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Chris Forsberg, ESPN Boston, joins Chris Villani on Independence Day to analyze the Celtics new coach

Jul 4, 2013|

Forsberg checks in after the Celtics hired Brad Stevens to replace Doc Rivers as head coach. The guys analyze how this could affect Rajon Rondo and his future in Boston.

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But -- Sports Radio WEEI. It's the 4 July happy fourth everybody out there and the guys had a day off Chris -- sitting in. We're back to your phone calls in just a couple of minutes -- joining me now to discuss the I think we could say surprising hire of Brad Stevens to be the next coach of the Boston Celtics is Chris Forsberg covers the Celtics are ESPN boston.com -- press. Doing pretty well happy fourth. I. Obviously you're planning -- nice quiet fourth of July not a lot of news breaking just had a barbecue catch some fireworks end. A little wrench in the plans last night around 5 o'clock. Yeah -- -- -- -- in the middle -- might get ready for acute. But you could look at -- the Celtics dropped back quiet. 5:40 PM press release. I don't know maybe it yeah. The galaxy -- fired somewhat on unlike ideal holiday weaken our pride. You would discreetly. And get this Celtics expect like it to be taken badly I don't think they'd -- should be happy with their response they've gotten -- a bit but I think people are excited about this. But it's not like -- expected to be -- one way or another side like Al Brad Stevens the Celtics got -- they'll play up a few more sparkle in any one way or another it's cycle and -- -- the radar or what what year were aside from my fourth of July is not going to be much busier what's your reaction when you first heard Brad Stevens -- the Celtics that next tech coach. -- about a pretty cool because I know in the NBA we get this rut where. It's just -- a musical chairs every Nazis then and maybe this year -- mean you know like what twelve vacancies so far and sometimes he'd just. All that relative of hiring someone with experience and has been dismissed from another job. So that could've played really say -- get there -- got. Well why don't -- and and I know as famous skier this summit many government report -- with NBA experience that they could just plug in there. And did not have to worry as much about but. You know what -- and that organization has never been afraid to make a bold move and getting into particular. And other critical that they they clearly honed in on Brad Stevens of the they he really wanted right after darker without go to LA. And that they are under way in this Internet age the Buick under the radar I don't know how. In being in in the ownership can -- in Indianapolis and and no one's radar goes not they did it may. They drop the pilot Bob again I don't know -- advocate the use but it is it's -- the political experience and and now and see what what he can do with the pro level. One of the big concerns right now which Stevens he is young he looks young. He's going to be in a locker room now with your Jared Salinger and Jeff Green and mainly it's Raj on Rhonda does question centers around you're not locked -- in every day. Do you see that team respecting and and working well with the younger coach like Brad Stephens. Yeah I think at the end of the day all they care about is and can this hurt we trust this person can he lead us in the put us in the direction we need to go on and if you look at is resonate with Aubrey is certainly believe that it's a group that. What an expected to be much maximize their potential got a two QNCAA title games but that bodes well because that's really what is going to be asked if you ears stake. A young corps air expectations on its first season will be extremely low it toward understands there in the middle of this rebuild. And try to maximize everyone's potential utilized the traffic that they have have built around this or. And and try to get him back to being a contender. Now obviously everyone seems fixated on Rondo and not I think. It's almost grown to the point where. I think that they exceed reality but it's like. That the clashes with -- on her well publicized. Then -- say it happened but he docs and on the way out. You know their relationship was never better by the united part of that was because -- start. Keeping more on the same level and that's what kind that might take time was with even as well you know broad bill definitely. He admired some who can think the game like he can't. He could clash because he's on the court and he wants to believe that what he sees you can't see from the side. So that's the play itself argument and see the gonna have to figure that out. But I think I think it got -- -- -- -- -- a knack for and like awful like seven hours they're optimistic it's removed the -- You know made that similarity world war war -- something in a special for the candidate -- can't work -- I just so that we can dismiss. Chris Forsberg joining me on that from ESPN boston.com Chris -- with in Sports Radio WEEI. Do you see Roger Rondo assuming of course he's not dealt at some point this offseason do you see him going Ford is the kind of -- the Celtics could build the team around. Yet he can trust the any change and you know it's -- candy -- just told us. He wouldn't know art architecture and Judith -- we get the church but Lieberman and comic lines you. He says that this