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Celtics Summer Cooler with John Ryder and Cedric Maxwell - Hour #1

Jul 6, 2013|

In hour number one of this week's "Celtics Summer Cooler", Ryder and Max share their thoughts on the Brad Stevens hire and what it means for the green team. "Celtics Summer Cooler" regular Sean Grande gives the boys a call while he's "on assignment" to give his reaction to Brad Stevens as well as the future of Rajon Rondo and company.

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While commit to another edition of celtics' summer cooler shot -- on assignment. On assignment edwards' candid that was the end you know it'll be that close to be a vacation was that. I think it's assignment very serious shot at doing them as you know we'll put -- on the spot would be doing the camp with the well assignment is doing deep research for his Mariner's -- -- -- on pole and all the other NBA. News will be -- he has access. Laughter I want to winning that. At 120 break in the meanwhile meantime mr. Maxwell year's Celtics summer -- Great to see him accidental reprogram yourself. That's on -- program and at times. The union congress. That is will be Willis and while. What you think next Brad Stevens like he'll like it in different. You know I don't know much as much about him but that but you know looking from the outside I think this is one thing that the league it's hard to do. -- look at Frank Vogel who was a video law. Coordinate the coordinator. In Indiana became that they -- guy. You go down to Miami -- Spoelstra who was not -- -- coach. Soul in this in this guys case he -- he has a head coach said that at the very good school. What those. Under the radar schools they thought these people said it values Columbia library in college basketball but he's decided to go the other road so. It in any changes. I guess evaluation. He probably looked at this is a young a young coach who was spirited. Who doesn't have the know the ride -- over Rick Pitino. Who's come into the situation will be fresh and have to deal with some younger players -- you know the comparisons of Rick Pitino fair or unfair that's going to be there. Oh without a question although they seem like a completely different personality -- -- what Rick was. Rick was bigger than life Rick has been that way he's the best he's -- the best college basketball coaches of all time. In the NBA. There were times that they keep writing me mistakes because she felt that his system in college could be pro systems has full court -- impatient David yeah pay and and that that did not work you know in the buys him Rick Pitino is in the -- advocates. A steel affiliates these with the best college basketball coach votes now. Will get a chance to see how mr. Steve has done I think what the problem I have though is that Republicans say. That the coach did -- coach the Celtics right now with. -- There my first gained that I happily with Celtics in 1977. Vodka collate the right in the time. I was born in nineteen -- death of operatives 77. He's since he's 3636. Is going to be thirty symbol for the -- -- probably sore right on the cusp maybe was -- in in in mommy's won't do with that will be a man. Who looks it looks even younger than his age two millions you looks like day. It's really -- to be -- him ago while. Who's the player whose coach because. In the evening by the players to -- the -- -- does look a little older Jeff Green looks a little older so little 126 soul you know you a look at those guys ago while. But he's -- to a different situations what to be a challenge. He doesn't seem like. I'm sure you'd you'd talk to a but he doesn't seem like I'm in your face now are rock shelving. Well -- Jim Butler eagle field yeah idea a very much so so I think that's what date he's doing he's going to put him put the Celtic coach in my of the Celtic fans Haitians is going to be. A virtue well and I think they're vastly different. The pitino. Steve is they've because it and even the franchise's -- because the Celtic Rick Pitino took over as team president -- read or packed. And -- Maloney is -- out of there the it was an absentee ownership at that point. Vastly different situation now I think where he gets a six year contract and it seems to be a plan here -- where I don't know what the plan was before or reckless. Rick Rick is bigger than life. I don't think you look at Steve is as big as life for Rick Pitino came in the room you're saying. Rick Pitino -- the you know coach gave -- and Steve isn't comes and you going. Witness that there and it was this young -- yet and the as well as you know he heroes it looks like an account stockbrokers says it does look like an NBA head coach but. You know they assemble this young team here and he's -- young coach in there seems to -- it is not they have 91 round picks over the next five years so there's plenty to work with -- here. We're taking your phone call 6177. -- Yeah when we think it's unclear from the fans so honest talk for awhile before we get. Well well or give -- any notes maybe. It the wrong thing to do this bill on the show quick mind and don't know essays and does that and now on -- -- -- on this thing -- that if -- were -- when you give us throughout -- yeah why not the the people wanna talk to -- 617779. 