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Daniel Nava with Salk and Holley

Jul 8, 2013|

We check in with Red Sox outfielder Daniel Nava after a superb first half of the season for him. We discuss what's changed for him and his game, and the differences between last year and this year for this Red Sox team.

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Just some Nike Adams he's in the building he's ready for answer the question here in about twenty minutes he got questions we will answer any question any subject. 37937. You can -- that 37937. Or on Twitter hash tag ETQ. Red Sox -- red hot at home win the first game of the West Coast trip as they go to Anaheim and then. Tough loss Saturday night and get shut out last night Daniel Nava joins us and unfortunately for Daniel. -- not named to the all star team although I think there's a lot of people -- in the disagree with that decision reopen that that that may be your name would be on there as a reserve this year. I'm glad they are the yeah -- -- that I was well short but it is. You know I have a let things like I like after our first in -- B yes. Also written me a lot about it here before. Yeah the city so. You lay it won't win but I mean obviously any guy who's done. There's a good solid turnout is as it gets it and plugged in Austria so. Yeah I wouldn't -- but that you know. Another important thing about my list it is well so. I don't know how you how you work on your game in the offseason and coming into the year. We look at Q is kind of the guy who was going to be a platoon player and you turn yourself into much more much more than that is there anything you can. I go back to specifically that they got you to this point. I'm. I think that so of course I would not doubt intense what value. -- Learn -- better idea about. It -- what my role better than what they overload indeed it Sharon and communication was great because that's the that would help -- -- nowhere in your -- on that role -- not feel like. Just don't know what you're gonna. Yet Cabrera delivered yet know what they expect it you know went a little Lendl about the player. I think that is that any player especially need selected could repeat and get rid of it play -- and -- We relax. How much of that do you think is is the advances you've made as a ball player how much of that is John Farrell's managing style. Gosh that is probably -- -- like a hated enemy. It's nearly got. Hired he didn't call -- let you know I know that I'm not he can Duke it out and build out of especially those who did it also started my point is that it's been treating acute issue and then we hit the countries have players that hurt. The media is to stop it I knew that. I -- coveted try to compete for a job and if that is what you could help the as far as trying to work about -- but sit -- that baseball -- as well both those things. It would be a good spot. Everybody knows you hit a Grand Slam in your first at bat that at Fenway not a lot of people know that. You swung at that pitch because an interviewer suggest to you. That you just look at that first one because you never you only get 11 pitch in the majors you've ever and without interviewer to remember -- I don't know if you know that -- You know we have now I can I do every job he would encourage me that but it. John bland brilliant since I was in stride it was way I would. Let the body about it until I was trying to get back are out there that the fact that it. Curve ball so he's he's a good at bat it was some it and just get -- back you want to get that. Committed battery belt you don't -- like Aaron being -- thank you media area -- battles. But when it also excel I was if it doesn't hit. Plain. -- we don't get that sort of get out. Red Sox outfielder Daniel nobilo this year around salt and holly joins as the the AT&T hotline. How good the Red Sox this year. I'm sure that's part of that of people forget it I think that's up. That's scary that you know it's not like it's just one guy in the lineup it offensively do inside it's just one pitcher in the rotation is. We've got a great you know top to bottom offensively we have a lot of guys should be eating. They get prepared to do the opposite numbers we have this year than. -- it's your life -- it was pretty much. It's against the spartans but has been -- -- -- Spiller out. So it's a -- also -- but back in you get him back there attrition. I will look at how well we've looked responsible is this year. -- talk about the communication. How it's easier to come into the come in a work in know what you're gonna do and what's expected of you. How how -- how does that help you mean I think we. Look at his fans and we salads is great play baseball on a few playing great if you're not -- to be ready for your opportunity. How to use that to your advantage knowing. You know the night before for example that you're going to be in there. Or how does that compare the other side when you're not sure you're gonna play in so come that he'll read Labor Day. When you go the night before you know you're all going to eat is it a pitcher's arms but it is not as they. You can check it -- you are right out the lyrics and good field. There's certain amount -- preparation that you're locked in every it Jeter had a great play that night. Compared to kind of the field and just don't know it's a light it up there's a little uneasiness started that I got to sound. Country real awarded allowed you'd get that we keep 162 games you want to be in your routine knowing that that -- but hey. It's well -- they had yet to think about. Regarding that dump they think about it but not boxing. Guys nine I was in a lot about -- -- what they lots of -- on he -- game. He had a game plan for Felix Hernandez tonight. The that it had little bit. You have to -- you know you get a get a mistake in its sheer force. Wouldn't let targeted you know we all know it but who knows what he's doing out there are so it's a good challenge -- -- we'll -- -- pop -- At first been busy keeps itself -- it shouldn't got out right now. We get locked in. We know he's a great pitcher that was the toughest thing about. Face and something that you would only know from from facing him in the box that that we could never. Distinguish on TV. Yes. He he got -- a couple years ago and he was. I'm more of a power pitcher he really attacked his fastball and now alone. Now he's become a pitcher who -- -- a lot it is a lot of movement he can control both -- lead but that need to -- that. Fastball that runs away from the lefty. From really well and can also. It the other corner the inside corner and bought this year they'll -- that. And then -- -- velocity as a capital so would it doesn't really make Sheila. I got -- You -- in the middle because. If you can't cover all sides of the plate and that's the challenge but that's right but it didn't let in based vestiges. And go out there at the essence -- up. -- four games in Seattle starts tonight for the Red Sox part of this ten game road trip to one and two so far. As as part of this ten game trip Daniel -- kind of to take a few minutes we appreciate him and good luck. -- thanks to Daniel Nava and the other Sox. Ask a simple question like how good the Red Sox and I'm in the we all know the first place they got a cup for games four and a half game lead. In first place they played great baseball specially recently at home but how good are --

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