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Andy Brickley, NESN: on the Tyler Seguin trade

Jul 8, 2013|

Brick joins Mut and Merloni to discuss the Tyler Seguin trade, the addition of Jarome Iginla, and the rest of the Bruins offseason moves.

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Rick not -- I'll be a great fourth of July. Yeah it certainly did a lot of tradition that aren't so sure that Stanley so terrific exactly. -- what point on the fourth or at some point during that day you find out the Bruins have made this trade Rick what was your. Initial first reaction hearing the deal and all working parks than in Tyler Sagan in Dallas. I was -- -- -- -- -- -- actually air frame reacted as the spyware and more than a minute you know an analyst this artist brought covered it concerns. You know you kind of opens this kid would be a court player. The speaker he got into his professional career you all would be with the Boston early loose. You hope that that trade what Toronto for capsule was going to be. In the building blocks all of them in the future still wake up competitive teams by Boston when he -- when you say -- And he develops and players expect will be hit that animal in -- of the -- eighty critic Eric Larry it's in the equation. But that's not the case that's not the reality it's you know -- and made some good summer bad summer in different. -- it only time will tell but I my reaction was you know devilish talk about this should follow the chronology of the -- -- situation. He'll follow the draft it and create C or expressing want to move on. What are you gonna do you replace a guy like that need the money in order to get to -- -- you wanna extend Bergeron. So there were a lot of variables and a lot of possibilities -- to your conversation to bulk either Sega and what had happened -- while my reaction was surprise. But it was I guess it was something to the report. -- brick and I know -- maturity August she was an issue but I still think you know hit twenty plus points in the post season still be here more importantly. He'll he wasn't making 575. Next year's salary cap the league. You know there was one and a half million it probably stayed patient with this guy think those that were big factors in go to Dallas. Yeah I think the question why the contract extension and I they gave children and I think the answer is pretty simple to be honest with -- draft and develop players. And again we expect that plated vehicle -- for three years become. You know he's in the second year three year -- -- put between angle the 67 point somewhere in that neighborhood. And it's an organizational watching the -- oath in front of the leverage of the player. If you don't where they have and I'll follow you where you put forty on the 400 point and now you got to feel. They did it with a number of players which allow them to keep this core group together and make them highly competitive team the last 345 years. So to me that's not surprised at all that they did what they did. And just because you -- to appeal doesn't make you unattractive to other teams other -- bill now what you slotted to beat this Arctic app members concerned. And you can still at the still feel and act like that. Yeah I thought that what we got out of Peter surely last weekend the only couldn't trade him there at the deadline talking about trading him was. Yeah we're gonna at least send a message you know amid a couple points about his professionalism and what I. I think that's somewhat of a factor but I do think the product on the ice the player on the iceberg and we sat here and talked about -- Sagan. I talked with -- during the playoffs and you saw the calls and text about this guy he just. He never seemed to take that next step even after getting that contract and I think they've decided that they were gonna wait anymore for that. There's still says it's superb there's no doubt about it when he when he's playing well values you know -- entertainment and he's highly attractive. Doesn't mean you're gonna have alternate indignant and I think it's well documented what old old guard may be the biggest fault is that in -- Box itself that the viewers. It all the learning curve. You deal with growing things try to put him in the right direction. Watcher Bergeron watcher -- see how they prepare you need to fall at least. He might be perfectly which shore are at the level of concern for 21 year old. But you don't really immature 21 year old professional athlete and that's the point that they were trying to make you can be highly effective. You can do what you wanna be with your professional careers in NHL player if you leak thing is certain areas and I'm not talking on the exits are you prepare. It's how you play in the play option that preparation and their commitment the desire that will. That's what separates a pretty good skilled. -- that makes an impact on the game. And I think by -- surely the organization that was the first part that'll put out there might have been at first I was a little bit more we'll. We talk about public. But he's been made well aware of all this April. Rick how much you think -- him not being I'm not playing sinner or just closed system. An album back as we we get that now watch when he leaves he's a senator raise he's down in Dallas you see the player to become. What do you order an athlete you know what he wanted to player -- you you wanna be a hundred point you wanna play in the system that allows you to be one of the best in the league you know the next parliament and maturity and -- the -- look across a locker -- gain recruits that they look -- policy Patrice -- and see how well they play -- there. It aware it's sixty point seven point eight points it. Eight points doesn't really matter. You know I know the lady get the more mature you yet you. Yet you understand the bigger picture. Desired bee champion and it's not about personal numbers. But there's so many samples that you could look across the league not just liberal organization that if you -- make parallels to I would say you know. Go to war where there are so many examples that throughout the course of that history is in that. It may be the best example what I used before eighty yards that put a little white 530 points in the Cedar Point for that red wings game -- -- -- Until -- the figured out. And that's where he comes back to and I get this from the same reaction it was this pre -- this deal. And did -- Kitna in the deal when you make a trade and don't risk your 21 year old -- recount that was great sport of speed skill. But for the Bruins it was time. They have a group right now that can compete again for the heroic epic year our ability to keep an eye on the future but their -- are. You know the last absolutely they'll -- -- Like a lot of conversation it was all picked up by Austin but if you may steal. You words that were drafted -- a tremendous skill. That's what -- really close because its side in the capsule thing on its side into the expectations that your tactic. But my last once they -- I think it brick is. You mentioned a couple minutes ago that they had they'd talked to before about this this was not when Ruth said publicly the way surely set a professional. Twice in the three sentences he made about Tyler -- the first time they brought this up do you believe this to become