7937. Text us at 37937. Of -- and he berg big girls in the pain out there eight years ago. I love that and it's my favorite Latvia hasn't beaten you don't know where you got that problem I have no idea were most maligned -- from people asking are you. You think why can sit thing about the baby -- that they because she's currently at. Now it's like being there were two of max's mind thanks to something that maybe you have a meeting of the minds and Brad Stevens. As a broadcaster think that you know some tennis this year analysts. In radio you didn't pay you try to get bang for your words. And sometimes that might say something just comes -- customize the might not make since the sometimes it catches. Well let's play to get into as well besides the Celtics will you're still stunned by Dwight Howard leaving all that money on the table go to -- we were talking before the show. I am I you know he's believed that kind of money. Any also poked a finger right in the the lakers and Kobe Bryant Kobe Bryant on followed my Twitter we're big got a twin waters and and the reason I say it is because. If he would've done signed a trade with the lakers lectures give something back wore wore him. But instead the lakers get nothing back for a while they have all that money to play around with -- wish they would have ended up paying Dwight Howard Bo woody give it to them. This thing about who do you give it to not -- this year so he'll give any abide this year who can give to -- -- -- -- an -- is that the guy you look at is that who you don't guitar legend of -- decision part to go on of the lakers look I don't think it -- studies that -- Miami. About Cleveland return there. We can make peace with all those now fans they'll never do any -- decimation if you -- LeBron James. You went there to rescue a franchise he knew Kobe Bryant was walking away. Go take that route. I would definitely take that -- Because by the end the winning ways can be a couple of years removed the way with the city of whatever bosh is going to be bosh and older and Miami teams -- bit older but if I went to the lakers. The thing about the lakers which I loved about -- Doc Rivers is now. Is that they're 304 destination cities in which I thought it was just 34 but now Houston goes in the play which at. -- never would have -- but I think Miami. New York. Brooklyn will just say that the same thing LA. Those have been destination cities some -- Chicago. But -- in Miami -- -- -- the death violation landed destination place for airline time in Miami really overwhelm you can dated back to Shaq when he went here when they join up what -- doing well in his release his and then I think this is really strange. When you think about the Boston Celtics have been won the most dominant franchises. In professional basketball. But yet they have never really -- destination place for -- like you know identities while. How many of these young player because I look at you say that but I look at baseball baseball is as generated some distant what's it like outside right now it's hot. But I mean but but I mean you still look at some of these other places -- is that what you have a goal to tie. Now -- mean LA isn't necessarily hot wells has done a -- -- they look for. Well mr. I gave you that I QB -- what this is really where that think that Boston. Has never relived in the destination city in basketball where his -- the destination city baseball. Yeah well again I think it's different when you look at a lot of different factors here and in the NBA you can you can -- to. I'd again -- the winters monies stands out we know that but. But but the guy nightlife center in Wichita about winners and in in in in the winter. You know there's not that much difference in the lot of the cities because New York has more things to offered terms of what it looked for outside -- the right right councilor of the ancillary stuff yeah Erisa. But as the all of that that that all lined up MacWorld Boston doesn't have -- baseball doesn't have insular places to go webpage -- Well isn't very. While I was trade but I mean other guys oil even guys who -- beverages the -- coming. Who was the Gonzales was that the guy who can I was part of -- trade but yeah other sites and again you're talking about the red -- though it's vastly different with White Sox. This I have I have or are is more a bill all right with civic. The Red Sox spend more money than say the San Diego Padres devotes nicer there. And with that. Well and again Max you know that I've said many times but -- Guys like to drive those sports cars and sunny weather instead of the suvs in the snow. Okay argue that that. 617779793. Seve can text -- at 379 through this probably leave you go nuts just one last known and how by going to Houston Max. Our leaves nine point three million on the table in net guaranteed dollars. He does but he also has that that nobody used to Houston -- look the here's the first thing that you people who us. Texas has no state income tax rates they get back put their money on top of that. The cost of living in Texas is a lot different than it would be -- -- just like reality when it came down to reality people -- dollars and says when he left on the table Celtics verses. Boston piano student and of course it will state income tax everything sometimes well branches out the part Tony champ -- but I think you like everything -- there's multiple factors here one of the reasons he lefty didn't. They like playing for Mike DN Dan Tony didn't like. Got the spotlight nature of the lakers. 