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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 07/08/13

Jul 8, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon today. Dwight Howard, Andy Murray/Tennis and more.

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-- And now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate Fuller report or ball. More fun cleaning. -- Well we solved it -- and sports radio and W. Up. The Texas Rangers have a future star in Tripoli right now and the reds -- should be trying to bring him to Boston. Many Ramirez -- in his first is that we're currently. In Tripoli around a little Manny Ramirez play another game in the majors. All the minor league testing system is tougher than a Major League patent system. He cannot do that job anymore adopted. -- performance enhancing drugs. Even though this -- is hilarious. OK. Okay. You could not be more -- the guys at 333 what's today Monday he's crushing the baseball he's hitting 330 billion triple -- it's only a matter of time. Before somebody who many skills that makes it back to the majors that I rely on writers cannot wait. For it to happen. -- Siam Dwight Howard is now a Houston rocket and that left a quote this case in Phil Jackson's mouth. Jackson also pleaded Howard would be better off as an -- so who will win more games this year the rockets. Asterisk to the masters -- -- when what 6263. Games as of right now they're gonna be just just just under 100 loss team. Probably. Get a little bit worse I would think in the second half of the year as they kind of give off and other teams have. Really important games to win against the let's say they win sixty games fell on a rockets get a win sixty games I -- now. I probably won't win sixty games that we pretty good but they also play in a tough conference the west the one thing though -- Dwight Howard. Situation Dwight Howard sweepstakes won by Houston. It makes it clear to me. That the game has now changed -- MBA in NBA game the free agency game is different we got to start using different terms. Because before we always said. Los Angeles players champion outweighed wanna begin Miami. They wanted to be in if Phoenix warm weather all they wanna be stars celebrity's. Dwight Howard -- in Los Angeles over the clippers but with the lakers. Playing with Kobe Bryant. They had thirty million dollars more to offer than anybody else in the Los Angeles Lakers. The championship lakers second best franchise in the history of the league. They lost out to the Houston Rockets but it tells me -- guys in this new generation it's a different -- front James ardent. He wants he wants to play in it he went on Twitter -- -- that and the grand. Howard Anne -- celebrating the news you want to feel comfortable great story on ES in LA if you get a chance user agreed. Ramona shoulders talking about some of the negotiations. In and that the pitched to Dwight Howard Kobe Bryant. And Steve Nash there. And he's going Nash and he's going your rights and you guys didn't defend me that it stand up for me -- Kobe and Nash even do and I want. I didn't know you don't dissuade people this will want to say anything during a regular season. It is a much more sensitive. Much more. Touchy Feely new generation you think that's everywhere are white Howard I think it's everyone what or why it like LeBron LeBron play with. Wait wait Chris Bosh. I think there's a culmination reserve my buddies alive it was for -- I really is gradually. I think it's a bunch of things I think -- buddies. I still think that for some guys it's still the weather in the excitement of each city I think for some guys it to winning but they wanna win on their own terms with a little with a little. Coalition that they've formed with a couple guys that they think they can win that -- -- the. I just think we got to get over that that thought of that competitive superstar. Who breathes fire. It can do it I'll be the man I'll be the face of this franchise and everybody will follow me I'm not I'm not teaming up with anybody you complain to me. I think that day is over three. Andy Murray finally won the biggest tournament in all of tennis. He is the first Brit to win the tournament in 77 years. Ordering drivers -- for any -- Sherwin -- -- -- but it definitely -- out. Why is nobody seemed to care. Does nobody really care or do we just not wanna admit that people can't my tour does not part of tennis here and emerge alive. People -- I mean my Twitter timeline was in. You totally full. With people talking about how they were watching in humor in the crazy moment how great it was to watch. Yesterday the moment a year ago when he lost. Was incredibly emotional he was crying and all of England sort of there to support them. He finally wins this year thought Djokovic was. Rates in defeat to be really magnanimous in defeat. It was a really exciting match you are golden age of tennis that are and the Dow and Djokovic and Murray and even -- some of the other good players. This is actually a great sport right now and I think a lot of people are still watching it. Is that nobody wants to talk about it that way. We get caught up everybody and there -- way we never wanna allow them to switch adding people care about it as much