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Chris Villani - 2013 MLB Allstar Selection

Jul 6, 2013|

Chris Villani goes over teh 2013 MLB Allstar Selections. David Ortiz, Clay Buckholtz and Dustin Pedroia will be representing the Red Sox this year for the American League.

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Period. -- -- -- -- -- Sports Radio experience. Includes a little early show on WEE. Yeah. Sports Radio WEEI Chris -- hang out with you on Saturday night 61777979837. We're -- get to Boston Red Sox baseball. Pregame coverage gets under way at 926177797937. -- -- 37937. -- I'll sit me up on Twitter -- Chris Maloney 44 crystal -- 44 as you heard there from Christian -- the sports flash. You were all star rosters are outs. And three Red Sox make the team is that the three no doubters as a work yet the starter David Ortiz he's the DH. And Clay Buchholz on the team won't play of course because he's injured. Are told Cologne -- injury replacement for and Jesse Crain also made the all star team and rumored perhaps future red sock with a White Sox now he's injured as well. Glen Perkins gets his spot from the twins you've also got. Dustin Pedroia one of the reserves Robertson can no got the start at second base. But Dustin Pedroia will be one of the reserves that a final five includes a red sock is well Koji -- we -- Is one of the final five. Along with Steve -- Bart Joaquin Benoit from Detroit David Robertson from the Yankees -- shepherds from Texas. Those your final five to vote for in the American League I really thought Jacoby Ellsbury -- get on the team outright. Or at least get a -- in the final 5 and I am. Surprised. The -- you Bihar is they're simply because it's tough for a guy who is predominantly -- setup guy. You came into the closer role midway through here. It's difficult in a world all star world where you by the going to be starting pitcher or closer typically find yourself an all star consideration. To see a guy like QE -- get the nod and I think there's a strong case to be made for one of his teammates Jacoby Ellsbury. In getting that spot in the final five vote. In the National League and this is something that'll draw some some intrigue in some boats and some debate to be sure. I Ian Desmond from Washington pretty Freeman with the Braves Adrian Gonzales with the Dodgers underpants with the giants and -- -- week. With the Dodgers has gotten into the pile five votes and now we'll see if we and this -- weeks only shot. He wasn't eligible to be voted as a starter it could've been a massive writing campaign but that was more than likely to -- there was no chance on this planet. Peppers -- TD said as much was gonna put -- still -- in the all star game we forget about putting a dodger on the team when you're the manager of the giants. To put a dodger where there's debate where these questions as to whether he belongs on the team -- competitor the giants just isn't gonna happen. So now it's the only shot for week. To get a end and it's this final five vote with Desmond Freeman Gonzales in pants for me I wanna see I still -- in the all star game. And the argument against him. You can make -- case that Jose Iglesias with a comparable sample size is as deserving. As gas -- week for an all star. I recognition and I know I wouldn't put Iglesias on the team he's been a great surprise for the Red Sox the first -- the year but -- I would put him on the on the all star team. Why would I put gas deal -- Because -- look at the Midsummer Classic as it worked as an exhibition. It is a showcase for baseball midway through the season this is your showcase let's see the biggest names the best stories. Guys that are gonna draw some intrigue. To a game like all All Star Games -- struggling with declining rates and the baseball all star game there is the least excuse. And not have eight draw in terms of fans watching this game on television you're up against nothing sports wise. The only two days in sports where know none of the major -- teams are playing. The day before the all star break and the day after the all star break you've got that stretched into highly two entirely to yourself. Yet like all of the other All Star Games in the Pro Bowl obviously is -- -- You're seeing declining ratings so port 88 a guy who has been a great story he's he's a true Roy Hobbs story. Don't even know how we got to the United States -- get to Mexico I should say there is that article by Jeff Kasten and I'm sure many of you ready if not you should. Yahoo! Sports columnist. Syracuse alarmed by the way represented. Who. Wrote about gas still weak -- veiled attempt to defect for QB the United States he's picked up by -- ship called the vigilant. And he was aboard that ship for awhile they picked up other. Would be defectors and eventually they