91 there deterrent to the type of situation at all let me he's not Harden is over out of the spotlight -- Well -- -- More so than in LA he's still going to be in the spotlight is what every every star players in the spotlight as well if he's not going to one horse town again. Mean both these did you talk about Houston has that would be Oilers than wherever Texans -- Texas or Texas to a playing really well. You know baseball so you've got the -- this idiot problem back to -- you -- -- known -- the royals and it was just Mickey. It was it was Mickey you're Mickey is it nice to start while -- -- James Harden and now -- wouldn't be sure active John Schmidt joins forces either so they get their. Victory there and you uncles and again the victory. This is head over use also involved man I say what's on used. The new Big Three era. Like -- quality to your buddies who we work -- Dwight Howard and Kevin Mikhail. And it came Olajuwon. If they decide they hire key words I think there where big some some of those big man moves in those. And not a big girl moves in the paper big man moves in the paint he has done -- you look at the key allies once -- -- that -- because the key allies want. Over the years. Has done a number would love BA guys who've gone to. LeBron James spotlight last year I was I think you before last. Taking his game to a new level with as a bullet to the team's big -- pulls stuff came in you to see a team working with the -- on horse stumbled -- -- was one of the best and the things so this is a great situation for it to the best in the I only was a lot to one great pain but Kevin McHale was probably just as good in the paint was sort of barrels of all time yes yes. Those up and hundreds of Kevin McHale -- were you -- practice against. Probably all the bulls with. They beat the opposite way. It came as a rookie remembered might do. So while those are the average in like nineteen points a game before -- the guy that you buy any teams close you know is typical in business and -- know that and there he was for awhile Latin though he did he always talk about -- he loved. -- -- that tuxedo again the draft just like when he was -- and who it probably is a little bit bigger. Analysts when he was you're too young to get -- right out of out of Houston. I'd it's get to a couple phone calls here before we join shangri India and assignment here's Dennis in the curry Dennis. Don't register your radio them. I always got good. And -- -- -- starlet shall not whatever oh sweet no amount should. The message is in Charlotte, North Carolina he's. Has a plumbing business is doing very well. Called it a little bit in Europe while it many many many years ago hook. Anyway yeah it was pure curiosity question they you don't go all the talk with the ego rather trade that reflect the possibility. Okay I'm going to use saying. Eventually I don't know the collective bargaining Golden -- you know that I got pretty obvious -- -- certain Houston right now we're outward. And everybody else. Well I think that Lagos will look they have run though that think that one that you see is if rumbles healthy I think that's a big thing. And that one of us in this room talked around billions of them well -- Brett Stevens is in in this room he talked to Paula I talked to a yesterday on the farmers actually walk and at the beach. On the 4 June 11 excuse me well let's -- -- and Rondo made mention me I was walkabout -- -- brother. On the beaches and talked his brother came back about Colorado. Call them up as asthma I was doing he said that he used to a -- I ask him just a few of those questions you -- it is the kind where. What do you think about you guys leaving him and I. -- -- So I'm just -- I said that the one thing he did mention which I love was right he said. Alison is a coach -- because all these shields we espionage all these people Taba. -- was coached at least on the coach -- -- -- -- coaches said that's it. He says I love playing I love the coaches he said I've been in great situations so Rondo in the quote him saying that look I am not -- Quote -- what is bigger than new Coach Brad Stevens doesn't go. Doesn't know much had not spoken to him at that time so I spoke to one war so I think he talked -- -- -- that it did me. Well the fifth being yesterday that would mean Sosa yes Brad Stevens said out Tillman offenses said to me. During art of the -- Maloney show yesterday and also in the press coverage that Doctor. Who interprets -- will. Yesterday's yesterday so at that time he had not spoken Toronto -- probably call. Probably after his tire problem was one of the first calls he made it's or related though but you know Rondo well he's a big coexist. I know you don't know Brad Stevens well you know Rondo analytical product Rondo is fiery. And there are times when he's vote. And he will be sometimes in the great way and with sometimes in the way that you go look let's just play that's what that was what was great about perk. When did you purchase who's here. That -- that little soft date with he would grab him and say look -- puts it blaze let let let let's elect I think that's one of the things -- Rondo did this was one of his -- -- is being brutally honest with. Do you think in that gets some time here hello to Figaro and -- and so Mercedes can be back right for the start of the season. He talked about -- -- you about how he's doing coming off of his BACM each has said he was fueled by these days though the rather rabbi to slow jog but. There's always come back will be back -- -- I would definitely it over and I would if I would think if I was itself against Brooklyn to start the season right at -- but if himself that sidled up are really wanted him rushing down. And you know how that we here for the longest time -- -- arrows was coming back on it or on don't want to beat today -- in Peterson's market coming back companies you know people real -- war. On this little musical get. Well for what we're gonna break to get some ice water will continue your oh palace but shot -- Layer of ice water worries well and assignment on assignment. -- some mountains worries that got listed they have so after this break -- if you're on hold we'll get -- your phone calls John Ryder. Cedric the great Cedric actually here on celtics' summer cooler the great John -- coming up after the break. And and and you know I hope as time goes on. That we as we as we learned. The people on our team and they and they and we learn whatever system we choose but it. That day you know we are very detail oriented tough minded group. You know that's that's what I've always