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Listeners/Viewers send in complaints to the FCC about David Ortiz "F Bomb"

Jul 8, 2013|

Following the Boston Marathon bombings, David Ortiz went on live TV before a Red Sox game and used an expletive. Many people were offended and let their complaints known to the FCC. Our great intern Shelby reads some of the best complaints.

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-- -- It's good. That we Wear it today. And they read. -- -- -- We want to thank you Mayor Menino. Governor Patrick. The whole police department. With a great you know that they it is this past week. If you are you feeling. Nobody gonna think they got through. Good thing. Now is David Ortiz. F bomb heard round the world muddle OpenId 37 WEEI. You immediately that happened aired live on NASA -- -- it was caught actually -- higher as a thing of the great John Albany's who's producing that day. Actually caught that right -- correct -- wasn't clear Larry it was a played on the radio did make it on TV. You about the FCC might be within their reach within hours of that F bomb from Ortiz. Julius -- a -- genachowski. -- Brookline mass native -- out the following. David Ortiz spoke from the heart at today's Red Sox game I stand what big popular people Boston Julius. So he's the head of the FCC the chairman of the FCC and he didn't seem the mine right about that might be it. Well thankfully for us these SEC complaint of people make. The public record. And the folks at -- -- boy the folks -- dad's been got their hands. On some of them with ought to be good idea to get our good friend Shelby he curled. We read through some of these complaints. Have you guys hear what people actually wrote in. To the FCC to complain about. David Ortiz these are actual emails that were sent into the FCC we have some of these one of -- Actually it's not what -- and discussed in humans. To pursue happiness and protect our children -- and -- From language which is our right. I pulled SEC up to defeat and everyone else. Out. Extremely disappointed and political teaches -- that the word in front of 36000 people doing talent night. I was more disappointed in the -- disapproval. My mom dad and uncles. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They never resort to vulgarity and conduct themselves to TV and Kris. Whenever I visit. My surviving uncle I am struck by what -- gentlemen it's that. That generation's ability to express themselves appropriately. Only enhance whatever point -- making. I am embarrassed by my generation and the generations behind me. The SEC condone this language in front of women little children and elderly folks it's -- -- I am glad my lovely 87. Year old mother. Who watched all the -- -- games that mean when -- hospice patient didn't hear it. I was at politics he -- -- and town being broadcast on MLB network from David Ortiz on Saturday. Nine -- and now we're watching but she been placed on the mound and -- he and I are treated -- now I'm angry it's. Apple isn't Powell to see that you're chairman president frankly which meant he can explain to my son that he approved the use of a wired. -- I'm looking back to college to explain. Mr. genachowski. As Americans and tax -- are extremely disappointed with you know and the other commissioners at the FCC. -- -- drops our responsibility. Tee boxes the American taxpayers to uphold the standards and placed by the very organization you represent. I letting it -- get away with using an expletive at the Boston Red Sox game on Saturday April 22 2013. Hour. You became irrelevant. It is understandable given the circumstances in Boston during the last week I'm mr. Ortiz might use -- language however. Since mr. are not controlling language or emotions. Were dropped to make sure or the language used over the airwaves with acceptable. You fail or. The -- must enforce apparently all they lay down for the protection of the American public. You are not going to the rules and get rid of the rules are yet. I -- and other board members will not letting mr. Ortiz get away with things that clutch your reputation and relevance depends upon. I was watching -- pregame activities at the Boston Red Sox game and -- RT use the art. SEC chairman genachowski. Whose agency was articulate them all out. It used by even our -- during a movie treaty ceremony at Fenway Park. -- on both local and national television networks. Expressed. Actually -- should be higher. At. That. Organ at age I eat. Out. I -- I. And under a lot of -- that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- already won -- start with the reaction to this. -- start of first of all those are real complaints -- These are all public record -- -- got their hold on these have to get their hands on these and posted a bunch these earlier. -- dead in dot com. Notice they're just put to voice. By Shelby he curled former intern not just hangs out randomly during her show. And that's -- second figures I think she's got a career in a while ago and textures as that sounds like the same -- it's just changing -- voices. So the whole call or note Bono doughnut hole. Goods are well or man it is. Just Shelby in yes he sees change -- out and out here so getting back on our way back -- guys guys -- Jessica but those -- real complaints. With the David Ortiz real and spectacular. Spectacular convert why -- they all broads for the text offers a lot of not what I go for not a word I've said it's ridiculous. What brought -- over there yeah that was Shelby do we differ voice I was not prepared for that I had not as first thought I heard that. I thought southern accent Shelby. Might have been the best out of the zone. But close secular been stuck up mail shall we got that right there passion mispronouncing words in there which I do all the time which I appreciate kept it real -- wasn't. This wasn't soup -- and a -- like that. Organizations like you're -- Out. I helped you only get cancer -- Was editor at living is that it's really that was unreal look at that email. Now -- -- up the I was set and thousands like my favorite cities in the old Eric Holder says New York that David Ortiz he's the F word on live TV but has no problem. So in the you'll -- guys -- cancer and dies. If you thought you see look at. Just wanted to okay and the message that it's straight you did hear that one of these one of the emailers to people complain. So I'm glad my lovely 87 year old mom didn't live to hear this. Somebody from Gardiner Maine was actually happy their mom passed away. Apparently hear that -- here and afterward program rather an agreement here. And being -- -- -- -- let alone eat my back. They may seniors about were like that Mason has hurt us occasionally use bad words on the show your son there after your soul we use words that he should be here yes factor -- right right now it's like hate stupid -- That word excel boy I'm pretty sure he's gonna you know the F word will come in the place Paul are on given his father salty language off the I believe that the line out of the around -- is -- what do you tell nobody hears us say that word are. Don't you explain and that just because he hears that he shouldn't say yes OK that's all it was apparently he would take the time. And to play and it's somebody your family heard this is that it descent person -- don't use that word. -- bad job as a parent man I just explained you. That's a word you shouldn't huge heard -- not a good word. But it's certainly a joint use it and -- email the FCC. On.

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