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It's Sports Sunday with Dale Arnold and Rob Bradford -- Red Sox Blow a Late Lead, Brad Stevens and Tons of Hernandez Jerseys are Returned

Jul 7, 2013|

Dale has returned from his annual trip to Papoose Pond in Maine and he and Rob touch on a variety of topics to start the show including Dale's thoughts on the Brad Stevens hire. The guys also touch on the Red Sox blowing a lead after a horrible throwing error by Brandon Snyder. Also, yesterday Pats fans were able to return their Hernandez jerseys and exchange them for another jersey and the guys discuss the smart PR move by the Patriots brass.

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Headed for happily sounds a lot of time outside it's much more official when I got the apple respond. Somebody sent me. I heard you were on assignment there I mean they they listened to all the fact that you were wearing a Fedora or the press -- press that one of those deals I was out on assignment I was at apple respond for the week had a wonderful time. Wrapping it all up with a little lobster feed my sister's house yesterday on the way Holman. Was like the end of the perfect end to a perfect week. But I can honestly say as a pastor rob half an hour so ago when we -- sitting here I can never in all the years that I've been doing this in this town. I can never remember this much stuff. Good and bad mostly bad. It innate innate compacted period of time the way the Boston sports scene is right now I've never seeming like. While we haven't really even the amazing thing we haven't even integrated Tim Tebow and the conversation for -- he doesn't even make that comics which -- either fail safe where where things are going slow we can always rely ticket Tebow good guy 61777. Died and thoughtfully -- It really we have David it's -- -- the the -- Boston Red -- best team -- the American one of the few good things in this -- -- big giant -- -- -- until last night until last -- but I -- overall -- -- been a a great story a pleasant surprise for most. I don't know anybody who's got a beef with the way the Red Sox are going right now and I -- etc. that I almost feel sorry for them. They can't get any attention right now and ambitious so much other stuff going on. And in the literally involving all four teams. I mean beauty have this team grabs the spotlight for a while you know in this period time and a team grabs it over here. I've never seen all four teams with huge major. Talking point stories all the same time the we've. Right and in never stops -- that's the amazing things in like you are not like it from a journalistic point of view because the Internet -- actually we understand that. But July 3 -- has robbed Brad well that's the unfortunate thing as well July 3 were sitting there I was sitting near Fenway Park and it was I think it was with time it was quarter six. -- sixth the Celtics this hired Brad Stevens. That was a huge story up in Maine where I just was -- at -- very big deal of Apple's Portland Maine and absolutely pretzel Brad Stevens. It's harvest -- to get a new coach so what happens next vote I would say demonstrated. That was about 2 o'clock on July 4 in what happens next well you know the the the Bruins assigned to room again. That was the -- Wednesday. And then we're -- talking about this bizarre scene at Gillette Stadium. Of thousands of people returning -- her name future cities which is a reminder of that story. And and last night to your point about the Red Sox not be I didn't see I didn't see the end of that I I have to admit that the Red Sox game I didn't see you have by. Well I tell you what. If you ever gonna get a talking point from my game is going to be last night. Where a four run lead in the national do not only that and I encourage people would dole alma mlb.com. Of the video of the brand it's neither -- last -- is Snyder. I heard John Ferrell. The pregame show unfortunately for him talked about -- Snyder being a really good. Defense of third baseman for them so far the two top -- to Snyder at third who by the way has done a great job defensively force -- ground ball left side Snyder field throws. It did the right field the main stories that game is made. They -- should have ended right there in Brandon Snyder is not but it in right. Failed. And what's amazing about it if you watch it it is such. An easy play. It's unbelievable. If this wasn't the I'm fielding the ball two feet from the third base bag and and firing in over -- second base. You are probably fifteen feet from destroyer and a short on him it was kind of the the bread and Snyder reminder that hey look really -- -- the Britain's style of play in a while. But you know what you this might not be what you wanna -- -- It it it is a remarkable thing and we haven't even yet discussed in the in this little start here. The fact that that we've we've witnessed the complete dismantling of the Boston Celtics he did mention yeah Brad Stevens obviously. But I meant Doc Rivers is gone and that