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John Farrell postgame press conference

Jul 7, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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Played very good. At the time we -- -- grumble. Quickly get. Some misdirection whether you know you get a choice there. Continuing complete but first -- -- elected to go to second base and just his footwork didn't quite get underneath and push the ball obviously you know too -- for peace -- A lot of tying run score but. Tough organ looser. Left foot injury his at a local hospital get next for his right now so we don't have any further information on the entry that he -- -- Some left hamstring tightness. -- removed for that so. We'll reevaluate and -- Well unfortunately bring coaching them. Spot where is that no room. You know to maneuver and he gets applicable base hits -- him back the they they chip away from the three runs after the -- reloaded. But Willie gets you know with two outs we don't -- on and -- the base hit by a shark. And unfortunately the one pitch he tries to run fastball in on trial and clips from. And let's put -- man on man. And all all just on our part of the top and those -- -- It. IE he had a choice. And and I think you know in the mall and didn't quite get his feet underneath them. So. I can't say that either decision is the wrong. Just the footwork is what caused -- thrown up so -- -- a key spot comes in disagree on mobile will play -- goes on throws up another clean inning and after that so it is. Contributions are key. When we're trial on a night or trying to stay where it is our -- horrible. You know that's -- that's for Wilson's in the game and unfortunate and -- out. It. -- will we've had some we've had games like this already this year and an organizer. A veteran group that have the ability to. Put tonight passed us and we come back tomorrow will be ready to win this year's. I thought I thought playing tonight after. You know a couple of balls were squared up he's settled in use slider and split very effectively against this group. Gave us everything he had tonight the hundred plus pitches and then six and two thirds of an -- -- six in the third innings of work tonight. Another solid outing on his part. Stuff for similar. But again it's. Painted into a corner and unfortunately you know pujols. It's a split in the shallow center field in. Hamilton does the same. But. Stuff overall was was very similar to what we've seen. It. I haven't had a chance to talk to the penguins four hours give them here.

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