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Former Patriot and Current Safety for the Philadelphia Eagles Patrick Chung Joins Mustard and Johnson

Jul 6, 2013|

Patrick Chung joined Craig and Larry to discuss his moving on to the Eagles, looking forward to playing for Chip Kelly who coincidentally coached at his alma mater Oregon and his stance on why he doesn't feel comfortable discussing the Aaron Hernandez case and the "Patriot Way". Patrick goes on to explain his work with the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center and hosting a three week camp for kids focusing on music development.

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61777979. 37 Larry Johnson getting his request and if it's such an Eminem fan I'll tell you do your rapper -- direct -- have Marshall matters better known as Eminem meanwhile. As we continue to discuss. All things Celtics and borrow a little bit Red Sox don't forget -- patriots began. Training camp just a couple of weeks player that will not be with the New England Patriots if you're not paying attention to. Player transactions. Former patriot Patrick John. Now a member of the Philadelphia Eagles joining us on Sports Radio good afternoon Patrick. -- is normal and housing go on. Doing good at reading housing and I'm -- field -- -- former patriot now in a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. They're good they're unhappy may have happened they have a lot of -- then he start for starters. Don't go from there man she's coda to a lot of fun. Now what we're also back with year old coach Chip Kelly. Here there here could -- but I look at it and very intense and passionate guy -- who. You know it's funny we've been talking about the Celtics Patrick you -- just hired a college coach show very successful -- Butler took into a couple of NCAA championships. Obviously your ex ducks coach had play's success but not a championship. How difficult will be for college coach you think to a coach at the NFL level. We -- reluctant to patent. In the is the difference is all well. We've got invited -- you know what what's your you know your goal is -- discount what you got on the same page. Scientists. Go from there man to play is that why you play in our case it was continuity right now -- definitely one game ever won a couple of training camp practice you know so. Probably accurately comment on that way you know we are you ready to go. Well let me ask you this what is the difference you play for two coaches you play for Bill Belichick for four years you play for four years for Chip Kelly. What are the differences personalities approaches between those two guys. They're worried that there I mean you know terribly different but -- can't -- -- -- -- -- but it. -- nine. I love you man and your school already we have a lot of our beer very he's very. Is -- really what you were car in very good enough to have a fun. One thing I never hear about Belichick is the word fun I was gonna say. I remember a couple of months ago you weren't Matt Maloney and half the questions they ask you you didn't feel comfortable answering so I'm gonna ask again. What is the patriot with me in do you feel a little more free now to be able to answer questions. Now we're here a couple of bad -- phenomenal movie I got so much. Work hard -- almost out of trouble and will be good. OK stay out of trouble. Matt Light came out as you know obviously unfortunately your teammate Aaron Hernandez appears to be in a lot of trouble Matt Light came mountains that well. He never supported anything that Hernandez was doing. In Deion Branch came out and says that -- board that was his main man and you know we obviously everybody feels bad about the whole situation. What was your. Relationship -- Hernandez and does and obviously you're shocked by this I assume. You know exactly who is the cook it and -- enough American. Don't -- this are not my responsibility -- business talk -- -- he's -- executable and everything worked out for the best. But you you say is higher responsibility or anything but you understand you have -- -- and okay and I'm saying you have legions of fans here who would do or do you in the patriots. And all of a sudden this thing it is is dropped on. Not only -- doing on patriots fans and the like. Which is trying to figure out like quarter of their relationship with the players do they kinda keep tabs on each other are. But this year's program and -- do to do about me I can't really talk about there compliment -- on all of the political and didn't. Happens to the best. Everything kind of mood now are getting -- in that category that you. Did you hang -- Hernandez an -- Off the field. You know we army we argued we I mean we -- -- -- at each other you know it's not just. I know this guy this guy -- kind of it would give reluctantly got to kind of understand commodities in China north everybody. Would you be aware. Not just in as any of the teams are out of your teammate would you be aware if some of them were hanging around some undesirable. On the I mean we don't particularly because that is going to be it's a civilian. I mean that's -- psychic element. What would it concern you. -- Bandaged page you should be working program from the government as a secret agent is something man -- my game. I don't understand why -- so hesitant to talk about something that's in the know who is not personal information about Hernandez. But just in general to help us -- so far we haven't heard from anybody from the patriots organization in which is trying to figure out. Was this something that that players and teammates were concerned about are just came out of nowhere. We think happened