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Don Cherry: the Bruins will regret Seguin trade

Jul 8, 2013|

Don Cherry joined the show to discuss the Bruins trade of Tyler Seguin. Grapes thinks the Bruins acted too quickly and that they will regret the trade down the line.

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-- back Dennis and -- little -- radio stuff -- and hand -- real hook up with a pal -- in the 36 years I -- covering sports in -- -- Only three coaches getting fired may be sad. Pete Carroll -- -- a lot yeah. Walpole Joseph Morgan when the Red Sox got rid of him body count. And -- not Bobby Valentine. Don share he has -- small -- cap on Hockey Night in Canada on grape cherry joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning mr. Jerry how -- -- my -- I'm glad dug out of Europe. Sorry I was that I don't think Kerry was to. Did you think of Perry asked are very good back flip for about a week and a half on. Perry was at that time we were not very good enemies -- -- it was a couple of cartoons in the paper and had become an aristocracy in and every bit and that -- is definitely got a Don -- on elected. They've got that lifetime contract. There was another or great whether cartoon. And it I would I would block and a way of blue without regard to the other regular -- great site to our -- a little helper Harry. Brent now you you patch it up. Yeah we -- up at the last Barack. We cut it up but let's face -- your estimation dog did Peter to rally the Bruins give up on Tyler Sagan to quickly Gloria. -- you know the kids sentiment thirteen. And other people what happened there I'm a little upset that they you know they targeted -- the -- It's 41 years old I mean I would be a part myself. And I don't understand that one day that's the way I think fear would happen and you got currency. And you got Bergeron better and the kids and natural -- -- -- right wing here before got thirty gold. Is going along pretty good and and they bring in yarder. Yarder in the playoffs I used to watch the power play would play about a minute and three quarters -- this played out obviously to but it went exactly two minutes. He got the last -- being second of every power play. I mean I can you end up. You know and Eric and I -- -- -- occupant of the big get a good occupier but that's -- -- and got twelve goals he then got sixteen. Ericsson not a good club but you know minus nine the damage you can believe it -- 22 yeah. And Eric had eight minutes of penalties though you know where he's coming from again at 20/20. Two minutes the appellate got what I continue to that something must happen there. You get rid of a -- like I'm sure he's gonna Iguodala and got to play better and look out I'm -- -- this kid. Is that as is one step away from being a superstar you're seeing -- but as he's gotten about books somehow in. You know I have to watch you have to watch the Bruins have a real. Damage. A billion pop right off the play against that's the -- and unity in the nineteen Canadians on the club. And every one of them are are are rough rough guys who votes start to lose it to go down with. The thing. Chicago had 23 Canadian partners in their organization. LA who won the championship the year before -- 27 inning and I shouldn't be in the not a US. Network but the fact they're back. -- they have to watch that date they don't lose that little grip because most people are afraid to go and play about yeah. But -- do you -- and did you buy into the idea you his story and herald last week that. There's security guard at a hotel and all make -- get away from his house skeptics -- wouldn't allow I mean I understand guys crawl was some martian does a lot of guys do. Is a -- idea that -- gotten so lot of control was taken note there was no going back. Well I bureau brawl at the hotel -- but I understood there both of them -- at the hotel anyhow. And I think that the what happened once when you know the word commode Canada you know a big deal. Big deal here especially around Toronto because we know on so well that we heard but stuff we I was shocked and let the guys. I'm 41 years old. I'm all by myself delivered by myself and after the game -- regular -- Michael Goldman not strictly. I know I'm gonna have a few different and I'm sure you guys would do. And -- what happened -- -- -- had two Beers. And I'd like I don't know what happened but I just say that I know I it will abide by with 21 years old after game might -- what our record toolbar to I don't like the idea that you would -- open it minute let's let's go to a -- that he did do what he did whatever they're saying he did. One of the people thought well equipped sort of what the percentages David you don't. I don't doubt that they'll get a -- -- Well maybe it's to stem the criticism for those people who think Tyler Sagan is a superstar in making NN and the Bruins organization once people are now well there's a reason we didn't just give away there's a reason it was a problem child here and so don't. Don't criticize us we had to do we have to do I guess that's the big idea -- What with the way. -- a guy can get these thirty big. Gold on the right wing and he's a natural better and he's a little problem the I would rather have -- I wouldn't mind that I try to fill out over the little right but I think what happened was when it got to. That they said that what the heck was that these. This is all I Norton wasn't as if we didn't trade him because of his on -- abilities. Well I mean now. You open up what city do like you know what what the heck did he do some like well IA unit and the broker in the final that -- pretty good though. Throw him out we don't have the right but -- -- -- in my opinion I would have never given up 122 year old. Is that a