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Public perception of players in Boston isn’t always fair

Jul 5, 2013|

Bob Neumeier and Tom E. Curran are in for Salk and Holley during a busy week in Boston sports. Much of the news focused on the personalities of Celtics guard Rajon Rondo and former Bruins forward Tyler Seguin. The guys discuss both fair and unfair perceptions of pro athletes in this city.

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No salt no holly but we have to sell short covered. Ladies and gentlemen from Pembroke Massachusetts. -- white male running out the field. To literally. Starve Comcast sports net. NBC sports network pro football talk -- the hardest working men in football showbiz. Mr. tone. -- broke messages. Number -- channel. Long long long page. From news day I don't know me I play golfers can. Do. It's a big ball at Riviera. In Los Angeles Antonio hosts they're named Robert already did you have to chip over the little -- -- eighteen I actually parred eighteen which is -- and that -- has -- -- -- -- the moderator cut for -- it was it was -- local that this laid out because. He's also restores about OJ Simpson was there and perhaps we will touch upon OJ Simpson as we get to a four hours and -- my -- here the whole Aaron Hernandez's. Story as well so I happen to help from -- at Massachusetts so that's why we have the -- short covered completely blanketed. Total really -- yeah at this you know it's funny I'm notices as an area. Really when I was younger coming up in covering. Sports high school sports in different parts of the state. The so sure to the nor sure. -- two different states entirely there is very little in common between -- Malden Medford. Or bill Rico or Peabody with a Weymouth in Pembroke in you know it's different it's not brought with it and you legal community by community. We it is a lot different tone -- -- -- for example well that rupiah or call us. Mom. Or -- or deluxe -- Well wasn't that. We are pleased to be here are used to work at the station a million years ago with -- Oprah remember that a deal in new media extravaganza. And directly today I do have my old the new research report that we weren't dale at some point during -- This is pertaining to the notion. That somehow the Celtics got a good deal indeed -- offers for first round draft pick offs and no she bunker in the empty bottle and put on Tebow will correct. If you don't notice six point 77797937. Text line is 37937. -- we have vote. Lots to talk about presently the initial free agency period is open they'll be 200 million dollars spent today by clubs around the league regarding note that. Nathan Horton is 97. Year -- seven year deal. In the sleepy town of Columbus, Ohio deployed for the Blue Jackets currently that's where important one -- -- ago. Believe the -- -- did not like it in Austin which is one of the key reasons people scratching their head -- may be. Morton didn't even pick a -- on disk it was a hundred. Unrestricted free agent he's got that right any took seven years for this time you put yourself up through the age of 35 with that in my right. In the 35 years anymore -- quiet in -- And -- lush you're afraid of the Ohio State Buckeyes and go to the Big Ten games against Michigan he will get that in the sleepy hockey town. Of Columbus, Ohio soon Nathan and -- courtly -- you want you got a big deal for a lot of money. -- sleepy town go -- -- got to mind your own business sock money away -- nobody in the important and we from this generation in the next test to worry about anything. And you can -- ranked. -- all those who know me and my men into -- parents. Wife's from Edmonton cooperative. Exit deal with the your -- For forty years average annual salary about a 3.2 five million dollars. This is or is from Florida all the way to know for OK if I'm just wondered because they see if if this -- -- driving buses. If you -- to perhaps. With the important thing and perhaps with the -- thing and go back to Wes Welker situation and his wife is from Colorado. Its interest and pride. The spouses often -- departs. In these situations. It's never looked at by. Sports talk radio pundits as being. Possibility noted -- case just in their room for on the bus this financial pure supply would have loved it out. Arguably. Their best defense the last few games against the Blackhawks in the final. I thought sturdy physical. Shut all the right things could community guy a one citizen. You hate to lose it -- so he goes to Edmonton. Important goes. I think their -- a defense that got some problems that we were watching for some of the free agent signings today. I didn't Alfredsson is forty years old he joined the Swedish mafia in Detroit. No law no surprise there over the likes of those Zetterberg and bronze and and Samuelson and Ericsson and all the sons from Detroit so. I'm mr. Alpert in forty years old brewers were Christian why not captain solid citizen. Augusta the red wings as a free -- report five million plus two million in bonuses. So he George Detroit by the white folks are -- -- is in your division next humor that they switched. -- to -- Alfredsson. Daniel Briere signed with Montreal he's in your division as well. And so the brewers look -- on defense but they certainly need at least two followers had better hope that -- sort of Burke and now. Punching your next year they're gonna -- somebody who it is I do not know candidates include the likes all. You -- -- imagine 41 years old. Listen back again. And you know I was talking about this as a watch fireworks of my neighbor last I didn't and I'm not a pocket. -- it's a longer defer to you on a lot of these items. I am like many maybe. Popped on the bandwagon. And often do in the post season. I really liked younger on this team. My buddy. It looked ice and I like him because he controls the puck he's strong on the puck in and out like when he has -- He contends that -- slows. The other people on his mind down to drastically because he needs possessed of -- Is it it's. Bailing against the tide if you bring army I -- I think he did what have you I think you know witness. Is good at check out to -- to. Is that there's about it got to do what he's gonna help woman I am not sure exactly with the Bruins tablet -- -- -- -- -- sign Rask. I think at nine million after the big deal for Sagan. So Rask is probably gonna take up 56. That some may be looking at a two and a half million dollar guy two million dollar guy maybe three million dollar guy. These guys are again let any -- of people like Daniel Cleary that are available right wingers. Are going to be bottom feeders. -- shiny bottom feeder right wing after. You know these particular players go through the motions she -- they can get with -- other clubs and the Bruins will. Probably signed one of the -- assignment because they're little weak at the report position but this is a big day in the national hockey and make no mistake about it. This is the free agents. Period in baseball. Off football where huge money is tossed around most of it foolishly I might bird that's what clubs do you have any. Other big triggered Tyler shaken. Takes up our news needless to say. Interesting piece in the Boston Herald by Steven Harris to vote -- the Bruins did to try to protect the interest of Tyler state. From the peace. That he was up I guess hold up and hotel during the playoffs. Nobody's under guard was being watched by people that he didn't sneak out into the night. But he told them what Steve and Paris -- Stay in the hotel room and they -- that are guard that was. Right correct it. Did not a lot of room there. That's what happened to peace he stated that to me -- -- he was a goner and he made a lot of money. And I think the Bruins got a I don't look I don't watch the Dallas -- seed Western Conference last year you know I'm from everything I've read. A defensive forward who can score goals as well like 25 to thirty it's all well and and -- -- a couple prospects are gonna viper. Some waste time at the forward position as well in that deal. -- uninteresting October as we talk about the past Sagan and and and its. And Rondo. And others. When we deal with the notion all of the public perception. Of athletes. Good or bad they are on the -- -- the talk show business. When I was in it but generally now the -- -- heroes in adults. We applaud. We make fun of we mark. Well oftentimes with no particular evidence other band. Our gut feeling but that's what we do that's what this is all boat talk -- and the spin -- serve correct. How accurate is light and how accurate sugar -- and this really matter that. What -- did we learn from the hole -- and -- murderer -- an industry we know anything about Aaron Hernandez said the that he got himself in trouble and for. And that -- stock in the first round dipped column from first round talent to port for a while some clubs into Panama off the board it's that. Did we know anything about. The ammunition. Hanging around convicted drug dealers do we know anything about. But what was the perception of Aaron Hernandez. His time with the patriots but he was a but he contributed to. Winning game so now you've dealt with you tell me if -- -- it's a very inherited this broke whether you were not surprised. Or shocked. Think he went through the first few days and I think that most of the stories in the first 36 hours. Revolved around the notion that Aaron Hernandez is quote not a suspect. So it was if this was a tangential situation. That we and our minds chalked up to that post was cast Bristol. Those guys might -- tough to break those ties to tout -- need to keep a real. Lot of guys are are consumed by that this is a player who still was 22 when he was handed his deal last year media hasn't gotten to that point but there was. An immense amount. Of plausible deny ability. For Hernandez based simply on the spin that we had been served contrast that. Contrast that. With. And again we bring this up. Is these three stars from different franchises. In town young men. Who played at a high level stake of wondering Rondo wondering Hernandez played Super Bowls. Rush or Rondo is demonized. In this town is called bug is on all the bad guy. With the help -- evidence of that. Where is the evidence of that. Yes it was and he was -- party in the locker room with. Kevin Garnett talk about a kid who's who has -- and whoever called Kevin Garnett thought so if you judge people by the company you keep. If Garnett is thumbs up and Rondo is thumbs down. Where's the connection. So -- you said this this is the perception. If you don't like him as a basketball player OK I think we're genre to print. He had and he hasn't. Done enough cultivating of his persona the way the patriots may have done what did for Hernandez or kept him out of the firing line so to speak where he could undo now when he was handed her an extension last year. What was the party line. Not only did we give me extension says Robert Kraft but he immediately gave me 50000 dollar check back and -- you don't need to do that he said do. Some of that was what what you got is legit -- -- doesn't just built into the contract just PR spin that they put out there. But he was getting at the Petit grand anyway let's just -- -- up airing in similar to give it to the -- foundation of the aircraft foundation. I decrease -- days I can be cynical these days I can't be that cynical I would imagine John Hernandez worked. 