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DJ Bean Joins Dale Arnold to Discuss the Seguin Saga and the Bruins Recent Acquisitions

Jul 7, 2013|

WEEI.com's DJ Bean joins Dale in studio (while Bradford skips out early) and gives his thoughts on the Seguin deal, Seguin's issues off the ice and the tweet heard around the world last night. They also get into the signing of Jarome Iginla and the departure of Nathan Horton.

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Whatever three sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. We've called in the wiley left hander from the bullpen Vijay being enough left handed it right like saying that while. At C I know nobody ever says wiley right -- -- Seth who exactly those two terms never go to gather it's always the wily left hander -- write -- like saying power right hander it's like saying scrappy like you don't call big guy like a scrappy player. Alec over the scrappy Zdeno Chara Brad marsh on race drags out that sort of -- -- DJ being his side in for the last couple of hours of this portion of the year. The entire thing here and and needless to say. When you trade away a guy who many thought was a franchise type of player that's been up a hot topic of conversation but I mentioned rob at the beginning of the show. In all my years of doing sports talk radio in Boston I can't remember a time. Where there were more. Big major stories involving all four teams all the same time and of all of all the times -- to be the first week of July. When it's usually. Dead. Rcn and like I remember when I was in turning her for W the EI. Realizing that because knew it was the first time that I'd been like. Actively even mean monitoring. Ehrlich I guess like a part of what that sort of news type situation with with sports and falling stuff every day. I was like you know but as a sports lover I've never noticed that absolutely nothing happens at this time of year there's some baseball games but. If your team isn't in it then really there's nothing going on and now this. This week has been in the past 23 weeks. -- just been it's an event and an extended period of time you know you go back to the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals which was a very positive thing right. The stunning loss in game six which was as bad as it cats right. -- then you have the Celtics in the dismantling of the franchise and Doc Rivers goes to the clippers in new trade away. -- Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce and and that whole thing. Aaron Hernandez stands all on its -- their that's the worst story yet in Boston sports in May in my lifetime. That whole thing and and you've got this little hockey baseball team that. -- along the best best record in the American League just keeps winning best run differential best this mess that and nobody knows anything about them right as there's to many other things going. Right does it which is hilarious because I mean. The Red Sox say I'm sure they don't of this might have but they should be like. This -- you guys have been killing us for years about how we totally fallen off and now. Where the best team in the Taylor and current baseball American okay in Pittsburgh still better in in base right but. Pittsburgh who I'd I caught a a pirates game. In Pittsburgh and beautiful stadium -- beautiful and you know even their finally getting some attention but it right anyway yeah you've had this conglomeration of things. And then from the bruins' perspective as we said. You have. Blockbuster deal seven players involved the centerpiece of which is Tyler Sagan from the Bruins. Louis Erickson from Dallas then you have the free agency and and all of a sudden -- again as a member of the. Loans will eventually be the Gettelfinger. Seemed a lot gators seem like it was gonna make a lot of sense as that day went on and you saw mean. First the ball -- once they miss out on Alfredsson a guy that did they may have thought that they they were close on. The reportedly turned their attention to Michael Ryder and institute know where Ryder kind of it in the that timeline of surely end Don Meehan determined it was agents right sort of correspondence. Because. They are rumored to be in on. In in on writer which he ends up getting a two year seven million dollar deal. The deal a deal for the Bruins -- mark -- makes all the sense the world granted it we do with it comes. -- -- a lot more pressure on Jerome Iginla here then there would have been and I forget who asked the yesterday. On the conference call just a -- That. There's more pressure on him -- there's a bigger role as a more defined role for him here coming in yesterday placed Nathan Horton -- whereas. Before when he came and it was. Maybe you'll play on the first line maybe it'll play on the third line their options for this guy. Jarome Iginla kinda save the Bruins past the -- This this free agency because if they were to have struck go to on all those guys which. If Padilla goes somewhere else that you're looking at the Bruins who knows who they bring in they probably have to make another trade because. Had to -- or not come you're looking at the top six at stills and filled out so -- coming not only gives them. A -- and yet they've they've. In in on for awhile but. It it fills up there at their top six where it could have been pretty