WEEI>On Demand>>Tyler Seguin shown the exit, what went on behind the scenes? Plus are the Bruins a better team today than they were a week ago?

Tyler Seguin shown the exit, what went on behind the scenes? Plus are the Bruins a better team today than they were a week ago?

Jul 8, 2013|

We discuss the major changes made by the Boston Bruins this past week and how the problems with Tyler Seguin's maturity behind the scenes must have been more pronounced than we first heard about. Plus with all this roster turnover, are the Bruins better off than they were a week ago? We discuss.

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And they happen over the holiday weekend Michael just nice quiet no big deal to couple days off you don't even really to think about sports in this town it's great. Just everything you can really just roll everything you could just get away. It is that you're better batter while we were -- better better in July I don't anymore not anymore there's always more about the surprising things -- do -- -- -- we were talking on Wednesday. AD. Drama get -- begun and the Bruins got a we even have time for that conversation by the way drama what I brought I -- that I was Tuesday went to -- Wednesday right we were down at Fenway yet. I throw that conversation we kind of have on our list of things to maybe talk about during the day. And we barely even got to it because there was so much else going on with Hernandez etc. we get deep in that discussion and that at the end of the show the Celtics hired Brad Stevens so -- direction. The -- thing was even on our radar we didn't give it much of an opportunity because they are too many other things going on. I said this before but I I continue to believe this and it's been now almost four months since I've been back here. It's weekends. That I moved back for just. These things don't happen everywhere else you know -- mean Brad Stevens -- Celtics strong argument to the bruins' Tyler -- to the stars Louis -- into the -- -- to the brokerage have relate to the stars. Lock on always something going on in the meantime there it's -- primarily and and blow game on Saturday night line. Did you stay or that's the one I did not I possibly they -- up what is a seven the preeminent theory and I finished seven I went to sleep about the seventh Adam good to turn this thing off -- monsters go to -- my wife is actually here at the opportunity to get into bed with my own wife a -- I'm just telling that I have that opportunity we have not have the opportunity to do for awhile. Bullets. Snyder feels most rank and right hand the right leg. -- -- -- -- Until there's going to be descriptive it. Our act now and are swearing and a pop up -- -- -- Teresa swearing in pop -- jobs just -- -- gives me the sad swing and a pop up. And the red rock -- warnings. Have enough power that's unnecessary and smells funny on the area. Without the game of the game that they connected to Josh Hamilton game does funny you know -- we got I wanna get into this -- thing almost ran off the bat just quickly on the Red Sox because Josh Hamilton is one of those. Polarizing figures are -- incredibly talented is as talented as any other player in all of baseball he's on my list of people -- can't stand. I cannot stand Josh Hamilton as a baseball player. Everything that he brings is that as a total package and has nothing to do. With. The drugs or drinking or any of the stuff that's that I think is fairly solidly in his past. I think he's kind of just a jerk. I just he's he's a jerk but he's a pain to be around he blames the third base coach when he gets hurt he -- is -- wise when he can't hit during the day makes a ton of errors doesn't seem to have the pride in the defense of part of the game and essentially helps him the Red Sox the game on what -- Friday. And then the next night comes back and just shows is unbelievable power the -- home run to win the game he just one of those maddening players want to. Yeah Richard take about what you know wouldn't you want their money I mean are -- for free there's a price at which you take anybody he's incredibly talented. But when you see everything the Red Sox have done this year and doing it without guys like Josh Hamilton without bringing in that that kind of marquee free agent -- don't you like it better this way don't you think. The Gomes as in victory he knows in Napa believes in and David Ross and Ryan against what you think all that has been better than going after Josh. And -- all right it has been better so far but you have an opportunity get a guy like that and it only is gonna cost you money. I'm more often than not I would take -- days and days -- different. These different case altogether because. On the personal problems that he's had throughout his career and that continues to struggle with and -- -- credit has been upfront with the struggles and him. -- -- from them but if it's from a talent stand point. You get an MVP. In his early thirties given you have a chance at that technicality your team usually haven't really care I did. Honestly the old stuff the stuff with -- is with his personal demons it doesn't bother me nearly as much as the lack of pride in his defense and the and and the and the bad T heard any of his teammates and what they love them. Never heard any of his teammates talk go to great player is I was the best in the -- you never hear that stuff about Josh Hamilton. He's a guy that it just doesn't seem -- boy Indian all that well on so I was a good for the Red Sox for for not picking them up. I think it's worked a lot better for them almost certainly on Saturday night you get to see what makes him attractive it's that big home run to a -- angels when. Course the Boston sports landscape has changed significantly more though in the last few days than than just the Red Sox with a couple of a couple late lost and -- and -- on the other night. Did you think that I was saying be gone when we showed. I did not Monday I didn't touch there's no way but I thought he would be traded before the start of the season out. -- -- came out and question his professionalism. I thought he was doing it in our members saying it was a risky move -- to rally because try to motivate him and he's not sure. How how Sagan is gonna respond to this can never had to deal with anything like this before I thought he was a sense to be here for the 2013 fourteen season. There is no way after that come. That public comment that he didn't run away from -- needs to be more professional needs to focus more. Of the -- because trade market would be all that great not a -- that they would even attempt. But that comment. Came because they had attempted to her and then where is not and they were resigned to living with Tyler's -- for one more. So before we hit the big question for everybody out -- 61777979837. Which is the simple question by the Bruins better today. -- -- Jerome again -- and -- Ericsson and a couple of prospects including Joseph -- is a pretty good player. Are they better today -- those two guys or they better few days ago with Beverly and say again. And -- Which Bruins team you like better I give us an Ericsson or -- Horton. And camera. I guess Andrew -- to -- you you start looking at everything that they've lost vs brought in. You got to their ferrets is name into it as well Richard -- team who'd -- who don't own America chair which Bruins team is better 6177797937. We'll get to those calls and answer that question just dissect. But Michael -- what you aegis. Why did surely say what he says if he was still going to trade him it wasn't just a motivational factor for himself what he sent. As a great question an and -- We've got to the point we hear executives say things for a number of reasons that we're sitting here trying to read between the lines. Maybe said it. It could be that simple maybe he said it because that's how we feel. And there are there was no. There was no ulterior motive. There was no. Teachable moment for Tyler Sagan it's -- motivational ploy maybe he just gave an honest answer and honest assessment of his players. I think they've got pretty good. But he needs to be more professional and I'm gonna tell you could -- be that rare executives. Will tell you. What I what I actually. I'd love to believe you but I can't. I don't know I can't I I mean I don't exactly go that's the reason I'm guessing right I don't know -- I can't believe that's the case and executive in this day and age knows that every comment he makes is going to be Parse the million ways that everything is about leverage. And if you are trying to deal the player you want as much leverage as you can as possible. Why would he say that when it sounds like it would only hurt his own leverage right. Texas has -- Do you think surely -- that comment knowing that the deal was done perhaps. Perhaps. Than. I mean would you go there which if you appear if so there's no need to I have nothing here if you're Peter surely you wanna do business again with the Dallas Stars. And I know they got a new general manager but you wanna do you wanna do business with them. You make a deal with them they haven't announced that go out and you rip the players you make it Topper. For Dallas to sell the deal. I don't know I don't know but it -- an executive would do that. I he's not my player. We say it was gonna make it hard enough for Dallas to sell the deal immediately getting into a Twitter controversy. Over the weekend before the ink was even dry on the deal. I mean he's gonna make it hard enough I can't believe surely would try to make it hard on Dallas to trade for a player all that could do was maybe affect the deal maybe even break up the deal. That he thought was gonna get counsel -- -- do that. What's the upside of saying within the player needs to be more professional. When you're still trying to trade them all you're doing at that point is admitting to the world. That you're not all that happy with the way the kids been playing your your. I know -- out there already but I'm not sure I see the benefit admitting it in any event he comes back with a package that is good. Mean you've got something back -- -- seems like a good players seems like he's going to be good fit in Boston in theory should play the right wing in the Bergeron line along with -- -- so you've. Replaced that spot the Tyler Sagan was in before. And you replace Nathan Horton with Jarome Iginla who's a bigger name an important although he's eight years older and I don't know that he was any more productive especially in the playoffs and important seemed to come alive in big spots. Where as we watched Jarome Iginla completely stink it up. In the playoffs this year especially the four year four games against the Bruins he was he had this girl in an honorable member our port -- John. From Pittsburgh kept talks don't call him on Twitter discuss the U yes guess he's your guy to -- market. Talking