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Rob Bradford pregame before the second game of the Anaheimseries

Jul 6, 2013|

John Ryder talked to WEEI.com's Rob Bradford before the second game of the Anaheim series. Rob told John that Jose Iglesias may have deserved an All-Star nod.

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Welcome back to the Herb Chambers Chevrolet pregame show John Ryder windier and Stanford clubhouse insider -- WEEI dot com's rob Bradford as we get ready for game two of -- three games threes between the Red Sox. And the Angels in Anaheim has always been -- -- it's a beautiful night for baseball which is a fail safe because it's always a beautiful night it is your your right about that well the all star selections have been made. What do you think about the other selections the -- site selections over there were very many surprises at all we needed game turkeys can be voted and and he deserves -- this isn't one of these things where he's with the popular name -- you can voted in. He's the best designated hitter in the American League. Does Pedroia also deserves -- he's 71 of the best use of his career. And then you rookie clay buckles Clay Buchholz. If he was -- if not not only training to be an all star but if he stayed healthy very good chance of being you know -- start. Got hurt hasn't pitched since early June so that's a surprise either. Then you have the final blow with coach you are out -- in the mix with four other names and yeah I think he has a chance. If it is gonna come down to the fair and it's not necessarily accomplishments what about overall around the league some snubs and surprises. Yes you know I think -- -- to kind of go back to you look at. How -- teams who are represented rule and -- in the Red Sox the best the best record in the American League. And really only has three guys that's not a time. But you look at it for example. Castro Houston whose the catcher and he has almost identical numbers -- Jared Saltalamacchia he makes the team Saltalamacchia doesn't. Which to be -- John has surprised me a little bit. And all the conversations that we've had about this. -- Salisbury. -- who are you Knoblauch not a lot of conversation about Jarrod Saltalamacchia. Almost exactly the -- Castro but when you have a few guys on one team make it in only one guy. Make it for the Houston. And -- you don't win them no insult like his cup it's on to this season already -- -- the -- around Major League Baseball as. Yes -- queen the Dodgers outfielder whether he deserves to make it with the short sample size in terms of games is not talked about too much but around here it is a little bit. Whether Jose Iglesias is deserving and yeah that maybe it was a surprise in the sense that he -- -- place Houston get on that final vote. I know that. -- John felt -- talked to me we've been about who are so that was pushed a little bit and now but yet -- now and I think that to a RO also if you look at how we would approach that -- a lot of middle relievers. But I Iglesias if you today. If you're gonna go to on the weak road I thought Iglesias that the B units in the conversation. Has played I think twelve board games 1214 more games and wade. Though that the whole month but here we are over forty games and give a guy hitting over 400. You at least deserve the conversation if you gonna have a conversation about the other guys though. I if this was like comes down at John. I think the fact that the fans vote these guys and they want -- there and NASCAR to draw attention all star game which they need all the -- -- and they certainly do and and it baseball's great would -- not -- Jose Iglesias and all star and a fumble. Really crazy. I'd excellent as always -- appreciated and coming up next. We take her trip around the majors under her chambers Chevrolet pregame show on the WE yeah Red Sox radio network.

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