messy. We talked about the -- the trade with Dallas senate and I made the point that first ball bleeding to -- the Western Conference at all this year until the Stanley Cup final. And and even if you did see Western Conference in previous seasons I mean how much do you see of the Dallas Stars how much do you want them. Bruins don't play the mall that much. And and I do think that there are great hockey fans out there who know how good a player Louie Anderson is there are some Bruins fans. Might not know as much about Dallas who don't understand right now today. He's a better player than Tyler -- -- so I wrote that deal -- thought that our ignorance fleece the stars but I mean. They got the best player in that deal is not always the goal I don't think -- so that people don't some Bruins fans don't understand that they also acquired a guy. Who's probably gonna take the place of -- crew -- part cow ski on this bruins' defense Joseph morrow. Yeah it's a very very good player first round draft pick of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Traded to Dallas as part of the Brenden Morrow and rendition. You know that's -- pretty big trade and now you acquired Joseph morrow now. The -- also Wallace is his third team in you know six months to -- something wrong with -- some very good player. I was talked into that to -- Maloney yesterday about that actually and I I was saying that. I'd I'd like -- from all we've heard and he he was and Doug Hamilton strapped years so this this guy is is no geezer. They expect to put him in DHL for another year to look at him kind of as you're Seidenberg insurance. If you are Toulouse Seidenberg. He's your left shot defenseman who can step in it who surely says projects to be -- top four blue liner now to the point that you just made. I look at this and I say this is the third Dutch team he's been on is coming from team it's very good at developing. Players -- it doesn't it just kind of just a little bit stink of like. I treated -- prospects for example where as a team that is known for it seemed talent and developing a well. Gets rid of of a big name guy almost like when when the Braves traded Andy Marte. For -- directory and you think in this guy's supposed to be the best prospect in baseball while the Braves get rid of them. And it turns out to be kind of fools gold. The Bruins obviously would hope that would not be the case with Joseph -- and it probably wouldn't of made this trade unless they were getting more. Of the more sure -- things that -- Ericsson so we'll see how moral pans -- he's the guy that I keep but I am because like I said. In a perfect world he's your Seidenberg insurance. I edit text or wants to point out we're showing our provincial American view of sports. Today is an important stage of the toward France Wimbledon men final and a big Formula One race in Germany self. I'll expect reports on all of those from you DJ sometime I never. 6177797937. This telephone number Nixon Weymouth Annika you don't. Hey Dylan to a quick question of this crisis spring up where I was gonna say before -- Say he got demoted. On the line that he was always -- that her wing. Is a wing are. He played setter briefly this year when Bergeron was hurt. And and they be another were really low on setters at the time and -- honestly the end didn't look great at that deluge it was a it was a train wreck and when they moved. When they. Are. When they moved him to senator briefly. The question was are they really gonna make this 34 game experiment because if I forget who is what I wanna see Bergeron was so rate. Yes when they moved him to senator. In your your thinking. This is the guy who. We know can play center in this system he's in need at least training camp to kind of get his bearings as far as his position goes. And they put him there and as you said he couldn't even last through two games it was such a train wreck. He's probably gonna Yuri is gonna play. Senator in Dallas and sure he'll put up a million points over there but for what the Bruins command of their senators and really just. To not have everyone else do everything for you. She couldn't place that are in the system and I know a lot of people are saying that he couldn't have success in the system because he was playing out of position. He's a hockey player a forward can play any four position pretty much. Okay when I was gonna bring up was. I just think -- -- injured student obviously two different players even guys but they're both were we young and and referred to Joseph Thornton. In his early acting like with the Bruins. The new issues that they thought they had about Joseph Thornton before he traded in my I thought they were wrong. Weren't -- there weren't issues about his life style multi -- All know there was issues about that you -- I should've planned better. Well -- and you know what did he play tough enough. You know you had me -- Kevin Paul DuPont suggest that they stripped the C office sweater in the playoff series against Montreal when he was trying to play with a broken rib. That there were times when he didn't respond physically but it usually involved stick work and a suspension that followed. But but nobody had questions about you know was he living properly -- he is getting his rest is he getting his nutrition -- that was not a question for right now. -- at