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Celtics Cooler – Maxwell and Ryder discuss the Future with Coach Stevens and Rajon Rondo

Jul 6, 2013|

John Ryder and Cedric Maxwell discuss the addition of Coach Brad Stevens with Celtics fans. Can this team with this coach rebuild with Rajon Rondo? How does the team stand right now if the season started tomorrow? Listen here as John and Cedric discuss these questions with Celtic's nation.

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-- think it's time. In Boston Celtics basketball we've shown -- and Cedric Maxwell. Celtics' summer cooler air. Towards radioed WEEI. Welcome back the Celtics summer cooler John Ryder -- India were said Maxwell is here. And will spend the -- what little less than an hour of this program take your phone calls here and all things Celtics and NBA. One line open at 61777979372. -- text us you don't have time eighteen detects -- 37937. About these grocers Brian in Braintree Brian. Hey guys great show it. It. And it can -- -- under or attack Karl Malone and we're back. Do you outside of our Q do you -- the law are you serious. I was coming back. You'd like 48 excellent I'll. I'm always afford -- he get the BC. To. I'll be forty something part of -- 43. Guys knocked -- I can't imagine Karl Malone. Tell -- -- ease trade you know and it'll college down in Louisiana and say that you lead actor in the attic. And it is that anywhere attracting businessman knew that a new coach and out of arm a lot of problems look into a lot of I'll be great. Somebody in a lot Ehrlich. -- to that your minimal. And then like pavlik at -- and Albert Lara. -- Ide drive visited. Karl Malone is going to be 50 July 244 -- quote loves him right over Christmas story yeah it was -- -- faults but. These funny games you know it's 96 degrees. And it is summer cooler we got to refresh those people out -- -- let's try -- Boston this time -- A -- of -- on our ball Rondo and it's. What by the fact that a lot of people -- -- like Max said he had a love of an 80. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh global -- neither do not either -- good point guard to the position he's and I think a lot of people. Exploit the decision is he's got oh good point guard are an MBA right now I think -- good guard has to be above average -- -- -- -- that -- -- -- is. I extremely above average or -- or vision and I wanna come out of point guard like -- that contrary. Oh -- what they're heroes are probably the law of average and point guard which doesn't make them to regard that -- -- off guard they are regards perhaps other guilt that. However I must take up some that this stubborn about rob the rebound. His. Is we have very good rebounder but the only complaint I'll Rondo defense that he's in the year it and you've been in the weeks and years now and that you still only see small improvement when it comes to a jump shot this record to CIT group to go there with -- it's not gonna get easier -- opposite those Antarctica before he actually G. Tear open the salad and the pressure from now -- -- Seemed slack -- or more that it would dare him to issue and now are good to see if this injury really only have it figured him to shoot anyway. -- a lot of games epic in game seven and 2010. When Derek Fisher was played fifteen feel awful call the pulpit because if Rondo in the past fifteen footer. They would have to at least someone let me BR. -- initiatives while but the game in Miami. And the away head woody was coupled with the game seeing almost think quietly that I think -- -- -- that series -- and again in LeBron James so I don't I don't think that. Bag and also I mean he scored 45 would still lost the ball when it comes -- the finals when Derek Fisher who couldn't guard me right now is playing. Plays the better it is -- -- jump shooter now than it was in -- I think and I think -- yes I think one thing you that sees that bella jumps you there. It is about a -- there -- few guys still like to see him get a little bit up there in the free throws that I think he's improved his jump shot more than its yeah -- -- no way. You can live with that what he's talking about. And there are some deficiencies in his game that you would say it will not the not the pure shooter but there are a lot of point guards out there. But what he does on the opposite -- You would've loved to have had him last year in the playoffs when the Celtics against the -- never seemed to -- -- because they did not have a setup guy. You can see that Avery as good as he was defensively. And he really he strokes or street -- also street struggled. There that there in the whole big series. Being the setup guy in the facilitated by the point guard until an undersized -- or maybe maybe the last ten minutes that they gained weight was extraordinary to some troubles got back into what. What what -- -- what's happened we run the defensively we know in the past at times he's can't gap closed and I don't an example don't think that's that's changed. I think he's he's you will always be a gambler and he isn't the guy was always a stay of from a -- -- it would -- you give us some -- -- he gets a little bit lazy don't think I'll attack -- what -- say that the EU you have to be in the position. We controlled the initial point of attack if you don't do that. It makes it -- is now. Even more so if you have a weak guy in the back who's blocking shots or not blocking shots. Did that really the point guard is going to be magnified that