return them all to to Cuba because that's the policy that's a way to ST -- And then he shows up in Mexico after the pac ten and he is is -- say how we got there. And whether you know who was involved in getting into next in getting into the United States. I'm not saying he should just be a human interest piece. You think about the Olympics and he -- get huge ratings. That's once every four years or once every two years. And it draws in sports fans but it transcends. Sports fans. It draws in people who don't otherwise watch sports because it really hammers home. The human interest element to. And it's not like you're gonna cheap in the game. This exhibition game I know accounts but c'mon it's an exhibition. By putting a guy is hitting over 400 he's been a great -- so for me I'd like to see us until we get the all star game. And he's really if he wins this stand vote. There's no argument against it whatsoever this game is billed as being in should be port of bans if not well -- -- -- four. I mean it played at all star bonuses you can given the all star bonus name an all star team and not play the game. And they can have the bonuses they're built into their contracts and that's all well and good. See you're playing the actual game for the fans the city that's hosting per in this case Citi Field in Queens and you're playing this game to showcase. The great talents and great stories from the first half the season. If you look at the great stories burst capped the season in terms of individuals. Is Chris Davis. And then there's gas -- week for two very different reasons Davis when his home run total in just a monster -- sad at first cap and we'd. Who looks like a Elaine set our real life -- hot Heidi get here we -- Shows up long term deal with the Dodgers and ever since getting called up has been raking power numbers. Batting average numbers everything. And is a guy who has drawn a tremendous amount of intrigue as as a story element and I think that should be part of the design showcase. So let's see one of the best stories in baseball. That's why stump speech for -- -- week over Adrian Gonzales Freddie Freeman Hunter Pence and Ian Desmond. For the final five vote I'm surprised to -- -- we are there pleasantly surprised gutsy coach get the recognition and it's not a knock against him. But I figured if he told -- there is one more Red Sox. There was going to be an -- final five I would guess Jacoby Ellsbury not -- you ER. So Red Sox -- gotta gotta vote for you wanna see him in the all star game. OG&E. -- Clay Buchholz on the team David Ortiz a starter and Dustin Pedroia already one of the reserves 6177797937. Let's get back some calls Matt you and -- Connecticut up next -- I -- and great. I got a point on Rondo I constantly hear people saying he's a top five point guard in the league when he's healthy but I've just been picked up adopt my head. Five point -- had him by far Chris Paul Eric -- Russell Westbrook. Stefan curry Tony Parker. Often. You know I know you're being even. I I can think of who would you get Rondo -- any of those guys. Personally I think there's no chance I would take note six guys that are Rondo and they're not even a doubt in my mind what -- Parker based on age. I would take him over Tony Parker that's not based on age which is based on being in a more dynamic. Player I look at and thanks for the call I look at right John Rondo as being a more dynamic player than Tony Parker I think Parker. Is not a practices to -- a great player. But I think that Parker is a guy who. Has just days and Billy doesn't have the ability to take over game like right John Rondo does put it out. Carrier being a little bit too early to tell for me exactly what he's going to be he's betting he's been great Cleveland so far. Chris Paul you mention probably not taken Rondo over Paul is a funny thing though raking point guards. Haven't there have been times where you -- to Chris Paul has the slam -- best point guard in the league have there been times when you said no Deron Williams is by far the best. Having their good times he said -- Russell Westbrook is by far the best. It feels like it's been so interchangeable. At the top in terms of great point guards and that they work. Far out away from seeing rise John Rondo because he's been injured -- stepped curry is coming up on and a great season and that a tremendous post season run. So we go by what we've seen most recently and we've seen it. Rush on Rondo injured we see him his suit on the sidelines. Sometimes you forget how great this guy is bad. I think he's right there and act conversation. In terms of top five -- in the league point guards. But it's been there have been times where and I I've fallen into this trap as well. Do you base it on what you see at the time they're retired -- a man nobody is