some interesting comparisons about like. How how he came up with a very young guy with eighteen or. I think some might say eighteen -- -- he was 1818. Yet and and you seem to make from that period fine you know character wise apparently and it although I think he didn't you live with some families as someone that when he was. It almost always happens with the eighteen year old draft picks and in every organization does this. Mean it it's tough to take an eighteen year old kid and -- him down in the city of Boston right and -- KK if you're on your own now find a place to live -- -- -- tree and teach yourself properly. -- almost always have bill -- families for these eighteen year old Vietnam draft picks. Patrice Bergeron had a great family that he lived with her I think more than a year it might have been a couple of years. It would get on the aesthetic only look at guys like. One like they're played Darryl Strawberry and also to -- -- They were very very young guys came up you know in a -- count. Yeah they were eighteen I mean that that's the difference in most teams do that right and and -- I shouldn't say -- to I don't I don't know this is true it's hard for you picture Tyler Sagan. Didn't have a billet family when he first arrived here three years ago. That's actually next thing you know he was in a hotel for very long time I'm not sure whether the regarded last year he lived with the Jordan were on. They kind of had a little -- Pat's situation going on or whatever and this year. This year right now I'm pretty sure he got his own place I believe that's true yeah and that's. Didn't work -- clearly because. Then we hear that the ivory harris' story and he's a great report right Steve Harris is wrong he and -- this stuff out there today you know I hear a rumor right I promise you Steve -- had the story eight ways to Sunday. When when the team is putting you in a hotel and sticking a guard on your floor right they've got questions about how you're living your life yes that's a mean. And I know that it's. Look I don't think the party thing matters. Unless he has a serious drug problem which I don't think he -- we haven't heard that he has a series like that's the only. Situation or drinking problem that's the only situation in which. You say it. This -- players like ruining his career. I keep going back to look who won the Hart trophy. If we never heard of Alexander Ovechkin partying look cool on the Conn Smyth who won his second Stanley Cup Patrick Kane. These guys can go as hard as they want if they bring it on the ice you can. I mean you you can -- -- that there are times when you don't live like -- it right you know OK we started the Stanley Cup class on the set that aside for the next couple right people. I go back to oh is that the 2011 flyers. Peter Laviolette was -- to get them to sign the right either the pledge yeah he tried to get both teams to barrels players it is the sign. I think it was like a big. Like almost declaration of independence type athletic. Big posters dot type thing saying I will abstain from drinking during the playoffs and some guys didn't wanna sign right in to supposedly Richards and Carter. We're not interest in signing it and who were the two guys that they'd trade when they blow it -- marks in -- -- mark. They NATO and U. I mean the speedometer -- -- but do you feel like the Bruins in there you know and minor -- system that they -- More centers that we do when they're putting good that is person could linger. The only thing that can go out -- trade or side or create in the winter and they're not delivering an up. Like old guy that brought up and I think what the voters that are you know that's a bit about our results at all centers. And -- no linger it's what is their reason for that. Well -- I mean it certainly it's -- Leon's philosophy to have as many senators are aces he can and of the Bruins have I mean there is a little something to what you're saying where they like to get guys who placed -- and with the capability of playing waiting because they like to have two guys who continue to face often when a faceoff. At any time that's an area by the way dale where you're gonna miss rich partly. Big time because he was good on face offs and if Kelly it was excellent yeah he he had a wildly disappointing season writing yet but that it. Mean financially it was like Sagan is that the contract didn't work. With that the team they're trying to -- but it's almost hard to picture how a player like that could be a minus player in right system on this team right. Yeah but mark to your point. This offseason was interesting in that the Bruins were left with a shortage of right wingers. And what is what's Peter surely next move the day after he says I'm gonna rebuild the right side of that this team's offense. He trades the only two right wingers he has left on his team not named -- important. And he brings back a phenomenal one in -- Ericsson and I'm told -- Programs are welcome they are gonna he's going to be not quite Bergeron light. But. He'll be in that man this guy just does everything right type of class in that was then that was the year. National reaction to this trade by the way aside from all the Bruins score quote give up on Sagan. As Britain said it may have been I think it was almost boring news guys may be Sean gentility. Saying