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Sports Sunday with Dale and Rob: Tyler Seguin's Twitter Account Hacked Again?

Jul 7, 2013|

Rob Bradford gives us the exact, ridiculously stupid tweet that came from Tyler Seguin's account last night and the guys discuss the situation. He may not have sent out the tweet himself, but the hacking excuse sounds ridiculous. This leads to a larger discussion of Seguin's tenure in Boston and some of the moves the B's have made this season. They also get into the departure of Nathan Horton.

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Let me say a little bit of retired because. -- -- Comes in here with -- much fanfare he's a real nice kid. Dimensional speed dimension skill guys always want more. All right you -- the professional radio tees on the allegedly the professional radio set up and then I'm gonna tell you why don't like doing. Feel like doing what what what were about a -- T know what we're about to do. OK -- -- -- it if the adjust them turn and I and a total -- -- so I guess it was around midnight last night the commuters. With the equator and all the sudden Tyler Sagan. Two weeks. I don't know how I should racist what do what do you think. Well. Well I'll do I'll say this -- it's a line from a movie Broadcom I mean it's paraphrase from a a movie it's. Okay. It was funny or in the movie the to others say in Iraq from full metal Jack at Tyler -- 92. Rights and Twitter only steers and QQ were you -- The years in Texas. And I'm not a cow. So that's what Tyler says -- writes on Twitter. A little while later I wanna say about fifteen minutes later he delete it. And puts -- rights Twitter hacking has to stop my apologies. -- You can throw. So I got is a -- before he had he had done this once before he had had -- this exact they don't know but and and and off color -- and during the course of the hockey season and off collar tweet that. That actually precipitated conversation between Tyler and Patrick Burke Brian Burke's son. Who is that the founding father about an organization called you can play. And and Patrick. I don't know what I've read on Twitter is Patrick talked somewhat about it he he did not go into specifics about the conversation he had with Tyler. He just said he had a good conversation with Tyler and and Tyler understood why. The phrase that he used was hurtful and and I think Patrick's doing remarkable work with his organization in and -- when called upon. He will discuss this issue with with the individuals with teams. Com. Look do I think that somebody grabbed Tyler segments phone and tweeted something out in his name. Absolutely. Hate to say it but take a look at the people he hangs around with and you think this is and a concept that's for a number yes it absolutely could have happened. He could've waited it out himself as I say I might agree review tonight. But I think the person grabbing your phone with probably -- and it and it may well have been him here here's and that the line I said about why I hesitate to do what were what were about to set about doing. Because there is a segment of the population. It's gonna look at this story. Look at Steve Harris historian Harold on Friday. And other things that you read about. Tyler sickens mom defending champion in an article. And they're gonna say all yet shore and -- on his way out of town and everybody's Qichen and any gas as he's headed out of town -- nobody said this stuff when he was here today. Which is true. Although the of the Tyler Sagan the previous tweet we all knew about we knew. Tyler himself set I had a great talk with Patrick -- and I understand you know why certain words and terms are hurtful. But but. I sure as heck didn't know as Steven Harris reported. That job. That during the playoffs the Bruins wanted him in a hotel and posted a guard to make sure he couldn't go out. I sure as heck didn't know as Joseph Hagerty reported but during the Toronto playoff series he apparently showed up at at the rink. With the exact same outfit on two days in a row causing teammates and others to wonder you know did -- go home. I didn't know any of that that was happening and and there is the the question that always gets asked in this town. You know. Week would you be saying any of this stuff would any of this stuff be reported if Tyler Sagan we're still a member of the Boston -- ball. And I think it's a legitimate question I it's it's an capsule who should make question because a ton of people. Have wanted to pile on the Tyler figure in our conversation the minute that he was traded. A ton of people. Now -- do I think Steven Harris knew about the hotel room -- now. I think that that reeked of me of this look further into this and find out more and this is what it revealed. Well and and by the way -- you may be exactly right but you know what it also sort of smells like to me a little bit. People in the organization trying to justify the fact that you -- them out of town but you know what if that's not Steven Harris is front and no no no that's not my point at all. And as these dot as these stories come out and it never seems that it never fails to happen in this town know -- headed out of town and everybody's talking about the Red Line around the clubhouse and this and Latin. And you know the minute somebody gets wheeled out of this town. We start talking about what a pain in the rear -- was when he was here there's no question about it and but in regards to some the other stuff that you people new stuff about it all the sudden when he gets traded. And now we hear about certain things. That happens as well. -- I think that what we're both looking fourth consistency. Is that if you knew about it but let's hear about it. But the minute that Tyler Sagan left town it became. 