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Sports Sunday with Dale and Rob: With Tyler Seguin's Maturity Level Now in Question, Is it a Legit Concern or a Smear Campaign?

Jul 7, 2013|

Dale and Rob continue to discuss the mega trade that sent Tyler Seguin packing to Dallas and the concerns the Bruins had about his behavior off the ice. Dale understands the criticism that we didn't hear too much of this stuff while he was here, but it seems that many of these issues really did help the Bruins make their mind. They get further into the Bruins moves this offseason so far and how Chiarelli has developed this group.

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One quick text on the AT&T text -- them back the calls texture from 860 says dale you sound like a guy who clearly is worried about job security. Don't tell me this is a good trade no way let's be fair to Sagan he was young and quote does not embrace young players. Was young three years ago and back to attacks. Hot if they let the reins off Sagan he would produce a much higher level he did not treat Lucci to import in the same way. I truly believe the system hindered Sagan that said Sagan was becoming a better two way player don't like the trade look that's fine if you like the trade. The point I was trying to make wise that. You've got a guy back -- right now is a better player than Tyler say yes Louis Erickson is a better player than Tyler saying he shouldn't be. And he may not be long term. But right now today he's a better player than say. He's produced at a higher level he's been a better player over the last several years than Tyler -- -- that's just the fact. Not human elected to trade long term maybe he'll go to he'll go to Dallas and he'll just blossomed. It's gonna have to grow ops. -- -- agree with me it is in a nutshell what this trade was about witches test. They -- they prioritized. Getting. The salary cap relief getting the players that you just talked about. Building the team a certain way. Instead of taking a chance rolling the dice and saying this -- Tyler say you know potential was gonna blossom. He was can I -- I agree player this year really soured them because they're this is a guy who played in Switzerland. You know should have been able to hit the ground running didn't sit around you know for the first three months like some players were forced to do. And and really. Here's a bizarre things -- guy who got props to the third line and -- -- bizarre thing about it and I don't think anyone's gonna for refute that he had a bad year this year. Let's go through the timeline it -- say I'm not defending them but this to scope of the time lineup. First year wash ninety years old rookie nobody expects anything second year thirty fuels. You moving in the right direction yup you and last year feeling pretty good about what you haven't Tyler Sagan that he goes to Switzerland locked out. Players throw well every liberal optimistic about him coming back and having a big year doesn't happen that your. -- that was the third year it's only the third year this guy's career so I think that. I agree with everything you said about Obi did trade but we also have -- it say it was good trade I was just pointing out that they didn't just. Just get rid of them for flotsam and -- -- but I think it's important also to put. But the the off the ice stuff aside and put this career perspective I only but I don't think he can no I don't -- you -- and didn't -- -- went out of his way to say. You have to look at everything when you make a trade edit and they certainly did. Of -- think there's any question about it. But if we're diskette that in a vacuum for -- say this is what this guy's career is. Then on the surface right there -- you they'd jump ship too early. But we know that that's not call therapists. I think they had some concerns about the maturity well I don't think that that's that's not -- -- way at a town. That's trying to attempt to put it as as -- a spin on this is -- and possibly put on it dale may have had some concerns that he was ever gonna get what they thought he needed to they had concerns about his maturity indicated concerns about the off the -- they had concerns about the way he played and they also had concerns about how his contract would affect. Building the team going forward. And if you take all that it brought together in a big Tyler -- stoop. That's why they trade them and I got several. Text here on the AT&T -- Linus has you know he's only 21. He'd be a junior in college you're right all of those things he's also been a pro in the national hockey league for three years. You say that -- and LeBron James is only 24 Ortiz went topless MVPs. You're in the league you're in the league and end. If if he was an eighteen year old kid with maturity questions I'd I'd be all -- I'd I'd agree with you completely. He's he's 21 now and that seems like a very young age and ideas in the National Hockey League it's not absurdly young. It's a league that -- kids and plays many of them at the age of eighteen. Think more in terms of the fact that he spent a three year professional. And they don't think that there's been any gain in the maturity department that's what the issue is here 6177797937. And he's on the cell AME. Hi -- are we going for the gold are up I ninety. And it. I -- quite a -- out there looking -- another question. Regarding the Red Sox but I'll start out with the current -- question or comment. -- I was a bit big and I'll say it wouldn't make it that mop in the first certainly the first. Play -- used to outstanding. I mean he didn't even play initially. Right bracket well yeah when he came in it was a good that it was a good guy he's got something it definitely -- in the making. And well one thing you know a little bit -- when