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Stephen A. Smith: Danny Ainge is lying

Jul 8, 2013|

Stephen A. joined the show to discuss the Celtics off-season thus far. Stephen said that he does not buy for a second what Danny Ainge is selling and that the Celtics are going to tank this year.

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They joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LT ER friend ESPN's -- com tour Stephen A Smith good morning Steve and how are you. I don't aren't good -- afford this because I was following you on Twitter as they always do yesterday -- you seemed. Genuinely excited. About ending your vacation which by the -- was broken up by the Dwight Howard to tuition. Like coming back with all kind of information that you have go -- not you wanna -- look it up with us or some of -- witness. Why didn't ask you questions but you know obviously -- most of mile aberrations to elevate absolutely that you would actually and I am here for you what are. You call the Ainge doc break up accurately before anybody else thought coming I bet I assume you didn't see Brad Stevens coming down to like -- All of the really thinking about Bret -- but I like hot here I'll I think he's a bright young coach. I think any age deserves a lot of credit did a phenomenal job and what about the college game I think when you consider what he -- table. Not just in terms you don't -- Acumen as a coach but -- temperament. Ought to go a long way toward helping the Boston Celtics basically resurrect themselves because where they are right now. Undisputed going to be struggled quite -- -- you got to remember that the -- -- the -- they're building now eight he'd call Paul Pierce's goal on. You've got all this stuff -- on today you know mark Levy did they talking about people around a lot they run the ship eagle. You know you just got to start a new blood in the it would come down to a that the man knows basketball. He's a bright young mind. On he's become a guy like Rick Pitino is greatest particularly is that the coach we all know -- it kind of individual that really pushes the comparable degree it was. You know screaming and and went -- around like a bat out of hell. You know trying to do 82 games -- out that we as a professional at duke eight million dollar. Come to -- that Bret -- went to table I think is incredibly beneficial to the -- the Celtics and I think they deserve a lot of credit. Also ticketed him and may god. To succeed dock -- that -- a tremendous time. What do you think Danny's. Not M all but assignment to Brad Stevens is teach these young players steer the ship through some troubled waters for a while. If Rondo is here get on his side don't butt heads with them at -- we can win some games because it's got Denny said -- the Boston Celtics were not tankan. Well you -- and I think that I think that kind of a lot to be honest you mean a -- -- I'm not trying to denigrate any agent anyway. I'll -- that the UKG. All creation going to different direction needed to liability. -- clearly rebuilding or -- no way around. And if you didn't think you were built and all Bret Stephens would not gotten -- -- -- deal. That the guy -- plucked out of college gave the six years you know deal work about 22 million out he didn't take nearly four billion a year it's plenty of coaches in this sleek. Who have coached in this Li who apple modicum success. That are not getting paid out of read -- Gretzky -- page you know like you that you know about it what it just -- in the weightless mid major like well. It was after the stayed cool because you know this is going to be a long way back to prominence. That's what this is that they are you would want to expect manner that would be accomplished. And I certainly not trying to denigrate him in anyway but that's a -- -- what he just at the. -- -- you know here here's the real question a -- -- that's gone -- gone docs gone. Can Brad Stevens co exist with -- know now that Rondo is without question that is required is a leader of this the Emmys Rondo going to be on this team next year and didn't. Bret Stephens and run the co exist. -- more rivals under contract he's going to be on the -- late trade at least for the next cup at least the next couple years of that would be and he want I personally believe. That you can give more value for Ron double pole and I think Rondo -- the -- Regardless of what what people want to say about and that the temperament that big of that nature it's dude it's as competitive as they com. And I'm albeit a key somebody that's really really interest data integration -- himself -- pollute the situation. To as a result of that. No no you're acting a lot but this got a goal what he has been accustomed to just settling litigation it might be -- frank got a happy. Do you want to -- frank shot. Looting of forty odd that he gave the seat him because he's simply don't have the talent. Robert champion he wanted to elite point dog in this game -- LP despite his struggles in the room and as