is it's got to. I was gonna break his legacy as a kid I among the third person who. Talk about it in those you know -- -- -- that metal boxes but what about. You know it's not about what I blacks feel I think Yugoslav kind of I don't talk about that people mental problems -- dresses how you know I'll always be -- become more -- Tell me about the program that you have setting up this weekend for the for the youths in obviously you you musically inclined to south. Hey how are movies and music music can do I think -- very -- Get -- I would use that attic and you're mad about something marketers are worried your mutually Alito Munich in the Caribbean. In the -- kind of keep so you know you kids out of options appear invalidate. It and you know couldn't put their lives out there -- -- so yeah. We're gonna join -- -- -- part of will be completely out of the Q where. -- in the color -- -- like music listen to music and on top of that but to sit in your class we learned so I haven't actually give activities so they can. Note beat out the other good you know the open a murderer. And that some work and then. That happened or is there aren't that acute in the -- You know a lot of opportunities resources. Income to -- things -- and -- -- -- partners at. Don't make this thing happens where you know kids can have these. He has to have all these people -- -- without having all he -- Call according Condoleezza. You know other every achievement and you know it's and look YouTube opportunities in their talents and -- hopefully that these successful in the -- Now what will you do if one of these kids comes up to you and -- ask you about the Hernandez situation. Mayor of music. -- now don't you understand it as a role models all. Don't you have to at least connected to and talk to them about making good decisions and not hang him at the wrong people. And -- that these Smart and he's Smart. You know -- the stats alone in our. On the -- the Kyoto in her out of the classroom and know each other students go there America. I can't say -- you should know that there's racism -- or is there anybody else anybody else. In the world are TI can't I can't talk about common situation because -- -- -- I'm going to listen black and just say he's gotten no there there are trouble and not go from there. Market July 8 is the outcome is the opening of the -- and goals through the 26. On Tuesday that every pep rally here free free that route to the public it -- there were morale is a pep rally. So I quit school. In that is. In -- OK let there are those clinical. Are you use it. Should be somewhere -- near Washington street down to Chinatown area. Lot -- 18885. Washington street. In Boston right there in -- BJP -- fire arm. B fifty. That's the Boston Chinatown neighborhoods senator and now that players are going to be Samir acts teammates to be involved missile that. So -- looked like it would get -- Surprise -- had come to the net write him and you see a whole lot of a lot of our medical -- of -- -- my -- are paying people may yet come out he would like. I do give you I do give you a lot of you have given us any information -- that -- brought it -- but it but I do I command you. But somebody who's been traded. Which is still coming back to the community. In giving to these kids are giving a lot of credit for that. I'll hear your that in your current surge in Latin purely it just comes into -- a little help. Give them the comedians that. Tell me who -- is what started it he must Wear my my first start and I'll be able to develop a lot of relationships we sources here so I have though. -- -- Back in the beauty no. Bitter at all that in the -- -- obviously government support their achieve the kid the movie humorous -- acute and -- acute in California or in the northern. Places that have grown. And number where -- critical -- all over the nation. You ought Patrick -- just think about this from purely football standpoint you're going from the AFC east where you're at minimum five and one before the season even started against the division. To the NFC east where you're gonna be playing the giants Dallas. Of the Redskins are pretty good quarterbacks. From a defensive backfield the sister have your hands -- lights and this year. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- By the way you why you gotta give Eli back. After that throw to Manningham you gotta get him back after that -- what do you put a major hit you put a major hit on Manningham. -- play how does -- -- out of the ball and get the speed at the same time amazingly good. Either good -- feel really got to get a good quarterback or in the book. This is apparently can't hear. And pro revolved there on the GPU you. Half half half listen. I don't know what your future is going to be like after football but I think you be a terrific international -- 'cause nobody's getting any information about why don't you be leaving Bill Belichick but his influence is still very much there today your packet is -- -- our way -- Josiah Quincy school on tour was just I equities school on Tuesday. That 85 Washington street Boston. Yes all right Patrick thank you Patrick. Take it easy now Patrick Chung former New England patriot and you know it's funny I was thinking about that when the NFC east he was he really did. Miss knocking the ball a lot of Manningham hands by that much did you ask about Boston but the fake punt. That was yeah well that was an image that was inseparable I don't know item when asked him many think has the information was flowing. Yeah it really was I mean he was just -- 617779. 7937. Final segment of Austin Johnson on the way.

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