meant Paul Pierce and Kevin cart Garnett are gone. You read the possibility that Rajon Rondo may or may not be gone. And I think Celtics fans are okay it -- it. I mean the dismantling of the team in other that we have to blow it up big suvs -- -- more you know that's what I'm saying yeah they trade Rajon Rondo to the Detroit Pistons. I think Celtics fans as -- okay it's another step on the. The Celtics very should be upset if they don't trade Rajon Rondo I don't because he's gonna make them too good. If it three wins to give it its two and Jeff Green combined will make them to -- yet in in Jeff Green okay I'll think Jeffrey in his. Jeff green is still a guy that you can keep around for -- Rondo is gonna get something back even with his knee. And we can talk about this today. By this conversation. It's fascinating. But you have to deal that we talked about earlier in the week that even if you win a few more games are drawn Rondo on the court. That the death blow for this team. That because they're building this thing through the draft. Beloved dale I love I love the nine draft picks in the next X number of years assuming that Danny Ainge makes the rights elections yet but that's what they're banking on their partnership to the table with the draft picks which have nothing wrong with that. But you hear the -- I would the Brad stevens' press conference the other day. And the reason and he's he's an inspiring got to listen to. That money handled I thought he handled it really really well nice guy. Seeming seemingly nice guy. Obviously the you win you'd jump into a foreign situation like he did in college at thirty years old and succeeds like you did makes you feel like he might be able to do something along those lines. But here's the reality and they -- the six year contract time and time again. It's going to be awhile before this guy figures out how to coach -- NBA there's nothing wrong with -- but it's going to be life I actually thought unfortunately. The six year contract was an indication to me they don't intend to trade -- Because they Rondo needed deceit the other series about this guy I you know I may not be able to run him off. Because this is Rajon Rondo -- no matter what they say no matter what the of that. The the words that are used but -- -- -- trade him and and -- Bret Stephens too well but that you don't -- him a six year Contra I don't like Monroe wanna like give a six year contract is because. Basically that the plan for this team is. -- to the third year get after a Waltz his contract is expired yeah you have all these draft picks that you know what you have in the draft picks when you get to there and then you also have Brad Stevens understanding what it is like to coach in the NBA you've gone through the the rough parts up with his his ten year. Now you feel good about where yet you still have three years left on the contract. So. I don't begrudge him for doing that. Here's here's the thing though if you're Danny Ainge and the last time the Celtics. Tanked I mean they did they tanked via. They had ML -- coaching the team and he was trying to lose as many games he could lose and he was trying to you know win the ping pong ball Warren. The ball spelled wrong way for him it was a bad thing. If you think Brad Stevens is going to be a good young up and coming NBA coach. -- -- If you let me what to what is ML Carr. What you don't to what the date they the NBA equivalent of ML Carr in his what Danny Ainge is saying is like I don't think -- is all like good which is what we really want here. How do you play -- appearing although. The better now do you think is Doc Rivers dot -- Doc Rivers. Wendy did the rant Oden draft. And you didn't get that. -- that didn't work out these dark group of people that are getting so excited about the six year contract people forget. This -- dark rivers to a five year contract. After he really didn't do much at all he he won coach of the year I missed him the Orlando but he won a playoff series so based on a five year contract. And then you go through the rough rough patches. You you don't get that -- but you lucked out. We're not like how you give you need some credit but you fortunate enough where you make betrayed the Garnett the Ray Allen everything else and you hit on Mac. That's when Doc Rivers has figured some things out as a coach. And you also have talent I think that's exactly what we're talking about with -- -- So you've got that as one of the you know 57 stories the Aaron Hernandez thing is -- as you pointed out. -- there there is no new news yet but you have the whole Jersey buyback program that the patriots put in place. I am I first of all if I with the patriot I would have -- a single Hernandez -- out on the street either if I would maybe in if you're any business you wouldn't want. -- a reminder of that person's association with your organization. On anyone. But but then the whole idea of you know that. Well they didn't buy back the one that I that I got a pot stores than I mean they they they they