we are today. Asked -- -- the questionnaire for the patriots how to how to Aaron Hernandez gets at a point right where he -- murderer. Accused murderer. And nobody saw -- I can understand that part of an -- out as we got okay now the other part of Aaron Hernandez getting into trouble. They're telling you what they're not telling you should. Hole. They know he had the capability of getting into trouble because. Trouble is what led him to write that letter in the first place trouble as what let him have me signing bonus of 200000 dollars. 200000. Because it was structured where you're gonna get to rest your money. And you got to show up for work out and you have to keep your nose -- to do while these things. They were they were put they put all of these. These things in place. -- motivating them to do the right thing so they knew something needs to know everything but that's. I I guess then then that's not that we got duped argument in the -- of what you're saying if if that's it in the argument is you know what. We knew there was something wrong. We try to put everything in place to protect ourselves from an -- to get him going in the right direction. Unfortunately. Our efforts were not enough to get an and it was just impossible or nobody's efforts could have been enough. To get this guy moving in the right direction that is different from my god duped he knew how to push my buttons -- -- me. To me those are two separate argument 61777979837. More your calls on this plus another dope from across the country wearing a hat just makes no sense whatsoever -- went four for salt and all W yet. Generally either I -- with -- other people at the request that. Basically whole body. We'll -- that he killed a person. That person is suspected. And that grew up and if it isn't it seems to be. And then the fact that this individual would. I think the final pool and the idea that I believe that bracelet and be with -- what holes. Is not something that I. Won't -- that. As a Superior Court Judge about two weeks ago Renee do we. Speaking at the appeal for Aaron Hernandez's bail she denied that hasn't the first challenge. Remains in jail and now Robert Kraft speaks spoke to three reporters from the globe and herald NE SPN boston.com. And said that most believed Hernandez is a likable young man made a mistake. Interfacing and that patriots made a mistake and are now facing it head on which includes a process in which they won't renew their efforts. And look at their own procedures essentially a self audit for the way they handle what I would assume is any guys with character issues which they knew right from the beginning Hernandez was -- I think with strong a lot of people off here. As I read AT&T text line. And people are really coming at you on your undertake. Robert Kraft. Is. Murder. So -- you know that that's what that's what we keep coming back to so you're saying. How is Robert Kraft duped. And most people are saying well of course used to because he didn't think that the guy would commit murder. My guess on -- more than that because you're right I don't expect Robert Kraft to a known that the kid was capable of committing murder but crowd seems to be saying he thought he was a good guy. He spoke to be about wanting to be a role model in the Hispanic community I believed and he knew how to push my. Autograph to saying he believed that he wanted to be a good guy. That he wanted to be that right I don't think there's not that and there were Robert Kraft says. Is an amazing young man. This guy out Ali he hated everything we're RA and he. Hey he really was a law abiding. Respectful young man what he said it was polite to him. Yeah but I -- Michael it goes beyond that I'm not talking about the murder and talk about being a good guy I think he wanted to believe that he was a good guy. He says when he was in our building we never saw anything and we welcome your life he was always respect -- and nobody should feel a little bit more. They should've done a little bit more due diligence rather than just saying I guess this kid's fine. We only know what's going on inside our building why the only thing you know is what's going on inside your -- I don't believe that. I don't believe that's the only thing they know you're telling me the Bruins know everything that's going on with Tyler Sagan. To the point where -- -- a guard outside his room when he's on the road -- but the patriots don't know anything that's going on with Aaron Hernandez who they -- it was a risk coming in enough that he signed a letter. Two before he would even play for the team but they didn't want to monitor anything that was happening outside the building. This is we don't put private eyes on on our on our people can find maybe you don't need a private I've you do not play. Again Michael that's -- and that there was some willing they they were they were willing. To be duped they were willing to let it happen if they weren't really doing all of that work well we're really doing all that research they didn't do everything they could. The fine and everything they needed to know about this guy. To that does that work to their advantage if if Aaron