about general McDermott playing. On the left side continually. The the penguins played him at left wing he's more comfortable right wing and he did admit that. He's he's more comfortable at that spot the Bruins are gonna use him as a right wing we'll see if that makes a huge difference form for some players it doesn't matter it doesn't matter at all. Up for drama -- obviously it does you think about it about the excitement that you had when you thought for a moment. Then again that was going to be a Boston Bruins now the result. Let's fantastic it was poetic everything. That the guy who decide between Pittsburgh and Boston winds up on Pittsburgh and they are getting swept out of the playoffs by the Bruins. But still he's pretty good player you can natural to delay and everything he brings to the table. You're you're pretty decent. The -- there's -- natural McGinn was a good player this is not a debate about that you're right. We would've been very excited if he -- the Bruins at the trade deadline this year but he would have been joining a team that already had Nathan Horton he wasn't coming in to replace. Nathan Horton and I try get to the point I don't think the Bruins are better off today than they were yesterday. -- few days ago you know I mean. I don't think this is a better team now by replacing Horton with the gamma by replacing -- with -- Ericsson and losing rich Beverley Andrew Ference who bill but in the process. It'll make them a better team. The ferrets one OK look I think they're I think that's that's bound to happen. Because you got its the young defenseman mark how skiing Kruger we were talking they have legitimately -- defensemen that you would like to get into the game so fine. You move on from parents not worth the money for you any more time to get younger. A government I thought it don't -- about Stuckey who was a factor in -- regular season but not so much kaposi's and you need him to develop he needs to hit -- well you're hoping he's going to be the replacement ultimately for -- cell. I got no problems of what interns -- was seems to be the right move but can you tell me that the team is better now. With the guys they've got the they had a couple of days ago I'm comfortable with that with the team they have you know I like are they better. Well known group into play but right now -- yes even -- better yet because you're -- here's here's the difference. You think you are a almost a relief and huge strong innings -- art but yes I'm from -- Beverly and I think he brings a lot to the table because all of split that's where I think a lot of people where we -- looking at this trade. Most people call it the Tyler's in trade whereas you look at it and you think of Everly and -- being. Equal principles in the deal. Think of them as being equal but I think that bit. -- should not be ignored -- okay Sagan is the 21 year old former number two overall pick who could one day develop. Into one of the great players and all hockey could end up being Patrick Kane annual dealt them and that's where a lot of the focus is gonna be no doubt and much of our focus will be there as well. But I wouldn't ignore the fact that the other guy you give up in the deal. Any legitimate part of a team that went to within two wins of winning the cup this year. Apparently kills penalties he fills in on virtually any line you need him to he's fast he has speed -- make a ton of mistakes was strong in the pop this out this post season no. Very much -- But at the same time. Make a ton of bad mistakes and he allows you to have that depth down the middle so that those guys get hurt which they did that you can slide -- to play center. What what you say mr. everything you say about a mr. But right now and that's the big question -- this is the only way. It's not a good trade for the Bruins. Right now Erickson is a better player than both of right now Ericsson has a better player that Tyler -- He's a better player -- -- demagogue count Tyler state and become the guy that everybody thought it was gonna become when he was taken second overall. And I in my opinion at that I think. Peter Shirley what's that one -- two. Get out what why you can't with Tyler Sagan. Because he's a good player but he's not. He's not the guy -- body. So I'm gonna cash in now you can probably get the player that I won two way player a very good goals scored a legitimate 25 to thirty goal scorer. Who also does other things on the ice that that that my head coach wants -- to -- I'm gonna get out of here now an entry -- say it was epic war. That is the reason tree either traded them that he didn't think he was accurate -- would never become. What he was destined to become what what we thought it would become or he is the most hopeless. 