it. Bull at least the good thing is now people are gonna realize -- Erickson is a really really good player. And he didn't get that attention in Dallas that's what Sagan headed for by the way he's kind of headed for obscurity. Down there in in -- -- but certainly isn't as big hockey town. In Boston but there is Boston but yeah Ericsson is going to be for dollar on that right side. They bring and give -- Third line I heard you talking about it with with rubble earlier. On the opposite to seek out soderbergh's got to play some right he's not a place top six right exactly. I mean. I know that. I clearly view the player differently in the Bruins do because the treat this guy like plutonium but what has Jordan -- wrong done to them that they won't give him a prolonged look. I think that although sure relic went out of his way to say he will be in the mix this coming season and right but at this point it's kind of you should be either in the -- you should be up elsewhere at this point and I I think that what the Bruins should do say so. Your third line you're looking at Kelly Soderbergh. Ends whoever whether it's Fraser. Riley Smith. Colorado whomever they didn't call my dog even so he's note. This from the Bruins I sit Jordan for on down I say look I know it's been kind of weird you've had injuries you've been -- out of lineup peers or Hindu. We are going to play you for the first. Even when he games of the season. -- -- I'm not sure the Jordan Koran knows when she plays when he's up with the Bruins that he's going to be. That it is in more than a daily thing that he's just gonna be -- -- backed out of lineups so. I think that with him they need to give him. A longer look. So we can maybe breathe a little bit and no that. If he doesn't have his best game using to -- 6177797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T text line -- 37937. DJ being from WEEI dot com is seated alongside. -- Red Sox fans you have the final say vote for -- you -- as the final American League all star but mlb.com. Slash vote. -- 2013 all star game final vote. Sent coach do you -- to the all star game in New York voting ends at 4 PM eastern time Thursday July 11. I would expect to face -- team or build the team that would. That would be a perennial contender every year's so that that doesn't change. There's a challenge with a lower cap. And I think you'll see that challenge. Throughout the league. So we're no different than everyone else we feel confident that we could. If we have to move a player there -- two or not sign somebody we feel confident with the core we have. That will be able to find players or have players in the mix story that we can fill that spot. Peter surely the general manager of the Boston Bruins and and I think that the Bruins are in -- that window right now where they are contenders for a Stanley Cup championship. Next year in the year after that the core of their team. Is young and under contractor during the process of wrapping some of those things up with Rask and Bergeron right now. I. I'll also say this that the cap will go down this year and then it's gonna go up and it's gonna go up big yeah -- shooting up so gonna go up huge so that that that's kind of the name of the game this year it's just -- but I also ensure -- been better at cap management than a lot of GM's in this play. I think he's -- mean show me someone may be I would say ratio -- better but. -- the crystal -- contracts terrible Ken Holland. That there are some there's some really good guys with a cap but I mean I consider Peter -- chief among the look I consider Peter surely to be. One of those at the top two or three GMs in all of hockey the one thing on him is that he doesn't dropped twelve the first round. It with -- not given to them by the Maple -- that are in the top ten bright but. I mean it. The jobs he does that. We with player acquisitions weathered the trade trip I mean did the Nathan Horton trade. Was phenomenal the Chris Kelly trade the the rich -- trade. Which the rich apparently trade. At the time I -- than nothing right yeah and the reaction around here what's whole home right exactly and that I mean that was game changer and consider that he threw it he -- very good player in Blake Wheeler and I know that. He could have treated Blake Wheeler for a noted the bag of pucks and nor -- -- cared because everyone your loved that to rag on Blake Wheeler but. Blake Wheeler was a good player with a good career ahead of him that he's. Currently riding out so that was. His trades that that season obviously that the worst treaty made as the Thomas Capital One but. Like I said. Excellent and it's projecting with the exception of the Tyler -- contract is excellent projecting he's very it was a to have that didn't hurt him. Right yeah he was able to that to get -- under he was able attempt to trade him and and not just you know dump him for the say exactly right contract he got like I said -- the best player in the deal. Got a really good hole from the stars so. Yeah and evidently the the president of the -- part taos ski fan club is mad at me when I. I didn't suggest not that are closely how -- that this person -- spelling and I -- those guys -- haven't spelled right but. -- he suggesting that I said that he's a future trade deal I didn't say that at all what I said was that Joseph moral. Is