Hernandez if they know. Don't do anything about it does that work to your vantage. To ignore some things happening with the with Aaron Hernandez probably not that they that they that they know. That he is a -- a good guy bad guy I mean that's that's subjective if they know that he is a person. Capable of doing some pretty bad thing isn't that will take him away from the team. In this case for the rest of his life -- taken away from the team for three years five years. You think that worked their -- to ignore the you what you're trying to do and ultimately what you wanted only care about what -- -- Don't care about you know the guys -- It's been enough time with your family and I are you ready are reading bedtime story -- kids all about -- a good husband pretty exiting flowers -- don't care all they care about -- football so. If they think Aaron Hernandez is doing something that will affect him as a football player. That makes sense to ignore it. It's gonna come back to them this came back to. Not if you get out of you get what you need to out of it in the meantime I mean if you're willfully kind of ignoring it and saying cannot you can ignore gonna get as much as we can out of this guy and that seems to be what happened 617779. 7937. Marks in Rhode Island time mark. I guess. -- the -- in my perspective as somebody who bombed. What it around a lot of blah. Former -- risky use. Arm and guys work first managerial. Armed gang -- -- -- outlook collapses and the vast majority at a tech school. On the debt incurred a population were. Our students and you know mid forties from not so great neighborhood in New York City action and they are charming walked. These guys that are apparent gang -- actually quite friendly -- -- my former student now who was a pretty big drug dealer. On. At one point time probably in the late eighties early ninety's. He's a really good -- -- like a really nice guy. -- as far as I know he's completely on the street narrower now want to do you think rightly or and I can tell. But he's really charming super nice guy I can see how. Oaks in the world. Or not or want or willing to wanna believe you know who these guys are that -- argued you know these stories. There's no doubt people can be fooled there's no doubt you can -- your friends you can fool acquaintances you can -- lot of people but the patriots. Have a lot of resources at their disposal that most people -- Brian -- Bob Kraft and and Bill Belichick. They had a lot of resources. And Dave and they've had some experience in dealing with people they they should either be sort of follow. They needed to former not -- -- -- how just how much is doing some of the same digging that but just talking to some of the police in Florida public doing some of the same every search that that the reporters are now doing in going back and finding all the connection wherever -- are they doing now. The -- I don't know Tennessee lately of the newspapers are Dorgan. This is that it was about you know back in the day as far as I'm concerned like. Who -- sure it turns out there's a whole lot more than now -- -- I mean there is the fight in Florida and the gunshots in the present and two people can I mean there's a lot more. That's what is the reporters are doing that you know Kelly -- he had the report for outside the lines that was that's happening not -- a vacuum that happened because. Of the murder charge and -- Hernandez so once. Once that happens once he was on on national TV. 2.5 times a day being shown. It in the white T -- taken out of his house. Then local police called Florida asking for follow ups on unto god 2007 incidents. Then reporters started saying well this happen in this happen and you talked to former teammate you talk to a former coach. All of these things when -- emotion. After that and -- -- for the for the newspapers but so patriots are the ones who actually had to make the investment actually had all this information. At their disposal and and chose to ignore some of it. We had what appeared to schools that and his involvement in the south and Florida absolutely public event and at the patriots got to have that information then. Right so you look into it. I had I don't think they -- they asked about that that's what he's saying duped he can't. You can't extend the timeline I think the timeline when he's saying is we got him here in 2002. Aaron Hernandez became a patriot officially in April 2010 and April 2010. It until July 8 2013. Yeah okay this is what I thought was happening in this is what actually happened. Where in that space. So they have known that they would be here today. I don't think it's about knowing you should be here today no one saint. No -- -- you have to know that Aaron -- gonna kill someone -- no I don't think that if if -- -- -- not what he's saying -- it's right -- he -- the first -- he -- -- that's not the one -- -- this stuff is -- right that's the first quote I've been -- and aren't really great about that while you're -- -- about the murder can be sure will be looking at our procedures and -- how we do all right and I'm not talking about that -- I'm talking about the later won -- says he spoke to me about wanting to be a role model and Hispanic community. I believed -- he knew how to push my buttons are. The craft is allowing them to push his buttons they wanted to hear this is the PR spin you would expect Toms and Maine hi Tom. I under article written by Michael -- you're only. Return 113. Pick in the NFL draft. 