21 year old. The talent that that Peter surely has ever seen that he won't ever get. The off ice stuff right. He will never be the guy that they want to going to be. Yeah he's 21 just the ice at the on -- -- and that he'll never grow up -- -- maybe just gave up on -- I I disagree that it's that by narrow -- there's another option here you're ready can be those two options or -- -- thinking might eventually get it. But they don't have the time to -- wait for a doping habitat because they got a window -- it's not as it's not as dire as the Tom Brady went nowhere when Brady goes and your essentially going to be complete rebuild mode in Foxborough but you've got a window. With Chara. And specifically. That's Ilia yeah but he is what you're -- is built around your team is built around having his giants at one defensive position that did that takes up half the ice shuts down the opposing. First lines in the defense of system. Your team is still built along chart. Think Peter surely reduce up like that you think you would make it straight he would believe he feels that Tyler -- can be a star but it. If he's not ready to be a star within two years. To hear you're a long time our economy to contract is only how many more years OK but two years is not having it come out the window. If you look at it Chara. In making decisions about Sagan I don't think that is very thorough for general manager to be taken that way. I only got only got -- two more years. So I'm when it strayed Tyler Sagan before it matures as a player because I have to win. Right now -- directive coming from camp is coming from Jeremy Jacobs is the computer hard and winning a US think that we can't that was two wins away from the Stanley Cup last year you got to try to win now as much as. Probably but you don't make rash if he thinks I think -- and he thinks Tyler Sagan is a core member of his team he is an important part of this team. He would not say what I want to move on from a even though I think he's going to be great model what you would do you you. You're making it is if that's the only option on admitting that you're two options are there as well I just think there's the -- he may get it this year right he may get it right now this may be a wake up call or they could given in the wake up call just with. Just with with saying he needed to more professional and get it right now you might get it never. You might not be talented enough to to pull off. Or he might be talented enough and might get it in a couple years but surely doesn't have the inclination to sit around waiting for I think that's the most likely. But it's also possible surely knows is that any the other options are true as well. So all that reminds us a good deal and the Bruins better off now than they were a couple of weeks ago how often they are I don't think they're better team now. I don't think again was significantly better and important in fact. -- eight years younger -- continuing to age didn't see didn't like what I saw from again on the class and I don't use that is the altar boy girl like her then like let's offer probably in the last the other. Well you know like you what you saw from any Pittsburgh penguin in the playoffs did you know. No not really got to be dropping they got Balkan and got great players got the tang also -- A huge contract extension sort of -- him after the playoffs those guys in the collect themselves wouldn't judge him. Based on what we saw from him in the playoffs with the penguins 6177797983. -- gets -- -- comments on this plus one rule and dig into the Celtics coming a little bit later in this hour. I'm very curious move that they make that has absolutely no precedent for working before. And yet I think we all hope might work insult to all -- all coming up here W me. Always on our Sports Radio. -- -- -- say -- you're musical choices. -- -- -- Think Michael's poems or singing background on this fishing background vocal on this much of. The things aren't industry. Spotlight the policy -- policy spotlight. Not to -- for anybody know. Two things wrong. It where it can go to -- these gentlemen what can back in town return there this weekend. I had a good week and -- -- to him in a very good mood it's nice to see all of you again Andy I missed you. And I thought about you constantly Michael -- might do as well like we just put a song it just adds that he's there not during that time -- -- -- other other times are over thinking -- you -- are you thinking -- -- constantly -- you guys -- -- all the things that we're going -- -- sports -- wanted to talk about -- You know you guys were around to talk about when my wife I love I love talking orbit. We're not get in the into a serious discussion about -- -- dinner or not debating Tyler Sagan and Jarome Iginla. Vs Nathan Horton rich Beverley and and and the rest of them now we're not having that debate. Our director of Brad Stevens she loves Brad Stevens actually knows she's upset about. All these moves there's only one that she's actually sent about and that's interference. My wife's an interference fan from like way back like from his Pittsburgh days when he first came into the league the seniors called me and he. She brought does accurately yeah Andy Andy parents she's like Sharaud teams like it's fair and since before she found out that he was carbon neutral. And and don't be the only helpful thing. Well big big environmentalists. Let's just say I'm glad interference is moving on as my wife is moving here and -- green -- working out well for me 61777979837. Mike's in his car. Mike. Somebody. That -- odd I like -- little bit about the -- got. It better now or or I don't think it's they're better yet it dropped at MVP the net including Beverly was. -- debate a lot I don't think anyone and it hit him to replace him. And are digging. The matter is that it even natural born manner he could never played in -- sit down and. It correctly called wrong but it recchi one of that. Are you I didn't need it not been in any deal that -- point batting you don't know. How do you like a couple of years ago and I'm the only part -- the reason why you give it yet through it and it should not