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SI.com's Ian Thomsen doesn't see Rondo in the Celtics' long-term plans

Jul 4, 2013|

Ian Thomsen joined Butch Stearns and Adam Pellerin on The Dennis & Callahan Show to talk about the arrival of Brad Stevens and what it means for Rajon Rondo's future in Boston.

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You are listening to the WEEI Sports Radio network in the biggest story locally as well as nationally in sports today as the Boston Celtics hiring. Of 836 year old. Exclusively. College. Coach. Never had any experience in the NBA. His name is Brad Stevens. He's been given a six year 22 million dollar commitment. To come to the Boston Celtics excellent article if you go to SI dot com and an excellent title at the top of it it's the front page article that SI dot com. Butler to Beantown. Ian Thompson. Long time. Respected columnist covering the NBA is joining us on the line now from SI dot -- which turns and Adam tolerant following an -- you. Good it's been a very interesting. And surprising sort of going out for you as an. -- area -- And that the -- real soccer both. -- inspired. You know in in. They have we have a plan income I can hear the team planned and say I think he actually which is clinical work with the for the. So your articles excellent by the way I think it sums it up you very opinionated you're strong and a lot of your opinions and obviously I know you well enough that. European music coming from the facts and the people you talk to also so. To one point right off the top I agree with almost everything -- saying your article -- the point that you say exactly this year -- more so than Rondo. Represents the future of the Celtics now they've given him a six year deal. 22 million dollar commitments of Stevens is the future. Of this team. But when you say I wanna read verbatim from the article it is above all else and inspired move. It says what we already know very well that any changes -- risk taker puts his neck out. But having taken this enormous risk. Angel making it clear that he's gonna be standing by his two young coaches Stephens endorse a steep learning curve. Is he really taking up much of a risk when management has our ownership has given -- the commitment of six years. 122 million I mean isn't really telling us that you know he's not gonna say it Ian but isn't he telling us that we're committed to this guy. And we know we're gonna lose but they're gonna be fun to watch. Well I think the risk is you'll know he's going to be any good. It's just a different world. And Kobe -- the world you can beat that college coaches couldn't pick -- the NBA. As we don't know you know. And the players were -- public money. Didn't have them power. -- Red -- was coaching and there was no we agencies he had a final super contracts. Everything look at her and now. Now the players in the NBA have more control than the coaches. Except -- situation. -- coach could become. Welcome call program they're all about -- It's all about. Coach. And the coach every day goes out there and make sure everybody and the he knows all about and all that coach it's all about the other coaches -- election Kelton UConn. They come to the MBA and and all the Sunday don't have that power over the players. The players have the power over them it's an entirely different situation that. That's why did you called coach who in the past been hired to coach that team. They've been fired after a couple of years since been disastrous income in the whole thing a bad name. What I think it's going to be different is because. They are giving him six years. -- he has replaced. Who was -- about. Coached this is about to retire in the NBA. Darker -- -- to a group they stuck with. This guy who had no track record. So. They're they're trying to build what -- develop. They've rekindling. Also extradition and trying to build on that by -- this guy. And then most circumstance he would say it's a big mistake I would. I'd say no longer is it impossible Wear colored coat. Who who make this come in win in the NBA -- There are different circumstance from all the other they're given and -- -- your commitment to the saint. We're not going to be threatened electric a year and work of rebuilding the committee weigh in as. We're gonna be skating by you know that it happened is here. And -- is the difference in trying to build a program. He's trying to develop -- You'll tradition and keep the relevant and modern age. I hated the fascinating and I can I I don't think -- before Angela let ordinary couple. First. -- I didn't say I think they're gonna be fun to watch I think that's the message that Danny is trying to sell I think one of the things he gained by this is -- you know well look. You know women -- Again he's not saying this but to me the messages we may not win games Rogen has some young guys -- to develop and we got a new coach that we believe is the futures are common watchers. I don't I think it's all about. Three or four years from now what they're going to be this. They'll have a guy that learned how to be felt that was what the Celtics stand for right. From -- as opposed look at they hired to Carl in the hall and the only guy out there and record on this and has experience -- ground. Experts assistant grew up in South Portland, Maine. Grew up -- Celtic. You know. He believed development stuffed the stat beleaguered coach -- all -- that so he was the one guy that understood. Whether it means to be Celtics. All the other coach because hired they would of learned their lessons elsewhere who have learned to. You know what the NBA it's about they're they're trying to indoctrinate the side and so the way. And to me the Celtic way mean Simpson. It's an