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Jeff Van Gundy on Brad Stevens and the Celtics

Jul 8, 2013|

Jeff Van Gundy joined the show to discuss the Celtics hiring of Brad Stevens. Jeff said he was very impressed with the manner in which the team conducted the head coaching search.

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Welcome back to -- about Callahan Kirk and in four Gerri we spoke with NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy before the sell -- hired their new head coach and now that they have hired -- new -- coach. He -- the AT&T -- like AT&T. Forgy LT good morning Jeff -- But table -- get the basketball now that the basketball season is over I'm of one what do you do with your time you're below the family in the wouldn't station wagon and do agree -- wall van Gundy family vacation we do a good time now. All I'm lamenting my. Oldest child going to college. This year so that that sob story is dominating my time right now she's in Namibia -- a lot less anonymous. -- -- -- it it it comes I'm sure that's the -- and just think you get to write equivalent of the luxury car checked every single year for the next Georgia. Yeah I'm not sure exactly where the value is but we'll find out. Hopefully she'll be off scholarship -- four years and you will find people employment. Good for our prefer -- have you even heard. Brad stevens' name whispered in any circle our conversation you had. No. I thought the Celtics went about their business perfectly. You know everybody leak everything now you try to gain favor with the media. And agent you're glad teams do it players do it. And so it was refreshing to see a team actually conducted business. In secrecy and I thought. It was searched that was well done by Danny Ainge and Boston management ownership. It's certainly qualifies as thinking outside the box what do you think of the higher and what will his adjustment be like. Well I think he's a great great basketball coach. You know I I don't think. There'll be an adjustment scored two biggest adjustment basketball wise. This guy is really really Smart I think their players that will respective competent and his sincerity is reliability. And it trustworthiness. He's a quality. Person and coach. Now. -- differences you're gonna lose some and and made a lot. Depending on the construction of the roster. And that coupled with the link for the seat and is always a challenge in the NBA when you go to a rebuilding situation but I think it is. Demeanor and his voice. Along with its contract. Will serve him well. Rooted rebuilding situation and really the contract the Celtics gave him. Eternally grateful Brad but it's also great for NBA coaches because. NBA coaching salaries have been going. That Doc Rivers obviously but. The average has been going down and down and down and ownership has really been squeezed -- Coaching salaries and to see. Brad did this long term deal which very few had gotten and at the money he did. It's great for Brett but it's also great. For NBA coaches in general. Was any member of the -- Gandhi family contacted about this job and any time after doc left. Why I have no idea about my brother I know I wasn't. Nor a lesson I have such respect for. The Celtics that. Anybody would be interested. If the Celtics call right I mean. They just have a great. Obviously. History they have great ownership it's great management. So anybody would be interested. But what I was impressed by was how they were able. To pull it off. And an -- to think -- This is not a risk. You know people say it's a written I don't think it's a bit for anybody when Brad Stevens hit it would he's done with the Celtics in six years ten years fifteen years. You can always go back and get a great great college up. And for the Celtics -- moderate because the -- a great person and a great basketball coach. How they do. Record -- over his tenure there is going to be not based on. His coaching ability it's coaching going to be fine it's going to be. Their roster they get a good enough roster to work -- and went -- if they don't want to. Each coach up young players steer the ship through troubled waters what else do because assignment from -- sounds like Jeff. Well I think. There's very few people. Teens being -- his organization. Coaches players who really have the stomach. For a long rebuilt and it sounds good in theory. But Boston was tiring of rebuilding until. Danny Ainge pulled off the Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett right right no one likes -- and eighteenth straight game. This is what I thought Doc Rivers took. Unnecessary. Yet criticism. You know I just like. But he didn't wanna go to along rebuilt he'd already done that he'd already gone through that. Purgatory. Time in Boston. So that he wouldn't want to redo it again and -- I completely understand. But there's got to be public that this rebuilding and it really starts with the the media and he management and the ownership and -- so used to winning. That