31 of the rules set -- because -- we are. More than 113. Just seeing what should look -- look -- the -- -- and sort worship this what. The issue that slid out and it is an eight mile to pit road. Yes oh yes I bet you know wait a minute no I'm talking about murder. I'm -- they did see that he was at top they know. Our top OK they don't hit they knew he had a -- -- -- sketchy escaped sketchy character guy today. Skip yeah not that. At 31 other schools. You'll be okay how about this the patriots Tom lets us have a conversation here OK if you haven't. If the patriots didn't draft Aaron Hernandez do you think he would have gone undrafted. -- I don't know I don't know go on and of course we don't know what we're talking about what do you think you would have gone under. So it wasn't it wasn't 31 other teams. Wouldn't have Aaron Hernandez on the -- -- -- handful there was a patriots who said -- we'll take them here at 113. Because maybe the next time we pick. With the -- pick in the fifth round maybe won't be here right. So somebody was willing to somebody -- other teams besides the patriots were willing to take. Effect. That's correct. Now that we're willing to take them we don't know what luckily yet to question what we know we're back. It got up 212. -- there wasn't another NFL team -- -- -- -- an all American talent. Absolutely that's right. You're I agree I -- I eat it -- is something argument that it's indisputable because it happened. The facts are 113 for the patriots -- you're absolutely right. Now I'm not arguing Aaron Hernandez as a good guy. At all well what I'm saying -- I went that -- that you're that you're there stop Belichick but I quit. Pop pop -- -- way. And they have got a great job of eating this -- that they -- cart web part of every other organization when it comes to. Character arc from the advocate he ordered. And it's all. But they're not that -- the patriots have a disproportionate cheer our party actor trash on that team. -- what they've done -- and parent want it checked it double what are those apples. And the Patriot Act treat it and ordered all it -- -- -- security at saint. We know about these slot that the change -- But well let's method that last point is a fair point and I think it's right here -- the answer. Is there and herald reports. They can look at their scouting reports on Aaron Hernandez under character and then there's that there's no doubt in my mind. That one or more of their scouts said. I wouldn't draft. But they're probably talking about. -- maintenance. Is not. Is not -- double not a good teammate. On and on all the all the football things in the aid and they have put in there and there was an incident in 2007 and Florida. I heard this a source says that marijuana all of those things. Aren't so if the patriots know that. Tom and others are saying stay away because. We can go to the next level as a product last week. Have a -- on their team. Who was sweating it out this if you was going to be available this season because he was accused of punching cup. They have a guy on the team. In Aqib Talib who they extended and he has. He has a laundry list of issues that happen to him and his career they've got guys on the team I think laughter are they being duped by those guys like wait a minute. There -- guys on the team. Based on what they didn't college what the -- what they did their first 22 years of life you. Are in the same position that Aaron Hernandez was until it went to the next level right until we found out other things so you can make the choice of getting rid of those guys out of distancing. Yourself from those guys right now because -- is obviously leading to murder use that logic. Very important. It's not about the arc leading to murder it saying when you have those guys on your team you're taking a risk. When we don't have a characteristic and your team that we -- -- you're taking a -- don't we're not there and when it turns out one of them ends up killing somebody and -- explanation as well we got -- -- you weren't -- you knew you had a guy. It was a herculean you got a guy who -- secure and letting it do you you he wasn't a good guy you've gone. -- your team you know character is you're allowed a -- on the -- -- -- Don't know I didn't want to -- yeah. Prod then talk about it I'm not and not us and got. You've gone from Maine at all California I've gone out of character -- the airport you should have known -- Are you know. And I'll back that you have to hit I got you upset at fault you know a guy on -- homes -- -- Therefore you should have known what a confident they want you tell me again when I set I was this -- -- On your team was a character risk when something -- and how are you sure you're all day long it is not gonna based on Friday. Do you -- -- your team that was a character doesn't mean you should have known