now as they did. At 225 years ago more people are watching right now. They have more means to watch it. Now than they do Tennis Channel -- pattern and all the all the various ways you have to lemonade with a tennis was tennis ever pay when you talk about that pop art epic four sportsman whatever that for -- it's always been the big fourteen sports and I think tennis was right there though I mean tennis. In the early eighties you're right you're these are the NFL and then tennis. In the same breath. Or talk about. Baseball and tennis in the same breath hope it's -- what I think people did at that point really again. I mean it's an -- that an individual sport as supposedly team sport but it was certainly I think a bigger deal and golf at that point don't you. Late seventies early -- don't you think tennis was a bigger deal than golf was I don't know that's the case -- -- don't have an enemy in this in the late seventies and early eighties -- -- Gary Player he still had Jack Nicklaus you know Arnold Carl -- but you also had Borg and McEnroe yeah honors here then leading ways to go and Lendl and Edberg Becker at all. Numb and I I think in the late seventy sadly I think pretty big I think this sport was healthy and continues to be. Calling cap and it is caused quite a stir on the fourth of July he was seen wearing in Miami Dolphins hat if you're a fan of the 49ers with this yes. It would bother me at times you see his response on and it means to Graham he's got a picture of him with the ball on ten was the look in his days. He's saying this is the hat -- matter that I'm in -- way -- what I want regardless of what you think. All you need to worry about is the fact that I grind for my teammates in the 49ers. I plan on doing this until that moment in the building ridiculous. You almost be -- -- -- this is what code you tweeted me call whatever you want me he's -- office. He is this this is do each -- move now market compared Aaron Hernandez are like that he's not a criminal. And -- on -- is a great player -- really like watching but just that huge bag move. There -- 31 perhaps you're not allowed to Wear. I don't care what fashion don't care what teams you like the fashion sense or. Where -- baseball team LeBron -- the Yankees had to get mad when Iverson -- idea and so was he regrets are that he was wearing at the practice prior if you don't have to represent accuracy in everything you do have to represent. The team that spends their money -- -- keep their paycheck. I don't Wear the short of any other radio station in Boston when I cruise around you work for -- you don't walk around wearing your Pepsi -- He worked for the San Francisco 49ers there's thirty apps that you shouldn't Wear. You don't want -- one as you think you've been featured highways that it was a -- is the right. And you know I want -- -- on the NFL team that's on. Had you know I can't help but I'm just trying to I'm trying to think of a counterargument. -- originally -- -- it should argue this is here this is what that's the -- a look at it. Sure it will be upset about it I mean should a 49ers ran a sort of be upset about it and in the grand scheme of things no. Off course if your team and you see somebody -- your quarterback. That's our quarterbacks -- -- quarterback wearing. The hat of another team and I'll talk to rival for another -- -- NFL would you ever do it you know this is confused. -- Dave -- That is yes. -- compute it. That I don't have it. -- third quarter and and by the way spare me with the he has the right to Wear whatever he wants of course he does nobody's taking away his right. This is not freedom of expression of how we're talking about Senator Biden right where but he deduced the 70 Miami Heat. A Miami Heat had with the dolphins in Miami. Dolphins 31 -- it's a Brady shows up tomorrow. And he's wearing an uneven St. Louis Rams you're not tell me you're gonna give a weird look -- -- I mean is that like it is not a great hair. Text message -- in matched his kicks. I mean is that a great have been asked what that's why did it but not great hat -- Great -- like the -- -- blogs -- top sparked popular vote count on me I actually disagree that I talked to him logo are always like the dolphins' logo and know their uniforms as well pat patriot you know what you're paid by the San Francisco 49ers you idiots take off your dolphins that that is today's 44. -- and volume we. Discuss the news maybe what about twenty minutes ago half hour ago that Robert Kraft spoke for the first time. Since the Aaron Hernandez incidents since he was arrested since he was released. And since the beginning of the trials -- with the arraignment a couple of Wednesdays ago. He says that he was duped he says that it he spoke. Two Hernandez who said he wanted to be role model in the Hispanic community I believe that he knew how to push my buttons. Those are two with a quote from Kraft but he also talks about how be released on how the decision worked. What do you make of the what do you make of the patriots roll and now we should continue to look back and out of doubt that either the explanation or the spin cycle has begun. What do you make of it 6177797937. Salt and -- it WEEI.

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