they they'd let him go if you never really. -- -- that really wanted to see what he would look like -- on creature line. And having them some guy like -- Cuba with its hand that always. And really -- -- really because -- has Patrice Bergeron was holding him back and I would not at all I mean the treatment really at the tips and definitely had the talent like so we like it to pray she is is I think the more -- a lot more looks forward in the center the speed. In its ability to worked out nice and really see what they open up the ballot that night I would've liked to seen those two together. But I'm saying -- orders against. Look for most of this season the line of Bob Marchand Bergeron and and Tyler Sagan was the bruins' best line. I mean I don't care what I mean you know and that that whole numerical thing the three top scorers on the team were on the same line for much of the season. And and -- you couldn't knocked in the production that he was getting with Bergeron. And Marchand. And that would happen when you got to the playoffs guys who had and I'm putting a Mike quotation fingers here bad regular seasons mile only teach Nathan Horton. All of a sudden when OK now it's time to kick it into gear and they did what it -- -- when the playoffs arrive. He disappeared. And he he just he disappeared. To such a degree that they ended up replacing him with a 41 year old guy. On the wing and dropped into the third line that it didn't do it because -- doesn't like young guys. And close try to hold him back the -- because he was doing nothing there the day in India I think also. You look at that last series. He played harder it seemed like he played harder. It seemed like someone got to -- but it didn't make a difference he would produce. Brad Marchand turned the corner. He produced. They can get to the finals and Brad Marchand disappeared in the finals as well from a statistical point of view off franks and Burlington and good morning frank. Gordon dale. I -- I called you one month ago right after the Pittsburgh series and I. Now we have the exact opposite conversation and you argued exactly opposite to what you -- saying today. I I don't -- and help me out and do what -- that we were saying. So I don't remember conversations when I'm -- And I called up and so that they should trades stating you said it's only his third year in the league. He's just developing. He actually has played you know pretty well. I called afterwards and said and you actually compared -- -- Taylor hall and said they'd both been disappointing so far. And I called back and said actually you're -- fifty -- eight and 45 games plots. Was a plus player one of the worst in an art. And you say well -- out by you know they're both disappointments either miss going to be franchise player and you got a hold onto these young guys and you got a lot of mature. And now a month later you're arguing exactly yeah. All I'm trying to do was tell you what the Bruins were thinking why they did what they did. I'm not advocating that they should have gone out and shopped him I'm trying to tell you why they did it. It. Shouldn't -- I think it out and -- debt that now that there's two different things here should they have shopped him is different than wasn't a bad trade. I think that they actually got a pretty good return on their investment here. Or should they have traded him in Europe and yes. Are you a month ago he said absolutely not and that was particular and. And you know what over the last month I saw a guy who just disappeared when it mattered the most. -- and six additional gains you went from forget that that's ridiculous to. I didn't think that they were gonna be able to get the return on their investment either I think they did. You'll you'll never change her mind about anything right. -- I do but the point as I watched a guy play. You know for three straight into intensively in the final he looked no different than he did. And the regular season and regular I disagree I I disagree with you there who clay is so off. And you can't go. You know you can finally relax. Hockey instincts to some extent this notion that he's a fantastic. You know capture the park it really well around her. Here's the problem Frankie is that I -- end and I'm gonna plead ignorance in this regard 'cause I don't hang with these guys. I don't think I had a complete grasp. And values a hockey term -- what kind of liver he has in other words how does he live. In hockey they say all like as a bad liver double on tiger as a good liver -- and I don't think I understood perhaps. The maturity issues in that regard. -- will earn out but I out of state from you know from first. Two people you and I both watched the Bruins pretty closely. I must say you know our. When I watched him play the game of hockey. -- pretty one dimensional I think he's going to be fine score is an excellent shot -- a superb skater. He loses the puck. -- -- possession not only in the corners but what he possesses the puck in the middle the -- probably more than any player never. And I don't see any improvement in networker and I'll tell -- I think this has been pretty standard I think this notion that you. It would sure all that I think -- old argument -- news and a till the potential that everyone thought he had -- in -- jail politicians gonna be that nobody Edmonton -- and a year. -- and shaking was just. While ago. Essentially because they didn't feel like he well you know I think more than anybody can live up to his potential on the. Because there -- -- you eat your try to separate the two when you can't that's the problem the reason they didn't think well you are or what frank frank funny -- Let me finish the sentence they didn't think he was going to be able to live up to his potential on the ice because of his off ice