air and get something back and return that I got. OK in my arm. Canada that's a possibility maybe the the Mark Recchi. Endorsement was big for the stars acquiring Tyler say there's not a thing in -- and on this one of the Texas at. Maybe Tyler say in demand victory. After those comments from Sharaud. Thing needs to be more for professional means it's good it's the day and age where. Can't say you exactly what you wanna say about a player. In any sport. You know highly paid players. A lot of cases -- high maintenance. They got handlers. They got agents who are who are directed to do things because players have hurt feelings who knows I would I wouldn't rule it out of it that way I haven't heard that. But I don't think I just as we haven't heard it doesn't mean we are -- eventually as we're finding out formal I don't Bruins I don't think it's the. Our suggestion no it's not I could see Tyler sings what one -- -- fund trade -- adding I don't wanna be here I don't care what you have to do I won't play for your team anymore. Although I think some that would have been public and not just private who knows they will find out more as we go 6177797937. -- you have to explain to me how you think the Bruins are better team because I don't I don't see it that way -- I don't blame share rally. The heat plays a -- sport. Right hockey has a salary cap as your team gets good and ages and more more people wanna get paid and want their slice of the pie eventually you've got to make hard decisions and he has to do that. He has designed to -- Rask long term he has assigned Patrice Bergeron long term he's gotten you on Lucci to some of the other bigger names already under contract. And eventually got to make the tough choice. So he's now making that tough choice part of it is important made -- form he departed and so you needed to find somebody else to fill those those shoes is again what better. I don't think so but either way you still need to make up some of the cap space in order to bring those. -- in it gets harder as Patrice Bergeron earned more as a -- earns more it's better. But that doesn't administrate or are they better from the straight yes DR Murray is their future better will will figure that out we don't know we can't see into the future. But not a -- I don't include our walk and in any given public just the train where you can't say you can't look five years into the future for -- look at it this. -- with Tyler saying are you look at Ericsson vs say they've got a guy and Erickson who who does. Who can do the same thing that Sagan do in terms of score right. But he does he naturally does the other things that we've been asking Tyler's they can do for the first three years of his career even. So I think that is better already. -- easy not easy to -- guide pilots in the to right. And in drama -- You've got a guy who was a consistent player who is fantastic leader. Who had a bad post season. Along with everybody else in the Pittsburgh Penguins. And Nathan Horton you've got a guy who was inconsistent player in the regular season but as a great player at times in the post season. You know -- and is eight years younger 0888 is eight years younger but it team. You you think about what he bring for the Bruins. If he bringing more to the Bruins or is drama again how to. Back looked a little -- everything -- let me get let me admits on the -- admit driving honest with the -- be open and honest and you can -- and it's something I'm soured on -- again because what happened last year I just soured on. I'm soured on him as a leader on soured on him as a guy that I want to root for writers are on him as a leader -- because of the way he handled the -- I just wanna play with Crosby and even though this other very good team that is probably a better fit for me has made a deal for me I'm gonna nixed that because I just wanna go play with my -- Sidney Crosby who I got to play with team Canada. And and is the -- him. Handled all of that. Aren't the -- number we went through -- all the -- lies that he was telling at the post press conference in terms of what he really meant vs what he was saying. He's our I soured on the idea of -- yes -- -- around noon yesterday that. We had the player we we we won the sweepstakes -- sort of speak. It's hard on them. I don't buy him as the great leader -- that we used to think that he was. And I don't buy him as the great player that we used to think he was eight because he's getting older and all right -- sour on Jarome Iginla I can see you. Being upset with that with the press conference that was handled but in terms of the post season. It was his entire team is in tiger teen got shut down by a race appear your system. And more determined more rugged players. So. To join the -- a lot of good players and Pittsburgh Penguins who like good players not now. -- the pain and and Michael maybe you will go on to be a great -- for the next few years but. I I'm having a hard time seeing that today. Is my image of Jarome Iginla is of the guys said no thanks I wanna go play in Pittsburgh and they got there and didn't play all that well on the process might play well on a regular season he didn't look forward to honoring -- -- very well for the Greg and at that and that it puts Belichick's expression that in the bunch of sum -- gets in the open what does the expression. What to that torn apart since their -- that when five cents to get to watch. Right Grady played on the regular season