it. But you ask whenever this ends up burning what are you going to be shocked we all knew it was a written -- do what the real. How to guide your team we took a risk on when the -- -- why it's a burning you and it's a murder yes. You should be shocked. Yes because you didn't know -- was a murderer so therefore -- a guy. I don't care you killed 25 marijuana test so god built 25 marijuana test. And then one day he has led out of his North Attleboro mansion in handcuffs accused of murder one. And you're not supposed to be surprise -- that was common because the quality I think you have to know what was coming but you bear some responsibility. You -- to risk the -- backfired on -- you bear some responsibility. In the fact that you took the risk and it didn't work -- really backfired didn't think the -- -- finally I would think -- would -- lighting -- murder being -- -- murder no kidding but unfortunately that's what you -- when you take a -- what he's saying no -- -- -- argument saying what you shouldn't be surprised shouldn't be surprised that your risk backfired. Maybe it shouldn't make you think would backfired at this point. Maybe didn't think it would be anything this bad but when you take a risk you are knowingly taking that chance that something might go wrong. And something did go wrong it went to the absolute worst possible place it could have possibly done. You did take a risk knowing that things could go wrong and that came back to -- 61777979837. Salt and holly WE yeah. You laid -- dogs he can't be that shocked when you get fleas now do you think that the fleas are going to completely overwhelm your body. To the point where you end up dying from an infestation I'll probably not. But the moment you laid down with a dog you took on all the responsibility. Of the police ticket come with -- I think that's for the patriots are. Could have predicted murder Michael I don't think that they had any business predicting and I've never said that at any point. That I thought the patriot should have predicted that this would happen that they're responsible for but. When they made the conscious decision to draft the guy -- sign a guy. With a checkered history within -- who was and who was a risky. Signing any risky draft -- They they took it upon them the liability that something really bad can happen in this case it bit. That's what I'm trying to -- Yeah I guess. -- I don't know. I don't know it in in in some cases short there's a connection there's. A connection between what you saw. A couple of years ago and what's happening now. If there were designed to reporting you know there. And you saw it in in you witness that. The last few years when he was a patriot. Been a patriot since 2010. And I don't think they have seen anything. How -- they've seen anything that would give them they hit me that Aaron Hernandez who one day be an accused murderer now. The question we'll talk of Mike Reid Mike Reid was in that room is one of three people three reporters I should say who was in the room. With Bob Kraft when he made these comments. Mike Mike -- gets in Boston in about ten minutes. But the question is what did the patriots known when did the patriots know. And that's something -- Now they can answer that question if they knew about somebody's things some of these violent incident that he had while he was in New England. Or maybe a case can be made then they should have moved on. Before. Aaron Hernandez could be described as a dynamic tight -- who used to play with a knowing -- page. I think that's true but I agree with you but I also think that there is. It doesn't have to just be a should've been text message -- AT&T Tex lines -- are you saying that they're the only team to take a risk and -- got no of course I'm not saying that. Teens take risks all the time and in fact they have to do sell. But when your risk ends up being the one to come back and bites you you're gonna be the one has got to own up to take the responsibility which the patriots by the way have done. They did at the moment they cut him instead it was the right thing to do. I'm just surprised to see the word duped here because that's put some of the onus back on to Hernandez and saying he duped me he was -- was what I don't -- -- bonuses on. I mean are alternately. You goddess forbid what murderer is on him what he -- for taking any risk on a bad character guys is on the. Are you -- to receive taking responsibility. To take responsibility for. You know you drafted. He drafted a set of problems. They -- some problems and Aaron Hernandez Staten. He tried to address those problems he tried to. -- some of them you thought but I guess. They were they were a much larger in the patriots you know. Yogurt that that the problems very clearly that they were lower than what the doctorate -- his problems were larger than they knew. Then it's either -- case of ignoring them or not seen him. -- I think what he's saying I didn't see him he dumped me I thought he was a different -- anyway -- and reading how much more than -- A guy that's going on the Mike any I actually I want to talk a little bit about an article saying something about the patriot