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DJ Bean on Day 1 of NHL Free Agency

Jul 5, 2013|

Chris Villani talks with WEEI.com's DJ Bean about the moves the Bruins made over the weekend. Then we get breaking news about the Bruins signing Jarome Iginla, which DJ and Chris immediately react to and give thoughts on.

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Sports Radio WEEI it's planet Mikey crystal -- pinch hitting tonight for the vacationing Mike Adams. Lot of Bruins docked with the lack of free agent signings today of course I would say to trade from -- yesterday just 24 hours ago say again. Sent to the Dallas Stars part of its seven player deal centerpiece of course being -- Ericsson and cap space. Talk more about that deal and the Bruins I guess it's a lack of activity today. In free agency WEEI dot com Bruins beat writers slashed columnist TJ -- it's going on DJ. While not much appear Bruins fan looking for that to sign free agents. Not right. Yes it's been -- slow -- in that regard although it's been a lot dormant -- sense as far as seeing freeagent go with. They there's been no shortage there was. That open fair and Horton. Most guys look. He had not to mention Alfredsson writer you know guys that word work. All the guys it's not that you're gonna yeah yeah they've. It got -- writer with an interest in one adopted. I mean it. A lot of people see the Bruins are sooner rather and suddenly they think -- Michael Ryder quote -- -- of course they called that moral date. Played together once every. However many years and that's just the way the world works but I mean I'm not surprised to see that -- writer who accused the did not return here. Just I really think that you -- That that road course. -- and they chose not to sign him after they wanna cup. DJ being WEEI dot com joining me report gets some of the freeagent talker or lack of talk against from bruins' perspective but. Tyler Sagan trade as made it's been polarizing to say the least and yeah I know your column WEEI dot com he said it was a good once I went into reading it with high expectations. -- you get a good that I was good the EU. You did well. You did well and and you set yourself up for failure real exits like I hear a movie is fantastic I going with that mindset it's like you can only disappoint. And you said it was great column. Yeah I -- you'll bull -- hyped it up like it was announcement special so. I mean or an odd in the in today's world of everyone. Being their own -- in the program sold -- worldwide -- -- -- -- -- -- DJ being brand that's a new Twitter handle and therefore it. Tyler say can you feel this divorce more about the on ice rather than the off ice issues for -- say. Right I mean that when the when you're watching him play you're watching him play the style of hockey that he plays. And how little that it -- the Bruins Peter surely give them every player agreed for every game. And that kind of how -- keeps track of how a player does over the course of the season and I don't think that that he was watching -- play as he was determining how you doing you was going to. He didn't go in the corner I just hate how much that -- party sees. It's -- boat they end up playing the styles of hockey that need to play in Boston. I mean -- I heard you talking about old earlier but. Eight it is about two examples are are ruled that -- -- won the Hart trophy. And Patrick Kane who on the -- might and was a big contributor further. For the out the Blackhawks when it mattered most. As you can do what ever you want yeah I mean I shouldn't say that and we within reason they -- -- Aaron Hernandez and illegal like. Right yeah exactly -- more. And I wrote that well -- -- has like a serious drug problem. Or like a really serious alcohol issue then. Who apparently he's doing and on his own part I mean that one area where we really shouldn't be too critical. Players usually critical of what they do on the ice and on the date they gave us plenty to be critical of him not to -- and they got rid of them. Because it a lot of people say he's 21 the giving up on him. And he got rid of him because. You right now is vote but I'm very overpaid players and they can't afford to wait to see whether or not I was taking can be something great. They were able to get a better player right now and -- Erickson who has a much better contract who's. Captain is to happen billion dollars less elegant it. Do you think there's a chance though they'd give in you know he plays on that that one wide open line in Dallas and he's just said. Just score just scored don't worry about the back check don't worry about Gordon the corner do you think that we look at Tyler Sagan in. You were three or four years and CD thirty to forty goals score developed in Dallas. Yeah I'm sure we do on -- this book of the guy who. And score thirty goals regularly there but I know that that schools is problem is of course the Chinese civil. In hockey but. Wool will also probably look at him when he's the guy when you the -- he's the guy that. It's kind of anchoring the outline in dictating. How the outline fares. In who knows maybe -- 32 gold you know minus three rating in the star will be so so team. Will he really be making the impact that you either vertical or making and he's a guy that you know. -- -- -- all along that you want to play like him I think he's sincerely meant is is that their respective which he spoke. For Bergeron. But we all know that I would say you want to get going well he played the way he won't play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You want to beat the player that he was in junior where it scored two goals and we'll have to hope that the rest of his game at a sold out something that when he came in. Or when it would kind of offensive ability he hadn't even debated this in junior -- moral in everything. Do everything else or and so. That was the thing where it was worth monitoring whether or not the rest of the game would fill out. And despite some loony tunes during himself key vote that yet good -- -- over the past couple years. He certainly did that -- about -- player. Well then then the question should be NN playing devil's advocate somewhat because there is some blame being put on Peter sure rally and the organization for this. Should there be blame place then for a year ago signing this -- to the extension that he got to a what did Peter sure rally the Bruins. Either missed or think they were going to see that they didn't see in the past year when they gave -- this contract. I think they've gotten bet that the pact mentality -- the real -- Contract. To the the young players from that 2011 draft but he sucked in or get signed. He got -- today. All that did get side you had a big pay day in all these guys and one year left on their entry level contract. It's really spoke yesterday where it that they have when you left on the deal you can week. And go through negotiation what their deal expired. Which