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DJ Bean bids Tyler Seguin

Jul 5, 2013|

WEEI.com's DJ Bean joined Rob Bradford and Steve Buckley to provide his perspective on the Bruins giving up on Tyler Seguin. He also addresses how Loui Eriksson will fit in with Boston's top six forwards.

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That was art that's odd how they go in Kirk Manningham and usually they play something negative or Kirk ripping somebody. He went right into -- very positive call from Dave O'Brien. I mean nuclear era -- not here today so I dispelled you know all I. I didn't wanna given the usual treatment is usually you know that's my favorite spot in the open he can put something really funny or that vessel in the students that's a layup. The the this SoundBite of him yelling at children knocks you today come on I -- -- -- -- mister mister. Joseph put up a fight -- dollars and deteriorated. Our rob Bradford Debbie I Docomo with Steve Buckley Boston Herald Boston Herald dot com. And all and delighted -- this right now we are privileged to be joined by DJ being you may know him. As the Bruins insider forgot the guide dot com and I know him as one of Tyler Sega games. Biggest supporters. Throughout has the young hockey players entire career tell me on run -- today. Well -- the only thing that makes me cringe more than being called an insider because that's the dumbest urban sports media. Is being called -- supporter Palestinians but you know whatever it was say. Could be worse you gonna call the world class Collins that's another one a rock for. From the -- -- But but I am not -- believed that I am so it's difficult it will stop called this above board insider makes me feel like. -- -- -- insider makes me think that like you're a -- that -- you go to report like that the media relations people like -- -- here. That'll -- isn't true. -- I listen I. You can you can you can say I'm full Tom fool -- whatever I have heard that you probably use a different orbit go ahead -- Hugh Hewitt told me that you were going go to Switzerland. To cover Tyler Sagan during the lockout so you are there for substance. And and so the fact is is that when they had pictures of that dirty apartment that I saw some DJ being items there. I -- you an insider. Yeah out there with a lot of they're -- doubles pizza boxes that he's there you know. -- you know I think -- the other day with with Sagan. A lot of people are gonna go to two papers that you secured the given up on and the others say it must be off the -- stuff. It out that you can look at either of those the end of the day yet about contract. That. With his style lately couldn't -- in the play in their top six consistently. Into -- -- to compete the way the Bruins do you can't afford. Or have -- contact the can't afford to have bad contract the pop your payroll and that's ridiculous figured in you're right below Lucci. Is the second highest paid for the team and with no disrespect to that -- and he is even close to their target -- -- -- the -- -- -- invest or so. They are -- to move their Stewart's contract and figured partly in the that it. All right deejay tell me where I'm wrong premise -- -- play devil's advocate. There you have the first hear Tyler say in nineteen years old this is a wash we don't mean counting -- second year he's pretty dead. He's trending in the right direction. That this year this kind of do is dysfunctional year the year split up he's playing a switch from one year then the second half he's not good. But he's third year -- coming off for pretty good year 21 years old -- if you knew that he's 21. So -- so so tell me. What is why isn't why we they should come under some criticism for perhaps jumping ship to early. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- As far as. It's. Because that a lot of different things critic on the -- He could have got a lot to develop the game and that he go to one place where he can revert back Alton junior ways of -- or else we'll do everything for me and all of you might be in nobody did it needle or majority in gold -- all the on the world -- not think he went to Switzerland so I kind of spoke. A lot and it's a player -- was. In a package he wasn't particularly not player returned our calls are about oh I'd been here and I've been around birdie and if you had to keep plays. -- -- a model my game after him well. Because of -- -- and -- that you go to some place better. In Dallas and I'd imagine -- be up their credit beat her purse or are you idiot to try to be even in post pretty part do but. Just put his -- ruling that edit -- whatsoever. And to really get out of the dirty areas I can't see it happen but we will sit we will keep score more in Dallas but we won't see him become player bit. We all expected to be limited to the second overall. Let's expand that thought DJ five years six years in the future what are we gonna say. -- secure in the I mean you could be I think 49 goals would get. We're outweighed that given a guy. He couldn't throw more -- given thirty minutes and doesn't fill me. Birdie and that's that -- you scored in the game that you benched Parker. Blown up so hopeless so -- -- -- birdie eagle court. You wasn't he could have been as he and there are better behavior -- Look I think that you'll be you'll