gonna push. Our crew and -- -- ski for a spot on this roster and their -- the left top defenseman Joseph morrow is a very very good young defense yeah. And is projecting to be. Going forward again we talked about -- -- yeah I have a lot of respect for you do too. This was this was -- euros first round draft pick two years ago right. Yeah. And it's like I said all three of them left shot defenseman. It's interesting to even see their -- even try to figure wrote how all this am. It's it's it's it's sensing to see how this bruins' defense is gonna look next year when you look at the abundance of left shot guys they have and Peter -- even said go the day before he made that -- with the stars. He said that he was not going to be adding defenseman this offseason I was not a priority up his and he still finds a way to. Adds to the surplus that he RD house back to the calls we go -- and. East long metal might. Pay bills or -- very well thank you good morning good morning to -- -- -- I wondered cover the court. Ever occur between two a couple of weeks -- Surely enough cards who you -- their end of the year. Press conference. At that point. This surely it and a little eagle -- would be -- -- armored but the. There so considering the court. That I was and knew that at a point where you importantly we'll watch her. But it into later I was absolutely perplexed but each in how we eat. And -- yet no desire. To return the ball. I agree with -- yeah lately I was baffled by it as well yeah that that count full assault Mike we -- -- Nathan Horton was. -- you know by all indications. Based nicest guy in the world be it. You'd never seen someone who is so happy to be in Boston. As Nathan Horton. When he came here three years ago it was like the best moment of his life and we always -- could be make jokes about how he's always smiling but he seemed like he couldn't believe. His fortune. That his career has taken him to Boston and playing in a hockey market when it Stanley Cup championship all these things and people I mean. There's gonna be the knock on him now that he can't that he couldn't hack it in in in Boston. And that he was one of the players that this market swallowed him up that's not true because he dominated the post season both times he was -- it. In Boston that's when the spotlight shining the brightest on him in that's when he played his best that's 180. -- and you do it through injuries to so. Why you want to leave Boston he said that he wants a house which that's that's a weird answer but. You said that you want to be able to vote live and a house with some quiet with his family. That's his prerogative. He can do that -- I just don't think any of -- saw. Thought coming. All indications were during the regular season through the playoffs that he and his agent we're gonna try to negotiate the deal and get creative with the Bruins and find a way to make him fit. In this tight. Cap situation. So for him to come out before negotiations even start in big they get to exchange offers even so each -- comes out and says that he's not -- returning. That -- -- I agree I only got and this poor up. But it was a good apps with it when the first one -- that would interest in Christian. -- like I sent back here. How old routine -- consider to be irrelevant and he gets a contract seven years recently ludicrous. Well look I will say this I think with John Davidson is the president and yarmulke collide and is the general manager they're going to be they're gonna get better Alia that but but I did kind of equated to. Ian Damien Woody signing with the Detroit Lions are -- Super Bowl champion champion you're gonna get your money you're gonna get to play nobody's ever gonna see you they're not going to be very good. Went when I first heard Horton wanted to leave I just kind of automatically assumed his wife was from South Florida -- matter when he played down there I thought OK they wanna go back closer to family. That's his right I understand is let's Canadian but I think they met there and she's got family in that area. And I thought okay well that makes sense and then Columbus came out ready and I just went. I'd I'd I didn't get a pen and I don't get it now unless Columbus is the only place in the NHL willing. To give a seven year contract to a player with a concussion history right. I mean look good good for him good for his agent they got a great deal. So. I mean. People say that he is going to need you to set it right now Mike that he's going to a place where. Hockey's a relevant in a lot of people are saying -- allotted Bruins fans who were angry with his decisions at all. How -- never make in the playoffs again. The Blue Jackets are gonna make the playoffs they're gonna be at the -- a playoff team it's certainly at some point over this there -- Stanley Cup contender for the -- able few bright but I mean. He's by going to a team that. Is already pretty good and challenge for the playoffs this year he's. He should put them over the edge count -- now. I I don't know all I mean everybody's on the on the AT&T text line is saying it was his wife who didn't wanna live in Boston I don't know why I don't know what. The issue was if there was an issue I don't know what the level of discomfort comfort was -- I don't know any of that stuff I don't even know -- Morton's wife. Com. He certainly did