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Head Coach Brad Stevens on the Celtics’ expectations: They have to embrace day-by-day growth

Jul 5, 2013|

Brad Stevens joins John Ryder and Steve DeOssie on Mut and Merloni to discuss what his vision is for the Boston Celtics. Stevens talks about the lifestyle change involved in making the jump to the NBA and explains how he plans to work with guard Rajon Rondo.

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John Ryder and Steve DeOssie and for -- Maloney final hour of the show before -- make way for Bob knew Meyer Tommy Koran for salt and holly -- -- fifth of July. We've got into a bunch of different topic sport from the start it was Aaron Hernandez's Steve. Back on the airwaves with us talking about that situation the patriots. Brad Stevens being introduced as the news Celtics head coach and now joining us on the AT&T hotline is the new head coach of the Celtics. Brad Stevens Brad it's John Ryder and Steve -- first off congratulations. John thank you very much pressure. Now first up. And we listen to your press conference we heard your press conference how much how much did it matter and I'm sure the Celtics a signature franchise and -- -- they were allowed by. Just -- interest in them but the fact that it's the six year deal and in that their. There's going to be some patience here. Well you know. I think that aid anybody in the impatient I mean me right. -- I'd love to compete. I'd love to prepare and I can't wait for a the first practice. And but it really you know I'm a big believer in the day by day process I'm really excited about it. The only way I would consider -- Butler. Was four. The the greatest situation. And it's all about people when I got a chance to sit down with the people in the room it reminded me of the people that I was sleep. And it's really. You know it's it's -- emotional because it's hard to leave the place that you and for thirteen years that. It's also very exciting. Because Portland Boston and well first off of what do you believe four or what have you been told. Your -- Melissa player acquisition will be here you have a city in. In the personnel or view you're strictly. On court got. You know I've I've been holed. And Danny and I have as you know we haven't had a chance to talk about every single thing but. It sounds like very collaborative. You know saying in and a lot of discussions along that being said I really trust those guys that do their job like. You know I am a big believer in. In in. Used to in my role as well -- possibly in the you know an answer from my inside their opinions and look forward. To talking about it but. He's really get what he's as are the rest is that so. I certainly trust that they'll do that well. I can tell and I understand that you were attached to Butler. And that's where you earn your stripes. There -- other college positions they came on UCLA and some other premier. Institutions. Why did he jump that those and and what was it is it just the -- the Celtics a signature organization about the decision making here. Going into the Celtics and in some of the past decisions as well. Well I think obviously you know you talk about all been achieved here the tradition history. You know we got a chance we haven't that it was time here in. -- in got a chance to sit here -- our. Get away quick. 96 hour or day three days vacation that we years ago and we just at a ball you know we read. The game. Eastern Conference finals 2008 we we were we we just had a great time and were excited to. You know not only did hear. The move our -- here but also to hopefully be. As active as we came in in the that's the big important part and you know and we're gonna miss -- and Indianapolis has been home. Meat from most of my life but at the same time it's certainly is there's a lot of exciting things about it. What do you think the biggest challenge is going to be have been the difference between a college coach and taking over as an NBA coach. I think it challenges is is very similar to. The child taken over any new job in. You know any similar yet. Not in exactly industry you know I think you know he completed college we still have to get familiar players yet to figure out victory might not be able to play the way. Players the way you want to coach cutters that are. But you know that's that's -- part of it but then also learning just. The NBA game in greater detail wearing the you know the different rules at different time now rules the you know adjusting to that point 42 shot clock and all those things so they're all adjustments. And I'm gonna surround myself with great people. Who know that stuff inside now but are also really. You know outside the box thinkers you know. Think average down for a great staff her probable artwork in it. In searching for answers. I certainly don't have all the answers but I loved being around people search informative it's kind of motivate people. -- -- What can Celtics fans journalists sometimes hard to sum up what can they expect from Bret Stephens coached team. I hope we play hard play together and and and and you know by the time goes on. That we as -- as we -- The people on our team and they can we learn whatever system we choose but it. That day you know we are very detail oriented tough minded group. You know that's that's what I've always enjoyed about coaching is when people saw. You know play not only to -- strengthen and enhance themselves individually but collectively go after it -- concede that sense -- -- the other. I know that you have a reputation for studying tape -- is a nose and you mentioned the differences in the NBA in the college game. 352 shot clock in college at 24 segment pros but what about the players themselves adjusting to the players because. He -- the players sometimes rule the roost in the NBA were in in college the coach is the man. Ahmad adjusted to the players themselves. Well you know I'll be educated. Into that question in three years of mine mine -- my assessment right now is in the way I think about it is. You know a lot of these guys most of these guys played college and so. That these guys aren't necessarily college players professional player that their people. And they really want to be good at the things they're working on and they also want to note that the people that they're working with power -- And those things will happen. You know I'm gonna put a lot of time in the people. A lot of time in the making sure that. That they know and says it says this is not just about. You know what they can do for the year it was taken -- where they are. His name on the front security is is really important. It takes precedent. At the same time they also understand that it's really going to be a fulfilling experience for them. Coach when when you willow look at the of the roster and what the roster might turn out to be. What could what