enjoyed about coaching is when if people at all. You know play not only to their strengthen and it -- themselves individually but collectively go after it achieved -- you. Concede that sense of purpose together. That's new Celtics head Coach Brad Stevens from yesterday. A lot to along with the myself and Steve. Would Cedric Maxwell would be up until 3 o'clock we're waiting -- grandes phone call. As he's -- we don't know is on assignment and annual via broadcast the Red Sox mariners game in Seattle on on Monday night in the meantime. Getting into your -- Celtics conversation as well I'm sure you'll love this text Max disaster laughing about this during the break. Let's stop the shenanigans Toronto's career numbers mirror those of Kerry kittles Kerri kittles overrated bomb. Another 112 when will you guys wake up healthier not the market for Rondo isn't there are on the NBA sat there for a unbelievable point guard one of the best point guards in the -- I'm. Sure who's -- through what he's -- because it it in you look around the the league -- you said you'd think Marco was a two hour. He's been supposedly and under achiever and a coach killer a coach killer so why wouldn't use the Rondo. They want the best point guards and all star. Wouldn't and a young golf throw would not be would have a good market. You know decision to is I know that the impatient at times -- -- especially here in Boston but. They have some time here Max and -- time for him to come back from this injury and also a time. As well. And it if they do work something out in terms of -- move -- -- Stewart following the upcoming season there's two years left -- -- lecture on his contract. Now joining us on the AT&T hotline shot grandy on assignment. They shot John and Max I don't. As if I didn't you know you think you need to introduce into the. Yeah that's what we've -- -- call Acela we have to do that. Well in case there's some and it's never listened before thank you. -- I mean I -- -- and I know there's a lot of people would never. You know and we're gaining popularity with this Saturday slot. On the counter weight limit shall you do in the -- bodies broke the news where -- I said you're on assignment because you of the Mariners are in a prepared for a holiday in a way. You do think professionally in the ways that maximize these things which is that there are no off limits people I don't know I do. He radically live here in the summer hasn't worked out too much in this summer because -- reflect came off somewhere but. Little brief stop here before we joined the Red Sox and Seattle. Tomorrow night. As to whether. It's hot down the. The weather's going to be very nice tomorrow we have got a little bit of rain today Max but it. Most people what they -- would someone like you would do is try to skate in the winter to the warm weather. You like the -- you'd like one -- like to do this summer is -- 95 degree weather in Boston and go. Here in western Canada worth about seventy. -- -- So Max is more like an MBA freeagent you're not. Here's my having to go to warm weather -- copyright -- I would you know I would be happy to take it out to Toronto right to write -- play well. Actual cost doubles while Max loves to run we all know that as one of his favorite. Spots on via -- which are true about body never upload or tension on the legal electorate it. That's at airports go back to go WS cells they think he. He's worked hard for Macs to people who don't know -- that in Toronto we have to go through customs with a group that would be easily treated they collect regular purse. Yet to be a regular person go through customs put your take your laptop out of the bag and put it true you know put it through the X ray machine. I don't -- -- Williams. Not so great. Is that -- they do -- reality shows on his Aggies and the other certain plant with him what's migrated -- And there -- guns that they brought it dogmatic and in DC right with a -- dog on our our -- Actually we're actually shot it wasn't -- Right right given his spirit like something they still do it but where Eric Williams cut would the issue wasn't. In Toronto and it has little dog any. Little dog injured thing. With a dubious German shepherd or something. Broke don't discriminate here. Anyhow global get to the meaningful stuff not -- that's not meaningful but the Brad Stevens -- you like -- -- I'm I'm not sure what the -- not a lake right now. You know clearly I think my favorite part like everybody. Is. The concept of doing something now and clandestine fashion is virtually. Impossible. We literally have we knew we got cut like our guy major route do you literally not only had every story for happens he -- every draft. -- can't -- watch the NBA draft because he has everything worked -- to do something to think about it the only other story I can remember involving the Celtics is the ownership group. That bought the team in 2002. Without anybody really knows about a pathetic but now with Twitter and everything everything is instantaneous. The fact that it happened so quickly and so quietly in the entire group -- Indianapolis on Wednesday. It was it was tremendous but I do like the fact that. I think the big issue here you know one of the most fascinating element of all of it is to secure contracts. -- -- that's still actively upended the playing field people concerned about respect from players are definitely been in the NBA that is the glory he. Is that if you are you sure about that Lehman didn't Rick Pitino now with a five year deal. Aren't you -- you know that it. I look the -- people excitement reader you can Rick Pitino and John cal Perry has caught. For Brad Stevens as anybody watched Brett -- coach is because the easy way. Well that's exactly and it I understand the logic of it -- the governor Brad Stevens. And it's