a as a shooter. I don't think he can sit there and take this well but the law also to meet. You're championship contender. You've got -- -- would -- desperate need of some kind of point play. Rondo Jermaine and I think it -- he has tremendous value. Interviewed Dana just saw the that you are going to it to paint because -- going to be a lot of got a -- to going to be will you going to be capable. Of having -- -- again and simply because you have on go to swap. But Stephen -- losing Rondo or giving -- where to not giving away trading Rondo away that's that's. Most probably do need to superstars in the NBA to win maybe two and a half or three makes more sense you would have none if he leaves now not exactly sure what kind of capital you would get back. -- taken a step backwards but get rid of Rondo. It definitely give it. The W to return it Rondo but at the -- rather than the one that we all know he didn't have a great relationship will Ray Allen. Okay he loved KG Kate he loved it but a lot of optical not a walk the -- sir -- his behavior or its temperamental whatever the case may call it a lot of question mark -- that pertain to him you might want a question you spell. Not commit an -- if you definitely going to want to be playing. Somebody would champion about. It you bought a copy may want to keep him but it PW walked in looking toward. Why wait. Why not quit when it and you bet it is you got a lot got a picnic -- and -- -- not gonna happen please don't give me -- Let's say they think of argument that the Indiana Pacers at call or make in the mood that they may OK because -- we all know. They were our real legitimate point got to wait and captured were you. You got any greater available let's say they have of the -- All but the bought the Celtics walked a guy like Roger Iran. Who says they would not have done that the there's a lot of it beat a boycott like wacko wacko World Cup up we got to that game. When he completely healthy that's the bottom line and all of the you can ignore. And while Danny says Rondo is going to be part of the rebuild Danica Denny said he's not going to be traded the fact is Rondo perhaps more than anybody in the league. Could orchestrate his way out of town. By his behavior. Yet because there's no question about it and is no question that is something that he'll paint it people who because Rondo wants to win it. Say whatever you want about. Which it did not expecting you to -- you got a championship or that resonate. He's got to MBA all the appeared in order to resonate kid to perk is that -- go -- -- -- exit and fabric and MBA Arnold a legitimate argument could be made -- -- -- -- one network championship. Last year when he played Miami -- put my hand to the brink of elimination. Would be MVPs but bought Celtic in the east -- -- on -- get the Miami Heat last year. Not that that he's an election. That was brought our Toronto either got to drop would be one Miami Heat got a walk and double double. They all look it up if you want to admit they're not -- an art maturity issues that need to be address and all that other. But that not an average play. -- big top. At a point dog in the NBA you have a big -- -- -- Who got to Europe Latin deal you have already made it clear that you are rebuilt that. Make no mistake about it it is very very possible that I don't gonna step -- that that you know -- I'd like to be in a better situation. You looked out the KG you look out. All period how about looking out for me and believe it or not -- not beyond the pale that not in the street him at all that and all he's got the organization. In the end you know Dwight Howard one up or most fuel but he was gonna wind up Houston was there a lot of drama behind the scenes it was it really kind of cut and dry it was their chance -- the lakers mr. chancellor quantitative. I know you did not -- that -- collection -- the light out at me. And others manufactured drama immediately it was always going to go to Houston. He was always gonna go to -- -- in my estimation but the point is that squabble still Koppel will still relevant because we talked about a look -- -- -- it's going to go to Houston because. You wanted to go according you. That day might be its own because he made it clear the Laker management that he absolutely positively one -- -- that the and eat that apple what I would print out what I was heir apparent in the -- we want to Kobe Bryant will adapt to Kate -- -- -- -- -- -- Because he's an eleven time champion of the leak into the Caribbean a brat that we you know what iMac you know along with standard got the eight -- -- he's saying. Kodak is an eleven time -- Cock -- -- -- give him back in Jim bought without being interviewed bill Jackson. Gave they would act in the old one day in order to make a decision in -- back order one Sunday night. Twelve eligible for the deadlock could help him that we have might be that we -- Mike in -- the -- not only did he know it. -- make the call and literally -- the Jackson. My vehicle he was a bad option. Put