86040. Proposition. Two 955. Proposition against -- -- well it also the minute. He left town. The people who felt some obligation moral whatever. To defend or protect Tyler -- no longer felt that obligation well yeah I no longer have to protect Tyler Sagan. I no longer have to keep things quiet then I'm might have known that at a texture here says. Yet. If so -- -- where's the thing here I -- up about you know why didn't -- Boston media write about how the heck would anybody in the Boston median now. Steven Harris name not Kevin DuPont. DJ being named a member of the Bruins Boston media how would you know. That the Bruins had asked Tyler Sagan to stay in a hotel and then posted a guard we don't know what hotel they state. Yet a lot of the we have this conversation earlier in the week about the -- responsibility in the reason it came up with -- Hernandez stuff why didn't the patriots writers write about this. And I brought up the Red Sox example of 2011. Which was. If the Red Sox make the playoffs. The -- when you're still winning. And the -- likelihood the likelihood. Is that the chicken and beer thinks it never is on earth are never gets written and go back to 2004. The -- shot drinking the -- Right right it and so we know right is so my point with the Internet and this stuff was. You're gonna longer covering the team the guys catching passes -- you know that he has some some past history about. Doing smoking dope or whatever wise. But. What's gonna make you can't stop in and dig in to Aaron Hernandez his life. That that's not how the media worked but when things go bad that's when people big and it I think that. To Stephen nurses credit that's what he did there now micro bio -- didn't imply in and mean any criticism of Stephen -- Covering the Bronson. The Bruins Avastin but -- to stay in a hotel. And posted a gar I mean you would even think to ask the question I think he had -- -- and in. Lieu of the the specific stories what we can also look back on is like you said the narrative with tighter -- How people talked about how people viewed them. And the criticism that came with everything that was -- now that's that's been different yup. And indeed -- who's going to be in a little later. I gave DJ a lot of credit is DJ all along the way. Had said in other guys via I think -- all the parts always honest about this sort of stuff for him. And he's gonna tell you what he sees. It is DJ said you know this is why I don't like this guy as a player and these are some of the red flags have come up. It still wasn't like he had an agenda against him when he played well he said this is what he did it yeah. So that's what you're looking for eulogy for the act of sort of consistency just like when Tyler say you tweeted. Before that one you'd talked about when he talked to Patrick -- Mean there was a faction. That certainly criticized -- sake and for that. But there was also a faction that -- though it's no big deal well where's that faction now. That he did something stupid again no matter how you one of Buick whether it was his friend picking up a photo of him. -- get the -- -- lucky if if the if a friend grabs a fall off and and table and it in up in an apartment and tweaked something without Tyler Sagan knowing it's hard for me to. Clobber Tyler Sagan for yeah but that's the point that was making it where it were gassing. I mean we're guessing at how I probably -- I think you did that I think it's probably his tweet and I think that. I am a texture on the AT&T -- -- that I think that if someone takes a tweak down within an hour it shouldn't be made public. I'm sorry wolf are the ball and and anybody who doesn't. And I'm I'm not talking Tyler say tuck and anybody you meet anybody. Anybody who does tweet out something that within an hour they wished they had taken down. It'll live forever because it's it's called a screen grab I'd seen it you've seen it it's been posted Greg questions he wrote about it on puck daddy. Not debts -- I think wrote about it and it got the picture of the tweet once you once you hit sand. Do thinking before you hits. -- not after he had set and when it comes through Twitter. I didn't I never buy the hacked. Excuse never I didn't buy it when -- Allah that attacked. -- now and -- I ever do to help Democrats this spam stopped you know when when their spam sent out your name. I never had somebody posted tweak on my Twitter account. That I didn't write that I didn't putt well their defense were would be well it's a much higher profile person and they're going to be targeted more sure you and me -- by. Which is true ice I still there's been plenty of high profile people. I don't know a whole lot been hacked. And I don't I never buy that excuse now. Assuming that that's not a viable excuse. Then is go to the next excuse which wise as he always young low culture or Brent grab my -- well. -- you never you never Twitter account you have a phone what are you doing allowing people to go on your Twitter account that. For a person like -- Sega and that's inexcusable right. Then let's go to the more likely scenario which wise he's the one hit cents. And then somebody called them. I'm gonna guess probably an agent. Because