8000 dollar check out his own pocket yet. Well then that I was never the Twain shall meet. However I am. Cynical about his overall if I do these things that makes -- pretty good okay guy despite the things that I mean do in the next few months the things I've done previously so. I guess we're saying is our perceptions don't necessarily jive. We in the media -- something. We then pass it on because that's what we have the context we have. Generally speaking if we do with by happenstance. Did we know the -- -- Necessitated and -- four -- sentry outside his freak in door. A lot -- might well rush on Rondo -- the bad guy and was runner John -- the bad guy and what does the talking genius or what does the talking points. Math genius playoff MVP if you asked me -- different seasons and basketball. And the -- in town. The professor Brad Stevens. Looks like he should be teaching chemistry in junior high school. Has. That all the right things today and I just stereotypes to -- front warning against I loved. Hiring or Brad Stevens -- -- again the talk -- is -- you know right as the bad guy. You know. -- I imagine just imagine tested by not just Rondo but every player that coached the Celtics will. It is almost like. It to school first -- getting new teachers. And it was always a wise ass in the classroom probably you current more and more think about back in Hamburg days. Better now -- let's let's test the teacher. Teacher walks in our hours talk about. The -- United States and you being the class clown says. And it better be good. Hey Karen do you do after school in talking or. From any other -- the classroom and -- excuse me try to teach class sort class clubs test the -- nationals what. Brad Stevens will come up with just brought about with everybody that's just the way the world in a particular night when he didn't play if you realize what -- -- real special when he called. The team together. To huddle up at mid court ruled Rondell continue to shoot on the on the -- at the other end until he's good -- those are the ways that players has coach. Will he be disinterested and disenchanted and film study will he'd run away from whatever plays called into his own thing. What maybe he will but these things that I think Brad Stevens has brought in for a reason why he doesn't have to appeal is now I think we do a disservice to people in general we say. Both. The player in the coach we look oppressed news Leo it was classes apart its current size can reach up -- why. Which stereotyped as a defeated he has to be used to be mailed by ESP chair thrower. -- to be you know an -- tour. He can't do it. You know with Phil Jackson asked -- and I know weekly. But I think you have to give the opportunity for Raj on Rondo was it extremely intelligent person. The screw it up first before it releases are gonna get a -- is -- -- I just. Again it goes back to I think that the -- our story today struck me. When we find out that there was a point four hours Sanford posted outside the room I would say in. During the playoffs. And they told him to live in a hotel room. We're nobody a week ago was talked about what a bad guy he was or how much. Monitoring this was -- again if you let the -- is talking up but I Fisher talked about 24:0 central to make sure the guy -- and is wrong. Mean that's. And then you have Aaron Hernandez who's in a situation with a patriots extending him 41 million dollar contract. Yet new apparently. -- -- -- -- Bottle like that didn't just come to pass in the last eleven months or did -- Where did that well that's what I am drive again if you knew when you signed for two million dollars I used to print. Would you do not. Do they don't strike me -- as being stupid people they strike me as being people that. Let's that's RBIs in and I trust you don't -- that that goes back to perception on them that that's correct we have but we I think they are responsible organization one. I think the patriots have been a very responsible organization did they screw up Hernandez case may be. They do due diligence did they overlooked at the dates are the guys that's -- two things that you don't answer this year is to disconnect the disconnect is is. Relationship that fascinates me here on this hole in the situation is the one between Belichick and Urban Meyer. People -- last. Who's to blame here in someway. Crafts well what are your point. It's like they didn't they should have known that got to get out skyrocket in the -- -- another question -- -- out okay. Urban Meyer ran the most renegade program of the last ten years of division one college football. Thirty arrests. Under -- watching. -- -- Get his wife and daughter tweet today Urban Meyer hasn't said were won his wife and daughter tweet today. Where is the ability for people to take responsible for their own decisions and of course that exists. Where's the responsibility of a college coach who sits in some prospects living room it says all the good things gonna do -- said student athlete. And then half of them. -- a large portion have to be suspended for occasional games. What I believe the patriot the patriots don't need to hand hold a player left to right make sure. They -- in his contract that needs to charity work they raided his contract the need to. To behave in a normal moral manner. But I think that the onus is on the patriots if they either pay as you mentioned knew about it and ignored it would be. Didn't do would the last LC before we have to break here is due diligence everyone's -- that word what does that phrase mean due diligence. The diligence. That is due diligence -- Jerod Mayo. Who is a guy you always know we areas of what he's doing in his where's the and we is generally speaking. Is not the same diligence that is true. A player like Aaron Hernandez -- due diligence isn't the same for everyone. So we're talking about perception of athletes we have so much news in Boston these days it's been enough. Story after another for wasn't the murderer vote and Lloyd it was a the hiring -- Brad Stevens it was dark rooms during the LA clippers it was Tyler Sagan being traded and on and on meego because this is the greatest sports city in the world so 6177797937. Is the phone number. Text to -- 37937. This is the WEEI Sports Radio network more in a moment.

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