lifestyle. You know that may be you know I see a guy who brings a -- the -- and to -- and zone against. You know pushed -- To the outside and continued strain had every single aren't playing frank as. Frank as I said before it's the Tyler says gangsta. -- the whole ball wax and I think the U -- right I think it's that they considered everything when it came to this trade I do not think. In a daily can agree or disagree that this trade was made solely because Tyler say give life to go out and party. And does stupid things on Twitter if it was off fact. They're. Like I don't think you can separate anything in Iowa but I but I think they're they're they're intertwined. I think that the Bruins had doubts that you were ever gonna -- because the package on the ice because the off ice package wasn't what it should be that commitment. To being a top player in the National Hockey League. And I'm talking about you know nutrition and rest. -- not out drinking at all hours of the day and night and I'm not saying he was doing Adams saying that that whole floor -- -- -- and we know and we know that players do that. But some players can do better than others at the players also know when to stop doing it. Stop you know what you know I'm in the playoffs now and I'm just using this is an example in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. I needed just make sure that I get my rest that I eat properly -- -- and every other night. Hopefully for the next couple months maybe I'll I'll save the the partying with my friends until sometime in July. It all comes. And beat Patrick came the guy who's always brought up in this respect about -- guy who goes out all the time and still able to produce. What it comes down to. If you're right every bit if it it is affecting. What he's still doing on the ice that's where they draw -- line but some guys it doesn't affect -- much. It just doesn't. End Brad Brad Marchand another guy people bring up. Guess what he produced. He produced and still went out. 6177797937. -- telephone number. The AT&T text line is 37937. Hop on board will be right back to the -- we -- BJ being steps in for rob at the top of the hour 11 o'clock Sports Radio WEE 6177797937. -- telephone number a couple of quick text messages then right back the calls. 978 says dale do not speak out of school about things you'd do not know. I am and god knows I'm not hang with Tyler Sagan I have no idea what his lifestyle is like I know what has subsequently been reported. I know for a fact. Because -- important said. He sat Tyler taken down on the Toronto series and said we need more from you we need you'd be better. I can't go out and do the things that you can do you have to be a better player. I know that because -- importance that. I know for a fact. That that Peter -- rally said it's all part of the mix it's not just on ice it's also off twice. You have to look at the entire package should use duke like narrative as -- I wish I had used that and I beat -- that took care -- I know for a fact that. That. Now I shouldn't say I know it has been reported. By very good reporter Steve Harris of the Boston Herald is a very good reporter that he doesn't just -- stop in the Boston Herald and see if -- Dixon. When Steve Harris wrote on Friday. But the Bruins made Tyler Sagan stay in a hotel and hired to guard to make sure he didn't leave. About that America's commits -- Stanley Cup -- that's a fifth ethic that you reached new extremes. I mean to me that's a pretty good indication that people within the organization had some real concerns about his lifestyle. And I know that Joseph Hagerty also reported. That you know that the thing about him showing up at the rink in the same outfit two days in a row leading people wonder you know he'd gone home the night before. Those are the things I know now MI out hang -- within that -- pants. Have I seen pictures and videos on line of Tyler Sagan partying and yes. I have seen all that stuff. And there's a bunch you can find today if you want to do -- know for a fact. That he tweeted out something that he claims somebody else acted it was account for and subsequently took down yes I nobody. That it was -- on his account I know he claims that wasn't him. I know that he tweeted something similar in nature a couple of months ago which he owned up to and said you know OK now -- Anderson. What I idea originally in that three did -- originally say that he was attacked as well I don't DJ DJ was governor and later he I think he knows the story behind that -- -- I'll say this again -- Twitter thing in the case people don't know what piracy and tweeted. Last night you can go look it up it was it was a derogatory toward. Some people and he took it down and then he says his Twitter account was attacked while fifteen minutes later. I don't buy it. I think he treated. My opinion. By number one I would be almost certain and -- Twitter account was and how. Act like he said it wives. And in your other explanation. Which is viable would someone in what -- whose bodies who has password. Weeded. Probably more drunk -- he -- yet but I don't buy even funny you know what I think I think he Tweety. And I think well I I think it's much more likely that some some guy. With him but this would be funny that's much more likely Hamid -- that's act how do you if you if you do that how do you his body. Here here's my how does that guy get a hold of his. Twitter account and it it's it's EM I am. If -- if you give your job you give me a Twitter password are few bodies but if I if I go on my phone right now I don't have to enter the password everytime I go on Twitter on my phone shore. It's so all I have to open it up it's so he's just leaving your photo around for people with weak. We don't know that that I -- we don't think that much