much more because you have to control the in this one of attack or you -- you -- to -- I should as a topic I want to get into -- Amherst was doctor about Jeff Green eco. And -- -- actually call you look into yesterday and we chatted about the -- a little bit I wanted to pat Mac that you also. How -- do you think. Chip Reid could be one day and the quote writer Amy let. One time all star and I was wondering do you think -- get that inning guy like updated and at a game but it guy at the quality level like. Allen is the felt pretty well site. From back in the they had New York he can really ride with a point that -- -- that you always going to be kind of liked it. I don't I you know what that's going to be the key to his career. Consistency consistency event because he has a game like he did against Miami where he was unbelievable. It may have stepped back and has a game and I'll quote Doc Rivers Doc Rivers said. That is a guy who. It doesn't believe in himself. He's not I'm not supposed to score forty points to -- tonight so Doc Rivers you know the ex coach the Celtics mentioned it. It said that Jeff Greene has tremendous deals. But there's sometimes when Jeff doesn't. Mashed -- or he's not aggressive enough. Really to you know set the defense on fire and yes do -- or that if he got in my book if he's going to be consistent. Well I know they mention he has the I'll go on both hands and I have noticed that he -- enough. Go on the left and go and left sometimes I think he has the issuance of. But I mean yet though you know the debate -- -- -- -- you know you don't foursome right now -- person right back and I think. But did you think that that sort of thing and -- -- and going weakness like you think that'll hold them back from ever being a real goes to -- or do you. But you know we got to always be a well somebody else. Well I think right I think that depends on what what happens. Every guy in the NBA if you want to advance and go to the next level. You point to pick up layers over the summer and become better remember war -- abroad change said about his game he said last year I've picked up abdicate V Betty jump shooter. I became a bit of free throw shooting. And remember -- in the play L -- while he forgot about that. In those last couple games he forgot about that give all of a -- in the last two games he remembered that hate this is what I worked on all summer. What I -- of Jeff as incorporated something else into his game over the summer you know it in and takes a cocktail. Kind of support that stating you know the inconsistencies. But again a lot of people and he was asking well what's he going to be -- called a couple nights ago and it's -- maybe one maybe a one time -- -- -- I would be surprised resumed their leading scorer. This season because of the keys I'm not to say -- -- good -- -- have the ball quite a bit more he's forced it to that you have forced him that I role but. Also -- he's he's going to be 27 before the season starts. If he was a storm would need be a store already at this point you know sometimes you say that but sometimes guys gonna take a little bit more well I remember coming back -- a horrid problem you know so itself has sold that that was a deal they -- -- -- came back the doctors may mention that they say it is going to take a year year and a half. Let her -- saying that the broadcast -- talked and you -- a year and a half has gone now I think one of the things used to look at with Jeff Green. Is that you know he's going to have to be explosive he's gonna have to be it does have that some or the personality says that he wants it because they're going to be a glut. -- -- -- -- the going to be available now Paul Pierce the number each time he touched the ball the shot. Kevin Garnett he's gone so that the number of shot opportunities for guys out there it was really go up if you issue. You know what I don't you offer one opened the skin it warms Macs but I heard it this morning on the mustard Johnson some called -- to me. The edit it's unbelievable in the states have a Rondo detractors. Bubble here I know he's gone sometimes out of sight out of mind but the pierce detractors in this town it's incredible. -- I know what what they're talking about when it's up about policies I hear people say that they don't think he's a top authority Celtic while -- He's he's definitely tops -- Topped thirty Celtic volatile easily easily easily you know I'm not sure he would be an copped to it when that things I'll answer -- in this is that I love this world. You got to hurt you going to eventually. Retire Paul Pierce and number right no question pro level like -- -- do this are you going to retire killer that's number I think they should okay. Are -- what are you can't argue well not seeing that you have a retired number let me finish are you going to retire. -- -- -- -- Even though he -- significant part of those engaged okay. The because they won't do it because we're one. What's today that it might not make a right I don't begrudge him for -- -- I don't I don't I don't just say what I think will have gotten ugly now what do I believe it will open is the Libyan time. Because I public look at it this way Ray Allen is ray Allen's number is -- to -- he's going to be a hall of Famer right. -- -- -- outlets Allen all three if he's going to be a hall of Famer was the retired yours you know people don't Milwaukee a retired Jersey. Now Seattle Seattle team Seattle I would know they're not -- retire -- Jersey