only did the ones that from the patriots pro shop. Like they're already losing hundreds of thousands of dollars on this deal as it has. Others dead then supposed to it to you know that the money you spent at Bob's stores on your Aaron Hernandez Jersey there's posted to trade that went into. People complained about that as well. Sorry I didn't get criticism I still don't get to. Presents I think it's BP. Analysts extraordinary -- it's it's a unique things they're doing and I think they should deserve a lot of credit we bash. Teams and excluding the patriots all the time for different things. I we compassion today about how. Bob Kraft hasn't come out and and said something about how not necessarily about the -- Hernandez case for how they do business yeah I think that's open for conversation. So by how the compassion in this respect I'm I'm fascinated to. Where the Aaron Hernandez shirt ago on this gonna burn them. -- -- they said we're gonna and they were gonna ship them off to a foreign primarily due for -- -- -- patriots Super -- exactly what did they say they gonna they're gonna try to re cycled the cloth I don't know what that means I don't know all. You know what how you do what I I honestly don't know but that they weren't just have taken a big bonfire in light a match to. The which I I actually think symbolically wouldn't be such bad -- or they gonna wait till the next. -- number 81 appears on the roster and I got to tell I donated that might be a number that might not be given out for a little bit you know it's like -- -- that the Red Sox have got some numbers that are retired but nobody's wearing them that's sort of fellow Brock -- wearing weight boxes -- Anyway I'd I'd. I have a feeling 81 probably. Going to be set aside for -- Latvia you know at least a year at least a year now the I mean frankly I'm not -- -- -- aware -- if I were a member of the patriots anyway about maybe one deterrent may be sued as going to turn the page I don't know -- the -- The half the we have use all the numbers -- dale doll thank you almost have to. I mean for the for the poor kid from. From you know wherever the free rookie free agents are equal but will the only way you could resurrect the numbers short term if you're the patriots. -- turn Tim Tebow into a tight end in given that number. Because he can't Wear the number Reese got played tight and right in the NFL so -- that that probably be the only way you could resurrect the number. If you say look I'm Morgan convert him into a tight end we're gonna give me 81 and their body would help and it's all right. It's this is a -- well how could you go on vacation last week. I felt the same way do it before you don't beat plan on I went -- I went on vacation the week before him. The united bowlers emailed my group bison view of the Lloyd Bridges line next epic there and we stop sniffing glue -- -- -- -- the -- week to go away from the office. Text on the AT&T text line at 37937. Says it's all public relations move so if they really didn't want Hernandez jerseys on the market dictate the -- back. Not just the ones but it in their store do you really think the 1% of jerseys they just took back are going to make a difference. Yes that the public relations -- absolutely. They don't want the jerseys on anybody I mean there are open nobody where's the darn thing never again would you know his name on the back in the patriots logo on the shoulder. They don't ever wanna see it out there. But how many hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more. The -- pages eight in and out to get them off the street -- as I heard someone say yesterday. You bought a lot of good PR for a million dollars won't so I don't quite understand what the befits -- all public relations well yeah that's yeah. Yes I'm not trying to. -- you'll put noble aspirations on this they don't want that jurors they don't want any association with Aaron Hernandez in the -- and patriots ever again. They're stuck with it it's going to be there forever. It you know when the trials come up when other charges are brought forth it's always going to be former patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez. They're never going to be able to strike that from the public record. What if they can get those hit as many of those jerseys off the street is they can guess that the public relations -- And if you're looking for available numbers in the east for the patriots right now all you've got his 81 of the four and 89. Those -- window swindling. -- -- for fear of jumping the jumping the gunman and doing it on sanctions Segway here triggered a public relations mean at the point where we're gonna go to the break this is a of a professional royalties on your part. I don't know if you saw a Twitter last night. I I am. After a week vacation I needed rest yesterday last night so I I did not until this morning. Yes and we'll talk about that when we come back in just couple minutes sport Sunday Sports Radio WB.

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