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Jonny Gomes walks off and talks to Joe and Dave

Jul 3, 2013|

Jonny Gomes hit the Red Sox' 8th walk-of of the season, and spoke to Joe Castiglone & Dave O'Brien live from the dugout to recap.

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As Danny another walk off win the eighth with a clap your second walk off home run your last two open walk offs and that became as a pinch hitter for a right handed batter we know you -- One for two with a homer against Magnuson in the past we anticipating the call. Yeah I would stayed true. It's kind. Kind of talking -- Torre -- bench coach spending it at the -- and -- they only got one left in the hand select you know I'm gonna need a crack at it today yes. When you get their crack get a Johnny your your delivering in those spots is there's something special about that particular time and place can you. Slow it down slow everything down or is it just going a million miles an hour. Yeah that that that's exactly what it is I mean obviously early on in my career you know things were going really fast. You know as close cliches sounds. I mean. You know -- care or pay attention inning you know care -- pay attention much. He's got to kind of wind you know each pitch. Through the first one I don't see Woody's gonna do they threw two sliders I mean. Anytime a guy throws a good slider we know is gonna hit it. But you know those two swung and missed and I'm like I gotta do you have got to get it up through another one wasn't quite up and then he's throwing. Play. -- last time you punted rounding -- this time he attacked that ball away and made a diving into the end zone nice change of pace. Yes it is you know you got to read this better or I don't know I'm not block a dominant blocker not I just -- -- in the -- Doubted that this something going on here with this club these magical wins they seem to be coming in waves now and and when when you're up there hit the ball on the ballpark like that it's got to be the greatest feeling in the world. Yes I mean it really is you know but you know we can't go to Florida talk about pitching staff I mean obviously Jon Lester you know really coming into -- zone. You know -- commendable and you know we stepped into the ninth inning feeling we just need one run to win -- ball game. -- got to tip your hat to the defense salty behind the play you know and our starting pitcher. And I mean you know I'm I'm a firm believer you know not starting pitching generates offense and you know -- -- the boys. Off their feet you know today but you know we -- and volcanism as a teammate is in Cincinnati. Guys curveball and changeup you know it's unbelievable and they go head back of 97 when he needs it. I mean -- -- able to hang in there and John did his job keeping us close and sort of statement and I just need one run. We like -- don't do that. And it really is a home field advantage the bat last isn't it in this park. Yeah it is I mean obviously. You know it's -- -- -- says it home field advantage. And this all star game coming up pretty soon so yeah I mean when you got an opportunity if you cracks and then we got some times here we've got score multiple runs and nine. And I mean he's always you know grind out every single bats or -- out. Finally done that you go celebrate but Victor -- get a head start on that that was him with a lot of like right yeah absolutely absolutely I mean. I felt he felt we need to cool off a little bit to not coming around that are itself we've got to change payback. Always got to hit a homer first so. And a half and that's not really his job so hopefully just keep it not like he has got to keep gradually -- the great moment America it was us and Jonny Gomes at the pinch hit walk off former and he -- three pinch home runs this year happens element to pinch hit home runs. And to his sixth walk offs -- days. You know you mentioned is to Joseph John Farrell getting him in in that spot he's been doing it consistently. Mean all through this homestand I think John's been on fire in a dugout Red Sox are 710 homestand a lot of credit goes to a lot of guys but also to John Farrell. You don't normally see Arabian battery right Gomes hit for writing about a likes nighter against the right hand pitcher was a great call by John for a and that Gomes two for three with two runs against Gregor since Jan.

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