so what team is going to retire is yours. Well you'd think -- happen it could very well could -- -- people don't realize too if you look up the stats here's the most threes and -- game is changed from when you played and guys take more threes. But. You look at some result and or I think people forget Max. It because it just -- -- 20072008. All of a sudden you know it's. It's not in the memory banks as much anymore. But how unbelievable he was in a final series against the lakers single handily won a couple games -- and that's what really confuses me or fifteen point and you and you talk about. You say that about you know maybe not have his teachers retire well I look at myself this -- same thing. The difference between last time a war Celtic Jersey and when I got managers retire sometimes people give -- -- big call and now become. When you go away for a few away the more you romanticize about he's our guy. Ray Allen there's nobody is don't ever take this away reality hit one of the biggest shots. The Celtics to win a championship and he's also hit one of the biggest shots in play -- history. In helping my Amy you know that won't help the Celtics guys bode well -- -- legacy overall legacy is a clear yes. You know here you know what I think it is what appears to Macs have always said it you know he's not Smoot. And it we you know what I mean. He he he he -- bullet works his way he has great moves unbelievable terrific moves but he's not dead collided about -- everything's Canada Workman like. Approaches a trip to move the step back -- or that should make it easy for people to appreciate that they did -- look at him as that plodding guy. Solid guy with the number the number that number he had no I think I'm not saying -- and saints all the people ironic that it was -- -- people in columns and some people say that in this is talk lancet what are you what -- -- dating I think one of the great discourse in May be the history of the Boston Celtics. If you think now obligations of -- you'd think the combination of free throws. Three pointers. All this is one of the greatest scores of all time in the history of the self and and I hate disarmament they'll say well it took come. Until you know Kevin Garnett Ray Allen in order to win the championship. -- think that argument ridiculous well -- did it to but who was around him you have to have good good players Iran. Let's say that SA the project is one of the greatest players of all time let's say let's imagine that. When he won the championship that we gather around other great players you have to have other issues stock shot -- well when you meet so -- and bury it and tips that later so. Just like Peter said Antoine Walker LeBron and Antawn Jamison. Like that. -- 617779. While all this -- 77 and 7937. He would text does that 37. 93 -- get back here cause here after this break. Well first of all. The Boston Celtics like wow -- mean that's that's that that that is a that is -- and an incredible feeling. It's an incredible honor and it certainly flattering. I'm Bret Stephens said a press conference yesterday announces the seventeenth head coach the Celtics history only 36 years old. If you're you -- a Bret Stephens are welcome revered a lot of different paths -- -- the first hour and a half John Ryder does Cedric Maxwell Libyans. But I Sadik called it could stand here's who was on -- -- -- drop off. An ex pat New Hampshire you had a column -- pat how's Abbott -- that call back OK we'll make. Make sure you're on -- I was definitely it would you have to say about all appears well a lot of appears hate and Ray Allen aid which is the surprise of the text board. Plus there are more Ray Allen which I've figured that one of people forget how it ran on what was it set seven threes he had the clincher. 73 tenants of the reasons. Even a game we think I think was the it was the fourth game in LA worry went by and lay the ball what was left hand when the Celtics were down and you know eventually won one meg came I guess I just hate. And I understand that you know people want it in the raid your ward ray decides to leave but is that isn't going to be the same cannot -- did you feel. But Doc Rivers. We're leaving. Or is it just because you with the Miami because we look at it the way. Fantastic Carla Doc Rivers -- still hits three years left of the state run reality was the creator are those are made out of a -- heard those that that. Think of them as a turncoat now. See this I don't know I -- I don't I wonder. You know whatever draft tick or you look at the picks in -- get something in return for Doc Rivers relating gets up and return for -- So some people might might view it that way but in terms of the way they laughed. But some people. The -- plus -- six currently you can blame it. It's Doc Rivers if you want to stay here with a -- yet but he decided that he is only thing I have we let any you know he deserved the right. Lee because he won the championship they need to a lot of things through distinct but it took me at the same time I think you made a mistake because doc is a pleaser. Instead of saying look I have a -- opportunity. Something -- I saw them a while which came up. And I decide to take it I did I could appreciate. It step you know we hear. And I did and anti that the Iranians have made the decision was coming back and I decide that what. Well you you decide to want to go look at the personal which side you fall unlimited I think that the Celtics. And some said they get a