not suffer from the media scrutiny in this town. No it also -- rarely available to the media to he that the and it didn't get criticized for that either by the way right. Well he was super whatever you did talk to us he's the friendliest guy in the world you would always think just for. Our time on break update team image target to find the the regular beat reporters and -- all our hands and say thanks or whatever. Lucky you use a good dude he doesn't like the gnat like attention which. I don't know if you saw his address on whether it's a living is now right yeah if you -- a -- -- press conference in. Columbus which amateur but it was actually even there but he. I mean. Not comfortable all the lights on and remember I remember one day. Before that -- eleven playoffs I want to do a story on him never being in the post season he'd been in the policies -- wanna say once in juniors something so. -- I asked if he had a minute talk and he said yes sherbet. Let's go like over in that at the corner of the room because he didn't wanna do it by his stalled because then all the cameras would come over and he had -- ball that. So we go in the corner of the room and as I'm walking towards him all the cameras start coming. He like ran away and that's that's that's the way the need to nor was he doesn't like all that attention so. Maybe that's part of -- may -- he wants peace and quiet from a home standpoint but also maybe he doesn't want to be in a place where he's gonna have all these reporters and. I go back we're guessing I equate it in some respects to Kevin Garnett. Is there a superstar we know less about in Kevin Garnett in the history of Boston sports. We don't know anything about his life away from the court right where he lived what his family situation what I know we had a wife and we had kids I mean but but I mean. You never had a while he's at dot BO is having dinner tonight I mean you never knew anything about Kevin Garnett. Was like that I went to the bottom off away from the -- I -- know where he lived I mean I know Patrice -- lives downtown yeah yeah I know where where some guys live I -- with the you know jump or -- Charles -- -- you know David and group parents today you know Chara who live close enough that they bicycle and I don't know anything about Portland today under fair it's actually had a house adding that he just like walked around the streets like just. Making Boston a better place and -- doing charitable things that -- -- ever criticize -- -- is one of my favorite Bruins in the time that I've been. Around the team. Both on and off the ice one of my favorite Bruins ever hear now are my favorite bought one right and. And this goes back to the Tyler Sagan I think a lot of people are saying. All old just because they just because he isn't a -- and anymore everybody all the media other make it up this stuff but his character and they're they're kicking him on his way out. Zero negative things have been said about Nathan Horton zero or negative things have been said about interference. Do the math like. We and working on that -- dog givens and the app like that -- is bargains super nice guy not regular hockey but super nice guy. -- didn't end as I said to you lost the air. -- if I read half of the texts or tweets. It gets sent to me about Tyler Sagan -- -- -- yeah you. I mean you feel like late the stuff that been in public in the public domain from Steve Parris or or. Joseph Hagerty or whoever you feel like it's the very tip of the iceberg yes. I mean I'm not a crime reporter so when we when we see on the text machine or even friends who have heard he I was at this place in you'll believe what. What this player did and all that stuff. If if I'm not hearing from a credible source and not even considering it Tony a look at it right but. I mean your hearing tons of that and if it comes notes if if any of it comes turns out to be true. It's not very good for -- -- did you see that Palestinians mum came to is that I did. And and I don't blame -- Ice ice your mom what can be your defense my mom would come to my yeah events I mean. That's how it's supposed to be now. I would ask my mum on exactly exactly I would say mom please not a -- I mean I love you and I appreciate it but no now I'm I'm good right. What's what's interesting is that she'd said that the entire team. Stayed in a hotel. Which I don't believe is that the case. -- In the past it's happened before in the mill robbery Rashean India and if it happened I don't believe it was happening now. With a team that won the Stanley Cup who had already been through it. And that showed they can sort of handled themselves. -- the group would do that 6177797937. Is telephone number AT TAT and T -- line is 37937. BJ being as in I'm Dale Arnold. Where it till 1 o'clock Sports Radio W media. Dexter says sorry you are wrong I know for a fact that the Bruins stayed in the hotel in Boston during the 2011 Stanley Cup -- I think they did them. -- don't think -- here right Abu what I'm saying is would be put them in a hotel. Again two years later when they've shown that they can make their way through post season with a -- Pulling a flyers. I don't believe they did but you know what you may be right yeah maybe they did again this year may be mrs. Sagan is correct. By the end of the show was it was it's 1147. Or until 1:1 