congratulations meanwhile Lucic played like dog crap on the regular season was -- train when you got to the post season. Nathan Horton was inconsistent at best in the regular season and every time he goes out on the ice in the post season the -- money they win series when he plays when he's healthy so got great. He played well on the regular season he's a leader of some sort I don't buy you don't buy that you know by the drama -- as the leader. You don't bargain -- literally a lot. A -- of what he went to a cop drama a decade ago went to one cup a decade right now on the -- his tee and show a lot of leadership of the Pittsburgh Penguins this year -- Tell me about the great leadership that was shown on the Pittsburgh Penguins as they got swept -- they don't explained so they didn't own up to anything and they challenged in Iraq -- -- all the -- -- a ship that's your -- and asked that his penalized LA -- he if he's the -- believe it. You want to -- new team for the first time in his career. He -- Calgary for Pittsburgh and what -- tank. And he goes there is that six that the guy wearing the sale and that intensity -- in this team is the QB somewhere in the C on this team either. He's not coming here than to be a leader don't give me that is the big body category and I say it because because they complained about hitting the post fifteen times. And I in game one game to you that that somehow reflects on on -- leadership of many Republican leaders are supposed to do you buy into the concept of leadership. Isn't that leaders supposed to do. It's that old goal of being a leader is big guys on the team follow your example because jury leader can and obviously they didn't follow these and then he's not a great leader a guy goggles to Pittsburgh he's their for a couple months. Maybe they didn't know what dated -- maybe they worked ball they were too foolish to follow his standard to follow as we got up. Point -- a leader Michael are you get the definition of a leader my guys follow my to -- again has. Has built a reputation in hockey -- For many many years in hockey. For being one of the extraordinary players. And leaders in that game. And you're gonna judge him. Based on the melt down of the Pittsburgh Penguins. In in the conference final yeah I am. Am I out. I -- I'm not excited about this this is the Jarome Iginla that was supposed to come here said no thank you went somewhere else I didn't like the way he handled that situation anyway to Pittsburgh and you're gonna tell me is a leader and yet you don't like the way the team behave under his leadership. I just I guess I don't see at that point 61777979837. Jeremy Texas hi Jeremy. Hey what's going -- got a lot of -- Germany. Hey I just wanted to let you know that -- stalled trade -- station. They have to try to probably went -- along the lines are always trying to trade him during the draft it didn't happen at all in and out the word Dallas called mop. Okay let's make something happen after the surely already made the comment about eat out every intention that he'd been saying. Until Dallas called them up and said hey let's make a deal we got did what can we do. Probably happen that way Austin is the better team compared to how they -- out. It is catching them because loser since. We got a producer producer in order and sit there and talk about how the potential is here -- -- -- and you're not going to. It you -- there may have to post a guard outside your door. Yet you're here to show up to a gain. That's something you don't need -- achievement that fourteen effort it -- certainty. And as far as what we do that to only get -- curricula. To Bruins team. Where the culture is way different than what it is on the court -- -- yourself that Africa England -- Indy car would be. Guys have all the leadership qualities of a storm troopers from Star Wars and I caught. And then you're going to boxed in where. Leadership culture is completely different it's way better you don't need a Q would it be some answers. Step up. He's part of -- Or will they tell me he's good in the room don't -- great leader because you're not asking you're just saying that he's not being asked to be the leader. You're saying Crosby was the leader of one city turn. What I'm saying it's. Any Crosby has yet to see yet the cap. And it -- it's not gonna have to see he year either so tell me he's a good player find -- he's good in the room he's not going to be an issue that that's a positive input that's fine. But that's not leadership the leadership is already here on this team. Keep in that's my -- part of collect Eagles would be have to be some interest that Bob Wright at. -- -- part of that leadership -- that culture. To win -- players every single -- whine and -- and all they hit me or they looked at me wrong wrong because -- should be let me just don't score anyway here a bit. -- you're right Jeremy and if you look at it this way when when parents left. A lot of people talked about his leadership. His leadership -- same thing with Nathan Horton now. Those guys where the -- they Wear the a known for Bergeron was four Chara. What their leadership factored into it it is the that the leaders in this teams at a certain culture and other guys. Other guys panic in -- and other guys policing in. In force that is the word -- four other guys and force. That the leadership culture that is here. And so do I think drama gimmick and do that certainly based on everything that. Anyone has