draft pick a return form there going for building Fraser Panama all that money seven million so. Did the Sonics Eric -- -- it's vital organs up that a recurrence so who made the first move here. -- that they get it I don't think it was Celtics because -- like the Celtics in the city. You know Doc -- -- leather. After that the path they've heard wrote she'd ever read I'll go with -- well he'd have to read it but if they steal -- a leather stating -- you know legally -- what -- you -- -- get -- -- -- our battle to -- so. I think the Celtics did not as they did it could have made the first move just in the leather and well. And it was also wish to today's citizens as first choice Brad Stevens and he would pay Brad Stevens he's admire Brad Stevens since 2010. So that the press conference yesterday who's at Butler right 44 lines let's get back to him or the Stephen -- -- -- on hold until an hour and a half -- Steve. I want you guys to match someone says something about you when Bill Walton college do you -- -- I don't know what is the value some sort exhibition I don't think you -- won't do well. -- you being you being kind of Ambien does this. I wanted to -- -- -- bottlenecks -- -- guys gonna -- Ray Allen in. And the other guys the other part consultant that he wanted to try to hit them the truth I wanna say I'm Kevin Garnett. Yeah I'll hit it about this cycle and those Celtics would be six years is a big. -- -- But the Celtics in the rough going in the right direction yeah it's amazing all the people -- the right picked -- -- page that you are going in the direction of all global in one shape. I don't know home to many thing. He's gonna do good. He's gonna be a better status rather stand united would not -- buddy not five minutes he's not going to. Go to sleep a lot like you could gain especially in the playoffs. Way to make his Columbia bathers. He's going to be better at the end of game two Doc Rivers. Trying to play. Yes -- something -- -- report that he gave at the end. I bet that the change. I don't know why anyone has this hit the people. Taking the team and getting. One hit. It hit the shelves you know you gonna get rid of I mean nobody reached in this day. That month -- each of you could get it -- -- -- to square one. Yeah. Try to find and apply them I don't understand. Well I don't well I -- -- some time right here I don't think that anybody publicly its saying the itself that's going to tank the games. Which you would like to be in the position where you're able to draft well. Now. One thing that happens when you Emma in the league like this you you have to be real good. You can't beaches in the middle though you can't you can't get a treadmill you really had no idea that you did you -- -- -- these numbers seventh in Soviet do you have to rebuild and hope that you get the draft war and -- this is Celtic way. If -- about winning championships. You can be on the trivial he could beat number six seed number seven but if you are if you are gonna be the Celtics NB a championship team. You might have to fall back a step or two and he would get up at a later on yeah. In this file team has been assembled Danny -- he has no summer vacation he has a lot of work to in terms of this roster but the better credit you know -- isn't that great with the exception you really get that team the Miami Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers all great. And we'll see if I NBA -- Chicago depending on Derrick Rose can unseat. The Miami Heat but. Are they bad enough you that you look at the rest of the east Max. Relative to get on top five pick Jabari Parker read all these -- Julius -- -- -- -- -- as the -- and number one. Can -- some of that though speaking at Toronto back to back guys be number one picks from Toronto where. I mean is really interest in the fact that but it just shows you the scope of the game I don't know how has become global global game is not just to gain that was. Played it once you know if you look at it and you get drafted because you were United States it's becoming a national thing you ever think that Max who would you were being drafted. You guys from Italy and harmony you know terrible event you'll be all right outlook because he being an American. Weren't the only ones that believe in the right basketball period that was my thought process a little was not until I saw guys like -- and I saw these guys coming -- managers know believes that the plea to Gately well put. Its bid more American game period. I still. Think it is but it is definitely on his school you look at Somalia to. Look at the finals Tony Parker Manu June -- yes yes will be hall of famers and absolutely -- -- Dennis a lowly Dennis. Good afternoon gentlemen students. Just quickly and all he has about a fifty years Celtic -- he's in the top ten. If you look at the top ten categories. He's in the top or better in all and I category. Some believable to Max and Dennis is is how people have a tendency to frigate Hollywood model motto against LeBron James the next clincher. And then they helped take down -- regret some of the game some of the performers and at 0708 championship for a. Yeah I mean I get there quickly noble ones steal is number. One free throws is number three defense to rebound and you know I'll work that is. I mean Bob musical -- charges to which you know you wouldn't go so I think Paul was a ebitda. He was a great score when you've also on the -- -- the theater to. We got better defensively especially that championship