ideal you know. It's hard to have them believe it is to work in this -- -- -- -- return -- to work -- -- In Adam here Roger around or trade rumors that are nothing new we've seen these over the past couple years but you'd mentioned at stevens' hiring means that this is. Likely the and barrage are Rondo is that. Is that a product. To expedite its expedite the rebuilding process or is it more of because of the personalities. Will clash. I think it's more the latter. In the -- who can accept all the way around it may keep Rondo. And they will not. -- -- The stars long look at -- -- they won't lose -- -- go go encrypted up being. Could not be terrible but they'll never ever since the you know they won't have the means to go out and get the great player. Good news that you need in the NBA so. But then -- part of it is. Yeah. He he's he's microscope he knows he can be coached by a guy that never being MBA. Doc Rivers. Is known in the NBA for. Being -- coaches and confront players. Can. Work with good and can laugh with yell at can do all these different things. Cook everything got -- could make it work with Rondo because all the experience. All of -- with. That could keep Rondo. As a constructive member of the team and and so I I I just don't see in the NBA. And where they note that. You know that -- don't see how they would make this big impassable with. The young coach who never been in this community practice. And then put them with what the smartest players -- -- is great players -- -- -- -- -- President global market put up with somebody -- goalies do. So -- when you're saying your article that this indicates there will be a trade. Barrage on Rondo I mean just. Your job accords on hiring a Stephens indicates a trade is upcoming for -- on Rondo give us a little bit more about that do you think for example. Dead but a behind the scenes they've already gone to Rondo and they've already thought about a long term extension and it made up their mind it's not. Gonna happen or would they sign him to a long term deal and that makes a more tradable. Well I I. I haven't even done that that's our debts. OK okay yeah I don't I don't think. You'll see in this new Gordon couldn't go to clear sign an extension. They wait -- and now partners in your interest earth to do that. I would think that the that they would destroy them. And that would -- understanding that you know it's a hard thing to get the market Paronto anyway. Because he does have this reputation piece of coal. And also because he's system that would promote the of the court Curtis Sumpter eat eat. He doesn't shoot as low as they do. He's like you can also point guard and you could tinker often throughout. So. Like it's exciting it's different -- the quarterback you know role in in the -- -- the market -- he just doesn't -- -- what -- -- US to change around him. I think there should be working to wanna change around because the guys that packed with tremendous. People seem not to put. It's just hard on the market. So what is in your opinion. What is have -- Rondo trade how does it happen wind as it happened you know Adam and I -- speculating this this morning as fans well. About the pistons we think they might be one of the worst team in the league don't you try to trade him to them from a Celtics perspective to get a shot at you know Andrew wigand's. But we -- how to how does it happen when does -- happen. You know I I really look -- it happened that summer and in the optical now appeared. Because he's coming off an injury so. I think any trade involving Iran -- before and saying well. So we could get even from the hotel. So. So they -- -- -- you hear about it Detroit bill. There's there's two teams. You know I know Indiana -- Rundle a lot but it's there already structured try to compete and I don't think they would want to break up what they have now. So. You know as if he goes to Detroit it's gonna get into -- that. Andre comes back in return I. Don't know he can get that that's coming off an injury but it. Do you need to trade him and run -- -- -- start so it's not good for him to stay years in this situation better for him because the local police. Then it's gone to legal and criminal the other grand. I was to sink everything -- so this will be a student of the futuristic stuff. The -- and be -- them started opening round coach and around bill. And like you say get a life and try to win the lottery and getting accurate and -- Wiggins or elsewhere on the other -- players in the draft. You know and NC which can be -- because you have that greatly in Africa and doing it. This got a leads in the my next question me and I mean of the Celtics putting too much stock in this 2014 draft I mean this is the seems to be news you know what the talk is Andrew weakens headlining this draft. Or do you do you see it more of may be as they. They kind of using all of these first round picks that you've acquired in pulling off kind of a major trade that we saw a few years ago with KG and -- Well it's both it's just give them -- most options. But. I I really think it's Smart. Two paternity atmosphere -- -- swim against the -- patent that. I don't think it can be called pinky here and I think it it would be clearly called development because -- you've decided you're going to develop its ground. The coach you're trying to build a program. Which is unusual in the NBA. You know Miami Heat have a program spurs have a program note Celtics -- -- pilgrim -- undervalues. Yen and so. Why not this year try to do you look at some east teams the bobcats have been terrible skiers that. They haven't done well by the -- a lot of times to -- it is in position to draft when there hasn't been a great player. That's a terrible. That the -- when there