fall somewhere in that they just above that ordinary as far as scoring goes he'll give you were forty. Side of the revival of the Goodyear. Lately I've been a bad year. I just think the end of the day. Is prize is where it needs to be murdered before. Beaten so eloquently about how it isn't just a matter of skills you've seen guy. Let's set are much worse than all the -- Who else partner for our partner log houses a lot more open people thought we came up this Friday fourth liner but. They have no business scoring more goals and I would say it is that you're in here and yeah mark -- a couple of years older but. And been in the system for awhile now yours. Promoting the Bruins since Phil Kessel and a couple played here. Opener -- -- of our forces have a couple -- here -- -- development workers as well score but never apple I would say. You could say it's -- that obviously likes to party too much but. A lot of guys yeah it's delicate partisan legend in the very early or is there a difference between those guys say -- What figures showed up. It was pretty certain there's certain I want a score a lot of the welcome -- the so long so what does that give at some point to the other bit of production probably. What I'm saying the days that there are guys who grind Al goals and and and just tough it out and get in there and put the puck in the net and score the goal and you go -- was pretty good new market that is a goal. And in their guys and and -- seen -- do it -- -- take apart privately behind his own net during the players against the Bruins. And -- -- got to pass that Korda moved up the left -- committed just just blew everyone away. Saying came in on the net and scored a goal and that's when you say wow nobody else can do that. And I've seen Satan scored goals and we talked about it earlier. And a sit at like wow nobody else can do that you drive home you're doing great -- signatory and turn the corner. Did you have to drive home feeling no way about him. No I have I. I mean. I can't do it again polite very early period -- -- -- -- real goals for. I think it's -- bureau called art that we you know. It was something that would allow it wasn't have been -- recognized at all like Michael Ryder in the playoffs. Paragraph as part of a playoff Parkersburg is a single season. And by the time you left -- it was terrible. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bureaucracy in the third record you. Consistently. I mean yeah I'd go back more than likely. And or eleven will be completely nuts like London. That was all the -- that you are as -- he -- he built and that he expects second period. He played game three you're not. Only network that is back. I'll probably asking me this quarter slowed down eventually get that. I don't listen. Art or whatever you were -- from work off of is what it is is numbers war the second season. And consistently -- He is just a site to be seen all -- he bought it you're overconfident being that the -- -- those goals or Chrysler group frozen woke up today the parts of it will look like I was -- that the repairs at a certain level -- -- -- -- of other let are desperate to get uniform. That don't currently production but says he's not willing to play but that would make it successful let the. Did you know that Barkley is -- -- -- -- being frozen. He'd pocket her partner with group that's there. And -- -- well -- bill also doubles -- it was just like. Alex that the day. What did you think of volume and you probably. As you -- on several times -- last week -- rarity dresses but not my presence what did you think of -- always comments. Last week and a ball stylistic. Well couldn't suck -- -- and -- that they weren't going to be able -- Sagan. Because I thought that they are making calls on the kids try to move them early get out from a contract to make it. Be able to breezes here in. Lower cap and I wasn't really surprised to see that not negate the fruition. So when he came on set that I figured. You look at it and saying it. -- -- good young player got a lot of -- or not going to be able to get -- order -- the next year so. My best options are motivated and we did that you're out of there and then. And then and every that situation. Yup he's an interview if -- killed off that field won't be quite as bad -- don't back up. Can you -- paying a lot more -- free agent market. In the 854750. Look that bad for the kids -- -- keep them or be able to get a lot more outside -- motivated at the end of the day. They had never been through something like before it is HL career so we had no proof -- you -- -- -- player who's gonna respond to that and it motivated. The DJ if you were covering Dallas Stars if you are world class columnist with WDA old dot com whatever the Delis would station is. And you were covering the press conference in which Sagan is introduced would you ask the Dallas Stars. Hey what's the story here this -- -- general manager. Went on record attacking him for his lack of professionalism. Right absolutely and -- listen what -- Ellison to. Sagan. Conference call. Because -- the same time as sure I was unfortunate so the -- of all of that and you forgot about that a few times in the -- case such -- -- or within even the a 21 year old kid you need to come out they look at my craft seriously eat wherever. Eric