season. -- and -- My favorite series would you would but Eastern Conference finals 81 against Philadelphia. We got a split nightly on great -- tackle for the patriots was bit and we stop that what they got last quarter against Philly and Atlanta I. At the it was it was pretty high dose -- it was toward they compare myself. But I. Thanks Dennis appreciated yeah 81 of what those teams the Boston strangler in -- I was it would that this crazy thing about look down Atlanta. At look at the number of hall of famers that laid in the app typically -- That we're human ego oh my goodness. You know about the -- one that bulls Malone -- all that time but he did play until the year at the 81. He wasn't there which is Darryl Dawkins and Kyle will Jones. Andrew told the manager Tony and that -- Dell is the house passed a shot at me you look give Mo cheeks who was. What could be you know a hall of famers so -- date. In -- look at myself that's just unbelievable. -- -- -- -- this -- am going to be myself over the head because I noticed names so well like yen as it. That is all around six or seven at that have Bobby Bobby Jones Bobby Jones Bobby tells came in here after the and a and a run. -- so Wally and behavioral and while it. Everybody -- darn lucky program. Hello I'm. A America's corporate. It felt electric company backfired. The end it is probably wallet. But before that I don't want you might kudos they're ready talent -- Beckham bringing up the Egypt compared. -- they wanted to you don't worry. About it he that you would probably -- note. We're -- was mentioned a lot of different trade rumors including the silent with the OJ -- at the equity. All. With the Celtics. Repeat every adult -- -- it's that. I think -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- sports you'll talk about. Saw what it is all year old you guys. And poet and look what happened and it -- To be -- he didn't get picked up. What happened up there. While I think you look at the opinion itself that set our own lottery that the Celtics had their own pick I think it would have you know what Brooklyn's -- yet. I think a lot of people that didn't come without so you don't know. What those peaks of the big you'd assume would Doc Rivers going out that LA is that it will probably be lower paid but. You just never played ever tell one of -- U package still sticks while you can pull up about -- -- -- never I expect the clippers to be contender but. You can never who -- Blake Griffin whose -- injuries Chris Paul has us up with some sort of injuries absolutely and I tell final segment here will get to these phone calls a -- lined up there will be back after this. Brad was our was my first choice I have watched and admired. His poise his intelligence. That -- his teams that are that are effort -- -- accuse him under pressure. And I've always looked at him. The last few years as a -- it was a great candidate to be a head coach. Never really thinking that it was going to be this soon. And Celtic history but was it -- that I had targeted for a long time as a as a potential great coach. Day Asia stare at the press conference today introducing Brad Stevens as the new head coach it's John Ryder Cedric Maxwell final segment of celtics' summer cooler -- no fault lines and try to. It was and as we -- before get out of here here's -- mane -- Hello -- out. Regard good. I just had a comment on a -- of -- -- and called earlier cut down Paul Pierce. I always gave a 100%. You know he played more minutes and anybody. It's the same as the right Michael Jordan he was a great great ballplayer but without -- pets and you're just a great ball all. And when they -- Garnett and Allen. There was a three that they needed just like what bar in Miami well. Where it happened a little bit. It all -- here's the end of August or putting him in the category of the some of those other guys you mentioned -- -- saying he gave all your aunt Dolly I think -- -- and another thing that I -- -- -- got like eight Jordan or Kobe Bryant where people brought it kind of soft to that respect I heard and -- to -- that -- -- allegations. Aegis you know he let people walk -- and he's a big man I was brought the rock nine to sixty. Whether -- Jordan was so small bystanders. It's not his. To guard anyway bullying lately back to back up amid that you said that some calls them. Some report that said that LeBron James -- Yet that he doesn't have a killer instinct credit Jordan or Kobe allies where they'd run over their own might well maybe earlier in his career you can make that but I think you shed that label. I don't Lotta people like to hear that the winning the. Championships. That list these ships here. It's. It it would the other thing Mexican police you know we get these text and stuff. Paul Pierce didn't stabs him what he he's -- netstat a right you know element. Still can't for Barack proprietor of -- Bryant. An underdog that's -- you. Oh good just wanted to make two comments one about Doc Rivers one about Brad Stevens. A third couple Brad -- and then I just wanted to say that. I think. He like they keep the Celtics -- I've found a better picture. This year especially you know going into our rebuilding mode or whatever route you wanna call a bridge years. You know. That pit entry about him is that he's never coached in the NBA before and that but I think really makes that operate about this guy so great -- -- -- -- collected in it it would have been the same that they brought in some more like Mike