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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Dave O'Brien

Jul 7, 2013|

john Farrell talked to Dave O'Brien before the last game of the L.A. Angels series. The skipper told Dave that Andrew Miller is going on the DL, but he doesn't have a fracture.

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John thank you very much red -- ready to wrap up the series here but -- I hesitate to go back to last night but I know you've been talking about it all day so maybe some of the pain is gone but what a strange what an odd way for the ball game to finish up when it felt like it was completely in hand. Well a tough from the losers no doubt today and after just a few hours of sleep last night rehashing and replaying that one I know exactly what you're talking about here but. You know we we for 26 outs and not not taking anything away from the Angels we left the door open and they they kicked it open and in the beating us. But the way we played throughout the course of the blogging. Up until two outs in the ninth. We ran the bases extremely well. We had very good timely hitting we pitched well Ryan Dempster settled down give us an outstanding start in his own right. It was good to see Andrew Bailey -- get five outs in the key spot with a -- double play to try out. So getting him back into the flow of things in gaining some confidence was a good thing. But in the end unfortunately that last out was elusive in the ninth inning. -- know it should be tip your cap to the Angels their big league club to get paid to come back and win games in the done that a few times recently. But if Snyder makes the throw to Pedroia on target at second base the ball game is over there in the ninth inning and no worries about anything else. Well I considered a better we do we -- that last night but today yeah there's you know. We're up for trying to give Koji day off trying to stay away from -- -- -- a lot of late he's been durable he's one of the ball. He he's sound physically. And yet after his truck gets it would hit by the pitch with two outs in an 01 count. Felt like we had to make a move and unfortunate for Koji comes into a situation if pools where he has no. Margin for error you could say that okay you know what even if you walk more still up three young lefthander and in. Hamilton at that point word you know he's had good success against but you know what they they dump the Kumble singles and -- -- -- -- pulls the other and right field by. By Hamilton and still were were -- run. And unfortunately the ground -- play which Snyder had a decision he can go either way and there's not a wrong decision in that either probable second or or complete the play at first. He just got -- -- the thing about not because the ball sail into right field. Was there a hint of indecisiveness there to about exactly which is -- First base or the throw and he made the comment that the -- -- second it was a little closer than he thought when he released the ball. Yeah I and I think it might be just a lack -- history with some guys says that he's playing against them because can Kendry Morales. Howie Kendrick. You know he's he's a decent runner but he had playing time if you know if he chooses to go to first there's no question he you know he makes the play there but. You know what to the credit to -- of Hamilton was -- but getting Donald linemen and you know he forced a -- throw. And that's the result than what we saw. Andrew Miller went down it's kind of scary because no one knew what the the problem was a big guy like that when he goes down clutching his foot you never really know. What is his status right now I know he's in a booed out there in your clubhouse as we speak. Well we did put among disabled list we took him for X rays last night there's no fractures but begin because -- is -- -- there's so many things going on there with tendons ligaments small bones. We're sending him back to Boston to get re examine there including an MRI are foot specialist will take a look at and there are so. The good news is at least initially there's no fractures but at the same time. The soreness and the lack of being able to put any kind of pressure weight on the left foot. The deal was clear and an offer to -- Davis has been recalled Jonas here and work available. So what is your bullpen looked like tonight John you obviously win a lot deeper and of that and then you -- originally thought. Who can use and how big is it for Lackey to go real deep tonight well it's it's key for the start were deep every night but. Right now we would have Bailey available for an inning to follow once we we gave a down day too yesterday he's a Dallas Davis is there. If we need like dilatory here -- is to provide that so. Given what John has been able to do last -- for the majority of the season you know six and seven innings. We feel like for good shape to get through this close in the game out you know we're gonna look to match up. -- were all right handed because we've with Miller going down Bristol those were the last three consecutive days where we've got to get intimidated. So. John like he's working deep tonight will be key force. And do you expect John to have some added emotions tonight in the facing. His old club here in Anaheim -- big -- Sunday night baseball he's an emotional guy to begin. He -- and I and the one thing he's been able to do was channeled in the right way and and he'd be he wouldn't be human if there wasn't you know added emotion attached to this use of where he spent majority mystery a lot of success here. There's been mixed reviews on is leaving here and signing with Boston I'm sure about it reflective in the crowd because it has been in the past. But what he's also come back from personally and the Tommy John surgery the resurgence in his own performance and career. This season I think he carries into the game a lot of momentum. And a lot of confidence which you will -- for and a brought them. Finally our Mercedes-Benz question of the night for John -- John looking back in and out 24 hours after the all star game -- the all star selections had been made. How do you feel about it is there -- is there a thought you mine you'd -- obvious psyched up one more player -- is eligible to be voted in maybe last night doesn't help on the whole lot. But what are your thoughts right now. Well you're certainly proud for the guys that are of at the individual seasons to date and what's that Patten and I think there's always going to be of that line in the sand that guys are gonna fall outside it that there's going to be guys he can make a case for that. Should be on the team and they're not you know you'd like to see the story of Daniel Nava continued to evolve and he's worthy of -- of being in the discussion and and hopefully Koji. Finds his way to join the other three that I voted to name but. I think what was really what it would resonated with me were some of the comments by our guys. That came out of the news of who made the team and guys were worried about awards guys were about how many wins we put together as a team and I think that speaks volumes to what goes on our clubhouse. Jugular tonight obviously -- -- as well thanks Dave I appreciate it. Our question with the manager was brought -- you by Mercedes-Benz. The Mercedes-Benz summer event his back. Visit your local Mercedes-Benz dealers for limited time lease and financing offers on select Mercedes-Benz models on the web at MB USA dot com but hurry because just like summer these offers. Won't last John.

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