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Dr. Charles spills the beans on putting on a great stadium event

Jul 4, 2013|

Approach it through the eyes of a fan. That's the motto of Red Sox Senior Advisor Dr. Charles Steinberg when it comes to putting on a big event at Fenway Park. He joined Butch Stearns and Adam Pellerin to discuss his plans for Independence Day.

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Time now for the front office report the front office reporter WB guys brought to you by vita Coco. By celebrity cruises and by Newton Wellesley hospital his official title. His senior advisor. To Red Sox CEO and president Larry Lucchino but as you and I both know all too well. At -- doctor Charles Steinberg the title does not do him justice doctor Charles how are you my friend. I'm doing fine and great and thought -- I know we haven't talked a long time I got to get over the catch up with you. Outlet outlet outlet that has some fond memories -- some of the stories that there we were about and the other there's some. And in some some great great science what. June due to. Upload everything about it but I regret that little. They're you know when I came back last year I was gone for four years to -- Dodgers and to mention that I'm well you know we use a bit of a light -- it for. It tour and 100 anniversary of the ceremony on his vote on its 2000 well. And that it would gradually resumed some thirty. Responsibilities so it's it's back to how much you look like well what was that it's been it's been very very. And gratifying and emotional -- this year it's come back. Doctor Charles Adam Keller and here Gloria. During -- great start your view is well let's talk a little bit about. What's going out of the ballpark today. Vote for a fourth of July you'd really does wanna state traditionally want it should be -- -- sent the reliability. That -- your comment and my heart and I. Have you warms up there on the fourth of July intimacy that giant American flag. I've come down on the green monster and you're gonna. I hope we have opportunities to thank people who have committed themselves to. Serving the country and -- -- treatment but we -- enjoy. That can be as traditional as having. Yeah I young lady from the main reasons I think we have some. Two. A particular ceremony that will will do for the game. We don't know the Red Sea -- that stands out that whites are well we were approached an outside organization called rolling thunder. Where that commitment is to make sure that we remember the POWs. And MIAs. And so there'll actually be their request. See ink to black of the black -- And it will remain empty and it will be mr. reminders that. You know there and the thousands of people. Has since World War I brought under -- Artwork here user everybody is so well Leo enjoy this. It's un bridled -- on the fourth of July independence of the teams in first place. I was still pause and remember and that's been a seamless this year anyway it ever since the marathon -- we we don't. Go forward with without remembering. All who has suffered. This year and in the case of the unit that you have a my major. You know people who. Whose family so -- have continued to suffer arguments for generations. Doctor -- you've been involved in so many celebrations on both coasts and in baseball is such a long time. When it's based on the fourth of July doing you know stuff around a game like today is it easier or harder because it's so traditional. Well as long as you don't. Feel like you have to do something bigger. And you ever date if you if you tried to level. Create an extravaganza. That it's bigger than -- getting in trouble it is either in your culture are out that all. At the heart you know you are -- -- -- want to be at you you come -- Fenway -- in its C. As. Green and justice there in the city then apply it comes down and you inspire people cheer on you know. We don't do anything. Differently. Every day at the end of the fourth inning and yet it's one of the great moments but every game. When a member of the military stands up on -- -- that first phase that out and we tell their story. And the ovation. Happened right away and watched next right here at Fenway. Look at those classic. And without fail. The umpires stopped their ability and make -- Police officers. I'm on the you know make our ball players will stand out on the upset about that at last. There are moments that trigger emotions that that inspire. These reactions that you don't have to do it. I'm always in May be larger weight just make sure if you haven't that you're providing absolutely. Catalysts to let the 3537000. People I feel as one and that's we've seen this year. You mentioned the Boston Marathon tragedy doctor Charles we all remember David Ortiz in his declaration at Fenway Park it was certainly a galvanizing moment for short DC. It -- spot as that do you see it as a responsibility. For an organization such as the Red Sox to recognize an event of that magnitude. Definitely. Our work which the commissioner and Milwaukee you know regular base was