team is not right now looking to rush around. And that they'll listen called but almost a team is gonna mortgage their future it's Celtics something. You know another -- Franchise cornerstone and up they're not gonna think about it right now and I don't economic and human because they aren't coming off the ACL surgery back in February. We don't know how he can respond to that -- -- for a situation I left the legal bit leery. Sort -- incredibly good trade value was as low as it's going to be an especially now that it -- -- -- thought -- -- reputation. I think -- could get back on the court. And kind of remind people of the -- had to make them forget about all the -- -- and the after all that so I don't I don't see them a move. Happening now -- -- you can read and evaluate about a huge and it is as important year for Rondo. Because what he does get back on the court doesn't have that big -- supports many more -- a box. He's got to show that he can be a leader this -- that he can't beat the French out course now that. That base of -- and Jeff Green at soldier Bradley. -- something this -- build around it could look at that mitigate that at some point when it read back out there and and they can figure it out this guy is indeed what they can build around. I think their their gut tells me is but it's gonna show it what it is still you know -- twenty centimeters all. It's going to be of interest to see how he response that situation is if nothing else we know they're Rondo. Is highly fuel. What let me get the chip on the shoulder -- to see his best friend Kevin Garnett that out but we're glad that he's coached we result about a way to treat idol. He's getting motivated to -- I want that manifests itself -- -- Chris Forsberg joining me from ESPN boston.com Sports Radio WEEI. We've got a lot of collars the last hours so I'm sure a lot of fans the last if fourteen hours our reliance then. Trying to find the rationale for a guy like Stephen what do you think losing did change his mind and celtics' minds when they need the hopper for six years from Brad Stevens. What are they added that jumped out and is just the way he he goes about his business so called on the sidelines he says that by the side of the law. -- players the sort of -- nervous because of their coach looking skittish on the one record back with agent -- hourly took over the program. I think it's -- nice compliment. To gated community paid on the sideline -- not riled up -- a playoff games and Paul called on the air to get it's a good oil for him to have that. But you know I think it more like -- we we think because when we think about the Celtics and and the at least they're part office about how they operate. -- that is there there have been involved with advanced stats. And I think that even these -- that he's the guy who puts a lot of prep work who's willing to take that data. And and use it on a night to night basis -- part -- the -- it. But I think there's more that desire now is in it's called the UN BA where we're younger brighter minds. Bike ride methodical and out of Phoenix are getting the opportunity because they'd be -- -- the different. I wonder that's gonna help this team you know that you can't resolve the court -- speed of players they got it that we I don't even know they can process right now about. How -- that the but eventually you know it if they can work that it is Hewitt had a distinct advantage. You're looking at it would differently -- and try to. Trying to be one step ahead and I think that that could help a young team trying to get past the ticket and I think that's what attracted honesty which is we think the game and and and how it's how it's gonna play out on the court. Stephen's track record -- Butler obviously speaks for itself you laid out a lot of it is is positive qualities. I just it just right there but when you look at the track record of coaches going from the college ranks to the NBA whether it's pitino. Whether it's John Calipari -- he is a little bit more recently it's not exactly stellar why could Brad Stevens be different. Yeah I don't know I didn't see that the number one they've got a -- but unfortunately -- -- to -- -- -- what constant and stared up all the references are going to be out there. Because you know again. Is debate whether it's here they got and they're going to be made and and obviously we -- up your tenure laid out here so. It can get past that it didn't just do his job I do think coming in with a low expectations. That several other news this rebuild here is that the Celtics are denied graphics -- Not for -- graphics over the next five years have a chance to assemble here at age it's you know. This same freedom. -- -- is a needy in our. It -- and has a chance it would it seemed to forget it yet until the for the week which I mean. Tortured him for him to be fired and has sickness that more than that in the franchise record eighteen games. But the Celtics he gave him the freedom to it where I wanted to take you -- And that -- -- they put the talent around him. It an assessment with title so -- it is in which he could hear the first year that he actually and it got to enter. Some some losses out there. Maybe the audience's way you'd be traffic start building it up you get the chance by the planned -- flight. When it gets secured deals it's speaks that they that this be an Asian you're becoming even. But they see a bright future -- this guy they want help nurture him along just like they hope he can use with his players. It is it. I'd just keep on back to the Butler situation. You know of course -- only difference -- you can have to adapt to the NBA game but of course a lot. There's so much. That it happened just like any call protests to go through. What does this is a good situation on the surface -- the peak by the -- you wouldn't it where there's the chance to make it work here. Chris Forsberg has BM Watson dot com we'll get Saudi were at the question little bit different from the others but it's an interesting off season coming up her the Celtics in terms of the free agency period. Much different than the last couple of years certainly prefer -- Golden's name -- Ultimately how active you expect this team to be in free agency this summer. He has I don't think they can be very active right now -- looked. Until that -- Steele goes -- It and they can product but it sort through their personnel. They're out of -- abide in -- in the it projects the push them. What -- and art -- they think he voted by sign and trade. And that's -- a limit what they do they can build up a bit bubble available on the biannual available but because there are now hard cap. It is not have any resource to really push it without making some other complementary -- I think that's. He was saying on Monday that that's the biggest thing it really focused on the creative aspect of it. Get your outweighed the to try and on the quad which apple or thereabouts. Finding a new -- Gerald Wallace Chris Humphries. Or -- but the -- -- they've got already on the roster usually get that bad. But in the middle there with with Brandon bass and Courtney Lee. You either -- which guys are gonna be part of your future which are now expendable. And so that that's stopping that might force you to then trade away another younger player party that he'd take on a contract so they got some shop want to do I think. That will be the first phase and then maybe they'll they'll look up did it in late July see who -- You know maybe keep it if Greg Oden is still -- -- -- room don't be in huge interest in coming here that would be an interesting. A bit just because of the potential. But you know it is an -- it really worry about that they've got to eat bogeys that B port artists for them out of flexibility -- -- -- next year. What what we expect this more free agent bonanza in 2014. For now you might not be content to fill out the roster with -- -- short -- guys and just got to go through this this what could be and a bad year. Chris Forsberg Celtics reporter ESPN boston.com. On Twitter at ESPN if Forsberg. Chris really appreciate you taking a few minutes on holiday and enjoy the rest of the fourth. You're about. I'm gonna have to NAFTA right after this shows over appreciated -- It our Chris Forsberg joining me -- ESPN boston.com ESPN Forsberg. -- barbecues -- have to wait a little work to do left for crystal were to do for us here on the fourth of July holiday but. Italian nice quiet fourth of July just out there you feel -- some firecrackers or whatever. Get ready for the barbecue all the sudden 540 yesterday. Boston Celtics hired Brad Stevens is their head coach. It was an unexpected higher to say the least but if you listen to what Chris said there he seems pretty optimistic about it is definitely a -- higher. If you like gay story if you like just. Having something that's a little bit knew a little bit different you gotta like the Brad Stevens hire you gotta look at this and say. That he's day a guy who's not the same old retread he's not. Bringing Iraq I mean essentially that's what the the NBA's become right. I mean that's why we haven't don't have a huge sample size of coaches coming from the college ranks to. The NBA know what sample size there is is an overly encouraging most of these guys have not done well going from college to the NBA. But this is something that's outside of the box in terms of the usual shuffling of head coaches bringing back guys who have gone to the television broadcast Booth for a year or two or doing what Charlie did for example and promoting a long time assist their hiring a longtime assistant Steve Clifford to -- -- coach -- This is different. Now will work. That's the big question and Chris is very optimistic in terms of how Brad Stevens and rise John Rondo could potentially work together. And he thinks they really couldn't they could work together and be paid. Units it's gonna bring this team through a transitional phase. And I agree with that I do think that Rondo can work with Brad Stevens are ultimately it's about winning and it's about. Even if the team isn't winning right away which they probably won't be Bret Stephens that's -- about locker room and show these guys he knows what he's doing. And he can adjust quickly to the big gift but if he does that. I think he gets the respect of the locker room and I think he can be a great fit for the Celtics younger guy fresh energy. And that a guy they can bring them he can grow as a coach as these new team this new unit this new word the Celtics grows. Into that next -- Celtics basketball. 6177797937617779. 7937. Your -- at 37937. -- here until 1250. And Red Sox baseball the Sox wrap up a three game set with the San Diego Padres Chris a lot of sitting in for Michael -- it's Sports Radio WEEI.

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