the reason I have has -- lifelong holder minority opinion I have yet another one on the whole concept of Russia on Rondo and universal notion. That's somehow. He is going to be. Difficult that this is gonna work with two of them I I I completely dismiss that out of hand people think there's a preconceived notion that it can't work. But the idea that. He is done cal Perry or like or even like she -- -- war over casino I don't think people have paying attention you know what he has accomplished. Battalion accomplished. Well what about two and that was my next question I know you have an interesting idea on this on Rondo in Stevens co existing which is the topic du jury here. Well there are there -- element but let's just start with Rondo and as Max and I -- as well as anybody. Among these things that Roger runs allowed more in the world anything else is proving people wrong. That's his whole life raft of low everything at the challenge they told me I can't do this of this -- told -- I can't do this I can't do -- He read everything. He -- everything he is smarter than the if -- mortem -- in the room usually and I think he knows what people are talking and saying about him in this relationship and I think he is going to come back. On this behavior to begin with ultimate put aside the injury factor and a humility they could come with that trying to work his way back with things. He can no longer do and things that he used to do which is going to take some time I think he realizes that. -- Brett Stevens our partners in this thing it's and you know they can help each other here the other element. Did that to me no talked about. Until Rondo has been coaxed an entire NBA career by a coach who was just as stubborn and Justin headstrong. As people. And I think they were they natural clash of the NAFTA would Rondo not being a great point Carter doctors were not being a great coach I think it would -- natural clash. Between the two that is not there with -- Much on the on the you did you just give me it was Cuba week. -- overload that Lugar earlier it's the fact that I broke some news and spoke to run though. On the fourth. I had an opportunity to speak to him personally his brother was that Libya itself Walton speech at the best of the Wallace and Wallace to beach south of Boston I was. No my annual walk down there and his brother was there and walked into his Brothers that call rob go for me. And we spoke colleges that -- talked about you know that is. He said I can't believe. ESPN about being the coach -- And said you know the thing I'm not he's self not a coach that I enjoyed playing for dot. He's app play for two coaches in my career here so. You we've I have had opportunities beat -- -- asked about Kevin Garnett. You know Paul -- he said you know -- the business just -- to be some going to miss them but. Part of the distance. I think it's challenge he's looking forward to all of us on a variety of levels of physical challenge of coming back. And having you know a clean start in -- way. But they'll let me ask you this John if you you believe this clean started coming back Rondo is -- -- -- -- says -- easily give back and beat them back -- -- but. This Derrick Rose kind of come to mind who supposedly coming back last year never played at all. And I think there were as we know -- there're issues involved that you know validate deliberate clearly Derrick Rose had been cleared to play. Physically by what. April march and he just wasn't comfortable you know the stuff beacon of Brothers and talking deals through his brother to Derrick Rose -- -- With the media and his brother was very outspoken about that I think there were if Hillary issues there I don't think there -- group obvious -- not -- the comeback he was not. Thrilled with the -- -- around them and I don't think he was looking to come back to prove. Himself or approve anything and while those it is. More anxious to get back the Derrick Rose was well I'll put it out for the first you know from the first they would it would have an appellate when he came back from the hospital. That day I don't. There are a lot of things you can say about -- -- the at the issues and we -- that says I can't believe people think that. That's in the admiral that that is disingenuous or in choosing not I think he's armed. The -- idea or the comments. Based on everything people read and people say about -- who played with him or -- and I think he's earned some skepticism about it I just don't I'd have a difference. What about this guy who is that he was. Over Kerry kittles. That's the that's how has said that -- -- Texas that it has admitted no noise that is numbers mirrored those of carried him and I haven't been overrated that he said Kerry -- rules book -- of the -- I mean to think about Rondo witches they believe this is the army I think -- around the country is you are really rate -- period. Rondell passion well you guys there is not a that he is what these guys who doesn't gotten move the -- He's not a PR magnet and he's not out you're sounded -- you know -- when all -- typist so. It turned and it hurt so dramatically on -- I really thought you know these issues that people talk about the behind the scenes stuff. If you maybe you don't actually talk at all times that it seemed nobody couple years ago nobody is really picking up on. And that -- like the beloved -- -- -- -- younger fans -- gravitated to run -- everywhere and now to me. It seemed like I fell almost uncomfortable being policy. For a cable home team announcer that I was maybe too critical over onto my expectations of -- may be higher I never thought of him as. The 21 pick in the draft the guy who can't -- because. I -- these two winning night -- that. Courtside by squeezing the -- the winning like that seem to be one of the best players in