based in New York that. The commissioner himself so wakes up and goes to sleep in Milwaukee that were opposite. We -- talked about that and a lot and not only was the responsibility. For baseball. Evidence that it is his -- -- but it's different. When you get it do that for the city. What what grade are are areas there and when it came into the marathon. You felt Yasser responsibility ultimately the largest current location. Sense that the tragic error. The Bruins have done a marvelous. Couple nice foreign. And the -- the spontaneous singing out of these. And America chills. And accurately and you know 35000. People. All. Drenched. In emotions this shared a commonality. And what you wanna do is help train the people of these emotions that that are doing now. And and that is old filly to release those emotions and healthy way. And there was a responsibility. Let them. And when that it was over -- that night I -- I just absolutely drained and seven. It was you you could just feel emotion it was it was so powerful will that they have. David -- is accurate. The exclamation point. And the ceremony that's -- and put the MMD. I have an -- that surprised that our our musical guests flying in from Los Angeles without about alert chart not acceptable or. That's what Cuba -- Yet -- question about that as an event planner extraordinaire. You know clearly sweet Caroline took on a second life now after the Boston Marathon bombings but in all honesty. Has it run its course doctor Charles or is it something that. And since that because it took on a second like maybe this is a moot point now but you heard some of the discussion that Sports Radio people love it at the park. You know that it's been a great thing -- edition that has run its course have you ever thought about doing something different. -- yet is that we thought about it and the answer comes not from any kind of meeting inside the bowels of Fenway -- answer comes from listening to them during the middle of the eighth inning. For example when when -- came back last year. Austin and the Red Sox were in different relationship then and I had left actor. I only won the 2007 World Series it was it was a yeah. Shake it goes you know fractured -- And when this season. Didn't help things that last year. On that lousy days of the there are many but that allows you -- where we -- uptight matching them and we're down fifteen to nine. I went out listen bishop is so got -- ever there were at stake. Not to play. A solid says that I think that was so good at this and I went out into the stands where I like to be during the games. And you just listen. And I noticed two things number one people were saying. Number two some of -- Hardcore the dark arts ever relate what the practice. I am singing week Carol I completely understand it yet there are a lot of people say. And what -- ball over the year with what I noticed was. Some of the ones struggled going to that was part is that daily ritual. They were so frustrated with what was you know such a disappointing season -- but it probably says that the song didn't fit yet at the same time. There were so many people were -- at Fenway Park for the first arms that they can work. Finally available. And we were at this national and international tourist attraction and prevent coming to Fenway Park. Includes scenes we -- eager are people saying there was this ship. I'd stand in what we're seeing it now -- you going to this year. You you wonder are right they have earned backfired a lastly when it's so hot streak candidates are now well -- -- -- that wouldn't let that they had. -- Or to listen and they were still singing. Then you know environment comes unannounced. Most welcome but it didn't. And use the the cities such. A shot in the arm. And now you -- that saw them and that plan work again. People are singing it which it was such a robust nature. You don't merits with the tradition -- last the fans singing. Stops in. So for the critics -- you know they're out there even after the marathon bombing and how this took on a second life. Are you saying because -- well enough are you saying that this was an organic tradition even though you started the song and you guys put it on. It became organic you became accepted became promoted by the fans so therefore they'll let you know when it's time to to not do it. Absolutely -- I believe that I believe that's true various ballparks have real particular peculiar sound. And when may run their course they run their course Albert does what in the -- just got respect life and that. -- the other part that was so it is about the song it's how -- -- Part of that the national language out of Boston so that when -- wanted to show their passion. For Austin they sang sweet -- -- that that was great touch when from the New York Yankees are playing -- -- -- the in the third inning Yankee fans singing it. As late as today. Are a gesture. The will to us. And now it's it's it's 600 different form but what will happen excluded in the future will be determined by -- and it wasn't. It to last quick question again one has