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Dale and Bradford Give Their Take on the All-Star Selections

Jul 7, 2013|

Dale and Rob touch on the selections to the All-Star teams yesterday and the lack of big-name superstars. They talk about the members of the Sox that made the team and that Uehara still could get in.

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Our number two sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold rob Bradford here for the first half of this morning's voyage. That will bring in the relief pitcher DJ being well -- step in here. The wily left hander Jeff will Steffi -- -- game of his left -- at that we don't we do know he's why don't we can always lab you'll step in at 11 o'clock. And I will join me from 111 today and and then we'll probably in all likelihood talk a little more hockey when. When he steps in as well the all start teams were announced except for the final guy of the final selection and in each of the two leagues. We told you about Koji Ouattara is one of the five finalists. For the American League team. And those people wouldn't mind seeing. It from the doctors may wait a Muncie in week there ball. Clearly Wheeler and use that or they they use this this final spot to get. Relief pitchers on this setup guys -- what they are in law. Com. Steve -- list. Who RO although he's a closer now. How how had a problem with the Iglesias was on that list and that goes to the point conversation. If you consider -- which they obviously are. Then you have to consider what he'll win -- he he I'll tell by the -- there is no question that all -- a runaway and and as David Ortiz said the other day and I agree with them. If the fifth in that part of the voting in that part of building the all star team. If the failed vote this guy on The Who cares the fans want him on. And if you can draw it's a glorified I don't care about this time though it it's it it's an exhibition they need all the attention that at a scenario. If you did a poll if you look at both rosters. And there are a lot of up up and coming talent but I guarantee you the average baseball fan you were to -- rosters. 40% of the -- thirty to 47 names. The average baseball -- -- be able to say hey you know what they have a great year I knew there were going to be in the all star team if your Red Sox fan you can't have wanted more. I mean that the three guys who made it we're the only three who should have made and yet others were the conversation Lackey was in the congress issue are the wins and losses kill loan and -- barriers in the conversation slow start kill them and in the position also. I think that. Wells who -- now -- now -- had -- downturn that really hurt on my no barrel pushing novel was such a great that the great story -- had a -- downturn at the I don't really bad time when people really starting to pay bands outside of New England wouldn't be able to pick him -- now police line now and the one that. A lot of people you writers and broadcasters. Haven't talked about with Saltalamacchia. Saltalamacchia is having a better year this time than he was last year except for the home runs. And last year he was considered for the all star team now what killed him boy is Castro Houston. Who has almost identical numbers -- Saltalamacchia. Houston has -- represented. By Saltalamacchia could make -- case for two but I think dale your right Ortiz Pedroia bar colts may -- you are. That's about you are wont make it nonetheless the Japan markets wrote I mean this -- with -- Okajima 1007. He said he's not that popular in Japan. While morally you are as -- laughed at eyesight was kind of joking I'm not that he's he's I tried to ask some of the the players this. -- watching him and people see him with a high fives and that sort of thing but is more than that. He's a character in -- and not a lot of the public yet not -- Japanese players usually carry themselves this way. But in that clubhouse he could make the case he's this close to Pedroia. As anybody in their clubhouse in a in a bizarre way. Did it doesn't mean anything he thought the pitcher pitched well and -- and last night with swivel pick up in that regard. But but he's I -- I have no prom with him be the closer I think he's pretty you've got to analyze it could contract base on this year.

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