playing at a higher level right now they crisp ball. No one is a higher level right now the Derrick Rose another guy with kinda has fallen off the radar a little bit has drawn a lot of criticism for not coming back from the ACL injury during this past post season. There have been times in public to Deron Williams the best point guard in league here times relative Russell Westbrook -- -- sports another one I'll I'll I'll quibble with a little bit he's a scorer. But it terms of 88 facilitator -- it's gonna make teammates better I just like at west Bergen say he's taking shots from Kevin Durant. I don't look at him as a guide -- can facilitate the same way -- rise John Rondo can't they can take over game without scoring the ball. So west Brooks and other data out -- quibble with the like I said. You would get the point guard rankings as you work your power -- your point guards over this past. Let's say three to five years most of those guys he talked about. In there in their peaks in the in their primes in these last few seasons. And at different points you can make a strong case for a number. 61777979837. As -- ultimately might -- take our Rondo where the big east top five top and top fifteen player as somebody said a little while ago. It comes down to you not want to sell lone star. And wanting to transition. To this next Arab Celtics basketball with the superstar to to potentially attract. Help attract another free agent. I just don't see the hurry around. And for those who say well you need Rondo. Out in Boston because. Otherwise you keep yourself too good you keep yourself. Viable as a borderline playoff team which is where you wanna be wanna be in the lottery is -- -- two lotteries possible. Despite what Danny Ainge may it may -- optimistic he may be. And maybe Iran does come back till December number 2060007. -- at -- again ankle injury. They kept about suspiciously long. I mean there are ways to without out now taking your coming -- saying you're tanking. Just managed the minutes and managed how right Rajon Rondo comes back from the CCL injury. To put yourself in a better spot to -- that's what you wanna do. Lose games and get in the sweepstakes work Jabari Parker were probably -- Wiggins BO one and Harrison. I twins. That are going to Kentucky and try to keep them straight injuries the better one. -- the one it's not as good but they both should be lottery picks. That is a set of twins right there 6177797937. Jake in Narragansett up next they Jake. You know they'll an article that they'll point out that. -- all the way you guys should a greater number on though it's not a top -- I'll point guard Tony pocket better and brought on Iran though. I wouldn't say that I -- last college did I wouldn't put Parker ahead of them I wouldn't put west Burke ahead of -- There are times do we see some great point guard play last five years. There are times where you could argue okay and that last stretcher this part of the season Russell Westbrook and the best point guard in the league. But overall big picture that's at least two that I would not take. -- No I agree and that comment only -- struggle to greet you trade value in the market over 12 o'clock -- and I bet pupil on the credit dot. Debacle not attack in the -- it tell you -- it all I don't -- that yeah spot but I appreciate a focal. Our thanks -- 61777979837. -- they're just gave I can't give my response. And it's not a knock on Parker their times and in the in the post season this year when you look to Parker said man. Back guys just take things over for the spurs and I think he would have been hourly should have -- The is series MVP at San Antonio won in the finals against Miami. But I just think you look at the different point guards that we've seen in the league and they're different times receiver Derrick Rose is the best airplanes in the best. And Rajon Rondo is in that conversation as well it's not so much about a one of 51 -- ranking. It's what Roger on Rondo can bring to a team and all of these guys. Have to be in a spot where they've got other Max contract guys other stars around them. In order to succeed Parker's not the same player without having. You know Manu Ginobili Tim Duncan. Derrick Rose when healthy and Apple's team went fully healthy not the same team without -- all -- -- open now. Other all star caliber players are necessary just to win championships to bring. I championships over the last several years we've seen it you need a couple of big contract guys all star caliber guys. Rondo is one of you got -- right now. Became part of the transition in my opinion. 6177797937. More your calls and more your tax up next after a quick break and a Christian art and sports flash Chris body hanging out get it Sports Radio WEEI.

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