the world. To. You know treat him as a in the late first round pick in the it limits so I've always had a higher standard for him where I thought he ranked. Among the elite point guard in the league but to -- I think it's sort of twelve the other way and now this sort of business that takes the people have an amount of about Rondo and I just think. So I think technical approach the confidence. I wanna be wanna -- the man and Rondo the player coming back. From a humbling injury. In to a new situation. This has did the judgment of the player while there was going to be at what Wanda was going to be in the NBA power -- I think it's now happened I don't think it happened yet. Well -- don't you guys will. It's Max -- Rondo Colin I think who would -- tell you guys -- both think shine. That a lot of perception well as you know Rondo takes games -- still play in those nationally televised games were racks of the triple double. He's sometimes selfish in it in a sense where he's looking to pass the ball when he has the open lay up things of that nature. Well Ali Al -- that it both Mac and are flashing right now but if you don't own too. -- exact same moment which is that -- this streak. You know that last year sort of in golf but I thought it was a real poison pill to the early part of the season. And I thank you -- with complicit in that been keeping that thing alive. And I don't really I think he won the district to continue. But again I think he was an environment were sort of it would sort of allow ticketed and I'm not. A believer you know people called -- -- selfish and I would -- -- walker it depends how you define itself -- he has jacking up those stories I believe -- Correct if you think I'm wrong Mac. I believe that import and believe that would best for the seat if that wasn't even if that was ridiculous. I don't I never looked at him as being selfish player without -- for his own numbers I just think he thought. That was the way -- Well you know what go back to Rondo and weaken the satellite Antawn but that they can run those case. That's me in and I talked about this before ultimately that you and I talked about it map -- -- spoke to doctors about. And I was I have never really bit upset with unique thing. About releasing that much on the court except that. And that was the streak that was east supposedly -- streak last year. Right Bryant yeah in a -- that's yet to throw a rock didn't hit the system wrote to us this. And it was a thing about thirty to 33 games that. And the subs were down bad as say six with a about a minute and a half ago and Doc Rivers take came out and take a -- up again. Am -- came back at least went down to Mike Gorman and Tom Hudson said asked them how many assists does Rondo had -- and they said eight. And he put Rondo back in to get to assist to keep the streak cola. And that only how was upset because. One Doc Rivers is -- that placating the Celtics are much gathered that Iran Rondo was much better than that so that was a selfish from moment. That hurt. Everybody who was that Bob did a lot people so well that wasn't a big deal that was a big deal. Because what I -- we've always yeah that is not the Celtic way and I talked to rich got about the president of the Celtics then you know that was when does that one of the few times that I'd. Agreed to disagree. What the way that things went with darker. Definitely about it except that the coach is down and talk to -- Khatami and Mike and I don't know the meant little -- little ever because for the most vivid memories from me. When they -- they call and then what capitalists you rarely change in the game it plays were called specifically. You know like -- or we'll tell you like Iran -- never wanted by the plate that I called. And he gets the next best and got turned to me. And -- you know Colin let me turn to maybe Panama toward nine he's like nine that was night and I had that same reaction you'd like really this is really. Happening right now but he did it because he thought. Also really want it and that was his decision. Nose and a coach and a wet and and it -- -- it does -- -- -- -- it. I mean we we don't -- I think that you know those bent and Iran which by the way it ever want to remember how the history and the when he had a fight with his new teammate. -- and obviously this is one of the overlooked things all the chaos happened is that now. Rondo Chris Humphries are teammates right now and Kevin Garnett under watch our team. So also limit and you're still point to qualify that as they actual fight. It's Humphries I run numerous scratches. Relatively. He didn't -- a scratch or upheld an -- document not even you. If you evenly Canada. As as conservative as they are somebody of that happening count that it was a going away no but you know you're good -- -- would notice Christopher's -- -- out those scratches let's hear from Kim from -- -- You know vote for -- the he tweeted out pictures of himself. With these scratches. On the from the fight so. Your little one what people all the creepy children who settled them to quiet period started scenes stories about. It could think in the people on the conferees. Are teammates right now I think a lot of it -- Rondo being paid. People wanna pay players what we've seen internationally with LeBron but. Yesterday the entire NBA all -- held hostage by the latest white -- You know of him going back and forth and waffling because more referendum on what. Passes for journalism now as much as it was on Dwight Howard is back and forth but people like to take a superstar player now and paint him with a certain brush. -- it this way Dwight Howard as a way -- though it's like this and you know. People and players are more complicated -- and I guarantee you wanna go far more complicated that the team with one. Well isn't it