said about him since 1996. Seems like it even natural fit for -- Now and I guess I thought all those things until I watched the way he he dealt with this city in this team specifically. Maybe I'm maybe -- it's hard for me to get over those kinds of things on hold grudges we've talked about this I've held grudges of people have known since I was in the fifth grade third grade whatever. But I I I guess I. I'm excited about Jerome again laughter that. And he's 36 years old I like watching Nathan -- I love the fact that he stepped up in the playoffs instead of going the other way in the playoffs I'd like the promise that you hadn't I would -- and I understand if you felt he had to deal because you couldn't -- new window shrinking and you have to make a deal in order to stay good right now and you think Ericsson is a more complete player that pitcher system. Fine -- may be -- was never able to feed into the system so you get as much value you can. I still see is more of a salary thing you had to ditch the salary in order to get as much in here if you could right now to make room. For Bergeron and asked to sign their big unit didn't have to do actually do better IQ which Internet addicts -- thing in salary -- -- to pass something new or something but didn't have to -- demonstrates again. Enacted it there was nothing. Forcing Peters wrote to make them but if not Sagan then somebody else and the other people that you might have been able to deal I think you trusted them a little bit more you -- more which you were getting. Even if the upside it was higher with -- in the risk factor retire and that's it surely is done here he's gone low risk he's gone conservative man may work. But it's a low risk and that's a little bit lower awards six point 777979837. Salt and -- at W via. We believe we had a deal and we operated on the premise of the field. When king's words were silent IOC in my experience you know when things go side using something is going scrutiny from your end. -- I have all the leadership qualities of a storm troopers from Star Wars. They can't walk. Funny seeing the shots taken of course it Tyler staying on the way out the door and no one of them is that your immediately getting it better producer in the form of Ericsson. If -- points this year. I mean -- it's it's it's not by a lot I mean Sagan at 32 points this year Ericsson this past season had 29 you're talking about a negligible difference. But this idea America and had a bad year Sagan had an off year the year before. Sagan was just a few points behind Ericsson Ericsson was 71 Sagan two years ago was 67 -- Or the last two years their point production is essentially -- even. OK but you who's got a higher upside but think about what I don't know. I don't know at at best that's what I want and what it may be we won't get the truth. Here and if we do get it you got a question. Not you personally but people -- question. If I ask. And prickly right now. How good can -- -- day. And he says. He can hope to be as good is Louis Ericson -- question that you'll see all carrying water for the Bruins right. If if you think he could be a superstar. I got one of the greatest players in the game and how to say what you want about Don cherry may -- what you can job budget immediately hockey Boeing and said he still believes. -- got the talent to be a superstar like number two pick for reasons I just get this especially this before it was straight you know this is not. Any type of sour grapes you know timers in playing somewhere else. I just get the feeling. That maybe he's not what they thought he would be. Maybe. They thought he would be a guy who could score a little bit -- could be very creative player who could do it all. In what they found is that he's a good player. That's pretty much what he has a good player you are comparing him -- -- three years into his career. Compare. -- it. Irks him with better entitled Eriksson was 27 and I think it is 21 but it's. I can't use the 21 excuse all the honor but he dad but it's also legitimate fact that he was only twenty there aren't using that excuse. Because of it felt like he's only 21. And he's got a lot more to learn. And he's in his hockey feeling atop the charts picked up awaits salt you know what it would still be here Johns and they are going John feel that way -- up. -- thank you determine particular call. -- Foremost I'd just like they can't hear little bit about -- -- potential superstar. He is projected to make the Olympic. Next year what -- So and it I think yet but -- -- -- by far still on to our side. You know and. Ambulance worker in absolute counseling or twenty. Yes compared to us it's not us that it is the that the industry that he's in where they expect a lot of them. At -- at a very young age. Like number two pick in the draft they expect and album Michael on us now going to report here John. Yeah they're great things are expecting you know I was okay for us to -- -- only want one we want to until -- as we were being paid five million dollars a year to not do that we were being paid five million dollars a year to make hockey or whatever profession was. The number one most important thing in -- like he has and and and and I have no problems. With the Bruins and that's not acceptable. I don't disagree with you but I get you know and ultimately I think that giving up on aren't they in trying to -- say that. It surely plot to -- go all I mean taken was the deal would be marked out