a constant theme -- from. Guys in the higher part of the organization and his teammates trying to get Tyler Sagan two. Male actively be more professional list this have been told the world over and over again the last couple years. Actual absolutely that might believe certainly. I'll probably a little closer to the most because of the drug that I have and at approximately to this thing. You know I'm not in the room obviously I'm not part of those conversations but clearly that that seem to be and that's currently from his teammates and no doubt coming from management and but to go back to your point guys earlier in the -- -- -- During the postseason what this deal you know you call. And -- and your right to consider what because -- the danger the maker go to the thing you have to wait because he has tremendous guilt. And his so -- -- east back believed that you know we got to keep hearing Ole -- that he would grow a lot as a professional athlete and because he is productive. We think he can help us next year we'll try to make another run for the Stanley Cup and -- all our guest next here. But the EPA had been more productive as an -- all the changes in his game in their preparation and the way he played in the post season. That meant that this still does not happen but that's not the case to go to the cup decision yet the naked in management. -- a -- Rickie and Nathan Horton drop post season we're talking about -- bring in this guy back and how much he enjoyed playing here with preaching in Dellucci. Morning how surprised you works we talked to maybe have taken less money to stay here in Boston he Felice goes Columbus. It's a seven year deal. I'm surprised he went to Columbus somewhat surprised that he wanted to venture to create he. I don't look at it as a negativity you want to be in -- so many variables that that that determine where a player and it's definitely end -- going when they have an opportunity the -- Always money into consideration the surprise you what to Columbus and surprise -- that seven years in Italy 28 is in the prime -- You don't with its physical history typically concussions. Aren't surprised that they Columbus would be that -- if you want. Deported feel like they're on the table. I'll vote for him to depart Boston. Because the -- just didn't have the financial world and they authorities to comply buyout like they wanted to mention to that long term IR Marc Savard Murray. In order to keep it here I think that was really the only possibility elect he was willing to play for the amount of dollars. -- take a little discount. So the whole right side ends -- being rebuilt on those top two and and the key piece it seems like in the -- deal brick is is Louis Ericsson in terms of the type of player he is going to be. I can see a lot of Dallas on the a lot of -- did you play the Western Conference but do you project him to commit him play. A bruins' style of more physical. Hockey enable a -- Sagan did. -- -- my opinion on having seen him play you know with my own and I used to championship or suspect is a few years ago. In -- actually broadcasting games so. You know being in the building being able to the entire right MarketWatch play on television the better feel for what the players all the and you know I'm not a city every Swedish player is say yeah it takes three solo player. But the majority of the -- that are very good at regional players regional players so that's my expectation that's the way he played when I saw him -- he could play with a McDonnell. Beautifully over the ribeiro. And -- very responsible. Left wing or right when he's better on the right -- is electric yen and Euro European trading where they they really emphasize where we are -- but he handled wraparound. He's good on the break out. He's not afraid of contact he protects apart scored a lot of goals like -- drive and knowing -- recount is going to be how to get open in the offensive -- That he could play with Bergeron or could play with -- creates yet to be highly effective in -- -- -- career when -- revenues all the established. We all know his numbers or -- or foresees and to averaging 29 holes. But he pick -- it will not be afraid -- he will welcome that fact checking pressure that is required of every order the bruins' lineup because that's the -- people. What about drama Galen guys that everybody you know -- couldn't wait to root against this guys Pittsburgh and I think it's just -- got sexy citizen you know why don't they hate me but see if there's still interest and he comes back here I think everybody expects big things from them. It's the price of doing business you know he played for a long time had a wonderful career in Calgary. And he earned a contract. And the losses within this contract. To have the noble with no trade mishandled it. Yeah a lot of responsibility. What happened where blocker but they epic feel that -- court expert -- understand -- The feelings that brought sprint. It may be somewhat from the organization in the players and how they -- use that to some degree as motivation and experts fear that being said. And pay particular theory that because Crosby -- -- the Balkan did not then I get what little. Abroad were just on top of the game and shut down -- so. Take a look at what we needed this series take a look at what he did when he was in Pittsburgh during the regular season after the deal. -- -- productive scored goals scored goals and Jarome Iginla idol. Our goal for the young enough where I think there's still a lot of tread on that tire evenly split and -- This is a good pick up. I'm sure the Bruins had take a look at other players you know going to create. We know they -- -- -- -- Clarkson at that money could work they would have interest in here. We know Alfred it was on the table in a bead -- it was on their radar I don't know Michael -- and maybe revisit Bear Bryant according to a lot of guys. Cultural liberal thinking about what they -- -- -- -- was it to create a tree and back and get I think surprised that a little bit. But what you bring that to the table you have the -- -- that struck. It goes back to his natural wing he took 18 guarantee you made everything a brick to be makes sense I guess real quick. Project out a couple of months and eight in your mind -- -- more likely to be skating on that first line again -- or Ericsson opening night. I would create -- -- yes that line tardy in my letter will be get I think that's a natural fit the certainly that's the way that that will will figure out what it looked like when -- training camp but. And certainly some -- -- great stuff is always enjoy it and we've preachy and top on today. Any -- a -- and joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible -- Ericsson we just talked about with brick it's got a report there is having is initial. Media briefing. Conference call with the Bruins media here's some of that little bit later on also wanna get into. Your first place Red Sox who on -- West Coast trip. -- late night baseball lost to a three against the angels but still some some major positives for the -- to the point where they've been so good. Gadgets that ever incarceration of what they have to do with the trading deadline is are some things this team has to do. Mix in some baseball coming up next month when.

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