I don't think he listens to his friends or teammates. My guess is that somebody called and said why are you two point. Yes come on. And and it's all of sudden we guy aggregate at the hell out of there. That and eat it if I had a likely scenario. That would be it. Well and here's the other thing that makes me skeptical maybe I'm just wait to silicone regards this whole piracy and tweeting thing. His only response after he took it down. The only response was this one -- week. To order hacking has to stop my apologies now. If someone did that -- -- tweet out something like -- to readout before then deleted. It if it you did something that bad. That over the top. I'm sorry. I would follow up with four or five or six more tweets tried to explain exactly what happened all we have here is one quick one. Twitter -- -- stock. Heard hacking has to stop my apologies. Here's here's where I was wrong about Tyler say dead wrong about taxing. There was no doubting the talent that he had and for anybody who looks back at the draft three years ago. When it was you know Tyler Sagan and Taylor hall and Edmonton embossed into the politics. And everybody knew that Edmonton was gonna take one of the two. And and the Bruins are gonna take the other one and anybody who looks back comments as well I knew they shouldn't have taken -- they should've taken so oneself. They're probably line -- okay. Because if you go back to that time period everybody knew these with a two guys everybody. It was just a question of which one Edmonton one annual gonna get the other. It it was probably the easiest draft selection in the history of Peter sure rallies career yet you know exactly and yet to name. Tags all filled out and then you know they said Taylor body crumpled that one up you handed the Tyler Sagan -- There is no doubting the talent level. I thought this guy I was gonna come in NBA consistent 3030 player in the national hockey -- And we have from time to time seen glimpses of that talent we went all my god. I mean that that playoff give him against the lead the Tampa Bay Lightning where he said that's the guy I thought. Didn't see it anywhere near enough and I was so wrong about that. And the idea well he's young he's immature reason eighteen is nineteenth. The problem here in Boston is that we've had a couple of guys come up at a young age in recent hit in recent history. Patrice Bergeron played on this team as an eighteen year old Milan Lucci to play on this team is an eighteen year old. And they figured it out. You know they had the same. Youth and and immaturity issues but they figured out a way to handle Litton and you don't realize this is my job this is Mike career. You know I can have fun I can do while those things at other times but I've got to concentrate on what pays the bills here. And as one of the Canadian writers wrote when the when the Bruins made the trade the Boston Bruins trying to win now the Dallas Stars are trying to win later. And the Bruins didn't feel that with Tyler -- here they could win. They were willing to wait. For him -- to figure it out they they had waited three years already. They had seen no indications. That the maturity level had caught up to the talent level on that okay he gets it now he's going to be up. Now work out warrior you know he's gonna do this he's gonna do that. In fact. I'd go so far to say his game regressed this year and I think that's geared to ally. As I said do you before that they made his decision they said we you're gonna value the ability to build our team more flexibility to build our team. With the raft without Bergeron weather's getting -- the game -- now. Then we're gonna take that trade instead of writing hoping for the potential Tyler -- again which I think your point is. There was no certainty there there is no certainty that he was gonna work out and just go back to that draft about easily -- easiest decision ever for Peter Ferraro. Poll and all the guys who were drafted third and fourth. I'm really done anything Ryan. Everybody knew those were the two guys brightly it it was a one and one -- and it was whichever one Edmonton wanted they were gonna taking -- we're gonna get the other guy. Like -- Here's the thing from the bruins' perspective. You think he might figure it out which you don't know that he's gonna figure it out you'd think he's going to be better I thought it was gonna be better every here here you don't know that. He played here for Claude Julian a guy who. Behind closed doors is certainly more rigid than he is out in public -- in front of the media. But a guy who by every indication is considered tough but fair. Wendell Tyler Sagan it's that Dallas and gets a -- Lindy Ruff if that's his new coach yeah. Wait he sees what it's going to be like playing for Lindy -- in this idea well now he will be freed he's gonna -- senator patio club was holding him back. I've seen in place that are here. It wasn't very pretty. -- -- But it could go listen he could be great he could be free and unfettered. First slides that are everything's great beef does more confidence and he is career blossoms. What was it goes the other way as you point out. You've seen him play center. Haven't -- well so far what is it goes the other way then also and awful of the Dallas fans are already he'll probably a little skeptical about him this certainly looks latest tweet Twitter experience does nothing that. The suit their nerves well and look there are other things out there I you don't