could fans reasonably expect him in terms I mean. Everybody's afraid to talk about rebuilding this franchise but to what what can they expect over the next few years. You know what I don't know what reasonable expectations are because I've never lived -- live life obviously you know I think it I think. The expectations from my standpoint would be much more subjective with the commitment -- state by state wrote we've got a lot of really good young players. These guys are hungry and excited to play here. And they really played art in the in the short time that some of these guys is definitely one of the things that they've all been. Is responsive already have me and just as far as it back on text or calls -- -- they've just been great and and I think you know that'll be really funding a lot of these guys you know back your earlier question or just out of school. Or at least school age so it'll be. Is it should be a young hungry group. It's John writers Steve -- talking with the new Celtics head Coach Brad Stevens. Bread -- -- -- Rondo has been brought up quite a bit and I'm sure has brought up quite a bit do you you said in the press conference that you tie to him. On the fall and I know you've probably heard about his mercurial nature extent era. -- expected deal with him in do you expect him to be on this team once he comes back from ACL surgery. Well as the you know. Everything that I have. Been told around here is that you know he is a huge day. Huge huge huge huge part of us forward in a new way. I can't wait to -- -- to -- to spend time with at least coach and but it went to learn from them. I think he's got a unique. Ability. The play of the game I think he's very intelligent and incredibly. Instinctive. And I really can't wait. They get there with him. -- the -- a lot less worried about what everybody else says because. You know we we had a just a brief introduction talked yesterday but. I'm really looking forward to meet him. But some of the other players have you talked to you mentioned some text or what about some of the other players that -- -- on the roster that you're looking forward to. Working with. While I really am looking forward all of -- -- and know from a couple of them very. Very little from either you know being around -- in the college recruiting process -- just. You know in other GMs would never grown up or maybe they've played for a friend of mine in college but. Evolving great. The only one that got the chance to meet is Avery Avery came over for the press conference to that was really kinda him. He does not need to do that easily been down a couple of days but he took time spent time with my kids. You know that that means the world has they're making this transition with us so. You know all of those guys have been. You know in Mexico down the list that. That that talked about everyone -- that -- -- -- politics. And now no need to apologize to have you always had a aspirations of being an NBA coach and did have to be the right situations say the Charlotte Bobcats -- hikes of senator. -- come colleague. Was it just the Celtics that sold the on this or did you always have aspirations of being an NBA head coach. You know what I've really loved the NBA game. On the election remember but it. I really started studying it more -- for years it -- that is a result of being around people that were. Very intrigued by it and excited about it. Today both in college in the were already working in India. In one of the things I learned today as it was around equipment retreats or even just that one -- one time with -- guys -- on the topic but it -- their craft and in Palestine and thought they have or how much time they have to put thought into their craft that's what they do. And I think that that's something that was very very intriguing it. You know I'm looking forward to -- -- that's -- decade. It a little bit of a lifestyle change from the you know from a college job you know I'm not going recruiting. For the next fifteen point five days. You know we -- get -- to take our team to Australia there there is there's a lot of other things that. You know they go on in the college job that you know won't be as much in the Summers -- -- Coach you mentioned to the history the tradition and the Celtics who bares all led to is can any of that be intimidating is that a party you're thinking. Yeah I would do my best just to. Just the focus on the day by day right if I start thinking about that yeah sure. And you know it's it's it's an absolute. Unbelievable. Feeling an opportunity chances to coach the Celtics in the same -- with a large responsibility understand. Public support of that but again it. You know where whoever your coach -- wherever your coaches you know Europe middle school code tree coach in the summer yeah. You coach the Boston Celtics it is really about the people it's about have a great experience with those people that are in the room. That will always be. Something that's very important. What about assembling the rest of your coaching staff is that going to be a collaborative effort to you'd -- the front office. Danny and I talked about that a little bit yesterday and and again this morning in and I think he's really. You know let me run with that certainly he's got a lot of template. And an apple and -- -- on him. Quite a bit before making any final decisions let. I'm looking forward to interview people talk and the people in examples that assemble and part of that is watching guys play figured out what they do well. And maybe they have some some. You know quality in this game that I think would be very much -- by unique system me and so you know that might influence that. In terms of the staff decision you're looking for. Some assistant coaches I would think with some some NBA. Experts -- clearly not an NBA coach -- Absolutely absolutely you will see that I think the you know whether it's head coaching assistant coaching. Or just being around the game at this level. You know that that will be a big part of you know that the decision making. -- of -- we put together Stan but. But I'm not as not concerned with necessarily whether somebody was it culture. Or what have -- So what's the next step here over the next few weeks. You know -- and try to have a night sleep wants the haven't had that few days and then I'm actually. I'm headed back to the midwest -- for a couple days and slide down. Catch wants this summer league games start -- those in and few days now and then. The -- -- to go next I guess I haven't really got the calendar yet. Current launcher well a great opportunity and we really appreciate our opportunity its IQ and once -- graduation is coach. Yeah I look forward to begin again thank you all right Bret Stephens the new head coach of the Boston Celtics joining us here on. But Maloney showed John -- and Steve DeOssie.

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