o'clock I'll have the answer by the end of the show. Pressure ran on yourself you know like that. Back to the calls go Johns on the cell Rajon. Mario ideally you don't very well thank you feel a little to show us wondering if you guys talk about -- I apologize but up. What the recent war it appears that once again in the river blindness towards critical look into. Question this year in the first inning he usually come -- or Chris totally -- Carl sort of work. -- So we were threatened me which he can be would be would be somebody much too skilled for third line over which you -- thought on that night. Don't think he's good enough -- top six here though. What I don't think he's good enough to break into the top six forwards on this team and you were. What you're actually right yeah I agree Cuban and that's with a quandary comes in exchange I don't know. I don't think it's a -- -- he's an NHL rookie who you know I was gonna have to start on -- lower line and work his way -- I don't have an issue with that. -- -- -- -- -- I would prefer that he start on the wing I just think that playing center in the National Hockey League as we learned when Tyler Sagan. Who'd been a center all the way up through juniors and all that stuff found it much more difficult place that are. At the NHL level. I just think the take some of these and the defensive responsibilities. Away. Eat eat you make that -- league game a little easier for a guy like Soderbergh if you're not asking in place at a ran off the bat. Right. What would your best guess detail on -- early -- sort of make up for that certain bind lecture. I have no way of knowing I wouldn't be surprised to see a guy like high eight bump up O line help still about that way with pie a Kelly and Soderbergh. And and you've obviously got Campbell important on your on your fourth line. With you know one of the guys that we've talked about one of the prospects making their way in as well yeah I I like the idea. -- going up to third line and a lot of people include include Julian -- the thought of not having them -- it together because it is the best fourth line in hockey but. How does. Ron Campbell Thornton not make sense Koran and plays that style that would be conducive to it. Playing with those two guys so -- move tidy up after a very good season -- This this was. I know that statistically doesn't say it but this I thought was the best season of -- career. We'll be good I should call -- 6177797937. Richest Dominic cape and rich are. Current doing great thanks. There's Eric and corporate corporate priorities. Traded up they might work sort of this. Party that he is he would even -- up to the minimum well say -- what he was supposed to produce. You. And everywhere Boston. Would be pardoned a couple of and so. To defend him. -- in the entry into the great player rolled over. Mary at the -- at the table compares our our growth in the you know whichever of these -- watch what you'll win a cup. In in the work toward president you know what you'll. So to get rid of them I don't think it was big but being only. Two of the -- to insult. Don't know but I also I also don't want rich -- Yet but rich diet rich and I don't wanna put the responsibility for losing the cup on Tyler Sagan shoulders. No no I -- them totally but here it is just perform at that being sick -- -- -- of its future superstar. We would be prevention campaign -- Well look at Brad Marchand had produced more in the Stanley Cup finals than he did maybe you'd have been drinking out of the cup fifth if Gregory Campbell hadn't suffered a broken leg maybe -- been dragging out of the cup. And been able to keep that fourth line together there's somebody ifs and buts and quotas in what is in -- and I hate it to me it's just totally unfair. -- to put that on Tyler Sagan shoulders did he perform at the level that you wanted to needed absolutely not. But it wasn't alone yeah there were other guys who didn't perform at the level you need it. Right mean and riots Sagan the easiest one point two because. He has all the -- the world and we know that he -- I even put him skill -- ahead of David -- -- that he was the most talented player on the Bruins and what he doesn't bring that it's glaring and he didn't bring that most the time and a lot of people like to. To kind of jumped the -- on the part that's the part that that sticks out at me more than anything. Talent he was the most talented player on the Boston red ones. And you see it about once every ten games refereed you'd you'd literally -- on the wall yeah. End. What -- -- team was that I. -- wanna say it was game three or something but he came out he was throwing his body around. And some us in the press box for joking the Bruins should suit Tyler Sagan for the last three years. It that he's capable of doing this it was it was like Michael Ryder in the playoffs a few years ago where you're like. Where is this guy he'd been the last two years. Like -- it's a great thing but it is and everything and right now the Bruins. Are trying to position themselves to -- -- to be Stanley Cup contender. Every year I think they're not as deep as that of -- team as they were before the trade but. There'd be a better top six right now and the third not a team that's gonna wait around on a lot of promise from guys they have guys who with the exception of