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Mustard and Johnson the Celtics Rebuilding Effort -- It All Comes Down to Rondo

Jul 7, 2013|

The boys get into the C's, the hire of Brad Stevens and how Danny is planning to rebuild. They both agree it comes down to Rondo - do you trade him or build around him. They seem to be leaning toward dealing the young PG unless he has a huge change in attitude.

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This -- it over the Celtics just won one point on the Celtics we do wanna take Celtic calls. I I look at today's show Larry almost as mustard and Johnson both sequel part two of the through. Major focuses our folk guy. Of by yesterday's program were obviously that Tyler Sagan to Dallas deal and from Indianapolis by a Butler University. The brand new coach of the Boston Celtics won Brad Stevens so I wanna talk about that. Two I thought it was classy yesterday Brad Stevens was in Indianapolis for filling. A commitment he had me to a former player I am a former player's father and he was Leah I'm keynote address speaker at a parade. There he met asked the Celtics about it and they said absolutely. He said that just meant so much to him that they would understand his commitment to do that and you know this is the type of guy they're idiots. Now but as I said yesterday. And I think you know Danny to quote the oft used cliche is thinking outside of the box. It's outside of the box because except for Larry Brown you have to put a big asterisk next to Larry Brown's name Larry Brown. Yet he did win a championship to Kansas. He went to a finals. The game in 1980 for UCLA but remember he had a lot of coaching experience in the ABA he was a guy that really balanced his coaching career. In ball this is the guy who spent sixteen years. As a college coach either as an assistant or head coach. He does not understand the pro game at all Larry Brown played in the ABA he coached in the ABA went to college came back to the NBA Larry Brown might be. The greatest. Two way coach most personal coach in the history of coaching and winning at the NCAA level and the NBA level. Other than that they've been all failures how is Brad Stevens going to break the small. But because I think you have to go -- if you -- Malacca endure today certainly are you can do after -- for -- but I'd go over each individual case look at the roster is that they had a look at the GM that they had. And look at the future potential of having young. Draft picks that will be coming into a very talented there was an article in park sports yesterday by Joan -- and quote can she says it's time for LA the lakers to look at Boston time to watch do any change in what he did this bet past week. Blowing up the team I don't I don't I keep hearing it I you know you -- that Ireland all over the place and -- some people. Moaning and whining and complaining real you know talking about tanking a blowing up the team. I understand how long people have been watching -- free agency in these teams in the way it works. Yep but so many players coming on the draft who could turn your franchise around or you've endured the any -- which. Kevin and the like but he only was able to do that because you accumulated chips. The he could go homes and Gerald Green and a few other in Jefferson -- chips away and then you get some mature player is skilled players so. I like what you're doing I agree we're doing deals and earliest -- take your time. To a rovers with but the bulls take your time. You really into it beat you really don't want them that good out of overdoses is by and people saying well we're transit are supported team like that. You'll see you would vote for individual play is to -- the skill levels improve. But you on distinct you know what's going on C I think you just this next year even I joke when yearlong when he and with -- 214 draft. We I would support that theory may be after that you know you try to do about it but. Next year's draft great guy keeps telling -- it was supposed to be the best draft in ten years. -- -- In the Celtics I don't see here's my problem with the Celtics. And as much as people want them bomb to develop players and perhaps. On not go out of their way especially to win a lot of basketball games. They've tried that before they try to 97 it didn't work -- they tried it to a degree I guess you could say it did work. In in a back handed back doorway you know seven as the Atlanta guard -- that wasn't really because of the draft. So they get into the draft they get into the lottery they were able to find one of those blue chip players it's gonna be available. Next year of the problem as I don't know they're going to be bad enough to get into the lottery -- -- the problem is of Rondo gets it. You don't -- -- together right away -- I I think you're looking at. If you really want to get into lottery and you really -- retool completely overhaul this whole. Off franchise. You're probably gonna have to do without Rondo. It's gonna have to be a Rondo lists future over there on causeway street are you ready you ready for that game if you are ready for that. What do the -- is it a door right well you said that what -- no other way to do -- it'll issue unless you have -- -- is that you can -- -- Is chips that -- -- did they get Garnett and -- and out to come during the years all right so how about using Rondo. As your player too far away. If you probably him what you want you want to meet you knew one another draft pick you want them very very young and to. Player that you can bring a -- here's the problem -- that getting a draft pick for Rondo probably isn't reasonable because the team that wants Rondo probably feels it's. The one good point guard away from being true contenders that's not I don't -- -- Rondo I'm just say -- let him take his time recovery if rose can kits that grow. An entire playoff series where this team on the brink of maybe doing something. If he can do that -- at the south -- here. Around here's the difference remember rose. Tore his ACL up spot in the previous playoff around once he was out basically a calendar year. Rondo -- tore his ACL on what February. -- played fed girly may be late January something like that. So if you wanna offer calendar year that's halfway through the season by that point you wonder. If we can be on the team on the other hand if you're -- GM. Do you trade for Rondo right now. Knowing the guys coming off an ACO. Depending on the relationship he has with Stevens if he gets it if he understands it if you can sit down with him and make him understand what you're trying to do that makes all the difference in the world. Well I I was interest dead in order to get to your phone calls after the break we do promise lots of people waiting to talk I was interest in shock grandes comments yesterday I was -- fascinated. And the celtics' summer cooler program which Shawn said. And I think it is right he is a feisty. Determined sometimes. Come shall we say a comic classic and rebellious person he loves to go against the grain. He's a contrary it. And nothing would please according to Sean. Rajon Rondo more than proving people wrong most people think he cannot play for this young guy he's just gonna run rough shot over -- He's got he's gonna pull a job of veteran IE I am bigger then you are I am bigger than the team. And -- believes and he he he knows -- on Rondo he knows the organization very well. That Rondo may just turn around say look at I can actually play for this guy's a matter of fact I would do everything I can I can accommodate him I'm gonna be leader tomorrow. It's interesting quickly in the and we do the break in the coming back and take phone calls for the rest of the show. Is he blew open an interest in peace that -- prospect came out there's just one last shot. -- that dark left us OK so let's not make it same like we wanted to -- dark probably because anyone -- AM. Seven million a year to rebuild now they are willing to do that 'cause darker work great young players. Dark rivers decided. He wanted to beat it wanna go through all the rebuilding process again Garnett and pierce are getting old lease on writing on the wall. He wanted to believe anyone that Stewart so that it didn't hurt the team. And you got to give them credit they got a draft pick out while I like grades test -- -- he -- I mean Vaclav -- period. -- left us no -- we'll take that away it was his idea and he laughed. And we made the best of it which certainly contradicts -- statements on NBA draft night. That you know doc is a pleaser he wanted to placate I guess Celtic nation on May be felt as if he was be trying his fans. As legion of admirers out of nobody he made it sound you sought Larry he made it sound. As if it were the Celtic idea and he was just going a long way to think when players and coaches and the like only -- a team that way. That they forfeit any opportunity. Of maybe getting there mean -- number retired. Yeah I did you know I am I don't think retired and come out time out even Alan -- I think guy and it appears to slim down. Deeply the way they laughed I didn't asked to leave it there which they would trade. And I think in that case they will be welcome back with open arms I don't know if you contain the same thing about -- now I would never -- But I'll admit a little bit disappointed. Well yeah you ordering now play for two teams before he came here I'll win on his own accord to Miami won another championship that will never happen. Doc Rivers certainly will be admired and respected for years to come but he left on his own volition. And -- I think we're pretty much close the chapter on that 617. 77979. -- 37 mustard and Johnson we promise we'll get to those calls coming up right after this.

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