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Chris Villani - Tyler Seguin Celebrates Trade with Party on Cape Cod

Jul 6, 2013|

Chris Vallani discusses the Tyler Seguin trade as photos from a party at Seguin's house down in Oysterville surface. Chris looks at the future of the Bruin and how the lines could shape up with the additions of Eriksson and Iginla.

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617779792. Resent as I mentioned the Stanley Cup final not to subtle way to transition a little bit here we haven't talked -- on -- Bruins. Through the first couple hours and the -- to say good trade on the fourth of July the subsequent signing last night. Of Jerome again lot. A couple of things that have Bruins fans I think at least asking the question of what is this team look like. Going forward. Into next year and you're coming off the Stanley Cup run. You trade away guys that you not only spent a number two draft pick on ritual also picked him up and gave him a six year contract. It Tyler -- and and then you see the comments by Peter sure rally. About him needing to be more professional and not even. A week later he's traded he's gone -- Dallas -- Ericsson. Couple of the potential prospects guys they could as Peter surely say compete for jobs. I in the Bruins and with either the bees are within their organization and you get cap space back. Now. I elected Sagan and this deal as being infinitely more about Sagan on the ice as opposed to opt the -- now the party. -- a good time being a 21 year old with a lot of money. Girls all around him wanting to enjoy that lifestyle I can't necessarily be grudge and that or say I wouldn't do something similar power -- is spot. And by the way you looked on line -- there is apparently somewhere on Cape Cod and nowhere are Mercedes -- is there is a pretty big party. The day he had traded. Name call -- a trade party later that night the fourth of July after he had been traded and a lot of Bruins fans felt as complete party too much he threw a big party. And these pictures I'll online you can look them up for yourself but. I still think I look at guys like Alex of that skin. Guys like Patrick -- Guys -- Dan. That partying -- have been that party kind of player who wanna go out have a good time hit the town. In join their celebrity enjoy their money. And the have fun as guys have also answered the bell and won trophies won championships. I Patrick Kay's case he's won two Stanley cups. One -- might this year all of that skins then. If not the best one of the best players in the NHL the last half decade plus and looked at those guys and said OK you've got a you -- clearly you can compartmentalize enough to make you work. And if Tyler Sagan was the two way player that the Bruins that they wanted and thought he could be. If he was occasionally -- willing to go into the corner going to the dirty areas use that speed. Did tried to get two more -- putts that I feel he should have gotten to giving he's speed. And was more of that two way player more of that system player. That they party's side he can go up party all he wants and Peter surely include -- the Bruins would not have had an issue with. You could argue their part and parcel. You know he wasn't app player because he was out partying -- glass to step he still a quick out on the -- I think the problems would say again. Had more to do with an unwillingness. To go to certain areas and he seemed a little shy about getting hit and hoping that's because he was -- -- -- I think that's because. He was a an eight player that wanted to be in a system that allowed it to be more like what he wasn't junior hockey. -- -- such -- data score and had a lot the other work done for and he'll get to do that beating Dallas. Because he'll -- on now one line that's going to be wide open stay in front of the net score. And other guys -- going to the quarter other guys will do more the dirty work form and he'll probably. I think at least is a good chance. -- he'll succeed they'll put up numbers that system would be at 35 to forty goal score potentially. In that system. I really do think there is a good chance the seat after -- say. But the Bruins getting back -- Erickson a guy who in my opinion a better two way player I think it's. Just EB easy colonies ease easily to wait a better two way player. I guy who has been over his last. Four full seasons prior scored twelve goals this past year in the shortens a lockout shortened season. 829 and a half court thirty goal season score. He's 27 years old a little bit more Peruvian. But I would say Edward -- a lot on potential would say again. And you bring in Jerome again a lot. Arguably the second best free agent on the market aside from Vinny Lecavalier day. You get again -- after the it seemed like everybody else was drying up in terms of wings Alfredsson they are in on that. Didn't work out supposedly in on Michael Ryder he ends up go to New Jersey. You know ways where I mean David Clarkson not that that's one that they were in on that was a big dollar deal but he comes to a division rival in Toronto. So you see in some of the -- dry up Nathan Horton. Didn't want to -- stay in Boston made that clear early in the process takes a big -- payday Columbus seven years at the Blue Jackets. And you've got a bidding market and -- -- -- there to get Jerome again. So I think you look at those top two lines next season. Where Marchand with Bergeron and then top line with -- -- -- finally teach and I think you're looking at a better top six. Obviously there's -- in terms of the Blue Line and you've got your goaltender in Tuukka Rask and by all accounts. They they'll have a deal in a long term deal with two -- side. And he's gonna be back with the Bruins not to mention Patrice Bergeron it looks like they're working on that deal and we'll try to get him signed as well. So you've got a system in place -- been successful now five or six years and I think there's a strong case to be made. That you're going into this coming season with a better top six and certainly a top six. It's a closer to it to the system that is made them successful for the past five or six years that what they had this past year. And you know Nathan Horton was tremendous -- these times a year but he made it clear very early on in the process whether used just wouldn't get paid. Or whether he was Brad -- that the Bruins. Didn't want to put on more of a full court press to re sign him and extend him to a contract. Earlier on in the process either before the season during the year whatever. He made clear that he wasn't coming back early on me right -- right is free agency was beginning. And then you had Tyler Sagan. Who it is going to be a trade it's gonna be second guessed. Every time Sagan puts up a hat trick every time over the next six years that that he has and I Tiki. Potentially has some -- A 35 to forty goal season of your Bruins fan you've got to sit back and remember that the production you're seeing from Tyler Sagan. In that system. Is not necessarily what you would see in Boston. And the guy they got in my mind and -- Ericsson is somebody who is more readily equipped. To be a good system player but also a productive goal scorer and point score. While also being better on the back check. Being more willing to go into the corner and do some of the dirty work and some of the set up work that Tyler Sagan for whatever reason seemed either unwilling or unable to deal. 61777979376177797937. About an hour change left everything on the table we are Red Sox all star game Celtics and Brad Stevens. Gas -- -- And of course the Boston Bruins as well that Tyler Sagan. For Louis Ericsson trade. And the signing of Jarome Iginla will get your thoughts on the calls and text -- colliding with you -- 928. Sports Radio WEEI.

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