Soderbergh in whoever steps in on maybe that fourth line. They know what they're getting from these guys you didn't know what you're getting from Tyler Sagan in three years into his career. That's you can't have that. I'm at the point earlier in the show the one of the Canadian hockey guys that I follow and Maybin Damien Cox a commitment somebody else. In the immediate aftermath of the trade said the trade proves to me that the Bruins want to win now in Dallas is trying to win in the future. Yeah the Bruins don't feel that they can wait to see if Tyler Sagan becomes Tyler -- and they can't wait to see. If he gets it if -- pulls it together yeah he -- they wanna win now they've got this window here. Where they've won a Stanley Cup they've lost to the Stanley Cup final the core of the team is still intact. You know they've they've they've got this this opportunity here. And they can't sit and wait for Tyler Sagan to figure it out and that's. When he made the trade especially when you wanna be competitive and a cap league when you were you when you have a team is. Good as the Bruins are sick it was a part of that not a big part of that Sagan was part of this great Bruins team. You need to be able to. Put yourself in the position where like the penguins last year where they wanted to load up and say this is the year we're gonna win the Stanley Cup let's well let's bring out a bunch of salary. They wouldn't be able to do that if there are sixth or seventh best forward is their second highest paid forward you can't have that so. Between him being a disappointments. Production wise in him having his contract. It just did not fit into the -- overall picture of -- by the way 1147. I said -- have by the end of the show. -- I got to 1151. The Bruins were in hotels. The nights before games only the night before games. Steve -- Said that Sagan was kind of in a hotel. The whole way and double we'll see if we -- clarify that but. The Bruins stayed in hotels the night before games. But not. Let but not really tight you're living here for reckless right right so like that game ends and you go back to the hotel right in in that situation the game -- then you go mobile home right. Even if he had to check back into the hotel the -- writes yeah I think yeah I -- in Cambridge -- George. I you know. -- Unifirst and you know I'd like to hear your opinion about. Wild idea got about that profitable trade opportunities the Bruins but person I'd like to know. You know what end and applied it McKinley come from you know -- come from Percival. Who McKinley. I don't I don't know the name McKinley I don't -- already this this new day -- -- -- give -- Yeah it to -- again like he played for Pittsburg he was a free agent at the end of the -- eight. Yeah okay well I'm kind of I'm really glad to see that they forgave him and have brought him in and in -- wild ideas like about it is how about the looking for contract with. The thing is this imminent. Goal yet Tim Thomas and then. Depending on the substandard issues of that contract but Thomas just what -- you walk or you know negotiating. -- -- let let let let's -- -- with a forty year old goaltender who hasn't played in eighteen right I mean it meant that that's a good plan the Bruins are kind of chip at the bit. But to go to takeover in but come the goal that he has since become no way with Tim Thomas returned here. Look I have doubts whether he can -- writer area as I've pointed out let me be the bill of the cynic here right suggests that his greatest Tim Thomas wise. But at the age of 39 you -- and not having played competitive car in eighteen months yeah that's what it'll be neat yeah. I'm sure going to be able to jump right back into the national I think this way it's like you're running a marathon and that yeah you can run. At 26 points to. Six point two miles yeah that it 26 point two yet you can run 26 point two miles. If you run 25. There if you wrote like 24 miles and then like half hour break. Can run two miles after that that's the way I look at it with Tim Thomas probably could have played right on through. Indy would have been able that the play the season jerk who knows what their goaltenders who have played I mean Martin Brodeur yeah played to a certain it to a great level edit. At an advanced state but he didn't take a year and a half off in between right exactly and I. Who knows -- -- -- cheek he kept himself in but I don't know how. Professional athlete's body will respond to shutting it down bring it to a screeching halt. At a time when your body supposed to be kind of shutting down at least from a what they want him -- Malaysia. Texture says that was a dumb comment but in all seriousness seriousness why not bring Thomas -- anti -- backup Tuukka. -- they didn't want to give that don't you wanted to build an 800000 dollars so hole. Why would they mean. Tim Thomas is not gonna come in for repayments. So if fee complacent all he wants what that money that he can lock up in the safe and not put in the bacon. All the good stuff 6177797937. We'll get to -- and all the others who were waiting on line. We'll get right back to and just couple of minutes the AT&T tax minus 37937. It's a sport Sunday right up until 1 o'clock Sports Radio WE. You know what in it applied it to. McKinley come from.

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