six weeks ago according to Dallas. And now in -- In naturally really does count as it stand -- -- report when a -- it's going to be within the next two maybe three years. And after that you organization group because I mean you look at you look at her own contract. One year deal that. Capped it potentially at six million dollars. And still unsigned. Elements -- The sound so I mean you're looking at our worst case scenario going in the season after next -- possibly. -- point eight million dollar lower limit cap. They're gonna start John -- -- -- -- and if I'm -- I mean this is not. It's not if it's -- but I think John's point is in order to get those deals done. You got a salary cap you got to clear out space I would -- was making money there and not living up to the expectations that Dan for their many ways of getting it done they'd have to. They did not have to. To say well we're gonna sign. Tuukka Rask in and I'm Patrice Bergeron. We have to trade Tyler -- and it didn't work in an -- with that said we're gonna sign Raskind Bergeron we need to sign somebody in order to fill Nathan Horton spot. On the first line is we only -- capable of doing that. How do we clear the money now who else you gonna get rid of meet you could've chosen other options you -- tried to deal meanwhile Lucic you could have tried to deal Brad Marchand. There he could've tried to deal Chris Kelly and that you -- -- much back forum they look at it said may -- deal this guy in addition of Beverly. Get back something of value and the clear cap space at the same time I don't think he may have been the only -- they can do that way. I can be wrong I just don't think victory and for financial reasons. I don't think that was a motivation form of the -- they could have been more creative the net antegents. For financial reasons you sacrifice and a cute that you think could be a superstar and a year to. Yeah I don't -- you -- or they'll model I think its -- and now the financial reasons are what what. Bring it up to be delicate what was what was the impetus for trading Tyler saying I don't money I think it's both I think money creates the need for a deal. Then Sagan is behavior is what is actually the reason you'd -- use him to trade instead of somebody else they need to clear -- into clear space bright and -- a girl there right. Of course that the cap is going down we talked about it. We've talked about a for many don't get many weeks as a matter of fact. If you're in -- surely position. Intelligent talk about a for many weeks you've known about it for more than a year he certainly not about a from more than ten month and ten months ago. Sergeant Tyler -- this contract so. Did you sign onto this contract and then change your mind about his potential probably not Evans a war I -- Yeah and the gone one up. The two are such on the Broward don't know obviously I don't they get big -- right now about the ignorant. -- that cute cute golf course but I do think he will try to work in our favor. All of you might do all right lecture over there by the I think you'll still have a little bit dowdy here. And I think I think Louis Ericsson gonna rival air I think -- -- there you go on the with the mindset that he don't give it a 100%. And I think you can McBride. And I think you would Ali I'm not sure horny guys that late they they thought it was better than they give up. Which I don't feel that way whatsoever you look at it demonstrators that the I had a pretty amazing that she put together and so. -- -- was -- I set -- -- is better because I watched the guy play in the playoffs three picks up his game and I think we all learned this year that what you do in the playoffs is a whole lot more important. Then what you do in the regular season I also know that they begin with 36 wall while -- is 28. The big difference. Now you're not getting thirty year old Jerome Iginla you're getting 36 year old -- -- there's a -- It's true very true -- called. Eleven obviously many out well opportunity that the way denied knowing what backup -- robbery -- whenever there was blood. And then when -- -- -- I needed to -- out -- when it went up. And also report and other Shiite distort decline after second caution that I think he'd like toward decline in -- play it looked cute little hesitant out there and in our doctor bill because I ought to be good but I don't think you really sit in the current system too much anymore. I don't know he sure looked like -- do their little closer. And that's the plan that's the whole flip the switch thing. He looked pretty darn good in the class they ask you something like I was thinking about this and ended this is not the first time. Is not the first time this issues come up. Tyler -- leaves town in instantly you see in the Boston Herald. I'll report all about the guards that they had to have the -- at the hotel to keep Tyler Sagan in and make sure that it -- the wild and out their parties so wild pray that he needs -- dark -- -- -- His mom -- the grass yearly data creates the huge drama. It's not the first time a story like -- come out the moment in Boston athlete leaves town right whose fault is that. Is -- the media's fault. Or is it the team's faults. What should I eat your UREI still think -- Boston Globe's Michael Holland. So want you to put your former Boston Globe columnist I don't put that hat on -- -- and try to answer me this question -- and -- W media.

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