way and I -- I really wonder where people got the misconception that the patriot way you want they have a bunch of choir boys and -- locker room. The patriot way has always been a ball winning. And being polite in the house you know what I mean keeping things in house that's the only thing I'll never really got from that. But other than there. I really think that at the -- leader talked football and I know everyone admiral caught up of them are -- -- of course you know first priority but on another note. I don't think we're gonna skip a beat. -- -- at all the issues we have. We have Tom Brady throwing the football and he's done -- what -- -- yet now -- -- your first point Mike. The picture -- -- yet it has. It means a lot of different things to different people and you're right some people say it is all about. Of the patriots think in their better than everybody else theory error against their above it all. It I don't know how we got that point I always thought it was a way of approaching football. The way of approaching football Englewood Aaron Hernandez is part of the patriot -- He's a part of it because that the patriot way has been would have a strong locker room strong core guys -- will take our risk. So he's the -- part of what's always happened here -- Guys who had. Much more sinister things on their records and Aaron Hernandez did the timing was drafted. Hampering you Corey Dylan should bring you -- a host of other guys they said it can take that we can take a chance on this guy. And it will probably work itself out in our locker room in this case at the -- of Providence high atop. They only you know all of Michael -- oh outlook during earlier on in the hours. If you were talking about you know how how could the patriots are really not know. And and I totally agree with you I I don't see how the woman called out about you know a lot the patriots did you know there's no way. Really -- goalie -- but now. All I'm Fortier flying his. You don't want to talk defining and called on Tom defining known what. I'm gonna -- could have known that Aaron Hernandez. Could of because. All the -- I apparently he might agree and that character but they had no way out again to find that you're going to be murder. Are they guys who -- -- on the -- gets at least slightly improperly sit there and all over the place where gang. What they could have and hold on that's not true if they had spent enough resources. They could I mean it integrates -- -- benefit -- of they had fallen I thought they should've. But if -- followed -- -- they would if they had hired crack security team to follow the guy everywhere he went. They would have known that there were some really horrible stuff gone. Well maybe maybe it isn't Tom -- it is possible and you're saying there's no way they -- that's not true there is the way they cut. But publicly. Out there -- not very popped right that's true but it is possible. Oh quickly here. If you're looking at the. Stock market right you're looking about what to invest in New -- can tell you let your researching. What. All you can integrate -- A couple of years till you -- nominally a portfolio looks great. Before we can't totally text or an internal thing what the company whatever it may have been it was cold here aren't -- it. Couldn't identify. That -- at the patriots didn't -- that -- a commodity. But we're winning that -- -- -- Sure hold on a second thoughts on the difference here in your analogy is the patriots made Aaron Aaron Hernandez wrote them this letter because of some of the problems in his past. So you -- in your analogy wasn't just some random company that you degrade on the you knew everything was golden on it was company that you were taking a risk on you were saying you know. There's some weird issues going on in the board of directors and they may -- were investigated for a few things by the SEC I -- well but hey you know what the FCC investigated them and I'm. I'm a little nervous about a but you know what I. I love the way it's going I love the projections on the stock so I'm gonna investment at a -- great works out for three years and at the end after those three years in year number four it turns out some of those SEC investigations were just the tip of the iceberg and that there was actually some real corruption going on in the business you -- Are you gonna be completely shocked. That they your business plan that they -- you invested in a business that was. Already under some investigation had some weird rumors swirling around it failed to. Of course not he can't be shocked by it app points you are you knew going in that there was a risk factor associated. It was obviously worse than you thought it would be but you know there was going to be your risk. -- this is heavy rebellion in the security extends an FCC yes out of the southeastern -- our conference but secure it's -- library -- it's it is not a virus might Greece was in the in the conference there with Bob Kraft. Earlier today wanna just three reporters to be in there with -- and he will join us next who gave his insider perspective it's soccer -- W media.

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