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John Farrell Manager's Show w/ Joe Castiglione

Jul 6, 2013|

John Farrell talked to Joe Castiglione before the second game of the Anaheim series. The manager told Joe he's thrilled that the Sox's three (maybe four) All-Stars have been honored for their performance.

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John yet to be smiling at three all stars and maybe a fourth. Yeah it's great to see guys get to the recognition they they deservedly. You know are warranted based on the year that we've had as a team and based on the production they've had individually so. With David being named to the to the starting nine as a DH. Dustin Pedroia as the back of second baseman Clay Buchholz being voted in by the players as well as one of the starting pitchers. Even though he's an active he still gets the recognition and will likely go to New York. Four for the all star event and we've got coaching your Horrow who's on the the list of five for the fan vote in and I think if you think back to 2007 Hideki Okajima was in that same position so he might have the benefit of an entire country voting him in and Japan's so. If he's named to it. It would be again deservedly so for the other coaches haven't force that's great and you communicated with -- what was his reaction. Much like everything else whether it's changing roles whether it's performing well he takes all in stride with a laugh and I don't think he plays the game for the the individual report awards. Or being into an all star game but you know in his very. Outgoing laughable self he took it in -- at banks and he was into doing this you know the stretching with the with the printers and running so. All -- good with those. How about flaky can continue to do what he's doing out while in New York. Yeah he can and everything is moving forward at a good pace he was able to throw -- 205 feet with -- good intensity. Will look to repeat that tomorrow again and possibly -- not to a 120 feet. And then when you look at the schedule that we have drawn up ideally we've got him on a rehab start Sunday before the break. So with that being on that date he can still go to New York get is working there if he has to throw aside he can on on Wednesday. That puts him back in line to it is -- potentially a second rehab start on Friday coming out of the all star break so. And most importantly setting aside the recognition of the all star. Game for for play is that he's making good progress there's no restrictions the -- on the baseball right now so we're just -- the point of building strength back. And reconditioning the children are. Well certainly the angels say had some four outfield defense last night but not to be overlooked the good defense your club is played not only last night but all year and underscored by that great double play with the yet. Picked by Pedroia -- roll in and turning it over. Well when you consider -- first and third situation. Runners at first and there was nobody out pools at the plate 32 count. And -- they can actually fly and try out at first base and the other two hop ground ball to Snyder at third who by the way has done a great job defensively force. He he gets to throw to PD at a time where you know he's got to make an acrobatic pivot throw and he did just that there. Record the double play we get out of a potential beginning with just the one run allowed in and that might have. Swarm of momentum back in our favor kept that you know and one run game at that point Kendrick hits a solo home run to tie it. But when you make comment about -- off there there outfield defense I go back to the way we run the bases nothing is taken for granted we hustled on the line every opportunity we get. Victory in those first hole ma and pop fly down the right field line and it's just good to see us not take things for granted and continue to run the bases hard. Scoring from first on both of the Ayers. And how populist who brought -- as an era of under three in his last ten starts he really seems to have found himself on. He has and you know even -- you said you know is posting comments you know he's healthy there's no issues or thoughts about the children that was part of the lead in the spring training. And in addition to that he and and one in this offense a very good work down mobile I'm. Altering is in between starts work routine. It's gotten better touch and feel to lose his pitch mix -- that was really evident last night we -- -- number curve balls that. You know I appreciate they were missed up to the -- side with a Mike -- him early. His change it was always a good weapon Foreman he's flown under the radar compared you know the work that. John like he's done the success that -- Holtz is done or had. And also the that this season that tale of two seasons with Jon Lester and -- and and two fronts continues to go about human assault work each time now. And a roster move today -- COLT is here in the lineup. He has says he'll be starting at third base and and really Joseph what we want to make the switch with the India as it was to get in the left handed hitting infielder. You know we have hoped to have to bring -- here initially but he was on the deal puts -- he's played the last four nights for them. Eyes got about ten or twelve pats of those four games and he was suffering from a little bit of an oblique issue that -- out of action parliament -- This is an athletic guy that can run he can steal some bases did a good defender. A left handed hitter that is in the lineup tonight at third base. Our manager's question Brent Dubai Mercedes-Benz and David Ortiz with a pinch home run last night the and guys have done so well coming off the bench is part of that because they concentrating and so focused. That's certainly part of it I think it's also -- And that concentrations kind of a byproduct of the attention that's paid in the dugout you know that the conversations are going inside the game. Yeah you know in between innings or or during an inning when guys from the bench. And what we try to do -- -- as much advance notice for potential move coming up as we can we felt like. Last night Wilson was getting it to his pitch count we thought Snyder would be a matchup I guess a righthander probably an inning or so ahead of time. Give poppy a chance they can prepare himself mentally and and what he makes the game look so easy at times and here's you know he's never faced Della Rosa before his career -- gets a second pitch changeup -- -- should off. 410 feet -- what -- wasn't. You know he's having fun he's relaxed he's confident. And to have that guy at your disposal coming off the bench is certainly a luxury. 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