and I think this is going to be fascinating when Rondo does come back with -- Brad Stevens because in some sense. And you guys could talk about his best. What would Stevens has cerebral guy and you hear those stories you know lady knows the Bucknell defense all the signals they're calling it in all -- different stuff that. There Rondo and his cerebral nature and it is and and analytical side to them would those two. Together talking about basketball. Bergeron a place. I'm looking forward to it I mean I really am and I'm looking forward to the meeting Brad Stevens to work to working with him -- to all of it because it's going to be new. All of this week you have two different approaches to what is next in the felt we get out the angle will approach. And realize that what has happened over the last 56 years and as we've been discussing which sadly on the shuttle -- -- the belief. Last year was the first year. It wasn't the sixty year of the new Big Three -- it was a transitional year or. Weekend and we can sort of you know more reminiscent we're gonna keep doing that on this show and appreciate the five your world but it was extraordinary but you could help. You know an optimistic approach and be excited about something that is -- that is the clean -- that is the new -- it's going to be a new team. And is -- -- to -- -- personal thing you know in the future and I like that they are -- very young coach here who is enthusiastic can't wait to. Partake in the next challenge his professional life. And who said before who is going to be here I think that's very significant that he had any are going to be working together for a long period of time so. If you think back to the last period time. People -- Favre compete deleted -- -- win as many games you want them it would Delonte West and Al Jefferson. And you know watching Ryan Gomes and rookies come in and get their feet wet in the NBA it was. A fun time for me. Well I -- it. But they won the big thing happened here affected that means is -- -- And is going to give them opportunity to count paint this team away. He wants to leniently I think war essentially in -- You know because of the salaries you know what that's -- year. Alice it is truly like they'll while west anything goes right now I think you know optional manner without seeing anything go. But that -- would you have any change. With the ability one thing he's always set up heavy -- and they with a move those ships around tried to give -- position maybe to have. You know some great draft picks so if you look at the numbers they have album it's abuse of guys so don't get too used to that Jersey you -- about. During the bass from Jersey right that they'll get used to used to that because -- Jersey can be shipped that elsewhere. Will shot in -- as well but right now he's got a lot of work to do because I don't think too many people realize. Their attacks in their cap situations even with these moves to bring in Wallace number and all these players right now so there's a lot of sorting out he has to do it right now anyway. And the food it's all a matter of you know taking the steps. And acquiring the commodities and here the point and so it's just a little handcuffed with with money would that eventually it will come off the books of the next couple years and when it does. In 2003 in the -- Colbert was -- go back if you are online right now. Go look at some of the box scores from 2000 to two definitely. He's giving O'Brien that's unbelievable job that team. To me it's. Stagnant for the final eighteen -- make up for the conference semifinals with that six months. And that it did depth or lack thereof was just frightening -- with a complete with a medical -- all it would have. To -- it was spare and the situation now ten years later Danny as a setup much better get back in the game. Faster because if you think he's gonna use the seventh for tropics are all on players and he's going to draft and self matters who plays for the Celtics. You're not saying it's -- An end I want to ask both you guys who think Stephens is here for the whole six years. Everything we know job history says absolutely not. History says that young college coaches that haven't coached before the NBA don't have great success. It says that coaches don't make it to the end of their contract but. If it's about a what he believed in here and the relationship with two of them have. And I can't you can't sit here and look back at history insane absolutely here it is going to be you know that -- is going to be the entire. Six years of the deal because all the different. College coaches have been through this before. But which can say is I can't wait if he -- I hope we got. I have to -- -- -- I think history -- -- an issue that this probably won't happen. But history also I think one of the things by giving them the sponsored deal. You yeah empower you the flexibility. And you give him leverage so there's an equal playing field with the with the players if you gave me one year deal -- two years deals. Players -- ago. Yeah you're lame duck you're -- to be around so -- went by the left to do which you say well right now he's going to affect -- time have also easily afflict. Affect the bottom line always will be dolls sit well with the number of mr. In another thing as well -- is this is a guy that they showed a loyal past if it works out here in my beer the -- holes six years as a guy that had a tough time leaving Butler. Wouldn't leave for UCLA or anywhere is serious he he seems to be loyal guy he leaves the Celtics. Signature franchises. That well like any leave I think Phoenix was interest and some other NBA team. This special you know obviously special MBA opportunity for here's the the six year -- Let's say. I don't believe it dealt with the constant down a -- what