a friend got big -- to the point with -- went on a Mike -- my show and told that story and laugh. Literally -- Stephen do you find it a little bit and that sort of looking for unsettling that we cover the point where players are determining. Who's coaching or trying to -- determine who's coaching what team and where the story you just relate Chris Paul certainly with with Doc Rivers and others as well. Not at all not at all Magic Johnson. All of that at all Pat Riley. Larry Bird obviously Kate he -- wouldn't have been -- -- along with what Larry Bird you know at some point in time you've got to look out like Chuck Daly. Well what I they comment you know you look at. -- -- You look at the NBA we you have are they either support their coach. Go to all it only went a coat -- a long period of time if he doesn't have a relationship with the start the it doesn't happen in the NB a -- -- you might have eaten too which are but ultimately if you're not giving a -- -- okay you don't have the same vision if you don't believe it keys to a significant -- so winning a commitment to yet. -- -- -- -- BA history and they don't have a. In your estimation Stephen -- does Dwight Howard shift the balance of power in the west to Houston. No. I think he -- he did he make a legitimate threat. In the congress sanctions but I don't think it makes it better that Antonio I don't -- -- -- that an Oklahoma City. With the acquisition of doc -- recount and Chris Paul. The addition of JJ Redick and Jared -- alone policy common over the backup point ought. I don't believe it it makes embedded in the corporate and would Golden State higher you know acquiring Andre Iguodala. The -- which stepped curry Klay Thompson are the bullet and into -- -- a contract year I think you can make a legitimate argument you know what he. In the west got the story possibly all. Our final question from this this this deals with Dwight Howard again. It doesn't seem like it was that long ago Stephen day that we looked at Dwight Howard when he was Saddam not to teams ago. As a friendly. Affable enjoyable rising superstar and that reputation. Has changed to something quite different Charles Barkley said I believe yesterday the day before. The only way Dwight Howard gets his reputation back. Is to win a championship agree or disagree. Well to some degree are Greek. He's got to win because so much noise has been made about an 10 okay. Not he's got to live with the -- there's no doubt about that but at the same it's because he wanted all that doesn't mean Egypt at all these. We we all -- or if you look at going to be a lone individual to make it. He -- -- rate he's he's got to play and he got -- -- capable. But even the wipe out and it it added that. Doesn't make them better than that then at least to re looking for the match. So we recognize that and understand it we gotta put it in the respect he upgrade but -- income it's still Mordecai. With the trade with with the Celtics. Stephen. Do you have where where is Brooklyn rank and -- you put them above Chicago with throws he put them in the mix of Miami Indiana where the nets with piercing garden now fit into the. Ever make that were made to be seen because our our -- -- at all on the current on their continued development Brook Lopez out -- expect to -- he to have an impact on him. And all -- their way he's got to step up and be the honestly he played like 12 half eaten at the political all the in the park app but it a year when it comes down to is you know law you know. Brook Lopez and airwaves. Still have to be the cornerstone of the Sprint Cup what makes a Brooklyn nets incredibly formidable and don't want they can about it is that they can click. What do on court at saint top who can close or you from the -- -- -- capable of hitting big top shots from the ribbon now. But you still have appeared. Everywhere you -- the doctor. Total all big time clutch. Shooters and I think that we you could walk out on the court at -- count and your center at the legitimate 71 acre legitimately put an eighteen and nineteen tonight. That makes the Brooklyn -- incredibly formidable. I don't know what that make them better -- Chicago and Indiana yet we'll see but it depth and and easily could be -- These -- Stephen Smith ESPN will be a -- -- first day for all your other good stuff Stephen thanks as always for taking a few minutes. Stephen A Smith would -- -- -- AT&T -- like AT&T -- LTE was speeds up the ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. So you have a and Steve -- met today. Rondo but he also was with me and he thinks and why you think it's going to truth I think and why do was the other day it's it's time video like you about -- Now that party and why don't I don't like there -- sort of some what is -- Angeles very complicated soap opera it's not. No murder which is good that's trumpets complicate our Ford deal with -- secret -- hand in for Gerry Callahan and Jeff and got -- will join us in the next hour.

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