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Rabbit on prison food

Jul 8, 2013|

Our resident ex-con and former gang member Rabbit called in to give the low down on what its like to eat in prison. It did not sound appetizing.

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Hey. Yeah I don't outward -- rabbit. All right I'm always thinking that if my lawyers or if you are going are big like American public that they -- -- -- -- talk aren't. You're lawyers like OJ or whatever you want to be ever belly no prison wrapped in they all he told me that he killed that guy -- that they're very mean yeah totally better ambient segregation literally drop armour beat. -- trust me I don't know allied with the crime and about you know minority population. They got ninety per people try to be superheroes -- Spain that he said that and said that it added that the Mac you don't need a -- Isn't it ACLU's job just to bitch about everything. They do they do they do I agree it would Erin there I mean you calling try to get their help but our. And then let your article operate their -- Iranian -- -- -- the -- admire. Is is three hours out of the -- about right rabbit. Now now now let's and he gets out there than perhaps it would borrow in -- car. Fifteen minute shell our phone -- you that side you know I mean yeah like after your real you'd be real quick. Real big government that. Mean so you're out of that that they you'll be lucky to get our -- Is it is the food is bad as it's -- -- movies and TV national. At -- I tell you got home Friday and I've never had that angle. Like a normal wasn't normal like lunch and dinner for use it. All right like Al little star like -- Friday you wake up yoke -- which have never mind I'll get it by seven eyeball look at you know we like -- -- Yeah exactly I would buy that I never -- person ordering collect -- you wake up would be great. India and Turkey hot dog Whitner. And then for dinner like a ball square like only pitched -- -- and he shows that like Mac that they're going up like a burn a lot of -- and like talent here. Oh man I wish for we were huge behavior -- second -- that he did DO -- he stabbed us in the back. You have multiple within that -- an -- every two seconds -- think our power I would got our. I know I'm going to Obama would make it a point and I would it would drive me rated rhetoric into it a liar but there are at all book holidays they at all. Yeah Hernandez denied that he ever gang and ignored in the anger regarding. A -- courtyard are here again and you get the sanctions yet you get trouble for tank fight. Eric and remembering a listed under at 830 -- group. If you have that border aren't here. And you get a play like ten times worse sanctioned like if you got a little per week for our eagle flight. You're learning so we can get everybody target -- -- again they got to thirty all intrigue of course and then Europe and -- that group. But the ever read all -- let it all we -- when -- stop bone of all the blood lingo in the latter isn't. All do them and you see it's only read you know or any -- have any other club prison caught that and and and in -- -- -- applied. Many of all the blood and I don't pick on Twitter and don't be like that -- -- -- -- and all dressed -- -- I don't know how they -- -- -- -- -- sent. Well he's a model prison we've learned rabbit rabbit a good -- thanks for checked it and then we'll talk to -- thanks very much back to weakened by the way. Back and demanded excellence expected it and yet he has some -- -- Well there was a party initiation. That much of the votes but only got him managers and just -- -- and Gandhi joins us next.

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