Dee Antonia Mike Brown yeah. You know like the lakers now -- -- on some of the guys that are out there and someone from the collegiate level. Cool you know had a lot of hype around -- -- say they've brought in shock that Smart or something like that through you know. You know it's going to be interesting too and I wanna get to it because we can't Max thanks Brian. What he assembles as a coach I asked him on here and -- needs did he said that Danny's given him pretty much foray into assembles on coaching staff I think -- got -- -- -- -- -- I think Danny wood I think that Danny's going to be evil that. Because of his -- not been involved I think any have a lot more to do -- Coach did he did this year with dot but he does sixers yeah because Doc Rivers. Wasn't experience it BA coach had been there and then that. Think Steve says privately owned Danny little bit more because they had been hit coach they've been involved in those system. And the this -- as players -- maybe a little bit so I think is always be -- -- war she'll only a point to be there between. Stevenson and students even excuse me Stevens and Iranian and but it wouldn't you think that he's got a problem they'll probably. I would. Item would be shocked if there was an assistant coach on the staff that students have some sort of NBA coaching experts whether it was a head coach before an assistant coach somewhere -- -- -- he he'll drag somebody else that you. It's dogs that it was cool right now Jason Kidd and Lawrence Frank yeah it's not a line OK let me get so -- moves. Been there done that and I haven't I'm going to listen I'm all I have the last the last word to say -- to listen also the captain well. -- candidate defective -- -- -- anyway now let's through its skid with Kevin Garnett Kevin Garnett and coach himself lord is Columbia budget coaches out there and I think that's with a -- that the biggest thing which -- in Q. If you if you Brooklyn to bring all of that talent. All that basketball with them together and come up with something good because sometimes you can have too much ingredients cake. And you could or could decades he spoke with all count stuff like you might not lead you know -- and is -- no heaven -- -- that not buddy to school I understand how private Darrent Williams Joseph Johnson Paul Pierce Deron Williams page you can how many guys necessarily want the ball. Joseph Johnson needs to basketball Darrent Williams talent. All these years of some top his cap that means that Wichita I'd hope that Lopez and cable car that -- necessarily leave the ball would be -- effective for what their team needs to do and you know what. I still view them right now -- and -- has to figure out though as the fourth team in the east I still put Brooklyn right now because. I don't know what their bench is gonna look like. It's great starting five but still behind Miami Indiana and Chicago guys -- actually put them -- -- Second I've output in the front Indiana in Chicago because of the experience factor what -- maybe Indiana Derrick Rose is your guy Derrick Rose to -- is. You know what I don't know because last year was so confusing we have not coming back. And now while -- I don't -- can't jump -- that if I don't LLC start out the story I don't think will be here Rondo stand out like getting leap off my left foot first right combat out of the beer and that DO -- -- -- Olympics here's Charlie limit nature of it. They have -- men just a quick comment. Yes he told me I couldn't go all humans because he preaches -- boxing out and getting back on defense and you. Miami Heat and spurs teams I believe there at the bottom of the league in offensive rebounds don't worry about the offensive rebound so. This is a great coach to have a rebuilding king -- Let me say let them into the electric at this rate. Don't worry about the officer rebounds -- doesn't it depend on the player to have them as soldiers and offensively boundary depends on who we have a -- ever Reggie Evans you're gonna get her offense everybody not to the Celtics have embodied they're they're in my particularly era. One of the great -- -- one of the great things we have about. Was second chance opportunity that's how we have to beat the lakers in ninety people we were a great opposite team and open leave that don't give back I mean you know. You forget about the office through if you -- got this rebound. The team is going to stop running because you have to concentrate. On you know boxing you out if you give it up this date they get that opportunity made the plot that going. Well it is style the style you play him -- you know -- the style obviously much better roomy but style you play and also the personnel you have a native if you have a guy like Reggie Evans valued team. And he's not had the Celtics stand there was Brooklyn -- chance opportunities are devastate. They are out -- are we being cut off that sit next to -- by what are. And it's it. He's enjoy it -- like citizen. Lol all I ask the whose back this the balsam woman's back there she's she's with a soft right now in general -- -- -- think how. Match. Max you know what -- so much fun doing this I think -- see -- -- me again next Saturday I -- all right senator -- on John Ryder -- did during the Red Sox pregame but general oil. Is up next thanks to. Did joy Aleman -- for producing Christian -- on the flash and senator. Well -- talked to you again at least Macs -- will next setter -- doing.

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