they do to wrap. Or you can project in a -- cute and the other right cracked. But try to get him at a lower cap number that he'll command. Want to -- Expires in the Bruins obviously -- -- thought that. They could be read a couple of enough that it went wrong could trade him which they did. Or they thought that this was the guy that was becoming the player that that we -- talking about you never became so. Surely. Made that call he did after skater decided after a whole. In the contract right now is just -- really -- DJ BW EEI dot com to get some breaking news as we're talking to you the Bruins have landed is I've done dubbed -- the last pretty girl at the dance. According to Bob McKenzie TSN Jarome Iginla. A Boston -- your reaction DJ. My reaction is that's exactly what they need to do they needed a right wing a first line right ruling after losing it and -- ended Jarome Iginla dozens. You might question have a chip up the paint and you might. Block studies are covered final performance and cringe a bit but used playing on -- software. In you guys that have the Bruins part of the trade deadline they would have thought about expanding now they can just a rental player like yarder Yahoo!. Fighting to win but move with them for them I don't know that determined that right now or the average annual value. I would assume that something like Michael Ryder got two years seven million. Would be. It would be fair forum and I'm laughter right now I'm watching Aaron -- -- it's like guys that -- -- of the Boston Bruins -- -- -- -- Look at that. He's not comment he's -- in -- is all over this. Yes but the reports that color. I don't know the term is on it -- -- we'll see what it is and Sherlock. Quote -- -- going to a conference shortly but. -- -- As you put it view collapsed pretty girl at the dance. And more important. In the sound graphic but he's the most physical girl left to the dance. It's yeah you replaces. Kind of the power forward that you lose in Nathan Horton. So. He would illogical binding anyway. Ryder. When you if you were to bring him that you wondered. We -- revert to that bottom structural he had with Chris Kelly or would you be -- and tried under the top line. Drove -- the guy that you go into the regular season with him as your first line right Winger and you can keep. I mean look into that top six got -- you between Lucic and Jarome Iginla and now. Bergeron between Marcia and then Louis Ericsson. Arguably. You know I'll set the better top that they had been during the playoffs last year when they had. How -- -- unit was underachieving big time or yeah -- -- that second line is. Is -- improve. And that the first line you definitely he would drop off or from. Nathan Horton and his late twenties to Jarome Iginla at age 36 but that's still powerful -- DJ Williams -- -- -- and a priority going a couple of minutes here and gets it you know work now that there is a new Boston Bruins but. I quickly here -- Erickson who who comes to the Bruins is the centerpiece of these steel at just the hall in general. Out of the Bruins do in terms of of the trade putting that cap space for a moment just the players especially Ericsson. Coming back out of the Bruins doing this hall for Tyler -- OPEC set I think that Eric has the best player in that deal so I mean. No and so -- -- partly that still really comes down to -- in Ericsson and Derek and the best player in the deal. After that I wrote they say get in -- of that second there about whether the deal but. Moreover as the guy who. I think surely really like that they have enough defense to doubt that bill had to be able to. Let this guy even. Former first round pick two years ago even the young guy. I'll look up front that they've got plenty elect -- defenseman Chara Seidenberg part -- -- crew. That they can just. Let him go in the age don't do is staying for 12 years. While he develops and does to the top -- -- that these projects to be so. That's going to be guys that maybe down the road when -- If Seidenberg is believed user entered last collector to deal he could potentially stepped in and play a big role for the Bruins Frazier. Surely says should be able to compete for a job this year with the Bruins. Riley -- late but they're good amount Nortel. I thought they played pretty much all season the cure it felt so he's young guy with experience. I think at the end of the day at the two big -- not dealer out at the Ericsson and immoral. And Ericsson right now -- yeah has. Not quite speed at Talladega but as fast guy. And a much better to live player -- the I think that quote Julian can be chipping the bench as the match -- A line of assuming you put the fun out there the first round trademark chin and -- and because he'll have three really really good two big guys with speed and skill. DJ before -- let you go another bit of breaking news -- -- to the Minnesota Wild does that mean we have to start hitting them now. Yes suddenly. Suddenly people all the -- that that the Minnesota Wild. But -- and maybe the wild medial be better in the Pittsburgh media because. It I I will forever be astonished that they have been going into that Eastern Conference finals series if it was fair that people who brought up the the Marc Savard bit. Now now not fair whatsoever any Marc Savard still can't play I would say that's the part that's not fair. -- I mean I thought that I I after the couple questions about it people were like give me dirty looks and everything -- The man and a career. Yeah I dairy DJ -- -- in the past. DJ being WEEI dot com on Twitter DJ underscore being -- column on Tyler say -- best column ever written on WEEI dot com. It'll make you laugh cry and fall in love does not with -- second. Right but that sums it up appreciated by. DJ be joining me via. Our AT&T hotline great stuff from him and WEP I'd dot com again we can read that com great takes on on the Bruins and some breaking news a lot of as we're talking to teach he'd been there in terms of Jerome again like he's coming to the brunt of still waiting to see something on terms. But -- again like is -- Boston -- That came from Bob McKenzie is get a source you'll find on these sorts of things and heat things with TJ things we Jarome Iginla now on the top line. And -- Ericsson. On on the second line. With that with Marchand and with that Patrice Bergeron the Bruins have a better top six then what they had this past year. And by the way seeing now daring to Gregor saying it's one year six million. Bergeron McGinley in Boston so that's a higher. -- Then that DJ was speculate he thought might be something akin to what Michael Ryder got a two year deal. It's open but it's only a year it's a year and six million so your reaction Bruins fans -- again -- to the bees. Louis Ericsson now on the second line and DJ being for one feels the Bruins have a better top six. And they did it this past year the team that went to the Stanley Cup final.

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