isn't any any kind of destination for you. So why not -- that this your winner's chance -- equity player. And really so reared betrayed cool ones like -- it's even reared its side and one each -- And so. -- to have a chance to draft one. To give yourself that chance and even if you feel you still you can still get another good player on the bit. And then you weren't gonna win anyway when Google now to stop makes sense together. The -- not like -- now look the worst thing you can do -- to -- good players and -- won the lottery that's relative to. That's not what you're doing and not like giving away stuff. In the hope of winning a laundry it's it's it's the other way around they are there redeveloping the team out coached. And so why not try. -- says about her doctor -- Thompson and SI dot com it's -- great article on the front page. Your SI dot com about the Celtics hiring 36 year old Brad Stevens techsters says. So -- he's seeing Rondo can not change LeBron what's Spoelstra coach Jim why can't Rondo changes well. I. -- don't think that's who he is. And we -- here they said you're a leader he wanted to be the leader. And they had a better record without and -- with them. You know in the -- why this worked against. Anyway you look at it he did not have a positive impact them. But any that a little bit unfair just because KG and Paul Pierce were still on the team he truly didn't really have a shot to be the guy. -- I I guess -- can make an argument but I think I think the players you are angry out it's going to be affirmed when entry. A sequel though we'll know when they trade him will know that they knew him better than anybody and it felt like. This felt like to work. If this third team involved here in the sends up as a three team deal which. From a Rondo perspective what is the best landing spot for him I loved your point about you know this this is to a degree. Tim Tebow I mean Ron as a more accomplished point guard than Tebow was a quarterback but you're gonna bring in a quarterback with a certain style you got to adapt. Toronto's game so where is a good landing spot for him that he could win that he should be as it is the lakers. And. Well it's hard to hear -- in Kuwait this insult whichever. Trust one another enough. Dmitry treated street you know and and the Celtics do not want the lakers chooses to caps terms of overall chip which it's a huge thing. You know since they take it that really matters it matters a lot I think it's the it's the number one rate for the celtics'. So. I just don't see that I think it's whichever team lots of anything that really wants and that's where run that you want to go because then there were willing to commit to his skills which are preventable he's he's a tremendous player. That you're going to -- it felt like can be really critical of them. That can play numbers a year ago I was writing a because the only one saying that you look -- square garden MBA yeah important. Beat that team that was all beat up really should've been all finished and they has 32 lead over Miami right it's. In the Balkans and have so he's a tremendous player. Detroit really wants them and they're saying we're gonna build the -- around -- and you wanna go there Alison saint. Look look what -- do to be one of the stars. -- perimeter and then we're gonna go out and get another start but you're going to be quarterback all -- your hands. -- -- -- -- there and the and any other team that's committed to wonder Rondo at least one place for because. There understanding that that when you have him you have to win. And that when you have and you can win in the big way. -- final question. Brad Stevens what what in your opinion does he have. That what you know five years from now we'll say it is work and that's the bold move by Danny was a good move why do you think he might succeed. You know he's in such a short time and as a small school. -- -- tables -- turned them into something. And yet the way about -- he. He -- and so what can be coached. He doesn't look like him because she looks great deal is. But you know. He didn't look like -- general manager leader has so so. But the way he carries himself and fact that they you know at a post keynote he's going to be humble you know came here Eric and I -- all the answers -- it's weird allowed. He deserved to be routine but instead it broke our back the script the opposite the Specter -- and humble. He's gonna have a great working relationship with his general manager with its owner draw can be together coach tries to go to the management. Management groups say chill out we're all in this together. Go back and look into the coach. I just think it's gonna be if it. He has the stuff it will mean to work and he has the backing of the team because we -- that stuff in -- Well he's certainly got the commitment like you said he's got the backing we've seen in the past where. You know that's only one part of it it still has to work. But you know he he is that. You know he's the young -- for snapper and they're given him a shot and they've given him a six year commitment it's it's bold it's intriguing it's interesting you used the word inspired. You know it's it's going to be fun to watch eventually that's still help put a. -- live in America it's terrible next year especially the trade Rondo. Aaron and he's gonna get out -- and I've talked I don't know what he's doing. But the fact is that there's reason to believe that he figured out. Basically get him and they're gonna back him up. Index meantime happy fourth of July. It likely thanks in -- Ian -- of SI dot com. Now the break on Dennis and Callahan we come back it is out empowering it is boards Stearns we're here for you.

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