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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jul 8, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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He was outstanding once again you know potential home runs through seven innings. Putting -- powerful all the stuff throughout the full seven innings of work lot of strikes. And on a day where we have. You know one golden opportunity when we commit to out of the shoot right away in the first inning of that -- compliment on the seventh inning we couldn't get much going as we were today. -- Yeah I mean he you give credit to -- that that change speeds effectively. You know this is this a tough conditions they hit -- you know with a 5 o'clock start but. There there -- same conditions but still. And over that stretch you mentioned to show what we've had an outstanding offensive approach and we created a number of opportunities in this series tonight. Only a couple. Put them still John once again was it was very strong. Your first and third in the first and don't. You know it's it's. Not necessarily kind of signals that OK we've got an opportunity puts -- man on. Unfortunately nine point four over the next 45 innings that we that we can get a whole lot don't know enough. You know put soon I thought we took some good swings early on but then after that not much social work. I was extremely difficult -- left and it showed little bit of crossfire. Fastball that you know mid to upper ninety's can can cut and on some writers and -- -- his left handers and -- and people up. That they've got outstanding arms in the bullpen a lot of power -- swing and -- capability in. In key moments that they shut us down. -- that was tough loss. One out away from win in the series. In and it got away from us we didn't close the door and made that kind of kicked it down and walk through last night so. I still like this team -- you know. Tonight we didn't create a whole lot for cells -- and this is a team that continues to battle there's a lot of good offense. And -- you know we're gonna put a lot of people on base. And exposing them.

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