have to look very far by -- or other web sites that have already gotten in home videos and pictures of him. At a party July 4 so he's already under the microscope you don't come out of the gate next year -- -- playing first line center. Then and you're not producing. And maybe -- rough is getting autumn a little bit now we're in the same situation with Tyler Sagan and you were in Boston. -- open up lines bring you guys in 6177797937. As the telephone number we mentioned the AT&T text line which is already coming at 37937. Rob Bradford did here till 11 o'clock BJ being incomes and I'll be here -- one. With those guys co hosting I -- what are my new Red Sox fans you have the final say and you can vote for -- you Horrow. As the final American League golf start go to mlb.com slash vote. -- 2013 all star game final vote. -- and Koji US car to the all star game in New York voting ends at 4 PM eastern time. Thursday July 11 quick break we'll get right to the calls we -- coming up next Sports Radio WB. Just so unclear here I don't want anybody that. Misunderstand or misconstrue what I said I have no problem leveling criticism that Tyler say. Think he's earned a fair number of them. Might might concern in my reluctance as I said to rob was the perception in this down the nobody ever says anything bad about a guy toll on his way out of town. A perception probably based on reality in a lot of cases and I'm not gonna try to deny that here. I just think that the Bruins. We're sick of waiting for Tyler -- again. Now I'll tell you this you don't get to see a lot -- -- she didn't you see any of the Western Conference until the Stanley Cup final. You know get to see the Dallas Stars a lot. Louis Ericsson right now today is a better player than Tyler say he shouldn't be Tyler Sagan is more talented. -- we Ericsson is take consistent seventy point performer. In the national hockey this year he didn't have seventy points obviously there were only 48 games the three previous seasons to that. He had seventy points and all of them the last three seasons before this 1717371. And then 63 this season before that. Tyler -- best season ever in the National Hockey League he had 67 points. On for the most part Louis Erickson is a pretty consistent 3040 yeah. You know right at right now -- ball park thirty goals forty assess. I thought Tyler saying it was going to be that he's not. Wise I don't know field yet. There are not I answer this simple question are they better right now. Than they were when the season and basically what you did -- you traded Ericsson. And the game one -- -- argument that salary cap room we understand that's part of it down the road surest year by. The gala in Ericsson and replacing Horton who is gonna have some health problems -- be in the year looks like that look like say going to be able to play till till December from what they're saying I I gotta be honest and and I never. You know you're free agent you -- the right to do what you want and got -- I don't understand what Nathan -- Carlo SSI. I I don't get it. I had heard that you know it might be a family thing that. That the family. I think he met his wife and she's from Florida when he played for the Panthers they might wanna go back there and I understand that I really would. This smacks of Damien Woody to the Detroit Lions from. I'm -- gold there and knowing full well I'm never gonna win anything. I'm going to be happy and you know -- make lots of money in off of that if you just said that he was gonna make a lot of money anyway but that might be -- make a lot of money. I don't remember anything important ever really having to suffer in the spotlight here in Boston. I don't remember Nathan Morton being criticized in fact he was he was lionized. Post Aaron Rome hit in the Vancouver series. -- was. Wildly popular here among the fans but always had a smile on his face always friendly always you know. Look like he was enjoying himself here's a weird thing and I think it medic on a somewhat under the radar wise. When. Nathan Norton's agent stated adamantly. That the Bruins were an option. Because I DJ got in touch with them -- it immediately after the -- thing went -- mountain does this change anything he's in now obviously club -- still had already been. And it had been sent down the road. But what -- why. Why didn't he wonder why did he say. There has to be something more to this story. Why did he why he refused to come back the Boston. I all I can think up it's all I've got -- is they didn't show -- enough love. Prior to assess. And and will hear that a lot from Bruins fan you know they've gone to on. You know back in February -- assigned here for less money than that less of a term and because they wanted to wait -- it played out as they did with Tuukka Rask by the way. An and that he wasn't feeling the love so he went elsewhere to find and maybe that's it I I don't know the answer and it can't have been that of the scrutiny and the pressure in the heat in the. I just didn't see it that it received that I kicker down that road I don't think that he's gonna lead on that. For something so adamant. I'm not coming back the Boston. Something had to have happened more than a you know wide. There's a lot of pressure there now I don't buy a basket to call 6177797937. Davidson Brockton high David -- I don't you know welcome back thank you. I'll -- I don't I do every morning good morning. Object it's not a state -- The only thing I'm disappointed. At in at at the -- I think about it. He's -- and released it yet. It's been a PP 222 with a prospect to think that -- or that they got. I would have maybe taken a first round. I I'd I'd prefer to get the top prospects to be honest with -- -- and again you go back to what I said earlier they're trying to win now. Yeah they wanna win now they know that they've got the nucleus here of a Stanley Cup contender. They don't wanna wait for the first round pick to gel into -- possible NHL performer you know and 23 years down the road. What they ended up getting was -- Erickson who's a very very good player. And three of the top prospects in the Dallas stars' organization. Told Opel might think could be playing here this coming year. One of whom has scored more goals in the American Hockey League over the last two years than any other player seven -- over the last two years in the NHL. -- you know -- -- -- -- only double neck and hopefully you can. -- and work with will be coaching but. David prospects aside salary cap relief decide -- do the same question as assessed dale. The Bruins better right now than when they -- season. I think he got better right now. I was surprised to see Jarome -- sign the -- really -- Yeah I mean that's you're basically as they say was hi it's Erickson again Angela in replacing Horton and -- right. -- -- -- -- And yet that that that also wrote. There own top prospect in -- night in Spooner as well up in Inco which got all day out some options. We've been with the third in Indian fault lines. And ideally he would get that concern me don't you know it took a 100 million dollars a year. Probably he's gonna get it the only problem again aren't you it's an. Bergeron. I mean MSN. They're going to be able to do that too I mean that was actually one of the the beauties of this deal from that perspective. Is that it gave them some salary cap flexibility the other thing that people I think sometimes have a hard time win and I haven't done very good job of explaining this. Is what you hear all the time as well why don't they just use Marc Savard it's you know four million dollar long term injury exemption. They -- it's available to them there are penalties to be paid from a salary cap perspective the -- you use. And that if you don't use it and the Bruins have not yet you're better off from a salary cap perspective if you hold off using. And they're trying not to use at a vacant if they can help but if if they had to they would. At the moment I don't think they have to -- I think that. I think Patrice Bergeron could assign an eight year deal there an eight year contract extension which is the Max you can you can sign. And I think that Tuukka Rask has proven he's a number one goaltender the National Hockey League and that means. He's gonna get number one goaltender money which is somewhere around seven million dollars a year. When you were trucked in through your fifth lobster -- have a -- on Friday during the the NHL. Free agent period. I don't know how close -- following I don't know if you get cellphone reception after this was the very first year. You did -- the very first year I was able to follow along on Twitter. Should it like I preferred it when I was a little more isolated you have to still call the operator to call out of the town. It it was the last place you were -- I actually 45 it's the it's the last place I actually used a pay phone. Really I now try finding a pay phone these days but that was last place I realized weird -- the quick diversion. This -- -- to Disney World this pay phones all over the place it it it tomorrow and there's a bunch of 80 what what they do. I guess that about the last time he used by that Matthews never used faith. Never once have. I probably have once yes. But not off -- so this year we did have cell service and I was able to follow along on Twitter it was fascinating. I mean it was it was like a firestorm well here's my question so is going along these guys -- Alfredsson gallon and riders go line. At any point because the Twitter through -- got a little nervous there. Did you at any point did you fail they're not getting people. Know what it was about what name which ended up being the name. But he says while asthmatic of the game was going to be there. I I didn't think begin necessarily I thought that they were going to be able to do something well first ball they had money to spend and that's usually the the big never advocate devastated her crowd really the good and the neighbor drop off the board though. The guys that you wanted. Give Alaska race ran for what they needed what they wanted. While mature how much they needed I mean their top rated team that -- what they were targeting look I'd rather have Jarome Iginla under one year deal. The Nathan Horton under a seven year deal. Absolutely. Positively would rather have and -- important. A gala will probably slot into that right wing with great team who teach. And during the regular season will give you as much or more than Wharton and now the question is in the playoffs come along one important shined. Well again shine in the playoff and from the white hot spotlight of the playoffs the way Horton did and that has yet to be determined especially based on. How it performed against the book the Bruins in the white hot spotlight at the playoffs quick break right back to the call 6177797937. As the telephone number. Text line is 37937. -- -- sports Sunday Sports Radio WE.

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