reported thirty gold the year before playing in the wrong position. Our behavior aside guys mature and develop and blossom at different times. And -- -- -- it's brought to my attention that Rick Middleton the number fourteen pick overall by the Rangers and 73. Played two years and didn't do much the Rangers came to Boston is 73 and developed into nifty. -- before he -- He. He -- with BI knew of him when he was in Providence civic and I thought that the lucky enough here at first big step into a perfect compliment and -- you don't -- it sure wouldn't mind -- saying that they got rid of them because of that reason and the reason this story was that both -- -- the story -- he told me that he -- -- one time that he had a little problem with John Ferguson. He said well look I'm gonna go in the basement. And I'll go up to my room migrate as he -- He got an abatement in the hotel. Got up at the door opened in the lobby -- -- who vetted John Hurt as. He who'd gone the next day and we got them and I saw my with the way he I would go to team Canada I can back there -- with -- in the practice I come back I mean this guy look like Porky Pig he was told about. It's if he he would get on I know you're gonna say what does he didn't have good he is here with known well I thought I'm. The October 20 -- because he's -- got a haircut -- -- -- not having to do with it but I'll tell you one thing I have played through them on the bench they get a -- recover the point he'll tell -- preacher turned into technical score a lot of thing is -- don't give up on that point three year old -- just because he has extracurricular. -- that -- activity because they give up on him and he turned into a goal scorer and by the -- get over 400 gold should be in the hockey -- Well -- -- got the long answer but that's my answer. This idea though Don with say can you hear hear all the time he just wasn't tough enough to play in Julian system he just. That he had twenty minute penalty that 48 him but. I -- you got it -- you're not gonna get a guy Rick you go to and he was hit I think hit it -- I think he was doctorate ladies and we've had a team that was. Monsters their beer and everybody was afraid of if you can't have everybody. -- of the world bank and you gotta have both nights I admit I thought he had it he had a little lead -- all the time. Hey -- short offseason for the Boston Bruins those who didn't make the playoffs get an extra six weeks what does that mean when training camp resumes and five minutes. Well when you don't win that pretty tough but I know what you're talking about and always -- -- -- -- -- get off to a bad start in the I don't know they did it and it is a war let's -- as you go for two months. But that here at the end -- -- he was -- that -- dollar bank unit -- and I mean that you're either basis they're. -- as a -- and both of them got cold there that I mean we did it every other night and he -- weird thought as well. It really does they can pull in and it pixel or I would get a cranked up again you can see every year nobody ever went back to back. Does that -- holes. Claude Julien to manage charged minutes a little differently next year you've got a couple two or three young defensemen coming up to take some load. Would it help him at the end of thought if he didn't play quite as much as you play during the regular season. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Get a Paul DuPont in the globe. In the last week after the trade described Ericsson as Patrice Bergeron with a greater scoring touch is that accurate. Com law and could be he he he can talk. Bergeron burger on the -- the ultimate hockey player if you wanna occupy -- just talk to -- about what I can't say enough for both backed I mean. You've got caught in all right I don't think Derek have would play with a broken rib and punctured lung and -- separated shoulder all he's got a pretty good touch I have to admit they got a good guys back men knocking them but. Please Bergeron that this guy is the -- bowl he's he's their leader he is the god I can't say enough of. Regarding your estimation is Tuukka Rask a world class goaltender I've -- top three top. Or one group I don't want you to be in the MVP for sure and you know he kept them in their allotted enveloped earlier in the two goals he didn't. Nickel gold. Didn't -- it and what bowling with. He would beat tiger when he put it and -- Not knowing he would visit guys were -- maybe that I would do the best goaltender in hockey. -- was a good move firfer for the money. All the you had no choice. I think it was indicative offer anything -- had to give -- human -- -- He was the guy I mean look at I -- he is it about goaltender and occupied by a third. A -- or let you go and I know there's no such thing is replacing blue but did you get another dog. But did I got another would never the same that never liked it never did that they've been. Do everything that they had a good -- but not the light blue Honda and I have I ever on -- coach's corner I always cover on the opening and I get better because Betsy Stark. This year did does -- the new one -- on your lap and drink Budweiser of the camp. If -- this dog never. I had the lap the last pitcher we had taken with a broad we had we've been derelict bigger bullet forget which one. And that he pitcher there was blue implement lap he -- -- growing at area and all the guys collapsed at the headlines good group going to the -- Don cherry Hockey Night in Canada always a pleasure talking populated that I I a couple of I thought Jerry would Dennis -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE quick time out we'll go from what energy guide to another Stephen A Smith next with -- and Kirk.

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