more likely to me than it was act in all I agree that. But that's not the most likely see or -- -- likely scenario might mind is that he tweeted it and and when I go to court for this and I stand up there and I'd give my eight. My case one of -- would be. When he ticket down fifteen minutes later. And he says on Twitter the only response yet into what are. Twitter hacking has to stop my apologies if you -- it's a bit like he did or if something appeared on your Twitter account along those lines. You do a lot more than just say to order hacking has to stop my apologies. You go into detail explanation in five more tweets and even do that and to the text or who says dale. Knowing now what you know. One quoted correctly dale very simple question if you could -- kept castle knowing what you know now would you have done so no. I don't think Phil -- is a winning player he. That talented player. Tyler Sagan to talent you still have to look at it. You still have to look at it the whole the entire picture yeah let's -- just you -- dale -- -- and -- Ericsson and you have cap -- -- you've got -- Jared Knight who was another one of the draft picks that you got as part of the trade. So it it's not just. Keep Cassel and and get rid -- in their there's more involved than our Brendan in New Hampshire hey Brandon I don't. And it only got a bright morning -- a -- to give out an accident Colorado and I was going to work but it. I think the -- thing being there the culmination of many things one that unity the most important. They got a pretty good deal. You great at cap space being here that the second -- without relate. In your America put it back in you know -- -- election. I think -- a better player than they incite the fans are giving him credit. Where at least at this point out are there and that's your regret this some degree. And you know early person pursuant. I don't remember exactly what is -- it was too late you know working yearly by try to play -- the -- the second year. But -- you know your exit certain that the regular American money in your hospital. You know -- major shake your head in wonder you know look at that I'd become a technical score this week and -- it seems so. You know there have been some dark porcelain this year where you're -- got a stick trying to make a move. You know any. Problems you know -- the park wait too easy and you know I think that you -- how a player at Patrick Kane was. -- all the drinking. You know became and still showed intent and the I'd probably give them a chance still at his age but it. Doesn't seem to have that just well you know maybe -- is a guy that could go to Europe. And become a stopover here because of the bigger price or whatnot but he just doesn't seem to. And don't -- -- that you don't have the will. It be that NHL player and do you know he committed and we need to but he. Become an elite player record player. I just think that and and I I quoted and I apologize I I believe it was Damien Cox who who tweeted this earlier in the week and if if I've given you the wrong name it's one of the Canadian hockey media guys that I follow. He said the the Sagan trade shows him that the Bruins trying to win now. And the Dallas Stars are trying to win later. And and the the fact of the matter is the Bruins didn't -- wait to see if Tyler Sagan got -- and wanna wait just to see if Tyler Sagan matured. They thought I was gonna happen before now and I think they felt it didn't and they weren't sure if it was going to an. They're local city mere. I think you know and that that -- -- -- -- though we're located in -- second go into a great player in our great but it. -- -- hold on -- in the next five years in the consistent. They're -- score for you playing a lot. Weird you know predator on him and Mark -- I think you still look great so. Well I'd like and I appreciate the call I I I do think that Ericsson is a better player than some -- look they're great hockey fans out there who know players communal left and right written up and down. But I think that there are some. Hockey fans who are or more localized fans more Bruins fans I should say. And you don't see the west a lot to begin with this year -- -- see the west at all. Eriksson's right now better player than Sagan I don't think he's more talented than saying and I think seconds got much more town yup -- better place right now. And and I'm not sure that Bruins fans grasp that this. And I'm not talking about some all of them. That some fans don't understand they don't know the name it doesn't jump out at -- -- he gave -- -- -- -- he really didn't. Union traded Tyler Sagan rich Beverley who many Bruins fans wanted to go on anyway and a defensemen at 22 year old defenseman by the name of Ryan button. You got Louis Erickson who is a top six forward on your team for the coming year as Sagan once. And three of the Dallas stars' best prospects. You didn't give an previous caller said he gave up on that you gave Tyler -- no you didn't -- You made a hockey trade here. Sure. No -- as we said before it's all you factor all of it in and I -- also talked about. The -- in progression again but not necessarily in how many goals he scored but the off the ice stuff. It -- focusing so much on that rightfully so. Which is. You have a kid who was introduced in two professional hockey. Introduced into that lifestyle. As I began viewpoint though what the committee he turned 21 wasn't when he is first rank. I'm gonna guess that this year wasn't the first time he ever had and drop about right so. Let's assume that he he like to enjoy himself last year. As many 20/20 one year exactly I have no -- thirty college kids or whoever -- score thirty goals you still going down that road. So you party at two years of living that life yup and we're assuming that he had