this may be a period. -- mediocrity. If they'd be you know that 4140 record last year that may be in normal way to make it a few more wins or may ticket if you. Less wind or maybe a lot -- And you can't just believe that. In theory you've got to be able to live through the dreary night. That are common. Boston garden and except that this is part of the NBA. And you can't stick a great. Forever and so I think that's going to be the top of the department for everybody they're coming off such a great period when he. Where they had these ultimate competitors. In Garnett. And pierce. And so I think you know. To see them go at -- and go -- the Eastern Conference. The whole thing is going to be difficult and that's where I think -- to meet -- will really help them he'll focus on trying to get better every day. Incremental improvement. And he can do that. I think he will have fulfilled his obligation Celtics. Very very well. Jeff Van Gundy give you -- Danny Ainge were king for a day. Wu is -- Rajon Rondo more valuable to you measure point guard or as an asset that you can trade and acquire some other pieces. You know I think -- anybody else. What anybody ask you don't -- you trade. Disc player whoever this player is in rock this as Rondo we're talking about now you have to tell me who you're getting back what -- that your getting back. If you're saying would you trade Rondo. Or Blake Griffin. Or. Rondo or LeBron James or Rondo right power. You have to get -- and probably yeah. -- obviously yes OK but -- -- stay -- dip -- -- no way or portrait Rondo for. A package of the guys who are going to be low. Like I say absolutely not. Is a sudden the idea though Jeff that in the NBA the worst place to be is. Every year's 384442. And forty year for you become like the Atlanta Hawks don't you have to do maybe become really bad to get really good again. You know. I look at it it's what people all we say. But I think the Houston Rockets have given everybody. A -- played on how to keep your dignity and honor. Trying to stay relevant. While getting great roster flexibility. And come up with -- rebuilding process on the other side and have a great team. BC I think one of the biggest. Problem in the NBA right now in the regular season is keeping. Could try to -- I like it it's not good for the game I understand why they're doing -- I understand. You don't want to stay. In the middle but I do -- if you look on his show on Broadway. Would you want to see it a group of performers. Not try their best. Or intensely. Put out lesser players. So the show could be worse. You -- we all work in the best product we -- and that means that try to compete to win. And I think that this draft lottery -- a total overhaul why should change should be punished. Better trying to win like should they not have a good chance as anyone. At the topic why should. You're incompetent. As an organization or as a team. By -- Give you more ability to get a great player I don't understand that. Jeff does set Dwight Howard's inclusion in the rockets' roster put Houston San Antonio Oklahoma City and the clippers. All sort of on the same level in your mind. I think big build fourteen or hand -- -- handful of teams that come out of the last next year you know maybe Oklahoma City might. They -- a little bit more because of the continuity. That they'd been able to achieve. But their talent has taken a hit with hardened. Going to Houston. With Howard coming there. I look Houston's roster and they have a great opportunity. And I think the cooperative and have done a great job. And at the -- roster. Awful what was already a very good teams so on the and in San Antonio's. You know everybody can continue to write them off they're gonna continue to win at a high level. And. And so I think built one of those fourteen to come out of the last and I think they're very. Very good this year Houston I think it got a chance to win at all. Hey Jeff I leave you with this thought for the NBA finals next year we have so many more million eyeballs watching you. Doc and the clippers vs KG Paul Pierce and Brooklyn for the NBA final show like that storyline. That's a good story line but that's about this event and the -- you know depending on. How they can buy into sharing the ball yeah would like that is is a great addition in that way but they. They have a lot of work to do to try to figure out. System and a dial. Where pierce Johnson Williams brook Lopez's stalkers. -- -- Play effectively together. You know it's not a video game where he does wind up twenty point gain scores take note too but from a talent and point. But that the strictly tablets built standpoint the -- said the best starting lineup in the Eastern Conference. Jeff Van Gundy as always good stuff we appreciate it take some time this morning thanks very much collected other enjoy your summer Jeff Van Gundy -- -- and LM. On the AT&T outlined AT&T four GL TE I think buzzer beaters might be next okay.

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