an event planner extraordinaire. It mining company were in the pulse network we do a ton of events we have a 100000 people locked the door sometimes. And I always think -- -- -- do need to get together with you -- pick your brain but what is -- one rule of thumb. How do you consistently and you are not perfect nobody is doctor Charles but. How do you consistently go into an event and we're all talking about it after the fact and say doctor Charles in the Red Sox did it again what you one rule of thumb. Where you somehow balance not doing too much not make it overstated but doing the right thing for an event or to bring it to life. Well lately you're pretty spirited and warrants that it met thank you -- There there's I guess there's 22 parts one you better assemble a really competent span. Of colleagues who know how to sing and you know and execute the logistics. You better have the 151 side we couldn't have done what we did with the marathon ceremony. In that amount with that amount of emotion without. An assembly we have we have as confident and as strong a product that would ever act. Well and often and often starting drug cartels but often times for people and you know other event planning -- -- public as the Red Sox. It seems to me that has to be your internal team but oftentimes that's -- people. In other situations like you said with a -- on the police there's other people that are involved so the team needs to include internal and external people doesn't. Oh oh absolutely absolutely but it there's no rule seven straight -- you feel. For being I don't know why I gravitate. Really look -- we have baseball. Is that that's been my -- I am. I'm monogamous to baseball. And -- -- would be that little bit. Whether -- eight years old -- -- eight years old warning -- you know eight years with Angela to. Not a tactical one it's the marathons ceremony but April 20 you're -- It's the hundredth anniversary of Portland which you like to see well regardless of what -- you bar. It would be cool justice. It is CJ writes about lap and we want it prevalent it was it in Europe on -- There's got to restrict the seat like -- and right. Take it all the way through so that final moment where. Can I ask you about -- -- amounts. Second base or what with being the last aren't together. Just -- the bear. I do think that any time you see arm of -- Perhaps front company. -- -- It's perhaps when they lost residents. With their -- -- with their customers. If there is seven. Something on the -- remain there. It to a long career baseball when you're not army. Baseball aren't and -- insurance. Which the others so wise mature enough. It's to the net and then all how you feel about everything from -- and went right to the music featured on the play and if you punitive. Then the ceremony you create. Has written to -- villages. And I think we just say you know how you vote out to a lot of people will go back to 2002 witnesses so -- electric Ted Williams -- remember holing. Peter Gammons once through equipment that was -- list. -- -- shot see what what what do you say. That was the first one that I remember saying wow because that wasn't a game it was an event unto itself. You also liked your -- moment you brought up Adam you had dom DiMaggio. Very passionate that night come out and say leave him alone. -- all the story going on. Such an age duly noted -- two bits of advice or assemble a good team. And be a fan -- BD attendee. -- an issue for the people that are gonna do it here. That we are of the band experience. And Hewlett the wave of fans feel that I I think it's yen I'll I'll I'll bar might peanuts from the -- -- that is make sure you go to. Don't vote in the executive washroom vote to the restroom then you know going to be -- force. And -- that we are world baseball. Was that slightly at level do. Front office reported brought to you by vita Coco celebrity cruises Newton Wellesley hospital doctor Charles Steinberg joining us today on the fourth of July. -- lots of festivities planned defend which if you're going to the game the finale. Of hopefully three game sweep against the Padres and then. Ten game West Coast road trip and the Yankees -- Becker afterwards Adam and I we knew we avenue on so we've been talking about this what. What do you plan from Manny Ramirez return when the Rangers and -- the town a. You know when we heard of the raiders signed -- a look at the schedule that's actually already made that one. Regular season is hop you can you imagine. -- My limit -- bad news. Arguments over wait till next era in separate wait til later what you mean October oh boy. Yeah yeah is it you're just gonna have to let that one play -- my self or. Some of the best moments there aren't exactly vote. Doctor Childs our personal will catch up soon I'd like that which candidates are you hadn't and -- I tell you that thank you doc. Charles. That's what's going on at Fenway for the fourth of July today -- rustic or break we're back with more -- -- dollar Butch Stearns this is Dennis and Callahan.

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