done everything but yet that second year he produced. Now he goes to Switzerland. Messy apartment. Everything else assuming that that life continued still -- like the party produced there. But now. My question is that I don't have an answer this is did it amp up. Progressively just too much for your position handle. In other words. If you just took it on face value to this guy likes to party for three years and it was the same sort partying well you have production during that three years so. At some point he could handle. I think maybe the concerned -- I don't know this but the concern might have been that they had taken to a new level I don't know but we have to introduce that. Rickey since summer real good morning -- Yeah idea I don't think I get two part question. One that. On the other wing adaptable and has gotten a trade. Either one of them. NHL ready and who is in the plan that there headline what Chris Kelly. I I don't know. I mean it's it's -- About Campbell and I need to deadline to play a little. -- -- Again it's so hard to guess because I think that. A guy like like Carl Soderberg is gonna play on this team on on you know in some capacity I don't think he's going to be a top six so he's going to be. You know a third or fourth line guy I think that a guy like Ryan Spooner is gonna have the possibility. Of playing on this team if you look at that some of the guys who were required. From. From Dallas. Is it is it Frazier the kid who who scored seventy goals over the last two years in the American Hockey League. Yeah I mean he's gonna get the opportunity to play here so it's it's just hard to sit here on July. -- or whatever the date is and tie it all the third line will be this. I don't know. And did they have any money left under the yes they have lots right now sign maybe deadline for -- windows. All they've got a bunch of guys already Ricky that's the point I'm making they don't it'll find another. They have. That the two contracts they've got to get done this summer will -- it's obvious -- and and I think they wanna extend Bergeron long term they want he's going -- last year of his contract this coming year. Rask is up you gotta get him done. -- they wanna get Bergeron -- and I'm happy that they wanna get both guys I have no issues without at all. -- to insisted everything this to anything to get those two I've locked up. The death of pretty big swing in the in the favor of making it and there's a texture who says so aces coach who understand -- this was all money people again there's a big part of it sure -- you got guys who you think are more important to your success going forward. Then Tyler -- They freed up you know significant cap from by making the deal but it also got a sign a goaltender for about seven million a year and they wanna extend Bergeron. For eight years and probably six and a half million now lists that say that either say again what the next step after last year. And he had tremendous amount of production in this shortened year and he was doing the right direction and he was a goal -- one of the hardest things to -- in hockey. You make the trade you trade via the trade off the other stuff knowing that this guy is moving in the right direction that's that's the question. -- but that was the case. He wasn't producing. It looks like he was going the other way any yet the salary in the -- captain for inflexibility. Do you think that would dale if you thought if you went out and he scored upon two goal this year and was the next level type guy. They make this -- Knowing that what he was with a personal life and everything else usually makes -- I think that was a significant part of it OK okay so -- saying they make the trade and I I do -- because. I just think they're so intertwined you can't separate them. I had a good debate I don't know guessing I don't know the -- either but my guess is maybe not. Quick break right back the -- 6177797. ID 37 Sports Radio W media. Hey text or wanted to know how long -- Ericsson is under contract he's under contract for three more years counting this coming season. And he makes four point 25 million each of the next three seasons so you don't have to worry about free agency. For Louis Ericsson until after the 20152016. Season. And they enjoy a 37 years old through and turn 28 in come in like two weeks yeah he's not certainly not -- all over the tailor anything like that is the player. Actually very good player and at least at this point in his career he's been a better player than Tyler Sagan -- Probably with the issue is and Tyler -- makes over a million dollars a year more not techsters said you know this is another example of folk group Peter surely. In a given way these contracts it hurt them all trading silencing. They have any issues trading Tyler -- apparently. Galilee and politics as one right I mean if we don't know if they had -- they had a contract and they couldn't find anybody who take this guy then. Peter surely -- up on the -- well we don't we don't know. How old if it was just doubts or other teams so much every other teams that now we don't we don't know if Dallas was the only one. But it it will go back to when Peter surely of the shock and couple days with the -- say Ian comments well first off the record witches. We heard from numerous places that he was on the market and then right after that Peter Shirley. Got to -- in -- -- under the bus when that happened jail I don't think we'd talked about this when that happened. I'm likely -- freedom why would -- GM come out in devalue. The guy like this if you really want to trade him in my guest was at that point they were trying to get MD get its act together and you know because they were planning on him being a member of the Berlin's. I I don't know whether Dallas made the initial connection -- -- what would it take to get Sagan I don't know how it how it worked out but I'm with you. I think initially. When I read the stuff from sure rally it was taped interact together here you gotta be a because -- GOP does that. -- -- -- all -- -- -- the Celtics right now is how great Rajon Rondo it is and rightfully so. What GM goes out and says it's. This guy is really a problem. By you know what you should take -- -- trade. And that techsters says I agree with the move put all the whispering in muttering and innuendo about his personal life feel sleazy to me. Kind of Red Sox -- from the -- days that was the point I made at the start of the shell. But I hesitated even do this because it's gonna sound more all yet you're piling on now that the kids out of town. I got news for. We're not even telling half the stuff that people are telling us by because I can't I I I don't know anything about. The sources and -- what's true and what isn't true I mean and -- if you think that they're piling on in the media on Tyler say can you should see outside the media. Can you test. -- and also when Tyler Sagan tweets like he did last night. If anybody did that yeah you New York to talk about it this is that wasn't highly god he keeps doing is the Bobby Valentine syndrome. Where you keep advancing the story without even trying. Are raised and -- good morning ranked. -- again that I had no -- you -- there -- no other you know on its value what I -- vote is you know I don't like. But as one element of it -- it troubles me after -- don't understand it and edit the idea that -- relatives -- -- forces and by giving a contract to. It into early. Have a question you'd -- What is yeah his contract was coming up Bryant. All the time mind -- the operating under one would be obligated to give him a contract. Well and the his his entry level contract I believe was a three year deal. And like they're gonna do with Bergeron here they tried to address it prior to the final year of the contract. It would protect the -- has an extension -- exactly yes you know you're exactly right out. But surely wasn't. It didn't give it your freedom and prematurely. At human. Well I mean he could have let him you know play out the season and and in but generally speaking you don't do that in the same way. They're addressing Bergeron now going into the last year of his contract. There -- -- actually well the UEU bits of my question accurately they direct. And BP are packed reflected market you -- -- he got a lot factory car. And I you know I also think it out ultimately that this is current out cap management. It also. Timeframe that you picked that -- achieve unity and the window. Opt in and I think surely understands that I think it's unfortunate. That -- -- -- -- -- -- about the it's that you but it purposes. And I really -- figure out. They would let my. Yeah -- and I can't read and even disagree with -- as -- it was that hesitation I had one when Robin I started talking about this was that I I I had a feeling it was gonna be portrayed that way. But I think that I think that there's a problem that is that you have a 21 year old kid who has already shown a lot of potential. And so people wanna dig in to why did you jump ship on why did you trade him and so. With that in mind you have to enter everything into the conversation. -- is there. And I think adding pressure rally said that it in his media conference call post trade he said you have to look at every yeah you can't just say. Well we trade him because he averaged you know 58 points a season for threes whatever the number is in it. It's not just that and oh by the way it's not just Willis off -- like stylus and very go. They're all intertwined I don't think he'd develop. At the rate they thought it was gonna develop I don't think his game progressed like they thought it was gonna progress and I think they were trying to figure out why hasn't progressed. Is coaching is it is line mates is that this is it that. You know does this idea out there that you know cold was holding him back yet club doesn't have any. Dog in the fight -- candidate to have Tyler Sagan played lights out right called wouldn't like that. Via. And I think it I do think there -- some piling on him as you point out this happens in Boston a lot when guys leave. But in this case I don't think it's necessarily unwarranted not piling on by the investigating. Exactly what this guy was doing and why he was trade it this was part of it departed Tyler -- Stewart dale. Dexter says look importance contract lapsed and his wife forced him to leave town. But not -- anybody force Nathan Horton to leave town I don't think his wife's that you got to get out of town but your example is accurate. If they had a report last offseason. Like they're doing with Bergeron now could they've gotten signed to a deal that would have been less than seven years. And and kept Nathan Horton as a part of this team and it's in all likelihood that they probably could along the lines of looking into why things happen like transaction happen we mentioned it before Nathan award and says I do not want to play for the Bruins yes. The state get on that why did you wanna play for the Bruins it wasn't just days it's a big market the limelight this and that. It's when somebody says that in a free agent or you're taking one team out of the equation that -- -- should know you're the best buddy. There is something more so okay this add to that conversation death like we're entering everything into the city cars. Good to see again get out of here are right yes I mean assuming DJ beans on his way in and I think he's right there as we -- areas -- DJ it will come through the door and just couple minutes here on Sports Radio W media.

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