did end -- Lawrence. Well why would block same -- give a stupid answer the passionate freaked out. That's what they need they need -- if it luck and a change everything about Yates which like I said. Done and Patrick -- party way harder than him out there earlier in partly art and those guys have both had huge excessively. So. I don't look too much operates stuff but -- -- accurate -- about. If you're dealt reporters. Have to be the number one question are we that this -- is not a problem child for the speed and look Sagan -- better and -- he's he's cocky couldn't be a bit of a jerk sometimes. I don't necessarily think that these problems probably lucky that I I wrote this morning about he has -- -- -- drug problem and I think any of us have controlled that yet either than the up the right stuff doesn't matter as long as you can -- you on the. I agree -- DJ who basically in a nutshell this is surely. Prioritizing. The need for cap space the need for decent players right now. Against the potential of Tyler Sagan so where that's where that said. Did they get enough. A in regards to players and be in regards to cap space. I think definitely both. I really really good deal -- surely. Ericsson. It's. An improvement there are a reconstruction. -- said the other day on the right side so what they view would be treated. There -- only -- right wingers not named -- or ought to get back is probably misses and guidance for its Cecil challenged her a spot but. I don't really help Evans overall all a look at. There are looking at -- right now the better player and they'll go -- -- much better player in this. Sense that you're. Very very it's too -- that's what we're -- if they don't they -- we -- -- Is pretty good to regard he's got a lot of speed so. You're losing the whole staff player on the right -- you -- -- they can but you're not necessarily becoming a much slower team although with partly also to -- but. Arts and Parker north say that two or three more years -- -- -- out with a point 25 million dollar cap says. You're getting more production that you're getting from -- and you're sitting courtside million dollars the year. Don't -- to a year what's the capital down significantly before goes back up in the coming years that's huge for the Bruins and you get to keep -- -- the -- capsule even when it goes back up that's even more cap yeah yeah yeah outlawed. Certain or he gets his mammoth. Were polite -- but it will pull out of currency improvements. What if Iraq or are you still see them all right side so yeah but it did have some work to do whether it be create. Wallow along those lines -- quick give me your name as we go into free agency today DB name that the Bruins fan since day. The Bruins their team might go after this guy. We'll dale opposite the you are. But you know it's great you -- -- they're trying to get good right now to try to work right now. Why not bring back Michael Ryder I don't sound ridiculous. I know that sounds ridiculous at all. I mean you're kind of that the in the massacre they -- up by. -- will come back here in a note that you're that you're born music right now report five million dollars. But that's that's kind of what. -- London -- this concurrent partners are configured. For you it was Michael Ryder since you left the so. Michael Carter would would that. Opposite the obvious -- If there's water if it did some analysts that supports this said. -- New -- -- it -- -- says -- pretty -- -- -- I think -- I think they like the -- They're up -- circuit right now where it's gonna be pretty much. -- And -- -- in early in the -- or something like six billion dollars a lot of the order more guys that highly. -- -- is really let me just got rid of say so Alfred. Rather. Unlike you I like it where where it was storming audience have created the NHL DJ great column today. On the new well -- without a great -- Dijjer. There's a hill email allow the column and I'll say this is a great calls in congress are at this -- released its criticism especially. At least you're honest if nothing else. -- know it's concerted effort the outcome. All right OK TJ thanks for joining us enough I'll Parti letter and I keep of the good or the stock. Yeah. Yeah defense yeah -- -- did create a it is. I also -- people who got such good yeah obviously Chester. You just -- a podcast of -- purity it's called the first while best name for podcast a while time odd man rush. Which is but -- -- -- -- -- listened to a deal whole the whole thing like guesses is that DJ as -- as podcasting. In my choice and they -- is right it was the other data rate before the city and stuff went down. I'd. It's it's the it is literally could sense of humor I encourage people analysts knew it. Our -- to you all lined up DGB -- Mike the rest of -- 617779790s. I'm sorry 7937. We can continue to stay in conversation we can get into Brad Stevens that press conferences at 11 AM. When we got covered up the right after us cents. Writer in the -- John rider Steve DeOssie coming up attending -- -- old time baseball game moment. I did I do we we right we are kinda had a after the break don't want I'll give you an old time baseball game moment involving Steve DeOssie you know Campbell all of the wanted to -- right after the -- break.

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