people think that the Celtics roster now will be the opening night roster -- -- stated and you've got. Roger Rondo you've got Jeff Green and you've got Chris Copeland you have accordingly this he would not. This is not a fifty to 6070. But who knows -- next year maybe the year after next becomes more transitional year to get the Celtics set up for free music but let's just say there's no way to know right now. Max says it is the wild west and or shall -- -- -- one look storybook. If they do this turn the page whatever and it's historic goal. Twelve different ways of next year or six year deal done. It lets say the second year become the year that you're trying to. Clear things out and does become successful. We lost -- it become the setup for the future Michael Douglas but let's say it's -- bad year for wins and losses. If you know if Brad Stevens is in year two of six year deal. And -- -- in thirty that's a lot different than him being in the to a three year deal. And being 1030 and that's the difference if there are some long winter those are. People thanks so if there are long winters and in the next couple of years that's -- secured deal. Passion this could you could you only 63 hot folks like Joseph just. I'm obviously that 63 right now a sudden idea didn't get -- the next to a TVs that from a me obviously immediately but my god. Public hot Belgium's government has made this -- right now is a believable. What I learned that you. Obviously -- -- it that's something like. You know 121013. How we actually were more public thousand calories just played particularly gracious. John does it did not know that well don't get it there's advanced statistics that shot has these advanced studies that we have even dedicate. When yes opportunity to stand up. The game. He stands up the whole game because he's burning calories 200 hours that's ones -- this wanted them to gain calories the what's gonna lose that game. -- Really get a spam Miami it took in Miami to throw things. Stand called game. Well. Well John as always we appreciate it and enjoy I'll be talking on Monday mariners Red Sox. That's right -- mayor Daley I'm not actually it occurred to me I'm not very good vacation. It seems that we just the last half hour talking about it with Seattle in my got to be better with that max's Ollie here has spilled back that has not rubbed off on me. I'm still this problem right now in the studio this is my fourth or fifth week. Without fumbling. Still goalless draw I don't even know what that word means vacation not me being -- -- Let's go to one all right does shot I'll look forward of that and I'll talk to them. All right thanks John John -- I were biggest break -- -- final hour I believe just a phone calls Max what you think about it's is good now. The publics wants to -- to your -- 61777979372. Text us. Adjusting ones up there is always at 37937. AT&T -- -- Take a break -- -- sports -- Rebecca Moore. Back here at Celtics summer cooler. John rider in also -- Maxwell. Will love it will take a couple of calls right Loper. Yeah by -- let's get to amend first up is Elliot. He's in Boston -- RL LE at. LA here on the year. -- little travel put -- Donald it was a ready will go to Charlie and Arlington nature. What's up -- happy Saturday. -- ladies people are ready. Next there you know what it's your presence of the mere presence of -- things you. It's me go to the next guy loose he would surely will go to a different Charlie Charlie Brock did we were just talking about Brockton. And yes that's jolly good -- A -- -- -- unsolicited usually aren't you act so I had. But I know we sound insane you'll. You know particle backward UW. Played Bill Walton and medical match up American college. You are turned to a stand still live -- how the -- yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah -- yes yes yes yes. You can call total well. -- and mark in the club and where would you can for the starting lineup for the yeah. -- to me addresses the singular bank depends on who is coming back you know I -- that -- should be back. I would say Jeff green is going Smith's -- Of the -- You know it's going to be pretty interest the the is Humphries got to be when those guys Gerald Wallace is wood to probably one of those guys and if you if Rondo is helping. I think is is one but I think -- meet a lot of questions about when you start especially in the -- Well let's think here all right let's say it's it's Chris Humphries. Gerald Wallace Jeff Green Rondo and Avery Bradley that's not bad enough to be a lottery team isn't. I'm -- -- -- -- talk about the guy which I know I was riveted to their two they're -- well yes soldier might start. The two guard heavy as what they are because they've got a get rid of -- still Lou and his Courtney Lee going to be here and then also you get effect is Brandon Bass going to be here yeah. Brendan Benson thought there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doc Rivers wanted to start a soldier for awhile so I think the goal. I think there's a lot different ways but the two starters I believe would be what -- be soldier and the other one right now as can be Jeff -- other than that -- things up -- the -- time -- -- -- -- -- time for Jeff -- to -- -- -- of that -- -- and he's got to get more touches that's for -- because -- -- tell -- -- -- hate that man. At best it can get more passes that's the death of Dwight Howard great via IG the Texas. Alright well Lola. Well will give back these -- we gotta get back on schedule the brakes. So will do that wow yeah I know -- quick well lo -- preserve organized everything back there it's a John Ryder along with. Cedric Maxwell here at -- summer cooler another hour ago will continue -- your phone calls here after this break any flash.

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